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  1. They just have to resign and go to elections. If Congress is so confident that these jackasses won because of Congress symbol why cant they find some other jackass to replace them.

  2. Why India today media call the likes of tanveer Ahmed I don't know he says BJP single largest party but denies it had mandate of people then according to him JDS with least representation had mandate of people I beg to differ at the out set the reality is congress led at that time by Rahul wanted to defeat the mandate of people of karnataka favouring BJP Rahul out of his hatred towards BJP rule wanted at any cost to Keep BJP out of power in karnataka and made coalition PACT with jds led by wiliest of wily ex accidental sleeping pm and devegowda grabbed rahuls idiotic dumb hateful emotion and got his son dumb brainless Kumara Swamy cm oost but Rahul didn't realise at that time that congress and jds had fought the assembly elections warring against each other sworn enemies but rahuls decision giving the cm post to JDS Kumara Swamy entirely tilted the original equation between state congress and regional party jds state congress became subordinate to jds result congress legislators and their constituencies neglected no devolopment funds JDS legislators and their constituencies enjoying funds cm Kumara swami and his brother revanna enjoying all powers mostly state fund management thus congress legislators extremely deprived money wise power wise even congress ministers name sake ministers all dictates from kumaru revanna and deve gowda family over riding congress ministers legislators so in sum and substance congress became a
    Puppet in the hands of JDS devegowda family northmiddle coastal karnataka completely got neglected no devolopment there and in name of devolopment revanna through pwd portfolio raped funds and JDS had greater ambitious plans to loot through zindal sale deed steel helmet for bengalore then lift pumping water from six hundred kilometre away linganmakki to Bangalore height difference three thousand feet to further bolster my argument in this present critical political atmosphere CMS brother revanna pwd minister has yesterday suddenly signed an order promoting junior engineers of pwd eught hundred of them to superintendent engineers now you can come to grips with my arguments and surmise what all could have happened for last one year thus the situation not orchestrated by midi or Shaw now only state BJP is trying to fill the vacuum if the maithri govt falls that their prerogative in democracy this my deep analysis of course cutting lot of more important frills to make my argument a fitting
    Shirt sir

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