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  1. Thank you all for 50k subs, I truly appreciate it! Much love to all the producers and all y'all for tuning in 🙂 <3

  2. just came back to this cuz it came up on playlsit while I was having a party. Super chill vibes. Thanks again.

  3. Still, to this day, even since the first day it was uploaded, I still come back to this beautiful composition of songs when Im down. Never, ever fails to disappoint. I want this played at my funeral lol

  4. Love for you Axian ❤️
    Did you know the original semple of the music at 10min35 ?
    Thanks, you’re awesome

  5. this mix is one of the few i dont skip i don't know if you have this down to a science but you've just about perfected the right music to come in next.

  6. Hello(: new artist coming up! Produce a chill but hard vibe. would love to be heard by this awesome community<3 Soundcloud is LAGOZA

  7. Tracklist:
    0:00 Guru Griff – Ride Around
    1:51 j^p^n – springtime. []
    3:49 Kendall Miles – Fleur De Mer
    6:36 am. – when you say goodbye
    8:35 sugi.wa – warmth
    10:32 haxaar x purpan – heart
    11:50 avixn – luv.
    12:37 FloFilz x Philanthrope – Whitecap
    15:00 driver – the eye of truth.
    17:25 delt – ocean daze
    19:19 CHADY — flow
    21:22 Billy the Kid — sunday cruise
    22:34 charlie rain x sol.theory — tha.essence
    23:23 Cold — penguin
    24:35 sleepdealer x Limes – escape
    26:01 weirddough – look and listen
    27:33 joeshort – aesthetic
    28:51 quickly, quickly – hushed
    31:26 .sinh – anxiety
    33:39 axian – hold u tight

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