okay hi Pisces Oh seven of swords on the reverse hi Pisces this is chuh Tarot and I'm here with your weekly forecast for June 11th through the 18th lots of positive changes here for everyone this week okay Isis you either been wronged you've been guarded you got the seven of swords here in the reversed good morning seven of swords here in the reverse if there was a conflict that you were avoiding or you guys were just keeping a low profile due to disharmony or feeling low having low energy I see you guys opening up and taking charge so that you won't miss out on opportunities you guys are very psychic so I feel like you already know that you don't want to be trapped in a negative energy and it's it's high time for you to master your your thoughts towards negative outcomes it's like you guys are thinking here that something may not go your way there could have even been an authority figure a landlord a boss okay or just very condescending people that has lowered your outlook on relationships and connecting and that's turning around this week with the will of fortune in the reading okay hi miss brandy good morning yeah peace offering you guys are finally coming into peace it's it's been a lot going on that has been stopping joy and powerful positive change this is all what our just sayin so you guys finally come into peace you guys are releasing some very heavy emotions because you guys sense that there's lots of opportunities that are on the way and you don't want to miss out on those you're like no I'm not gonna let this bad used-car salesman who gave me a lemon years ago deter me from looking forward to having a new car I'm not going to let certain people that I've been coming around take away my joy from believing that a positive change can be here I can get married one day I can have a home one day okay I can do this so you guys I'm also feeling this you guys you know you're very powerful zodiac sign but I feel like you guys came into a lot of these people when you were most stressed when you were full of pain when you were heavy with pain or stress is when you ran into these people and I think you guys see it now you're cutting the cord now like okay I'm that damn powerful as to where if I'm just stressed out a little bit I'm running into highly-charged situations where I'm around very powerful personalities or I'm getting negative experiences and it's because I'm holding oranges stress or lack of peace so if you guys were in certain situations in the past where there was disharmony there was a breakup there was negativity okay I think you were around those people because you we're at a low point in your life okay is that okay for me to say because it's true so yoga is here and you're like okay balance balance I have to be balanced so that I can meet balanced people and and you know no one really likes that assignment by the universe it's you know all this work that we have to do on ourselves being sure to watch our thoughts be sure to monitor our emotions no one feels like doing that all the time but you have to cut cards here and it's easier this week than you think you feel yourself with happiness and feel yourself a joy all right we have to go now card so I feel like you guys should only move forward when you have your soul intact I feel like you guys need to find the blessing in these situations where you feel like someone has conned you deceived you around you lie to you took away your trust took away your peace I feel like the blessing here is that I mean I feel like the the blessing here that you found and the lesson that you will find is that meditating is very important before you take on major decisions or before you move forward on something okay making sure that you're not in a desperate energy to keep it real making sure you're not in a desperate energy making sure you're not in a painful energy please somebody make me feel good okay like the the famous quote from Halle Berry I just need somebody to make me feel good and she ended up on the floor with Billy Bob Thornton okay so being at peace with yourself is needed this week because there are a lot of things that are about to come in okay yeah and yeah if it's knocking persistence um it's a lot of action that's about to come in okay so make sure that you're at peace before you go to major events I mean you guys gotta treat yourself like a psychic at a fair okay like you know being a piece being completely okay with life understanding full circle and because you you don't want to have the universe can't give you something that you can feel that's not very positive because you are moving forward without your soul being intact okay or carrying some sadness with you monsterbowl yeah to the pups in the reverse for Pisces let him go of all of these heavy emotions this week just very positive finally there's a cool-down to the workout you know verify the ten of cups and Reavers for my Pisces over week on June 11th through the 18th in the voice okay yeah peace lots of peace okay peace in the family peace within peace within your aura okay this cart represents the aura okay having an understanding of when you were younger like oh well that was me then this is me now okay so you guys come out top honey seeing a lot about swing flames and you're reading you guys could have had someone who really had a hold on you um and Pisces usually do you know we're always seeking soul mates and I have Pisces in my chart we're always seeking soul mates and they just keep leaving lessons am I correct so it looks like you guys finally let this go this week and you all have positive healthy relationships coming in maybe better matches for you because the same cards keep coming out there's this balance there's this happiness within and then we have rights so you guys may be writing a letter you guys maybe doing some Tarot you guys may come into a psychic and you finally come into some understanding and that flow of prosperity is here maybe you guys use vision boards or affirmations or you have quotes around you so that you can open up the flow of prosperity this week and then we have yes which answers any question that you have about a relationship that ended for its greater good it was a teaching lesson okay oh my god that's a really messed up miss cute fashion still sorry to hear that okay so let's look at the four of cups in the reverse we have follow your hearts so yeah this is you knowing sensing that there's lots of opportunity coming in there's new change coming in and you don't want to be in the stuck energy waiting for an apology waiting for Silas some of you guys could be waiting for someone to give you closure okay but I think that what you guys learn is sometimes life doesn't give you closure the way you want it to it's you having to understand the patterns okay in the things that you do differently that bring closure so like okay well I know when I'm usually in this energy this usually happens and when I'm in that energy that usually happens that's the closure you understanding the patterns in life okay and experimenting with different thinking and emotional patterns yeah it looks like a lot of you guys still want to see if you are right in your heart about how someone feels about you you already know you are correct okay especially if it's something that's passed on but it still has a piece of you and and when it comes to you guys sensing that there are new opportunities coming in you are correct okay yeah father husband brother son some of you guys still want closure from this person or someone in the family does it could be a child I feel like maybe you feel like you guys are really psychic this week someone is really missing you mm-hmm they are but this person was very controlling king of sorts in the reverse my way or the highway type of energy couldn't come into solutions easily with this person the way that they express themselves wasn't very loving okay but I see you guys opening up and here's the spiritual law of attraction that I was talking about when it comes to you guys refreshing your emotions with new ones joyful ones okay that's gonna be needed this week all right and you may have to be kind of persistent with it you know constantly meditating and finding the blessing in a situation that was very negative okay or someone conned you could have been a home situation that went messed up or you guys are having a home or living situation that just really wasn't right okay and you guys have to stay focused this week even through it all and you're like damn goddamn you know it's gonna be a week where you're bringing healing back to yourselves after a very negative situation that happened in the home or family okay oh with the new home or with your current one if there's been a change of occupants or a change of maybe bosses or landlords focus upon your strengths you guys do have the power the power of the mind the power of the mind is very very powerful and you guys having that psychicness what is this strength that you guys have this week because I was saying that you guys are very powerful to this week am i right on your strength its joy this is your strength the three of cups wonderful news it's on its way okay announcements regarding engagements pregnancies births or graduations will be revealed new friends will be made or communities of like-minded people will draw closer to one another exciting new beginnings or happy endings are just around the corner for some of you guys it's a happy ass ending with the ten of cups in the reverse and for a lot of you guys you may have to keep on saying focus focus focus or the reason why something went the way it did because you know damn well that if something new happening you guys can sense this like it's something new happening I need to be prepared for with my mind body and spirit okay yeah definitely a twin flame this person was meant to come into your life and like I was saying in the Virgo video Twin Flames I'm always have to be lovers these are people that are assigned to you so that a certain emotion that you repeatedly have towards people that's not good for you whether it's um seeing the potential in someone putting them on a pedestal and when I say seeing the potential I mean seeing the potential more than they see themselves or just seeing the potential when you need to see what's really in front of you okay it's something that you have here that to be really sweet but it's something that needs to come to an end okay you've seen the negative side of a certain emotion or or behavior it could be just you know what I just want a while out and you know I just I don't really want long-term relationship and you you had an experience where you saw that you were completely heartbroken you thought that you could be a player but you could okay that's just an example certain behaviors need to come to an end this week and we went through something so that that can go away I'm also seeing when my clarifying the king of source may reverse you guys are taking charge to balance your home life and career so some of you guys are coming up with a plan so that your family can be happy so your family can be safe maybe you are trying to come up with a contingency plan or you are trying to plan ahead so that you can have a fruitful future for your family already planning ahead to have a bigger home or a safer neighborhood or going for higher paying jobs or maybe starting to at home business because you already know that your child is probably going to need you you may be seeing that your child has special needs and you need to have a certain kind of job or you may be seeing that a parent a special needs so maybe you create a plan so that you go to school and you can be a home care technician it seems like you have to bring balance here okay so a lot of you guys could be coming up with a plan or a solution so that everything can flow let's look at the wheel of fortune here every time I see this card I always think of the Michael Jackson song with he was in that video with Naomi Campbell keep it in the closet oh my god that is my jam I don't know how I look while I'm dancing to it honey but I'm moving I'm moving with it cuz that is my song honey she was just loved that many slammed the doors I love that video so anyway coming out of the closet with a will of fortune hmm yeah you guys are finally out of an old cycle and there's a new here okay so prepare prepare yourself with energy healing purify yourself come into peace get rid of the anger because you don't want to miss out on this opportunity you don't look at all these cards telling you to free yourself come into peace see that as a teaching lesson because there's positive change that's here okay prioritize the power of joy yes okay get the seven of sorts in the reverse or Pisces can you give me one for each one of these please one card for each one yeah there's been a lack of healing here and it takes away your peace when whenever there's something new that comes in you may be preparing for the worst with someone every time you even think about new love every time you think about marriage every time you think about family every time you think about closeness with others okay it says your love life benefits as you forgive your parents so some of you guys just may be like you know what my mom or dad was a single mom or dad and I don't ever want to be that so maybe you have arranged your life to always be in certain type of relationships because whatever situation you were in as a child you may have felt like it cause strife disharmony okay oh my parents always worked a lot I'm gonna make sure to make it so that I'm always available for my kids but it may be something that is bringing you a detriment okay by trying so hard to make sure you don't fall in the same position as your parents or so that you won't bring the same kind of experience to your child so everybody's doing the best that they can is what I got or everyone did the best that they could is what I got so that will help alleviate a lot of things this week when it comes to how you look at family relationships marriage and yourself as a parent or what have you so this week you guys are going to be working on the heart chakra listening to heart chakra music opening yourself up to love okay replacing this dis harmonious situation with becoming passionate again about love about relationships you guys are letting go of something that was once controlling you okay or a person who wasn't giving you the kind of love that she wore knit or just a love style that you were trapped in where you see that she weren't giving the kind of love that you wanted or you weren't giving it to others a lot of you guys could be escaping from that you could be having an aha moment that you know first of all you don't want to be bored anymore in your life you don't want to be discontent so what's stopping you kind of energy where you just let go of maybe shyness or fear or a lack of peace or whatever really takes you away from getting emotional fulfillments okay or hanging on to someone even if I thought that wasn't giving you the right kind of love we have the king of sorts here in the reverse so this is you having new values and belief structures towards what you weren't this week and they becoming very very clear to you okay and some of you guys could have had someone who was committed or who wasn't committing to you or who wouldn't honor your values or belief structures and this person is very controlling and they leave an affect on how you think so it's time to see that that is just plain disrespectful and be open to the new okay so you guys are revealing your true selves this week you guys are seeing things for what they are and there's a lot of things coming up to the surface that you can do to bring love in now some of you guys are finally opening up to the right kind of energy so that you can get the love that you weren't which is great okay so Thank You barber mr. mrs. barber sweet yeah letting go of negative beliefs about men or women or marriage or relationships yeah good I'm glad that all came together thank you miss woods okay let me get another level for Pisces if something was about a Gemini that's really apparent whether that is apparent or it was a friend or it was an egg something about a Gemini is really coming in here or Gemini season is gonna help you with this Pisces Pisces Pisces June 11 through the 18th let me get a love spoke for them please okay so yeah it's going back to staying optimistic about your love life okay there's a lot of things under the surface that we're staying there and you guys were just moving through it but now it's time to delve underneath there and free yourself from it okay it's a time of enjoyment also okay yeah there was someone in your life when you have children with this person or they were in your life for 10 years or more or you really weren't in love with them or somebody who was in a committed relationship and had you in a third party that you're still getting over and now you're finally opening your heart up to them I mean opening up no not to them opening up your heart to new people or opening up your heart finally you guys are opening yourself up for the romance of a lifetime okay no more seeking soul mates so so many just give you lessons just ask for a compatible ask relationship see this comes up and this comes up behind it you keep on asking for these shits and you're just gonna get learning experiences that you got to heal from please PLEASE Pisces just wish for a compatible relationship and paint and come into a strong vision of what a romance of a lifetime is please stop asking for soulmates please please let's just say that for you know November or something you know and we have a reconciliation yeah because you don't want to keep on getting people's fears a sign to give you a homework assignment or what's lying beneath we don't need that right now okay we just need this someone who can light our fire again make us believe in love again okay deep ass great person that we get to know all right so that's what I have here thank you so much for watching if you come to this part of the video please give it a like and I'll talk to you guys later all of my information will be in the description box below all right

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  2. You are so correct 100% I am a Pisces I was in a 3 party relationship and my axe is a Pisces to I do want somebody new in my life so I am not asking for a soulmate

  3. This resonates with me. Universe bless me with a compatible relationship, the love of a life time and not a soulmate because I am tired of lessons.

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  8. My real soulmate is a dog whose a Virgo Sun Virgo Moon and more loyal than my Virgo Player, Master Manipulator, Narcissist ex ever will be!! Lolol gotta laugh at life!! Remember we signed contracts in the 5 D with these souls to teach us lessons to either elevate or stay in that kind of energy!! β€οΈπŸ™

  9. I have never heard this. That we are getting lessons because we keep asking for soulmates. You're so f*cking on point! You have open my eyes! Thank you for this, why nobody said this before? DAMN. Sometimes this things happen out of ignorance! I'll apply this in my life. THANK YOU.

  10. Wow so on point I gave my all I have nothing else to give that person but to be cordial no more wifey life for me I played the position but never got the title for 20 year's with a controlling Aquarius. We have 2 teenagers so now we just focus on co parenting.

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  19. I allowed lack of money to make me accept a job that I didn't want in the first place, only for me to leave as of today….6/11/19. I had a bully/manager come up and get in my face while I was learning the job. Though I stood my ground, I knew that if I decided to remain in the job, I'd have to deal with him and I'm tired…I mean exhausted. I cannot take more bullies. I've dealt with those on the job most of my life. I walked away from the lousy and I mean LOUSY job today. At least I had the decency to call and let them know the job just wasn't for me.

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