Political Correctness Is Killing Comedy | Rolling With Steve Harvey

(upbeat jazz music) – Political correctness is killing comedy. I just feel that way. I just feel like right now
you can’t talk about nothing, because political correctness
is killing comedy. I don’t really give a (beep)
about political correctness, so when I’m off camera, I do the jokes that’s funny. And you got to remember
something about a joke now. The joke has to be about somebody. Are no jokes that the subject is free of ridicule. No matter what subject you tell, somebody ain’t gone like it. You do a joke about dogs, you got pet lovers, don’t want to hear no jokes about dogs. Or I don’t like seeing that (beep) commercial that come on TV either with all them sick dogs on it. I don’t like that commercial, but you run that (beep)
everyday, don’t you? Dog over there shaking and (beep) Just freezing! Got a dog house, snow on the ground, put a blanket on this (beep)! That dog over there with that one eye, be looking and (beep). They ain’t got no fur
on one arm and (beep). I be going, “What the (beep)?” I be trying to eat my dinner and I hear that (beep) song. (Steve screams) Somebody take these dogs out this (beep)! I be feeling so sorry for
them (beep) dogs and (beep). I done bought about a 100 of them dogs. I done spent so much money
trying to save them little (beep) up dogs. I bought that dog that was freezing. Gonna send him straight to Arizona. Get some heat (beep), get some heat. You done had your last cold day, puppy. I got that (beep) dog with that one eye. He’s in private eye training. (audience laughing) That dog that ain’t have no fur on him, I bought him a nice set of sweaters. (audience laughing) See how y’all trying not
to laugh at that joke? But you know that (beep)
is funny, come on now. You ain’t been sitting at the house, and that (beep) commercial go on. Ain’t that the saddest (beep) commercial in the world? Cut this (beep) off. Somebody save these (beep) dogs. Be shaking, you know they
took more than one take. “Back up, get the dog house in it.” (audience laughing) “Zoom in, get a close-up!” Dog going, “Hurry up and
take this (beep) shot!” “Hurry up and take the shot!” (audience laughing) I like that some of y’all really trying not to laugh at this (beep). That (beep) pretty funny though. (upbeat jazz music)

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  1. Political Correctness is "I'm going to tell you what you can do, what you can say and how you can act" in disguise.
    So I say Political correctness is killing life… but not mine.

  2. maybe past-their-prime comics whos whole acts for the past ten years have been about how political correctness is killing comedy is whats killing comedy.

  3. Political-correctness isn't killing comedy, you can make fun of political-correctness. Comedians who do politically-correct comedy are killing comedy. Funny is not PC and PC is not funny, just ask Steve Harvey how many "penis" answers he has gotten on Family Feud alone that has stopped the show from everyone's uncontrollable laughter.

  4. So true. Muslims, lesbians, feminists, animal activists and liberals are not fun. Even men dressed as women used to be funny but not anymore. Don't you dare laugh at a man in a dress!
    If we stop laughing, our society is finished. I miss political incorrectness. Remember Andrew Dice clay? Even Rodney Carrington has gotten axed for a lot of his jokes. Every comedian now has to tow the line of Marxist dogma.

  5. It's killing free speech too! Patrice O'Neal, rest his soul, he would be having a field day with this. Challenging PC culture was part of his brilliance. And the comedians that do try to appeal to the "woke" crowds are just not funny anymore. All the PC attacks on just speaking the truth has played a major role in pushing me, and so many others, over to the Conservative side.

  6. Hahaha I hate that miserable sounding commercial too! They really cashed in using that commercial after the Michael Vick arrest.

  7. The words "Political" and "Correctness" don't even go together! Is there anything "Correct" about Politics? Especially in this day and age. Think about it. It's a joke. Steve just killed it! And that is another reason I LOVE him!
    Tell your jokes people, live your life, and let those low self-esteem motherfuckers cry themselves to sleep. WE DON'T NEED TO ACCEPT/RESPECT ALL THOSE NEGATIVE PEOPLE!!!!!! 1๐Ÿ’œ

  8. Ha! Yeah I could care less too. Finally someone other than Joey and I gotta hair lick a sense. I don't give a s*** either

  9. Hi. Meet Us Broke as a JOKE. Taking the world by storm and song, one punchline at a time. If you can't be the joke you can't create the laugh

  10. A 10×10 plot of land is called the United States of America, Inc., yet everyone believes they live in it and are bound by its laws. Biggest joke of them all.

  11. Political correctness is a tool being used by the political class to disrupt communication and the free exchange of ideas. Only the rulers are allowed to speak, the riff raff must cower in fear of offending the ruling class.

  12. Seinfeld speaks out against it too. Some current-day comedians disagree with him. One is Seth Meyer. Strange, considering the history of "offensive" comedians fighting against censorship and being supported by their fellow comedians.

  13. Political correctness means for some people, being the perfect human being, you must never make mistakes.

  14. Steve I agree with you Totally! I just have to say that is why I don't really go to shows. They are not so censored if I am saying that right.

  15. No steve you're killing comedy. You are the least funny comedian I've ever seen. The funniest thing about you was that Nerf wig you used to wear.

  16. I'm not surprised…It's pretty much killed the dynamic between heterosexual men and women. Men don't want to go to jail and many women love to press false charges against men who show interest. So it's essentially a mine field for a man………..not worth it!!!!

  17. Steve remind me of Richard Pryor right here!!! Listen man, every time that commercial come on, I grab the remote & change the channel with my eyes closed, ESPECIALLY if I'm eating!!! LMBO…that's why it's so funny!!!

  18. All that cursing & swearing does not make a joke funny. It is totally unnecessary & WAY overused. But I do agree that PC crap is snowflake sensitivity & ignorance run amuck.

  19. Political correctness is killing everything! If ur offended by what someone said, that's a personal issue YOU need to get over!

  20. wanna have a good laugh check outtt my laaaaaaaaaaaaaatest videos ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

    ( specially the one 'bout morocco you gon find out some Sh*** stereotypes wow ) ๐Ÿ˜‚

  21. You can literally look up the most offensive jokes 24/7 on YouTube right now. There has never been a better time to be a "political incorrect" comedian. You have a PC incorrect comedian running the US FOR FUCKS SAKE……

  22. Political correctness isn't killing comedy, if you can't be funny without obscene profanity or being overly racist etc, then you aren't a good comedian.

  23. Pc is not killing comedy . There are some things that make light of a thing like rape saying โ€œshe really wanted it.โ€ Or raping a 14 year old male isnโ€™t really rape when itโ€™s a female .
    There is evidence of teens looking at it and belittle females for coming forward saying they were sexually harassed and say itโ€™s not that big of a deal . And they repeat the joke the comedian said only not as a joke.
    So stupid people ruin comedy because I enjoy edgy jokes . Fucktard incels ruin it for the rest of us .

  24. No. You just have to be good at comedy. Last I checked Dave Chappelle signed a $50M contract with Netflix for 3 specials. Steve is doing family friendly shows – big difference.

  25. Political correctness is killing just about everything good these days.
    Poor Kevin Hart, lol.

    And nobody wants to see Natalie Portman as Lady Thor, lol.

  26. political incorrectness
    a.k.a actually being funny,
    I like when comedians arent afraid to offend some snowflakes llol a joke is a joke

  27. Never thought I'd see someone successfully make a joke about the Haven Humane commercial and make it funny! At this day and age, I want people who are bold enough to say what is on their mind and not have to make up lies just to "feel" sincere.

  28. Why are the faces of the 5 women dressed in red blurred out and the men not?? Are those white women less important? Subtle suppression?

  29. Like the time steve harvey joked about killing innocent muslims and middle easterners because he's a bigot? that wasn't very politically correct LMAO ๐Ÿ˜‚

  30. Political correctness is pushing us to find new forms of comedy. People are still telling jokes, people are still laughing – comedy isn't dying, we're just over tired jokes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Comedy, like all things, will change; that's life.

  31. Political correctness is supposed to be used to make everyone equal but it divides everyone because youโ€™ll be beaten down by the nazis of political correctness when you donโ€™t live by their rules.

    Censorship over free speech and the exchange of ideas is only going to make 1984 come true.

  32. If you are easily offended do me a favor and don't ever step into a comedy club, or even watch a comedian on TV.

  33. Oh wow, I remember a time when speaking out against political correctness meant you were labeled a bigot. We owe a lot of people a lot of apologies

  34. Ummm steve I think you need to look in the mirror more. Here's a damn suggestion: maybe stop treating trump and his supporters and as racists and tell that to your fellow comedians. I don't feel bad for comedians like you because you were asking for it. Idgaf that you're on tv either.

  35. Political Correctness at its core is a heinous ploy, with the hidden intentions of dumbing down society, increase racial division and social unrest, and it is aka the definition of โ€œSpiritual Battle between Good & Evilโ€. Itโ€™s goal is to keep Good People of every color, social and economic status divided as much as possible, to empower evil people over the divided Good People, to stop them from uniting as one !

  36. Idiots, i call them. The people who push their opinion upon another. (Yes, religion counts as well)
    Some vegans, religious people, animal- or other left wing radcial people. Just shut the fuck up, quit crying and get a job! At a butcher or something. Maybe eating meat grows some balls.

  37. Salute to Kunal Kamra, Varun Grover and Anirban… and many others who are killing political correctness at the FACE OF A BAYONET.

  38. Yes. But it is the comic's job to go against the grain. The latest fad-offense is simply language. Is it dangerous? yes!

  39. I thought Steve stopped swearing, or cursing, as y'all call it across the pond..? ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… Eph 4:29.. โค I agree though, PC culture is out of hand nowadays.. ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ – @Acharich

  40. Sadly itโ€™s because of a handful of people and the same ones just never speak up to say โ€œdude chill outโ€

  41. The PC are a very vocal minority, itโ€™s the silent majority thatโ€™s needs to wake up and put those speech Nazis in their place.

  42. The unholy union of Islam and cultural Marxism brought this one on you lot in the West. There's your Third World War right there, dear West.

  43. Heโ€™s right… if feelings hurt you so much means you canโ€™t handle life and truth because you want daddy to shower your anti social, depressive mental illnesses…… Get out there and learn from people, never dismiss anyone because their tales will give you life.

  44. Political correctness is killing America. Period. As a kid, I saw Archie Bunker on tv, and Iโ€™d never known anyone like that. It was a snapshot of how not to act. We only get better by pointing out the flaws in society. By silencing everyone into groupthink we stagnate into a homogeneous pool of idiots

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