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time to head up and have some fun we're here let the fun begin hey guys every here for towards the limited and today we have this PJ masks activity backpack it's transparent and if you take a peek inside quite a lot of stuff in there for us to have fun with before we get started though I want you guys to go ahead and click the thumbs up button down below if you love PJ masks and in the comment section let me know who among these superheroes is your favorite see in the comment section okay let's open this up so here is everything that we got that's right we got a lot in there first item that I want to show you guys is our velvet poster so as you can see right now the color is just mainly black that is the background and the lining so we have to fill in colors on the white area to do that we have our buffers that also came with the set we have 14 layers we have red orange green and blue let's go ahead and start off with Alouettes Oh there you go how much outfit it's done now we want to color her skin with this orangey color but we don't want to color it too much so I'm just going to lightly fill this in there you go now it's time for deco for Hayley of course need three and eight oops I accidentally colored his nose green my bed and free skin this is the closest color we have yay gecko is all done now it's time for cat boy color blue of course and because it's cat boy we have to do this in a super cat speed whoo now that was fast now that all the characters are filled in let's color the background a little bit with this we can get a little bit more creative you can basically color it however you want and all done here it is here is our finished product that was so much fun to do next up we got 1 & 2 so kudos we have 2 colors red and blue and on the packaging we got the PJ masks for our red play-doh I want to make one for open it up so subdued oats are basically just like play-doh I have here in my very own rolling pin and have to make the dinosaur push it it remove the excess and what this kind of dinosaur actually reminds me of Arlo from the movie the good dinosaur right for our blue Saucedo I think we should make a penguin blue let's roll it up also and push all faders are cute little blue penguin next item we got is our peach MS activity book inside we can find lots and lots of activity including some game we can trace in color we can draw and there's even tic-tac-toe mm wish activity should we do you know what let's go ahead and play our matching game here's our less there is gecko and all the way here is cat boy hmm how about this one we can help Luna gar find her Luna board and Luna magnet uh-oh I know she's a villain but she needs help let's go ahead and help her bark hmm yay hole done great job everyone we have another booklet here this time around we have our coloring book to go with it we have our pajamas jumbo crayons so inside we have a total of eight colors we have color red two color black orange green skin color yellow and a really dark purple let's check out the pages that we can color hmm I think I want to color the headquarters here is nice I love how it turned out mmm all right now it's time to make a repeal and stick tissue paper art and looks like we are going to make Pat boys catmobile let's start off with the tip of the cat-mobile and for this little project we are going to need our tissue paper for this one we are going to need our light blue t-shirt paper so what you want to do is just kind of crumble it like this and stick it on here okay so that's it for the fit now we want to bill off the biggest part of cat boy's cat mobile whoa and for that we are going to use our dart blue tissue room room room well so far it looks great let's move on to the top part okay that part is done as well let's move on to our wheels there you go okay awesome it's all done and I think it turned up pretty good what do you guys think next items we got is our cards here they are once again our superheroes at night this one even says it's time to be a hero inside they're still pretty icy but no worries because we actually have some stickers to put in there and I think it's also a great time to use our stampers let's start off with this card I think with this let's put our headquarters goes here and then let's put our PJ masks here how about our catmobile and all the bottom let's put night ninja and I believe these are the ninja widows now let's get our piggyback Stamper this is our ink and all we have to do is press it on there and snip it nice that turned out great let's do that again grammar okay let's close that up and let's put it inside our envelope awesome now it's ready to be mailed on so our next card this time around we are going to use our other sheet of stickers this is the one where we can color each sticker for that I think I want to use our ink colors and let's go ahead and color Alouette oh I love it let's go ahead and color cat-boy and Willis get go slips off with dollar romeo this time around i'm using our jumbo crayon i'll let's color Luna girl too now we're ready to put it on our card well that is super awesome I think it's time for our Stamper nice great now let's fold it up and put it inside our red envelope one more snap over here in the front well you can't release it because the ink is also red but it's in there and finally we also have to mosaic peach and Max splicing hmm between the two big big I want to go ahead and grace this one so to do that we are going to need our three mosaic sheets or stickers oh that looks super cool okay let's move up to color blue and then color red well that looks super duper cold you know what because I had so much fun with this one let's go ahead and create this one to one color that's different is our Brown mosaic sheet and below all done this activity site was so much fun to do all of them but I think this is by far my favorite well that was a lot of fun yeah let's do it again next time and that's it everyone that's the end of our video I hope you enjoyed it I had so much fun doing this I will see you again in our next episode don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up if you love PJ masks okay see you guys next time this is se for toys or limited goodbye everybody goodbye surprise

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