Peace, Death!

(punk rock) (punk rock) (punk rock) (awkward dancing as rock continues) (darkiplier arises) Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and I'm very dizzy ahhhh Xp I was ready for that (That's what she said) welcome to peace death now this game 🙂 which probably has the cool soundtrack(rocks out) that I've seen – Milo okay I don't know……….. these OH HI so this is a game because you guys presented the conundrum that I, find moral choices in games very difficult when it comes to being a judge :< jury and executioner but this game in particular CHAIR!?!?! oh but you're going for the CHAIR there Ohhhh nooo….. (tumbleweed passes by causually) (ALARM) (markimoo gets idea) okay alright then yeah…… okay….uh huh oh……. I see… this is funny because this game is executing itself like a very specific SCP it's *chuckles* weird like uh.. and that'll make sense if you ever read the SCP about it there's a certain SCP that you CANNOT WRITE,THINK or TALK about in ANYWAY only way you can get information about it across is through symbols and suggestions because otherwise OH HI!! :0 otherwise it'll come get you that's what it'll do welcome to,Reaper…. I'm your Superior LOOK AROUND!! and get down to work…. AH you gluttony ah you own guard it's the plague doctor!!!! 😀 from SCP wouldn't you know it!! (mark brags) I called this shit!! okay…. what do I do..??? AHHH…. junior apprentice 30 client I don't know how well I know I'm doing here so I got a lot of Pez, coins…I don't know OH HI it is your first day today Reaper so here is a simple task that you won't screw up!! okay.. alrighty then… Devil's must be sent to the left elevator to HELL people must be sent to the rrrrright one to heaven! 🙂 now go ahead oh sh.. sh..sure "can I take my axe with me" sure go ahead!!! 🙂 your doing great!! AH NAH DOOM :< HELLO!!! I think I'm doing great… heh..(doubt) "hurt me" okay 🙂 Ok will do! okay "I'm important cargo" oh it's funny!!! okay… okay.. okay I did it!!! I did great!!! : I did great!!!! I did good!!!!! 🙂 I actually did good guys!!!! yeah!!! oh…. did the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse….. I didn't even know that was possible… HI Jack(septiplier) what are you doing here!!*chuckle* you all right??…. Jack! yeah okay hello? did I save you….. think maybe I did… all right. one time effects Authority additional influence it's except for chosen horsemen.. why I dont even know what these are..I DONT KNOW WHAT ANY OF THIS IS!!!… was thrust into a job that apparently I'm incredible and I don't think I wanted :< all right you know what I'm going to….. yeah! I'll do that one. yeah! that sounds good to me and m.m..maybe okay all right… you know I'm gonna go for it!!! huh? today other Reapers noticed a funny thing and that's what I say Reaper trying to send his demonic desmosomes to heaven Lucifer began to endow people with his demonic power in horns from this day on everyone who wears a horn should be sent to HELL good(weird sound) okay… goodbye! all right! okay, okay oh.. boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy(cunfuzzeled mark) oh boy oh boy.. okay! I don't have good commentary im just sayin' "OH BOY" over and over again…. goodbye See yaa I wish I could see what these guys are saying to me the meaning of life is to serve humanity oh no "save me from the Marines" now you go back in there! oh okay okay okay okay okay!!! all right!!! yeah!!!!!!!! I did it I'm amazing(marks ego grows larger) I'm really good at this 🙂 I'm actually really I..I.. actually do like these sort of things because I'm good at pattern recognition that's one of the things that I'm very good at about with names I'm bad with remembering short-term stuff but a pattern recognition whoo hoo boy bebe are in that shit whoo that's all over my bag oh hey "200 years ago I invented a substance for poisoning cockroaches but it's hand out quite differently from what I expected I instead of killing them…. it's reagent made cockroaches grow…. and these giants are now destroying the city doing Wars job I need to deal with it as soon as possible work the next day for me and save my reputation… today I shouldn't be distracted reward… after work…" okay cool… war,war never changes I know myself I'm 100 and vegan adore broccoli with meat without the broccoli(mark sounds) huh I'm not the worst that can happen to men….. okay right cool I think :< each client is one less feature level of 60 seconds longer i don't need that not a boink oh I clicked in the wrong spot for that okay…. yeah.. sure… okay! all right let's do this today people starting to use weapons Reaper! just today it was the craziest thing who had thought it!!! (i did) certainly not I weapons are those dangerous things they have with them the way to heaven is closed for them as famines mouth is closed for healthy food then everyone who gets you with fire armor ebbed weapons to HELL… let's begin okay goodbye hello goodbye goodbye alright you know thank you!! okay I still got to remember all just a game of Simon Says isn't it no yep yeah no no no can you get out of here with your weapons!! no with your horns!!!! you're fine… get in there that's this weird…. you know go to hell you gonna hell you're gonna hell you go to heaven man the people go into having her a lot less these days you know he'll go to hell cave man go to hell go to hell go to hell go to hell again gonna hell fuck no one's going to having these days it's not a single goddamn person's going to heaven at least I gotta work for pestilence they're the "fear of many people living on the planet has come to live the British scientist working on a cure against influenza made a mistake no doubt with pestilence has helped and invented not what they wanted it now London is steeped in a thick fog and it is habited with zombies but it's not too late reaper bidden yet non-mutated people still will be saved or rather the mutation will be postponed he caught up with some Kyle crane fellow he needs our help in transporting the working antidote we can't deliver it ourselves but there is one fearless courier service that is willing to knew the gentleman it'll cost a bit of money what do you say?…." Ahhh but why?? reputation go down?? :/ oh if I deny it Ah okay(mark has self doubt) I don't know if there's a good deal but sure…… "it's for all our sakes thank you…." uh..okay, I don't know what I agreed to but okay :< all right you know I'm just gonna go for it cuz I got plenty of money and I alright "do you know Reaper that an average person is up to five liters of blood some have it on themselves by the way in order not to stain the white and pure heaven those who are covered in blood should be sent to hell.. let's begin…" okay go ahead No thank you no nah ah that's all right you're not okay here go go go oh my god I don't know why the purity of heaven would be ruined by someone with blood it could be.. all right you go..(mark noises) another tough call there!! tough call!! all right get here skadotalee get it Lee skadotalee (x2) no yep yep nope go go go go yep that almost looked like blood I wasn't sure about that.. OH BOY I got to remember everything one of these bad boys oh NOO!!! oh NOO!!! im not feeling it!! GO AWAY :<…. whooooooo boy….. God is getting harder and harder as time goes on who'd have thought that a game would be that way!! (NO WAY :0) heyyy I'm a senior apprentice… I don't know how many ranks arrow to climb but I'm gonna do one mo of these…. lets do war "feel the fury of my beard!!!" okay.. all right.. you don't have anything for me :< ah this is him "haha awesome you know what is happening the Confederates are concluding the truce with the Federals and that's who our advantage Reaper for the war for the conflict will end in war will remain out of work but at the same time there's a super-duper giant meteor flying to earth to the same region I don't propose to stop it because catastrophes are always fun but we need to slow it down as much as possible to make the meteor fall after peace truce is signed as the loss is in the result of such an event are not as great as from the long war would you like to buy front-row tickets to this amazing show the contributions will be sent to chromeless to create local time dilation" ahhhhh unfortunately I don't have the money for that so sorry…. insult to you.. ahh yeah sorry about that I don't need these do this again hats and headgear save the cold in the wind but here has hinder our right decisions everyone who comes here can use hats side horns and horns or a feature of hell take off hats from clients to make sure you can make the right decision you're day begins!!!! again okay no yeah sure yeah take off people's hats how am I supposed to do that Oh take off your hat no alright you gotta go anyway you got blood anyway excuse me get a de Leeuw doodly-doo go i saw a weapon there NOPE alright you're fine nope yep no nope NOT TODAY!!! what that doesn't count in the Hat the hood count as a hat!!(in school it does mark) OH WHATS THAT Oh!!! get out here you!!! no no no no weapons none of that! you're fine somewheres wheres are rather well with that no go go go oh you're fine hey…. I did it actually pretty good at this they liking this not bad okay but anyway let me finish out the week let me finish out the week.. "in the name of the Lich King your eagerness to work knows no bounds" okay I'm gonna finish out the week here one of the bloodiest days reaper,is today…. there's so much blood so you need to look everywhere even at the feet puddles the blood left by the sinners are a clear sign of the bad intentions so the hell is they belong… let's begin also get ready for unexpected catastrophes reaches there's a time limit you'll figure it out" okay I'll go ahead no oh what's under there no I see the blood nope No what's gonna be easy if everyone's just gonna hell already no no no yeah you're fine you're fine you're fine Oh No Oh what's under there doesn't matter anyway I saw the blood oh no Louis dicks on Jack the buzzer ripped it off a cliff what am I mean Oh No!!!!!!! uh you're fine again yep yep oh no no i made it goof!!!!!! oh my first goof I can't believe it oh man…. alright fine man oh boy I had a perfect record ahhhhhh I saw it like a second too late ah man "reaper,it's a nightmare tomorrow there's a symposium on deadly diseases and I am invited as the sole honorary lecturer because no one can compete with my intelligence and nobody else understands old diseases as they do but the fact is that I need someone to stay here would you help me and work the next day for me?" sure! silence will help you,reaper, reward after work" look okay I don't know what that means but I'm gonna go and finish out the week your first weekend Reaper so you work on weekends today we have a surprise for you a theme day use your accumulated knowledge surrounding by the inhabitants of ancient Egypt and do your job properly go ahead all right oh….. okay right you're fine also fine also fine what's in the Hat now I see the Blood go cool okay this is gonna be a bit is that a Hat *chuckles* i guess its a hat. okay I get blood okay no blood oh kay go go okay no idea what something ohhhh you tried to sneak that one you're fine but you're trying to sneak it on me! not to talk man. ahhhhh noooo I thought i saw too late Oh on a goof Xp Fine man get out of here go God spot less record what is that a hat okay no! all right you're fine put her bird god you're fine you're not fine you're not fine god dammit I was gonna have a perfect week I got lazy on the weekends(dont we all..we all eat ramen) I'm a detective though so anyway OH HI oh good good good good good good good okay all right okay… guess I got that I i did all right :< FINE! but anyway that is peace death an interesting game a game of conscious and quick wit and lightning reflexes which I almost have! even though like it's always like a second lay the brain doesn't register it but either way that was fun so let me know what you think I did down in the comments below maybe I'm just barely above average or even average as a bit but thanks again and as always i will see you in the next video bye bye (outro music)

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  1. 1:30
    I think you are thinking of the SCP where the only way to find any information on it is by stating what it isn't.
    Any other attempts to think of speak about it render the speaker relatively retarded.

  2. I am Russian, and I find the title hilarious.
    (peace death = пиздец = russian cuss word for 'disaster ')

  3. “Why would blood destroy the purity of heaven” Suggested murder? Being so selfish or indifferent to people they cost them their very lives?

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