Persona 5 Guide To The Best Daily Activities & Day Exclusives

The social aspects of Persona 5 can be a little
overwhelming, to say the least. The moment the game opens its city streets
and shops to you, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. Should you buy something? Or talk to someone in particular? Ultimately, the choice is yours. Although the sense of freedom in Persona 5
is astounding, there are some activities that are of higher importance than others. In this guide we want to highlight these activities
and explain what you should do first, and why. Although most activities that raise your stats
require you to use up your morning or afternoon, you can read any book in your possession once
you head back to Cafe Leblanc in the evening. This will allow you to sneak in a few extra
stat points before heading off to bed. Also, if you manage to secure a seat during
a train ride, you’ll be able to read there too. Note that which type of stat will be boosted
is hinted in the book description. Books can be bought from the bookstore, but
it’s usually better to rent one from the school library.​ Just be sure to return it. After clearing your room, you can purchase
two different types of plant food to care for your withering plant. When you do so, you will gain Kindness without
losing any time from your day.​ This is one of the highest value activities in the
game, and should be maintained throughout your journey, so keep an eye on it. You do not want to get quiz questions wrong
in class, as they are effectively free boosts to your Knowledge stat. It’s better to think long and hard about a
question (or check out our list of answers), than to get one wrong. Social relationships are of utmost importance. Always check to see who is available when
you have free time. One of the perks of spending time with confidants
are the stat boosts you earn during activities with them. In addition, you will gain access to powerful
perks as your confidants level up, such as being able to try a second time when you fail
a negotiation with a persona. A few weeks into your journey you will gain
access to the Big Bang Burger Challenge. Successfully completing the first tier of
this challenge requires that you have two points in each stat, so don’t bother trying
until you reach this milestone. As a reward for your accomplishment, you will
gain one point in Guts, Knowledge, Charm, and Proficiency. Only the personas that you *use* will gain
experience. Therefore, to ensure that your armada of monsters
remains up-to-date, you will want to head to the Velvet Room and fuse personas often. Aim for a persona whose level is closest to
yours for maximum value. SP rejuvenating items are hard to come by
in Persona 5. However, coffee will provide a free solution
for this. Simply progress through the story and speak
kindly to Sojiro in Cafe Leblanc when provided the opportunity and you will eventually gain
access to the coffee maker. You can then store coffee in your inventory
to use next time you’re in a palace or Mementos. Infiltration tools are handy, and necessary
for some interactions. The Lockpick is arguably the most important
tool as it allows you to open locked treasure chests in dungeons. Make sure that you have a few of these on-hand,
as the treasure you will gain from using them is often incredibly valuable. In addition, crafting provides a small increase
to Proficiency, one of the more difficult stats to boost. On Monday and Thursday evenings you can visit
the Bath House. This is located in an alley across the street
from Leblanc. Although the Bath House can be used any day
of the week, you receive an extra bonus to Charm for visiting on Monday or Thursday. On Friday and Saturday you can use the phone
in Cafe Leblanc to speak with your maid / teacher, an important confidant that you will want
to start ranking up as soon as possible. Note that 3 Guts is required to speak to her. On Sundays you should visit the Drink Stand
near the Underground Mall. Here you can purchase a special drink that
boosts your stats by a significant amount. Also on Sundays, you’ll be able to order
an item using the TV in Cafe Leblanc. Some of these items are exclusive, while items
available elsewhere are sold at a reduced price. The item will be delivered to Cafe Leblanc
a few days after you order. If you enjoyed this video, please hit like
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  1. Never waste precious time brewing coffee or making curry. Instead focus on raising the Death confidant early so you can buy sp-regen accessoires. These things (in combination with randomly found and bought sp items and coffee/curry made by the Temperence confidant later on) allow you to fight in the metaverse as long as you want so you can clear every palace in 1 day each (or 2 if the story makes you leave halfway through).
    Second priority should be Temperence so she can make coffee/curry, launder equipment, craft infiltration tools, let you read books and craft things during school etc. so you never have to waste time on those things. At max rank she even allows you to do stuff in the evenings after a metaverse visit.
    All in all, compared to previous Personas it's incredibly easy to max everything in this game. I never used a guide or anything and in early November I maxed my final social stat and most confidants are already rank 10 as well.

  2. you forgot to add maxing the fortune confidant ASAP as it more or less makes ranking up confidants and personal traits much easier

  3. just to say for the burger challenge you only need the stats in knowledge guts and proficiency. charm and kindness does not matter.

  4. It wasn't mentioned in the video but if your playing on PS4 you can press the track pad during class questions to see percentage of what other people answered.

  5. Toranosuke (Sun) is also a good confidant if you want to get a lot of money everytime you go to Mementos. Simply aim for the Hold Up and keep pressing for more money until they piss off

  6. When you said the sense of freedom in persona 5 is astounding all I could think of us you're tired go to bed or let's not do it.

  7. There’s actually three types of plant food! One for one kindness point, one for two, and one for three; each at their own respective price.

  8. >Always buy the underground juice
    >Always feed your plant
    >Always get questions right during exam and tv quiz
    >Always draw the phantom logo on the front board. You have a chance of getting guts or charm.
    >Always save and reroll your crafting for morgana to say not bad. You get an extra of thr craft and one more proficiency.
    >Always buy the sp drinks early on
    >Don't take more than one day to finish a palace.
    >Farm the black slimes in the 5th palace for easy yen by setting a physical reflect persona and rushing.
    >Wait until you have at least 3 requests before diving into mementos

    top 3 confidants for running a perfect game are temperance, fortune and sun

  9. Don't bother getting a job I say. Spend your time advancing stats and relationships and earn your money fighting shadows ✊

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