Petition: NASCAR-ize Politicians With Corporate Donors Logos

uh… people are currently asking the
white house out to make it a lot to make it official and required that people who
receive corporate donations and large donations from individuals wearable goes
that make it clear to the public who is funding their campaigns and we serve
joked about that before uh… entirely notes made it to the internet as a
little it’s real little bit of the positions you understand what’s going on
here uh… it says the since most politicians
campaigns are largely funded by wealthy companies and individuals it would give voters a better sense of
who the candidate they are voting for is actually representing if the company’s
logo or individuals name was prominently displayed upon the candidates clothing
at all public appearances in campaign events the size of the logo remain with
very with the size of a donation for example a one million dollar
contribution would warn a patch of about four inches by eight inches on the chest
well a free meal from a lobbyist would be represented by quarter size but i’d
love the idea i’d love the idea to you i don’t know how im you know whether dr
king arthur be serious but i like the idea of a job being more transparent if your
politician almost knowledge our politicians are
bought there would be great etc go to some sort of web site and all
these websites exist but sometimes it’s more complicated than it needs to be maybe just a all of this individual
donated this much money this corporation donated that much money you know there’s
a uh… there’s not allot transparency when it comes to this issue and something like this basically pushes
that expenses so i love it so i don’t see how they can actually do
it in real life because it’s that would be completely unworkable yes there is no way that you could
actually lady even where an article of clothing with the amount of money that arent
that’s in politics right now you know when the limitation is what the personal act two thousand dollars for very
individuals as i think the one that present until area yes so with that you’d have to have so many ad that is all over you that there be
they just wouldn’t be wearing clothes and they have made that so we need to
see but i mean i love the idea i wish they were easier to use that website yet
which people knew more about that might help in secrets uh… now that this
would be fabulous if we could have a better and representation from every single an candidate who their
sponsors are back that would be great and by the way i should know something
about how this white house positions originally it which is the twenty five
thousand people to sign a certain condition for the white house to respond but so many people were on is proposing
so many ridiculous things that now babe increased the signature still
international to a hundred thousand signatures not the landline favorite
like silk positions was at one calling for president barack obama to change the
national anthem dark alleys two thousand three hit emission reduction soap boca onto the president’s seized in drug
with the services player from the no i think that’s that’s on phil’s everyone’s
patriotic pride and joy and i i i thought dot blot fresh off the kitchen mama role and have fun and i have gotten
totally makes me feel they can’t afford to look at the ones i have is the you
know it seems odd obviously practically doesn’t work but i
love the idea of the patches uh… and it would be most sort of
important when somebody’s taking a real strong stand like a chuck schumer is to
say and i know we can have you know uh… uh… taxes hi rhonda vaughn banks or whatever it is but his do you have any catholic as j_p_
morgan is his golden sax on the six so i think what our desire to see and this is coming through the petition underscores the failure of the media
because anytime politician takes a strong sent on a particular issue that should be like the very first thing
that has disclosed by the media that okay so this person you know peter king
is taking this very strong stand however his biggest donor also happens to have a
stake in this fight yeah it seems very straight forward but i think ins it soon it’s kind of it’s a representation of
how desperate of a situation where and yeah
we have no idea unified action you know the media should essentially be
putting those patches on people not in the scenario that you mentioned she
would literally had to give more denies that waft in has denied a seat back through and i
would hate me and i would like to have to do that i really really is probably
the uh… i think ample as instructed they’re talking you know
that’s that’s that’s a question about it if you are yeah but the problem is that
even even with the way that the wastelands of america expanding i don’t
think there’s enough stress or asteroid submitted this report by a buildings but it is interesting idea
unfortunately the executive branch can tell a congress that how they have
the address so that makes it all the more possible found but i think that it
would certainly be you mentioned open secrets and you can find out the
donations of people have but it wouldn’t be a hard i think to program a web site
that had pictures of these people court you know have that run through the
uh… david the donation history that we have available it should generate a
picture work with the patches on them adding to that would make a much
stronger i think message yeah they were just find
nasa our vehicle and decided let’s get politics dragged on for it but for the logos first visit by the

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. would be neat to see Obowma plastered with dozens of logos. One big logo over his head informing voters that huge doners get frequent trips to WH to meet with him personally.

    there is no end to stupid progressives and their mindless, wacky ideas?

  2. I think we can tell them what to wear. they're supposed to support us, right? they need uniforms, just the same as our police officers, firemen, nurses, any of that. if we make it transparent. it won't happen though because those same corporations will get their puppets to fight against it. dream a little dream.

  3. Ana, Ana, I love you, but… you don't know if they're kidding or serious? Really? Heh, heh. I mean, they're serious to the extent that good political comedy is serious, but no one actually thinks they'll get politicians to look like NASCAR vehicles.

    Of course, she really didn't mean that. She knew what this was all about. But still, that wasn't a very impressive thing to say. For this one time only, I have to criticize Ana. 🙂

  4. Another idea that I have been promoting for years now is in the area surrounding the Capitol, replace the white street light bulbs with red ones. Also, have red lights out side of the elected ones offices. The more corporate cash they take, the more red lights out side the door. Bet some doors would like a holiday spectacular. We all know what the elected are, might as well advertise it! (but none of the elected sitting in their windows in their undies please!)

  5. why the fuck are they attributing this to Reddit? Robbin Williams joked about this 7 years ago in Man of the Year, and im sure someone else said it before that.

  6. How is this not feasible?

    They fucking insist on wearing lapel pins. Oblige persons that receive corporate donations to wear a lapel pin of all the different corporations that provide them with funds.

  7. not possible. money is a medium of exchange. it represents labor, so you'd be banning people from working for their candidates.

    this is the wrong path.

  8. Money allows the wealthy to control which candidates are able to campaign successfully. The minute amounts contributed by middle/lower class citizens barely represents a percentage of the total amount contributed. The largest portion comes from corporations who have a vested interest in politics, usually for the sole purpose of the manipulation of law and regulation to suit their desires. So your argument is invalid. If you want to show support for your candidate then VOTE for your candidate.

  9. How is my argument invalid? Nothing you said addressed my point.

    Are you saying I shouldn't be allowed to work for my candidate? That's the opposite of freedom. The answer is more freedom, not less. Even if it weren't, you're deluding yourself if you think you can eliminate money from politics. Not possible. The attempt would infringe on your freedoms and still fail to achieve your goal.

    This is the wrong path.

  10. I'm all for this, not just politicians either. Doctors too, they get paid to give people new medicines. Let's vote on this. Put it on the next presidential ballot. This needs to be a federal law. Let the people vote on it.

  11. It should be possible with augmented reality. An app would recognize the face of the politician or the name on the screen, lookup the up to date database and depict donors above a certain threshold. With Google glass you would just need to look at the guy and the logos would pop up.

  12. Getting the money out of politics to begin with would be a better solution, but doing so would require overruling Citizens United with a constitutional amendment.

  13. Or allow them to take up the whole article of clothing, but if the patches would take up too much space, just size them relative to each other.

  14. As if that needs to be said. What we need now, is for idiots like you to realize the republicons are fucking you in the ass, and you are bending over like the fag you are and begging them to fuck you hard.. We already know the democrats are screwing us, we aren't stupid like you are.

  15. As something like this will never happen, I'll continue to assume/know any given politicians bought to work in favor of something that hurts my daily life. Fuck 'em all.

  16. My friend just became a proper doctor 2 weeks ago, he has already been to a pharmaceutical free dinner "product launch" 🙁

  17. I was in the first thread of the guy who made a joke about this. He got the most LIKES and was pretty funny. Now its a real idea that made it to the government.
    It makes sense.

  18. Isn't this a Doug Stanhope joke? anyways, regardless of where I previously heard the joke it's a fantastic idea. It makes 100% sense and should be a no-brainer.

  19. i believe it was in Michael Moore's SickO that this idea originated. Excellent and prescient concept!

  20. What does that even mean, "work for my candidate?" Just because you can't perform labor in return for the benefits of a politician who supports your views doesn't mean you can't support that candidate in other ways by attending support rallies and casting your vote in favor of said candidate. There is no need to "work for a politician." Politicians are supposed to work for you that's what tax money pays for. There is literally no need for money to be a component of running for public office.

  21. Wow, Anna looks awesooooommmmmeeeee!!!! I love that look. Yes Anna I know you prefer an all in one hair do…..but this is great.

  22. You're talking about "needs" and I'm talking about freedom. Rights don't have to be justified. You are free to do with yourself as you see fit. If you want to put up a sign on your lawn that says you're voting for Lincoln, that's your right. If you want to go out and tell others to vote the same way, that's also your right. That's working for your candidate, and it doesn't require justification. That's what freedom is about.

    Where does your free speech end?

  23. I'm not talking about needs and I'm not talking about freedom. There is no logical reason for a politician running for public office to require capital investment as if they were a business. On the whole it's a method to disenfranchise the oppressed poor while breeding corruption and attracting the worst of society.

  24. The poor will always be at a disadvantage. There's nothing you can do to stop that. The only thing you can accomplish down this road is curtailing individual rights.

    You're ignoring the larger principle at work here. The politician doesn't have to require anything. The question is whether I'm free to use my money to promote the causes I believe in and the candidates that I prefer.

    You will not achieve your goal through limiting rights. You will only make it more expensive to win.

  25. There's no fundamental law that states the poor must be oppressed and there is no law that says that to not be oppressed you must limit someones right unless it's to prevent oppression. By the simple act of delegating the power to the wealthy you're denying the poor of their own rights to have their voice heard and their vote counted breaking the entire system we, as Americans, have built. "Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breath free." That's what freedom is about.

  26. dj, you're ignoring the world around you. We have countless programs for the poor and all we have to show for it is more poverty. We have countless tax laws to catch the greedy rich guys, and all we have is more tax avoidance. It's fine if you want to argue about theory, but I'm talking about the world around us. You won't achieve the goal you seek, but you will raise the barrier for the poor to speak their minds.

    Or how do you propose to square that circle?

  27. What if I told you that disallowing the wealthy to have any more impact on government policies than the poor would repair the damage they've done? The answer to "Why are people poor?" is that when the wealthy want to increase their profit margins they cut from the bottom. They don't take responsibility because they know no one is going to hold them accountable. Why is that? Because they own the politicians. How? Because the incentive is to be elected and to be elected they require their money.

  28. I'm tired of people saying that because that's the way it is then that's the way it must be. Imagine if politicians had to live solely on minimum wage over night it would increase exponentially. Nothing is relevant when you live inside a bubble of comfort and stability.

  29. I think it could be a good idea, but maybe just the top 4 or so as pins. I don't want to see a potential political candidate as in a jump suit covered with advertisement.

  30. If you told me that, my first question is how do you do it? How do you do it with limiting people's rights? How do you do it ethically? How do you do it so that the wealthy don't find a way around it?

    That's not the answer to why people are poor. Poverty is the natural state of all humanity (and every other creature) on this earth for all time. The real question is how are there people that aren't poor?

    You can't get to where you want down this path.

  31. I promise you it wouldn't increase. If you're Walmart, employing thousands of minimum wage workers, wouldn't it pay you to just give the politicians money so they keep the minimum wage down?

    There aren't any simple patches. The answer is to take power away from politicians so they don't have anything to peddle. You have to work within the limits of human behavior. Take away the incentives that lead normal people down the wrong path.

    Ignoring human behavior is a recipe for disaster.

  32. I want to be very clear about this: things DO NOT have to be the way they are. We've made them this way by giving more and more power to politicians. They don't know any better than you, but their incentives are to hand over power to the highest bidder.

    Do not be swayed by arguments about sensible government. You and I, in the same position, would behave identically. If we didn't, we'd get removed. Don't hold out hope for a selfless politician.

    Look at the incentives. There's nothing else.

  33. Until we can get real, meaningful finance reform, nothing will ever change. Of course, it will literally take an act of God for that to happen. Both the Democrats and Republicans absolutely love living the life of a well paid whore.

  34. Now hear this: Every single time a polotician appears, there is either a (R) or a (D) by his name, why not incorporate a graphic of his funding? Maybe a top 5 list or a bar graph?

  35. Obviously this is tongue in cheek and will never happen in real life, but I can't wait to see what creative photoshop users come up with. I just watched the video with the guy who has porn website tattoos on his face. I want to see how many politicians have 'Koch' or 'Haliburton' plastered all over their punchable faces.

  36. 1. With appropriate adhesive they do. Duct-tape sticks just fine.
    2. Yes you can, if it's a requirement of their job. Police officers have to wear uniforms. Hell, even fast-food employees are "forced to wear" uniforms. Politicians are employed by the tax-payers, they should be able to set the job requirements.

  37. Doesn't anyone remember the old stand up from Robin Williams where he joked about doing exactly this by comparing politicians to NASCAR drivers?

  38. Voting doesnt do shit. It just allows people to feel like they can. The irony of your statement is that WE dont decide, corporations do. Do you think the corporate govt would allow such a mockery in their system? Get real.

  39. I agree. But you know that won't stop them from funding these politicians until strict federal law is made against money in politics/lobbying.

  40. Not all doctors get paid by Lobbyists from Pharmaceutical companies, for instance, Doctors who work for Kaiser Permanente can't talk to lobbyists from these companies, and their not allowed near the Hospital to sell their medicine. My parents are both Specialists for Kaiser, they used to be able to meet with Pharmaceutical reps, but not anymore. So I think your talking about certain insurance Hospitals, and private practice docs.

  41. But yes, I would like the rest of the docs who DO take bribes from the Pharm reps to say what they exactly got from that Rep in order to prescribe that particular companies generic from now on.

  42. Because most Insurance companies that run hospitals also, like Sharps, or the Medical Groups such as SCPMG are taking money from these companies reps and aren't telling all the docs that work there , exactly what they got or why they switched to a different brand. There are dozens of different companies that make the same medicine, some half ass it and don't even have the right amount in their medicine, up to 3 percent less sometimes, and that should stop, the Lobbying in Medicine should end.

  43. Here is the petition :

  44. I have never in my life witnessed obsession of this magnitude with such an ordinary looking person, until I began watching TYT 4 years ago. EVERY video, has some comment about this girl. WHAT is so remarkable? Seriously? She is, at best, cute.

    She provides no unique, informative insight, she echoes whomever she is hosting with, just barely re-phrases whatever the person said seconds before..

    I absoultely don't get it. I 've tried to understand the obsession but it completely eludes me

  45. Yes you can, they have to wear them on the job. Policemen wear uniforms every day, where's the problem? If they don't like it they can quit.

  46. This was originally a George Carlin Joke, and then a Jesse Ventura policy. Ventura also had another good one for reform – to replace the party names on the ballot paper and only include the individuals' names (who can still secure/belong to a party)…this would force the electorate to AT LEAST inform themselves to the minimum, and hopefully encourage them to actually find out about their candidates rather than just ticking the party-box with no info.

  47. Shit – sorry just realised it was Robbie Williams (and actually the history of the idea is mentioned in the posters comment)….my bad.

  48. @ViolentRiC obviously someone didn't lay attention. It's what they want you to think they like. Dumbass.

  49. Robin Williams made that joke years ago.
    If someone had more donors than he could fit on his body, then I think people would get the message "this person is COMPLETELY for sale".
    A more serious alternative is that researchers need to disclose ANY potential bias that they have. Just make it that anyone who signs or votes needs to have it on record ANY potential sources of bias (ie ALL their donors, including specific amounts that may benefit from them passing this law).

  50. The problem with the 4" by 8" patch idea is that there isn't enough surface area on some of these politicians clothing.

  51. Just have it so when you press the red button on the remote they overlay the speaking politicians corporate donors or have a congress wiki.

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