‘Peaceful’ Leftists Ignore Antifa Assault, Bemoan NoKo Peace Talks

all right does the left want war or not because I mean it's it's hard to tell what their stance on any issues are because of their wild inconsistencies their official worldview and doctrine which can be summarized basically by orange man batter right their entire worldview and doctrine ensures that everyone is left completely in the dark over what they actually believe I mean I thought they didn't want North Korea having nukes well Trump working with Kim jong-un to restart nuclear talks no bad bad we don't want toxic we don't want progress in North Korea I thought they were for freedom of the press well the new press secretary she gets bruised in a scuffle while fighting for journalists ignore ignore ignore and that same mentality exists here stateside journalist gets beat up by an Tifa thugs ignore ignore maybe even celebrate they say their anti-war they say their anti violence but in reality they encourage war they egg on violence and it will be a real pity when someone finally gets fed up and retaliates a lot of friendships in particular a great friendship president Trump meeting North Korean supreme leader Kim jong-un in North Korea it was spontaneously arranged by a tweet from the president and Trump actually stepped in to North Korea by stepping over that line right there that step by stepping over that military demarcation line Trump became the first sitting American president to set foot in the country of North Korea pretty extraordinary moment pretty amazing stuff amazing thing to watch this kind of diplomacy unfold and anyone with common sense knows that a negotiated solution to the problem of North Korea is the best way forward and therefore this act of diplomacy is nothing to be outraged over of course you should talk to people when you're dealing with something as important as nuclear weapons after all what is the alternative a military option is that what the is that what the party of peace wants because the left they're infuriated over this and why wouldn't they be it's Trump and everything Trump does is awful I'm not quite sure why this president is so bent on elevating the profile of a dictator like Kim Jong hoon when Kim Jong Il has not lived up to his promise from the first summit that is one casserole apparently no one cording to him had ever heard of Kim jong-un until President Trump decided to talk with him and elevate his profile and here's of course uncle Joe Biden president Trump's coddling of dictators at the expense of American national security and interest is one of the most dangerous ways he's diminishing us on the world stage and subverting our values as a nation yeah as if he knows anything about getting tough with Asian countries when you've got China lining the pockets of his son hunter and then Elizabeth Warren saying our president shouldn't be squandering American influence on photo ops and exchanging love letters with a ruthless dictator instead we should be dealing with North Korea through principled diplomacy that promotes us security defends our allies and upholds human rights what do you think he's doing Pocahontas how is he squandering American influence they're just these people are just saying words because they don't really know what they oppose all they know is that they oppose it much like how members of the media they say they're for freedom of the press and how this administration is the most anti free speech anti Free Press administration in human history well when one member of this horrible administration Stephanie Grisham she's Sarah Sanders his replacement as press secretary when she literally put herself in harm's way to ensure that press freedom when she put herself in harm's way to stick up for the press and make sure they could actually cover that amazing moment in history of Trump meeting with Kim jong-un they either played her actions down or actually contorted themselves into a pretzel in order to blame Trump for the harm she suffered Stephanie Grisham bruised an all-out brawl with the North Koreans okay it's a little dramatic CNN but here watch for yourself here's footage from that exchange so what you just watched she's fighting for the press to be able to get into that event to get into that meeting and I should know by the way a lot of the reporters a lot of the guys a lot of the crew she's fighting to make way for our men well I mean men men like Peter Alexander from MSNBC and Jim Acosta a guy who likes to sip sparkling Rose a on the way home from the summit so men quote unquote I mean look at him he's he looks like he's super exhausted from letting women literally fight his battles for him I mean champagne rose a champagne on the play what are you celebrating dude being an epic fail of a human being and for a network that's been bitching about how the Trump administration is so anti press freedoms oh we are not the enemy of the people you are impeding on our rights rights of the free press you would think that CNN there article on this and of course their articles written by Jim Acosta would acknowledge that hey in this instance a Trump administration official was literally bruised literally was put in harm's way so that she could ensure the right to a free press even all the way over there in Asia and you would think he would be furious absolutely outraged and he would do his faint outrage thing that he does on TV that North Korean officials would rough up anyone like that because imagine if a Trump administration official did that to anyone what his feigned outrage would be mr. president are you going to condemn this kind of behavior but nope not in this instance and the network CNN even actually had on angry hack April Rhine to blame that instance on the Trump administration and their lack of planning watch really at issue is the fact that Stephanie Grisham got caught in a situation where this was planned at the last minute and when you do last minute and you don't have really 24 hours more than 24 hours to really put it together things like this happen it was a very hyper aggressive situation and she got caught and the fact that this administration planned it in this bit of time yep if only they had planned it better if only they had planned it better than Stephanie Grisham wouldn't have gotten bruised and so it is this administration's own damned fault you got that makes sense no these people are ghouls these people have no morals these people don't believe a damn thing they say these people have descended into nihilism this whole time this whole time they were shrieking about freedom of the press you know what would it shock you if I told you that was a load of bull no of course it wouldn't but of course it turns out they don't actually care about freedom of the press at all in fact you can now you can now assault journalists in the streets you can send them straight to the hospital and the press who loves freedom of the press apparently will either ignore it or even celebrate it and II know he's an independent journalist he was savagely attacked this weekend by ante feh while covering one of their dumb riots and Tifa they sent this guy to the hospital with a brain bleed and unless you follow certain circles on Twitter you probably didn't hear a word about it but watch that's Andy they're in the middle they are throwing things at him they are punching him kicking him throwing milkshakes they've got silly-string pepper spray and earlier the Portland Police had issued warnings that some of the milkshakes may be mixed with dry cement which means it will burn the skin upon contact so I don't know this this might be why conservatives are upset that people like gay wonk gay wonk Carlos mazaa is still allowed on Twitter because Carlos loves this well he thinks this is great he wants more violence remember that he said this he said milkshake them all this guy is still employed by Vox this guy still has his Twitter account because the reality is they don't care this is the natural progression of milk shaking this guy this is what it leads to it doesn't stop with milkshakes and Burger King making their little jokes or whatever I mean at this point I don't even know when it will stop will it even stop when they eventually beat someone to death now Andy no he's not he's not a Nazi he's just no friend to the violent bastards in ante fuh so they have no problem calling him one because you know what words they don't they don't mean a thing to an Tifa I mean antifa they're like weaponized toddlers throwing violent temper tantrums around everything that does not fit their borscht whims and the mainstream media they don't care they don't care a whit they boohoo they think it's just a milkshake what's the big deal right no they're wrong and they are willfully distorting the truth remember remember when freedom of the press was a rallying cry for the left obviously insincere because they disregard the journalists who don't upholds err narrow-minded views and Ino was attacked for reporting on a riot and pretty much none of the people in the media cared to be fair brian Stelter broken clock is Right twice a day brian Stelter did condemned and teef his actions on his show on Sunday but you know since his parents are the only people who watch I'm not gonna count it because remember we know CNN they love and TV oh they just think auntie fuh is the greatest can't get enough of them Chris Cuomo things and Tifa they're the good guys they're out there fighting the Nazis and talk about aunt Eva I've watched them in the streets protesting indifference that you okay there are certainly aspects of them that are true to a cause that is a good cause they want social justice they want whatever they want in that context you turn into this happens you tell me when that has ever happened with neo-nazis where they have ever been doing until right a good cause and Tifa does not have good aims and Tifa wants power once political power taken through force that's what antifa is all about I mean are these and Brian not here to espouse an tyfa or any group on the pollution that's like it but they are doing the right thing because they're fighting Nazis right no they're not fighting Nazis and it's not hard to see that for yourself and does this look like fighting Nazis to you they're beating an old man that's an old man they're beating with a metal bar and then another guy he jumps in to break it up I think yeah they're his breaking it up and he was pepper-sprayed and he was hit multiple times on the head and needed 25 stitches after that exchange look at that that is an Tifa that's what an Tifa does when you hear people on the left saying oh relax it's just a harmless milkshake remember this guy when you hear anyone defending the actions of an Tifa picture this this is what they did to the guy who jumped in to protect that old man fighting Nazis this is beyond milk shaking whenever an Tifa goes violence occurs it is their goal it is their stated goals to escalate and the mainstream media they're complicit because they make excuses and they run cover for this coalition of thugs all right it should not be hard to condemn violence no matter who the perpetrator doesn't matter what color skin they have doesn't matter what their sexual orientation is what their political views are can we just say that we are not Pro giving people brain hemorrhages hmm I mean I'm a guy who's all about love all right so everyone should be too can we all agree and Tifa is a ghastly organization with rotten people who are just asking for it no we can't want to know why because it's because it's impossible for the media because they like it they like that and you want to know what they don't like it's conservatives they despise you they think you're evil and if you get in the way of an Tifa they think you deserve what you get well I hope they're ready because how many more how many more Americans are going to put up with that Americans are not exactly the type to stand around for much longer and let these violent thugs throw cement milkshakes on them and smash open their heads despite what you think fighting for justice no it is not your right to attack innocent journalists in the streets because you disagree with their worldview or the or the words that come out of their mouths if that's how they want to operate then they need to be ready because the right to defend yourself is a real right and that is not one that conservatives take lightly you

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  1. 7.3 👍 and 28👎 👏👏👏 I think people are starting to get it! come on America let's get up and actually do something about this crap! let's keep protesting and see how much more violence they'll cause… The media can't hide it forever!! I'd hate for people to get hurt over this but I think it's the only way we're going to get through to them. we need to stop sitting behind our keyboards talking crap and actually get off our butts and do something! Make phone calls, write letters and protest peacefully even if we're being attacked! Let's get together and get em! Someone want to come and pick me up? Lol I'm in Michigan!! I've got some spare Cash I'm willing to put towards this cause…

    And age-restricted how absurd!!!! Oh I couldn't be more pissed right now! Kill em with kindness right? 😉

  2. Is Andy Ngo okay? That poor man was just trying to report on the situation and they did this to him?!?!?! Why arent these people in jail for battery and assault?!?!?!?

  3. Something told me when Obama got elected it would eventually start a race war. I didn't realize how bad it would get

  4. It's been time to put theses pansy ass leftist in their place! Knock some common sense into their heads

  5. Just wait until after the election, when Trump sends in the National Guard to tear these thugs a new asshole! Until then it’s just us, them, and my bat!

  6. Do you find yourself getting angry and filled with bloodlust after trying to speak with a leftist idiot?

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    Just switch opposite mode on before speaking with a leftist retard and you will have a wonderful conversation filled with insightful commentary and brilliant opinion.

    Example: leftist punk ass coward says: "I hate trump"
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    See how great that is, it will fill your heart with joy to hear them saying great things about you and our country for once and finally hear them giving president trump the credit he deserves for all his hard work.

    Try it now free.

  7. Many of these antifa, deranged liberal bastards have said it many times, "by any means". That's their motto.
    They know that law abiding conservatives are not going to stoop to their level……. At least not yet…… But if they keep insisting, they will get more than they bargained for.

  8. Once again , how is George Soros not in prison for bankrolling these anti-American commie pussies ?


  10. Damned if you do, damn if you don't. First Trump wasn't doing enough about North Korea. Now Trump is criticized for attempting to make progress. It's just like the border, 6 months ago Dems and Liberal Media refused to acknowledge there was a crisis every time Trump said it and wanted to come up with solutions. Fast forward 6 months and "crisis at the border" is the only way Dems and liberal media will even acknowledge the border.

  11. The police, democrats and the media are protecting Antifa. How else can they be getting away with this barbarism?

  12. Okay, Crowder says something offensive and Carlos Massa says it's hate speech. But Carlos says Milkshake them all and Andy is actually taken to the hospital with a brain bleed from being "Milkshaked"…And Carlos' milkshake tweet is still up…What is wrong with this picture?

  13. How strongly do you have to hate to wish death and war on anyone? I never liked or voted for Obama but I always prayed for him. If us Americans could come together and support one another there would be no limit to what we could accomplish.

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