Phoenix Wright: Spirit Of Justice - Nayna's Testimony, The Servant's Truth - Episode 66

welcome back guys the Phoenix right spirit of Justice were last episode we called my fate the stands trying to get her to testify if she actually ended up channeling Inger and went into a mars tomb however she says she doesn't and the Queen comes up a good point with English true name being in the car cool Hawk of Dizz Nambiar Neal auger Omaha passed on it a lady is crying it's a mouthful very hard to remember so Maya postulates could someone else have done the channeling it had to have been someone who was in English private quarters that's for sure to have done it it had to be someone who really knew him so is there someone else that could have done it let's continue on and then waiting defense and you know how much it's spies waiting yes but there was someone else besides miss Paige who could channel mr. Inger it's just one more person and they were in English private quarters person is our only hope now so we're narrowing it down to a very super solid so that let's believes there was another as have you're very serious answer them with pleasure pawned devil cool cliff child mr. Inger well this point again it's the point they're tryna harp on about is was in the private quarters and we have evidence of that fact so this point if it is on the list it is it's only one person naina your eminence said it yourself that's right naina Navin it did go into the tomb that day instead she entered my husband's private quarters how do you know it's quite simple shoe prints were discovered in English private quarters shoe prints that belong to naina okay we don't need to prove it and then there's her benevolence a statement she said that mania disappeared right after she entered minister Inga's private quarters the room from which Minister anger himself came running out of not long afterwards you were not seriously suggesting it's the only thing that makes sense naina Channel mr. Inger and left his private courses thereafter that's why no one has seen her since is it rather more this naina and more naina and why only the minister's two prints were found outside his residence ha no way it's gotta be a unanimous to somehow channel the minister all of the circumstantial evidence is falling into place you can't ignore it anymore can't claim naina isn't connected to this case somehow in light of this defense calls naina to the stands we can't find it well they're emblems okay well then let us call Nina to testify yes now we can finally crack this case wide open let's adjourn while the witness is summoned there is no need Nina is in the waiting Robby boy found her what Nina's here I first you got missing it seems she was feeling unwell and simply wish to rest undisturbed but it sent the Rafer brought her here today she took time off without rapers knowledge or consent I'm betting there's more to her disappearing act than meets the eye the follow it's most likely to be hello miss Nina if you understand why you're being summoned here today yes of course her eminence has informed me that this man here suspects I have committed a crime so this is Nina that's quite the hairdo no I will say I suppose I'm not as old as I had thought if this horn-headed nincompoop would take me for a criminal nincompoop isn't that rapist favorite insult I guess naina rubbed off on it what with all the time they spend together knew that young horn-head yes hey you're accusing me of slaying mr. Inga and channeling his spirit yes and what an active imagination you have the young focus so wonderfully have minded Thanks just take the compliment justice now then will the witness please proceed with her testimony this court wishes to know if you did or did not Channel Minister Inga in his private quarters maybe I'm no spirit medium sunny I was feeling under the weather yesterday and decided to rest his weary bones besides which a lonely 7th of July could not possibly be an honourable spared medium only members of the world family you can learn the art of spirit charming here in Kauai even after aqua namaz passing her emerald screen Guren is the only spirit medium left if you believe a medium to be the Koppers it would have to be that young lass my affair and there you have it it seems we have summoned her for nothing only those the royal bloodline had the power of speech channelling that's a service such as nanika channel spirits is the most unamusing test on the surface anyway but our line of reasoning has led us to this end and naina channeled Inga spirit all right revenge may now question the witness what do I do I didn't see anything that screams evidence presenting after all I was feeling under the weather yesterday and decided to rest these really bear loose alby's dog stole your hat when you're in the court year yesterday afternoon it wasn't after that the use decides to take a rest I had been feeling unwell all day and had pushed myself too hard I kept feeling weak and dizzy and that dirty Mangal only served to worsen my condition while I sympathize with you naina you took the whole day off without informing princess Rafer she was very worried about you you know how very carton of her benevolence but she need not concern herself with welfare the dear servant such as I accept to refer Naina's not just a mere servant I don't even think of me a commoner could channel spirits or stay a minister what hogwash besides which are lonely seven such as I could not possibly be an honorable spared medium I hear you with the head sermon isn't that right are you suggesting that my position affords me the ability to channel spirits Singh Schuler had servant to a family of Chandler's I'd say it's plausible if you wanted to it's not impossible for you to learn for exposure I think not although that goes against the very underpinnings of the kingdom of kawaii become spirit medium requires a noble spirit and rigorous training and most importantly one must be a direct descendant of the found one it is not simply some hobby one can take up in the manner of knitting or gardening but you don't but they're splitting founders people everywhere so communist could never become a medium no matter how hard they tried presumably everywhere it's common knowledge to all who are born and raised here young horn ahead but even the generation is the past and you have two children would make quite a lot in the end family you can learn the art of spear chumming here and kawaii tell me again in a second Madame ah I need to press you but I failed doing it so often I'm not pressing any buttons anymore okay then what if you actually have royal blood in your veins naina like a distant relative or something I am from the line of humble fisherman all the way back to my grandfather's grandfather I've never heard talk of royal blood or noble ancestry upon his spirit channeling is a secret art passed down from mother to daughter then even little royal ancestor be impossible to learn without the right training it is as the bard once says it also must be mentioned that the secret art is only taught here the kingdom of kawaii and your country's crane village why aren't things falling into place like I expected I would ask the witness to continue a testimony done in Japan at some point it's gonna be over descendants after Queen amaz passing her eminence queen eagle on is the only spirit medium left hold it well we know that's a lie Queen amar was the victim of an assassination right yes she was a beautiful gentle soul but she fell in love with a man of dubious origins and was murdered in a terrible place fate can be so cruel except she's actually still alive poor name is Jenna never follow her unwittingly praying over an empty sarcophagus mara the Queen has been locked away and her sister existence in this world of raised the party she is still alive shekels Naruto – garin's will you dad the only reason you're still standing there but I wouldn't side because you're afraid of what would happen to Amara otherwise right we need not freak out such ancient history let us continue with the witness's testimony if you believe a medium to be the culprit it would have to be that young lass smile say miss Faye was being held hostage she was completely tied up he didn't even know meeting his true name make it impossible for her to kill or channel him but I know nothing of that listen you Horned devil we are not just insisting they was my fa who would channel mr. Inger my how quickly you change what you know I'm just quick my feet when your information presents herself I'm also quick to force my biggest smile when sums of these demanded it's great – you're following my advice Paula but try not to look so forced where you do would you naina is right about one thing though only those of the royal bloodline can be spirit mediums – karai you coming for like us rather luck yeah I guess so still I think I'll finally be close to connecting all the dust once I point one very big thing out okay so nothing really worked there so out the force five five statements to be got going on is it that I'm now just gonna refute the claim finally the Queen amar is dead then that'd be crazy for the courtroom to hear whose photo a photo showing dirt and Amaro the life on the run about twenty three years ago which would prove it be after the assassination attempt correct good ok so I presented what makes sense in terms of a direct contradiction except I don't know how to make it make sense in the larger context of this case well in the fens gonna follow up it's loud objection with a sound explanation oh um sorry how do I put this I believe there's a problem with Naina's testimony go on she said that she could not possibly be a spirit medium because crying only members of the royal family can learn how to channel spirits I fail to see the problem in that statement events hold on I'm getting to you magistrate Nana stated an absolute faucet since we know the maras to the life at the same time circumstantial evidence points the name is channeling Inga just as she enters his private quarters India came running out streaming spite haven't been killed at 2:00 p.m. that would mean that naina channeled Inga even though supposedly only those the royal family are capable of doing so wait wait wait is it too late to ask for a refill my trip down the rabbit hole mr. right you may think I've lost my mind with this bluff but but but if I can at least establish the possibility I think it'll give us the break we need where's thank you go into proposal I think you are yes it's huge risk but I think there's a chance I can prove it please take a look at this photo that's this photos very existence to say nothing of the person in it contradicts the witnesses claiming Queen Quran is the only remaining spirit medium in cry easy home devil you mustn't oh but I must under these circumstances the outcome of this trial depends on it you already knew that didn't you your eminence will the defense please explain who is shown in the photograph the person the photograph is the previous Queen Amara sigit ah kawaii contrary to popular belief she was never assassinated fact she's very much alive what well that's nonsense take a good look at the law book in this photo your majesty Maka's dragon brandon only beam play sack after queen Amara supposed assassination three tomorrow still alive as a lawyer con man while I personally find it hard to believe I will allow the defense to continue it may proceed events I think I just tweaked to quite a lot of stuff in the moment queen Amara's death was staged to keep her safe a would-be killer yet according to Dirk she's actually being held captive somewhere the real truth is that Queen amar is not being held in confinement rather she walks freely among us here in this very courtroom today but how I'm Amanda masahashi de Tasha no Katara Garcia Soroka do not be deceived your magistrate the red pepper skilled in weaving plausible lies it is the cunning loyaly art known as bluffing but knowing this there is no need to fear his forked tongue Jackson that's where you're wrong prosecutor because you'll be quaking in your boots soon enough is that so it's my turn that you don't wake you up to the truth right before your eyes Queen amar is still very much alive and has been disguising herself as but but that huh this is the simplest and cleanest explanation for everything we've covered so far the person who killed Minister Inger someone with intimate knowledge of the divination sales the medium to channeled the mere stay in order to mask the real time of his death condense these traits into one person and you get a spirit medium of royal blood and that person is none other than you naina your true identity is the former Queen amar and the killer we've been looking for all along what watch have you finally lost your mind mrs. justice what you say is beyond asommus even in the depths of hell oh my that's frightening allegations indeed an absolutely ludicrous aboot eminence queen Amara yet lives and is actually miss naina here you have truly gone off the deep end you don't have to take my word friend in fact certain someone can help me prove it your eminence if queen amar truly is dead you should be able to channel a spirit right here right now isn't that correct I can denied no longer the lawyer speaks the truth naina the woman who stands here before us he's Amara the former Queen believed to a parish 23 years ago Paul concur finally we finally got Inga's real killer on the stand Nina no Amara segata kawaii please drop the act and tell us what really happened oh dear Li mean now I guess I shouldn't have underestimated the power of youth well done young horn head whoa I was getting tired of masquerading is no woman anyway it has been far too long since I last gratitude good people of Chi E it is I am are segata kawaii you'll form a queen Karina Mara and I thought quran's maker was extreme I'd really be true you are alive and well it is true I feel as if I being cooled back from the Twilight Realm I fear I've called all of you a great deal of distress Amara I'm sorry I wasn't able to keep your secret any longer I hope you can forgive me it is quite a right Quran I'm safe now Oh Dirk that black guard you read my life can be recaptured soon enough honey nice to see a my identity any longer Queen Amara what what is all this mean well you're not killed on that fire twenty-three years ago I'd barely escaped that place of my life but though I survived I knew that scoundrel make further attempts on my life therefore I staged my death and abdicated the throne to My dear younger sister Koran but the building of that great room under Sky News have the lowly servant why would you do such a thing Koran I would have you explain I wish for her to be close at hand it was the only way I felt I could protect her and it was the best way to hide her from the eyes of the public after all who could conceive of a mile on his station to that of a servant she's got that right even dirt full of arrows being held captive in some far-off place he never even guessed she was living as a servant right in plain sight and I say a life dedicated to the servitude of others is not the least bit disagreeable it is a quiet humble existence far removed from the tedium of regal duties but those days of peace have ended and it's all because of you horn-head you should consider yourself lucky if that's all this ends with if there's something you wish to say then say it it doesn't matter who you are you won't escape the crime you committed the defense needs to indict you as justice mr. Inga's real killer be the serious allegation – essentially for between watch this you'll accuse queen of aural homicide I've ran three sets of kawaii nism you can do that this is easy purge their callers in the eyes were people if you commit the crime you'd better be ready to do the time do you a priest saint queen Oh God I've never met such an egalitarian person queen Amara in your years disguises naina you would have learned about Minister English disorder so you knew you could dress index close to board a convincing sales vision isn't that right What a curious character you are you would label me a murderer me the one who the people regarded as the reincarnation of the holy mother herself you may be a grand figure in cryin ISM but as a foreigner you get just another suspect to me it would appear your words are not ingest am I to suffer the selling of my good name with accusations of murder most foul the please win Amara forgive his impudence the lawyer knows not what he speaks we're not good magistrate but this is the sacred rule of justice though I am a grand priestess honest and I am but a witness like any other I shall face his accusations with grace and benevolence your compassion overflow of your mercifulness Oh young lawyer in my benevolence I must warn you that your assertions suffers from a tragic flaw huh there's a flaw nuta yes you mercifulness who is present in the tomb when the murder was discovered Turks at Mali in my face and the victim Minister Inger I see that is a fatal flaw indeed it appears Queen of art can possibly have gone to the tomb is ministering her what why not do not keep the defence waiting nature explained how wrong he truly is yester mercifulness the benevolence princess Rafer thought mr. inga ends the tomb around 2:30 p.m. yet you the defense claim the person she saw was the minister being channeled by Queen Amara however if the mercifulness had channeled him and move to the tomb then once she was done channeling Queen Amaya would have reimbursed you mean that's stuck in the tomb oh yeah had she tried to exit before you will arrive you princess Rafer who had been looking down upon the courtyard would have seen her however her benevolence saw nothing of the sort ah in conclusion Queen Amara could not have left the tomb how being observed and yet was she there in the – when the murder was discovered defense no no she was not now do you see your flimsy claim has been uprooted like a sapling in a flood ah well that was entertaining prosecutor said Maddie assume the prosecution of this case and clear your mother's good name you wish for me to take over yes prosecute your father to save your mother what a poignant fate you bear but Barrett you must are you ready yes your eminence and there you have it your majesty I shall watch the rest of the proceedings from the sidelines i relinquished complete control of the sacred Hall to your authority once more why thank you your eminence now then your mercifulness your testimony if you please [Applause] Aylin let's hear this testimony the lawyers theory is absurd now I should destroy your utterly absurd and barbarous theory I was not anywhere near the tomb following the murder where your favorite correct I would have been the tune once I had stopped channeling my husband Dirk is the killer but he has fled from the sacred Hall may the Holy Mother rain judgment upon the traitor dead said Maddie for his crimes Oh such marvellous ceremony you were truly a treasure your mercifulness this too is first by the grace of her holiness no doubt I am asking here today was her will as well oh my early maybe you say yes sure your holiness was guiding me to this witness stand and to the purity of truth well I think that's a good place to end it with animals everywhere what a picture what a scene what a face so why I left here but with that said and done we cross-examine this testimony next time I'm Phoenix Wright Speer of Justice I'll see you then bye you

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  1. Even if we have the "real killer" on the stand, just what would Amara's motive for killing Inga be? I mean, Gar'an has one: the coup. Actually… I think I know who attempted to assasinate Amara as well. Gar'an. Why? To become queen

  2. Imagine if regular courts from now on did both a divination seance AND channelled the spirits of the victims. Just asking straight from the source about what happened. We should really just channel Inga and figure out if he remebers the previous channeling too.

  3. Wow, I didn't think Queen Amara would be this….annoying. It's like every word she says and every movement just gets under my skin. I can definitely see where Nahyuta got his annoying traits.

  4. Well, the Nayna/Amara thing was really obvious. The real question is: why is Amara going along with this? Is Garan using the same thing to blackmail the whole family?

  5. Well, time for Nayna to take the stand.
    Wow, another extreme transformation, who's next, Rayfa?
    The way Amara keeps moving her arms feels a bit weird.
    She can tame a tiger? Best character ever!

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