Peace With DJ Envy? | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

Well a year ago DJ Envy walked out of
our appearance on the Breakfast Club Mhm and this week to celebrate his walkout
anniversary we sent him a peace offering and he loved it.
DESUS: Aww DJ ENVY: Shout out to Desus and Mero
they sent me a gift last week man ANGELA YEE: Oh what did they send you? Charlamagne: Drop on the clue bombs for my guys Desus and Mero DJ ENVY: They sent me a gift last week man ANGELA: What’d they send you? DJ ENVY: Appreciate you guys man ANGELA: Were you on the toilet? DJ ENVY: They sent me a banana. What was that Angela? What does that mean? Were you on the toilet? She asked a weirdo question
then he said some weirdo response And that’s a Breakfast Club Interview And then everyone else was like “All right back to Charlamagne” “All right back to Charlamagne” [LAUGHING] She’s like they sent you a gift that’s crazy because my girlfriend celebrates Christmas and she gets mad gifts Anyway so homies like shut up ANGELA: Why can’t we know about the gift? DJ ENVY: It’s none of your business, it’s private. DESUS: Yeah because it’s so vicious Yeah [LAUGHING] That means that we can have Desus and Mero back up here for a little reunion You thought! [LAUGHING] Wow we on Showtime now you crazy! [LAUGHING AND CHEERING] Wow! We got an edible arrangement that said Happy Anniversary from Dickhead and Pussy [LAUGHING] Ah ah ah ah! Uh we’re on Showtime. Money is not an issue. We don’t care.

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  1. Lmao I haven’t watch that show since y’all interview. DJ Envy lost credibility with me for that. I would’ve sent him a petty gift too.

  2. Ite who's got the huck up these dumb show time people don't realise that the grime boys dem want to watch the show too

  3. Still… it was the big one's job to press envy goofball button. At minimum he should've smooth sat in his chair, after dj sockpuppet walked out. I forgive them both. Go and sin no more… bodega boy's. Winning is a cure-all.

  4. That Desus joke about Angela Yee often referencing her girlfriends in conversations let’s me know he reads the comments for sure

  5. i strickly came 2 say these nigguhs is still kinda corny to me….but then again charlagay is too so what cha gunna dooooo lol

  6. Love Ya'll! I don't have cable but got Showtime on Hulu to keep up with ya'll (and The Chi)! God Bless w/ much success!

  7. Bro I love you guys. And this comment finna sound like I’m hating. And maybe I am. But the whole “we on showtime” shits is wack. I know y’all got real money, so y’all leveled up. But your promo for this show can’t be y’all in the Bronx talking to the hood and then flexing on them same individuals. The Brand is Strong, but with out our broke asses there would be no brand. I know if y’all read this, y’all proli gonna make jokes Desus proli gonna say some shit like “cries in broke” & Mero gonnsa say some shit like “foh you fucking cornball” but just cous you got money now don’t mean you gotta flex on my broke ass.

  8. Amazing Desus and Mero going to Showtime is gonna change their mindset. Just keep in mind fellas that Showtime is the movie channel nobody wants and is last of the big four. So when you come with the we are Showtime pickup line to brag. Remember it’s not HBO it’s Showtime. Remember White Famous? Nobody saw it cause it was on Showtime.

  9. They sent you a gift? That’s crazy cuz my girlfriend celebrates Christmas” These two are nuts!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  10. I can’t express how much I love this!! It’s been a year since I found out who D&M was and my life has been filled with such laughter and happiness!

  11. Shit he need to apologize to yall all y'all did was make a lil joke and he got all in his light skin feeling

  12. I do appreciate that they squashed the beef because it was stupid.

    But them talking about the interview is one of my favorite YouTube clips.

  13. Tony Stark snatches the infinity stones away from Thanos, snaps his fingers and defeats Thanos. Everyone that disappeared returns. Tony Stark dies.

  14. Desus: Uh, we're on Showtime, money's not an issue.
    Me: Man, they really using that Showtime money and talking about it on they Showtime show!

  15. Never liked DJ Envy sensitive corny azz smh…yall guys better than me though…when he called hisself GOING IN ON YALL i simply wouldve fired back saying…so your wife was with u when u had NOTHING yet u CHEAT ON HER with a BASC BITCH who wanted EVERYTHING 4rom u … his soft ass wouldve ran to the bathroom & cried rotflmaooooooooo

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