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  1. Obama Cut The Deficit In Half #Facts And Mayor Pete Is Republican Who Believes In Nothing One Minute He Love Medicare4All Then He Flip Flops On Medicare4All He's A Soulless Empty Suit

  2. The "host" (the propagandist) is lying 100%. As usual, the left accuses the right of EXACTLY what they (the left) is doing. The left never has and never will care about the debt. In their minds, the "rich" can just foot the bill and it ends coming from EVERYONE'S pocket. In fact today "democrat" (see Communists) WANT to incur debt to overwhelm the system, to break the system. So they can rebuild the system into what they want, a socialist utopia. Just think Cloward and Piven.

  3. Taxing people directly will never pay for the deficit. Never! So giving tax cuts so the people have more promotes a happier America. And yet… look at what causes this deficit. Just in Ukraine alone… there are 8 billion dollars that unaccounted for. Yes… the money was embezzled. Here is what was initially given to Ukraine from Obama: 1 billion dollar sovereign loan guarantee, 320 million in general assistance, 118 million in equipment and training for their security forces, 20 million for law enforcement reform. If we… as the United States… quit giving all these other governments money… and paid down our own debt… we would be much better off. And finally… under President Trump… the rest of the world is beginning to be required to put in their fair share.

  4. "We have no Media Bias, we report it down the line and fair." -MSNBC. Look at the headline and everything on their site. No bias, yeah and I am King Kong.

  5. SANDERS!!!
    Consistent for 40 years!!!

  6. on behalf of all all Americans I would like to personally say youre welcome for electing President Trump into office. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and God bless you all

  7. I think i agree with his sentiment that Ds have to stand up and talk about it. Yes they were penalized for their stands and since the partisanship is on steroids, Ds in power are less likely to stand for unpopular measures. Plus the pr (read propaganda) dept for Ds is less structures than the Rs. They talk circles around our more nuanced and logical thinking. Sucks to be smart and virtuous. Pays to be ignorant and greedy.

  8. Pete ButtJig is the wife of a man. How does that stack up with most of you.? His past in South Bend has not been glamorized, as his mayoral position was criticized. I don't like him in a leadership position, he's poor role model.

  9. Pete Buttigieg is awful I would never vote for him. If he becomes president I'm moving to Canada seriously. Why is he dogging Pete Buttigieg? This show is a joke. Those taxes killed this country this guy doesn't know what he's talking about no wonder nobody watches this show. Democrats do nothing but lie.

  10. Age is just a number just like our 70 and 80 year old White House occupant etc..nothing works from a 100 years ago so let's work with the problem of corruption from the last 4 president's and fix it then move forward with younger ideas and a healthier lifestyle! Pete Buttigieg/Warren 2020

  11. Hay petit butgig? There’s to many men in the White House? We don’t need popushig ther and your husband? Or you might give buch of bj to pass a bill you would be a very happy president 😂 🤮☠️

  12. "tHe rEPLubLiCaN lIE" good job dividing our country and blaming it on the president guys! Can't wait to see how you divide and destroy our society in 2020 when Trump wins again!

  13. I dont think you fully understood what he was saying. I think (my interpretation) Mayor Pete was just saying that the democrats dont typically talk about it as much in terms of solutions (at least not publically). At least, i dont hear them talking about it very often at all. He wants to make it a bigger issue in the party because it is a big deal, and republicans talk about it a lot. Buttigeig 2020 my dude. The perfect intermediate candidate. We need a young person in office, not another 80yr old person. Experience is definitely an issue, but leadership doesnt require experience. It requires the ability to recognize whats needed, and finding a solution. Now, finding the correct solution is where experince comes in, and thats where surrounding one's self with experience is key.

  14. YouTube: Economics of the Trump Tax Cuts (Prof. Richard D. Wolff)

    YouTube: The National Debt Explained by Richard D Wolff

    The top marginal tax rate in 1960 was 91%, which applied to income over $200,000 (for single filers) or $400,000 (for married filers) – thresholds which correspond to approximately $1.5 million and $3 million, respectively, in today's dollars. Approximately 0.00235% of households had income taxed at the top rate.

    US History: Economics of the 1960's. During the 1960s the United States experienced its longest uninterrupted period of economic expansion in history. In the 1960s housing and computer industry overpowered automobiles, chemicals, and electrically powered consumer durables, which were the leading sectors in the 1950s.

    The super-rich don't want to pay any taxes… They purchased the republicans to change tax law; voting rights and civil law to benefit the super-rich… screw the people.

  15. What Buttigieg said is true on its face.Democrats have not been known for speaking out and saying hey we need to reduce the deficit.In practice they have done much better.But the Republicans talk about reducing it so they can raise it.

  16. Everything, that these homeless people owned …. Gone ….  No Pete    Heartless Pete CRUEL

  17. Mayor Pete making a play for the republican voters? Whatever, he's done, because he has no support from black voters. Democratic party cannot, must not elect a candidate that is not supported by black voters.

  18. Obama's deficits were necessary to prevent the country from falling into depression. The 1993 deficit reduction bill was a tax increase.

  19. There is something about Mayor Pete that has just been tugging at me. Something about him just isn't sitting right. Then one time he made a statement that the democrats "don't care" about the national debt… then it struck me… Mayor Pete doesn't have any real understanding of the history of how the national debt got to where it is… how the republicans have undermined the taxation of the wealthy… or how the republicans undermined every, all bills in congress just to undermine President Obama. Sure Pete is intelligent and idealistic but is lacking in that he lacks a historical reference to the problems that exist today.

  20. Well he IS right because every time fiscal responsibility comes up in a discussion the republicans pull a wedgie and no Democrat has been able to turn the tide on that visceral national blind spot. Dems need to claim that space based on the facts of history. Buttigieg is right. All the way

  21. The
    problem with trying to explain the gravity of this situation to
    trumps ignorant base is that they feel like “well we want him to
    win reelection anyway, so whatever he does to accomplish that is OK
    with us!” They don't seem to comprehend that when you get elected
    with outside help you then OWE THEM. We have already seen this with
    Russia. While Trump & Putin have together been able to
    successfully cover up their collusion from 2016 by successful
    obstruction, there is still someone who has the evidence of it.
    Putin. Therefore trump is compromised. If trump doesn't obey Putin's
    every order, there is someone with a whole lot more info than Mueller
    who can spill it & ruin trump at any moment. Trump knows this &
    complies. His every foreign policy decision reflects this. This is
    what Nancy Pelosi means by all roads with trump lead back to Putin.
    It is certainly difficult to educate cult followers, the definition
    of a cultist is that they allow a single person to define their
    reality. These cultists get their information from trump & trump
    only, his words, his tweets. He repeats his talking points over &
    over…hoax, witch hunt, perfect call….like mass advertising or
    group hypnosis, then teaches them how to change the subject whenever
    confronted with facts . They parrot his illogical arguments, his
    projection, his lies. Instead of discussing trumps corruption, call
    everyone else corrupt. He tells them “HE” is America. Anyone who
    doesn't love him, doesn't love America. So they cling to him to prove
    their love of America….meanwhile supporting a traitor who has sold
    out his country out to Russia.

  22. Democrats aren't comfortable talking about deficits. It's why the GOP have lied to Americans for 30 years and convinced a huge portion of them they are fiscally responsible.

  23. You are right. Pointing out people's lies is fun. Too bad you are too old and uneducated to do it without lying.

    MSNBC lies on this video:

    Lie #1 Being known for something is 100% a matter of perception and can not be called a lie.

    Lie #2 Being interested in something is 100% a matter of perception and can not be called a lie.

    Lie #3 Criticising Democrats is not the same as being a Republican.

    Lie #4 Paying taxes is reducing national debt.

    Lie #5 Not being able to stop and not stopping are not the same thing.

    Lie #6 Inspiring your party to get more comfortable is not the same as putting your opposition first.

    Lie #7 Inspiring your party to get more comfortable doesn't mean you don't know what you are talking about.

    Lie #8 Inspiring your party to get more comfortable doesn't mean you are lying.

    Lie #9 Being ignorant or lying are not the only options since you could be either of those as well.

    Lie #10 You don't look sorry.

    Those unwavering eyes, double eyebags and tight jawline of yours certainly indicate that you know yourself to be lying.

    Facts about me:

    Fact #1 I am not American

    Fact #2 I am not Russian

  24. I am a republican turn democrat so I know the general perception is Democrat dont care about the deficit with all the talk about medicare for all, free college for all stuff ect. The republican talk the good game about deficit but they are lying, tax cut for the rich with deficit spending proved it. Pete is correct, neither party are serious about reducing the deficit.

  25. This criticism of Buttigieg is so schizophrenic it's hilarious! It's as though everyone in corporate media woke up and had amnesia about how they've had him on a pedestal all this time… What's wrong, centrists? Is it just not working out? I guess you're all just gonna have to settle for Joe and see how far that takes you…

  26. Just because I’ve never been in the US Senate does that mean I can’t care about the deficit? Dems needed to raise taxes because they had expensive plans to pay for. Both parties are big spenders and it’s not good!

  27. Butthead is a sham. Never liked this Marxist…never will. He needs to move on to another vocation…he could never do anything for America…he's NOT doing anything for South Bend as a Mayor….all he is doing is following his corporate handlers will and commands…a failure from the start. GO BERNIE!!!!

  28. 1995, really? I guess nothing change since 1995. Just so you know Odonell the was poised to lose. That year you so vigilante remember I also remember. I was stationed at Ft Riley is.thst when the Democrats refused to even pay the military. Just shut the government down. The voters sent the Democrats back home. Thet when Newt Gingrichtook over. They lost their seat not over a vite but turning the American people against them. 2995 to 1996 was the longest shut down. People was hurt so they had to leave.

  29. Btw an election was coming up while the govt was shut down. Msnbc need to be ashamed for this fake news. They shut down the government. That's why they lost. Google the Clinton government shutdown. They have no idea how much that hurt.

  30. The overall crime rate in Mayor Pete’s South Bend , is 120% higher than the national average. For every 100,000 people, there are 16.58 daily crimes that occur in South Bend. South Bend is safer than only 2% of the cities in the United States. South Bend sadly is literally one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

  31. It's always great when these news outlets take statements out of context and the public takes the video headline at face value! SMDH! I just watched the entire speech that Pete gave and that clip is absolutely misleading! It must have been a slow news day Lawerence!

  32. Lawrence just completely twisted what Pete said.. Pete is the ONLY candidate talking about the Deficit..Why the other Dems are not hammering the hypocrisy of Rump's "great economy" on this point is astounding. Mayor Pete is the Best candidate in this race and what America needs at this time in history. Time for a NEW ERA! Pete2020

  33. I think he was referring to the very expensive propositions on the table this election.. not the laws were passed when he was a kid..

  34. Buttigieg makes a good point, regardless of our discomfort in hearing it. Too many times the Democrats have cared about the deficit only when it was in their best interests to do so. We may not like hearing it, but it is what it is.

  35. Big deal, the Fed is giving out $690B a WEEK to Wall St:

    It's all money for the rich and none for you.

  36. اريد واحد يترجم هذا الفيديو باللغة العربية رجائا الي يوافق اقتراحي لايك👍

  37. It's likely a deliberate strategy in that sane wealthy people are desperate to find a home that's in their economic interests and not onboard the S.S. Orange Horrorshow. That's a demographic he could capture.

  38. Shiff : " we will hear from the whistelblower"…
    Trump releases the transcript…
    Shiff: " we wont hear from the whistleblower"

  39. He didn't say Democrats didn't care about deficits. He said my party doesn't have a great reputation on that and "the Party has to be more comfortable" talking about deficits. In other words the economy is going to go South pretty soon now so I'll go large on tax breaks for rich folks, concern about debt past 2007 levels (private and public) but without the regulation ensuring no too big to fail organisation would fail again.

    What is this, Fox News?

  40. There's a third option: younger, uninformed voters don't understand the deficit or how it's important to find balance between programs and cost.

  41. Democrats are all white and Homosexual and their Cities are the most Dangerous. Pelosi is a Catholic who supports ABORTION. Schiff gets 3 payments from a Ukraine Arms Dealer. President Trump just reminded Canada, France, France Germany pay your Way for NATO payment is 2%.

  42. Oh c’mon! It’s politics, words are more important than actions most of the time. Moscow Mitch & friends spent six years bashing Obama & Democrats for being fiscally irresponsible and for the deficit W. created … when Trump got elected, they had zero interest in the deficit, and the public forgot. But if you ask folks, they’ll remember Democrats being associated with the deficit.
    Right or wrong, it’s that perception is reality.
    1993 was 26 years ago, get over it, you failed at PR.

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