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PART 1: Inspector General FISA Investigation President Trump – Senate Hearing

PART 1: Inspector General FISA Investigation President Trump – Senate Hearing

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I want to hear from the lawyer who changed the evidence….. I want hear his excuse! and I want to hear WHY he's not in jail and WHY is he still working for the FBI? Why aren't the Dem's investigating Hillary and themselves for using a foreign agent to dig up dirt on Trump? How about Biden's quid pro quo?

  2. The reality is real life is not Hollywood or what the Democrats try to blow up your ass it's real life taxes and where you pay for medical and I respect you get when you go out and you come upon. An illegal with malicious intent who will be protected by your local mayor

  3. So what's the final evidence: The dirty nasty sleazebag Dems paid a foreign agent for phony dirt on a political opponent, meddled in our elections, tried to steal an election, are still trying to overthrow or impeach a duly elected president, cost the American tax payers MILLIONS in bogus investigations, lied to the American people, caused division in this country like never before, broke laws, poisoned our intelligence agencies…ect. ect…All in the name of their lust for power…… and now they sit there with their moronic media buddies like idiots still spinning and blaming Trump! WHAT A DISGRACE!

  4. At the conclusion of all this and the MILLIONS OF WASTED TAXPAYER $$$$'S,
    The perpatrators of this charade should all be charged with GROSS NEGLIGENCE AND ABUSE OF POWER.
    The Government has NO MONEY, …….I REPEAT $0.00
    IT IS OUR MONEY. And WE should use it to prosecute ANY CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES FOUND.!

  5. Seems to me the ONLY proper punishment to ensure this NEVER happens again would be the DEATH PENALTY. And I don't mean sitting on Death Row for years. This should include both foreign, as well as domestic criminals who OBVIOUSLY saw them as above the law.
    Is there such a thing as an actual nature adult on the Left. Or is the whole of their entire party what they've show themselves to be? Nothing more than immature haughty adult children. The only thing that seems to mature are their physical features due to age, their bank accounts, off shore as well & their charity foundations where they hide the rest they make from criminal activities. It's seems they only have an appetite for money, power, murder, treason, sedition, crimes of humanity, drugs, illegals, children, babies, organs & walnut sauce.
    President Trump sees us all as American citizens, those that are, but it seems the Left know of no constituents beyond their own households. It's really a shame that everyone in this country is able to benefit from all of the good that he does, but it seems that he is making changes in the lives of some on the Left & actually returning hope to their lives.. Perhaps they may eventually see him differently than the lies the MSM tells them & someday see themselves true patriots rather being on the side of lawlessness & evil.

  6. Graham !! Stop blowing wind up Horowitz arse. The report has been written to protect the Democrats and the bias they clearly have against The President.
    Absolutely disgusting.

  7. Horowitz is throwing a bone to both sides and once again NO ONE is held accountable. The questions everyone wants to know Horowitz can't answer… Imagine that! I want to know, did Obama know and when did he know!

  8. Horowitz relies and falls back on Dialectics to avoid direct answers about 'Bias'. That means he is one of the FBI actors who have something to hide, or he wouldn't have been suborned to misdirect the questioning with double-talk, innuendo and direct avoidance of answering by referring back to his 'report'. I feel sorry for all the FBI who have been put into his position of misconduct which allows them to become blackmailed into becoming one of the 'members' of this coup d'etat! He has labeled himself as cooperating with the Scum of the Deep State treason …

  9. Both sides yuck it up and pat each other on the back behind the scenes while making another deposit in their offshore accounts

  10. Carter Page reminds me of a modern-day Lee Harvey. Both worked for intelligence, both associated with Russia. Epic fail this time, setting up this patsy.

  11. Drop a house on this old witch….term limits must be a must for 2020 . I can't stand to look at the walking dead democrats .

  12. Russians DID NOT HACK DNC EMAILS ! It is a proven fact that the files were copied onto a portable drive meaning – an insider OR another words that RICH guy that supposedly got mugged but they took no valuables from him .

  13. Hey Dianne..Horowitz also found ..there was NO evidence that Carter Page was working for the Russians and thereby giving an EXCUSE to SPY ON CANDIDATE TRUMP/POTUS

  14. All the facts Graham mentioned were not recognized at all Feinstein. She stuck to the partisan script; left media talking points. Fake News. You know, Horowitz had a couple of Fraud slip ups; like when he was about to say the Steele report was the main piece of evidence they had to get the FISA through and excepted by the court as primary evidence. But he corrected he's self when he heard what he was about to say @ 1:04:56.

  15. Hey Graham you really don't know me very well. But I read lips. Why did you tell feinstein that's you'll cover for her thefts? Of the widows and orphans funds? Don't you know that you'll die too?

  16. Feinstein and fellow Dems seem more invested in helping to white-washing a broken fence, then doing the needed repairs… We are watching a Party trying to minimize and coverup their roles in a farce…. We now observing the other half of the Swamp rats…

  17. Poor, Poor, Narcissist, Slushly, Skin hanging under er clothes, diaper wetten, Bipolar, Snake laurchen, 79 year old washed up Satan WORSHIPPING HAG

  18. LOL I heard CNN didn't show among other parts Graham's opening statement. I'd like to see Comey and McCabe's reaction when the truth came out that they were in fact NOT exonerated none of them are

  19. All of this is because of one illegal foreign born, bought and paid for ex President with no birth certificate …..and a liar..

  20. Once again…..the Clinton STD that has infected this country for 30 years….once again that nasty infectious disease is leaving yet another pile and path of wreckage as has been the case EVERYWHERE it goes….no matter where that is….no matter what. Donald Trump has discovered at long last…..the cure for this hideous disease.

  21. * Wait, is Horowitz glossing over that the FISA Application "requires" upon penalty of perjury, that the info they submit in the FISA Application has to be VERIFIED before submitting it?? He knows damn well it wasn't!!
    * Golly gee Diane, can't your little skull imagine Prosecutor Durnham, who has the authority to investigate A LOT more than just those in Congress, may have a hell of a lot more criminal evidence than the IG? Plus, Durnham can indict, Horowitz can't.
    * Horowitz tied his hands behind his back; witnesses said "I don't know, I don't remember, not to my knowledge," etc., " more than they answered anything else, and he didn't pursue those questions any further. What a joke.
    * Time will surely tell Feinstein, and your own shriveled arse may be caught up in the criminality more-so than those mentioned in the IG Report, not to mention Pelosi and Schiff, good God!
    * Bring it on; the sooner the better. This Russia Hoax B.S. needs to be put to bed once and for all, but it never will be until Seth Rich's involvement and murder is brought to the surface!

  22. My thumb down was for their crap and praise of if report. Laughable. They really think we're that stupid. Sad part is most are. Ive watched mob and riot videos

  23. Horowitz is deep deep state man, he is there to keep trouble away from the DEEP STATE. HES THERE TO DEFLECT ANY PROBLEMS.

  24. 00:45 Lindsey Graham sure does get along famously with Senator Palpantine.
    She probably just told him that she is really his mother.

    And he replied:
    "I know"

  25. Horowitz is a friend of Comey's. And just like Comey, he saw a lot of crimes but instead of calling out these crimes, he prefers to call them "errors and omissions". No bias? Gimme a break.

  26. 18:18 because he is CIA himself or something like that. Kevin Clinesmith came over to the FBI from the DOE.
    Remember, there is Uranium trafficking at play here was well as stolen nuclear components that the FBI will be covering up too.
    Like they did with the Los Alamos lab investigation coverup.
    The FBI has been aiding and abetting the Clintons theft of secrets and materials from this country for decades. It's quite stunning really. The people being injected into the FBI from outside agencies will tell the real story when scrutinized just barely below the surface which is apparently not something the FBI is able to do as it is made up of rank amateurs.
    Which is why they hire contractors.

  27. 25:30 Carter Page went to Moscow a lot and met with Russians.

    You know who else went to Russia and met with the Russians?

    Lee Harvey Oswald

    What did they both have in common?
    The CIA sends them out to be "seen" and then "SOME_PEOPLE_DID_SOME_THINGS" and then……

    The FBI then "investigates" the "event" that "SOME_PEOPLE" did and then present a B()||$#!t report to the public which is also amplified through the CIA run media organ now known permanently as THE VERY FAKE NEWS.

    And then…..

    The Congress makes fiery speeches, virtue signals and issues false platitudes to the low IQ tools that "discovered the plot" and will find the "evil doers".

  28. 51:00 The Brookings INstitute wrote this script. Look at the hack behind Senator Palpantine. Her feathers are fluffed as the statement is read.
    Russia didn't hack the 2016 election. Just a Brookings Institute/ Atlantic Council narrative that was stovepiped by a bunch of WAR CRIMINALS.

  29. Omfgddd I’m loving gram reading text massage they talked about their secret society like Q says THIS PEOPLE ARE STUPID Q. JUSTICE AND GUANTANAMO BAY FOR ALL OF THEM…

  30. Any fair-minded American will be able to see the Democrats have really stepped in it. When it comes down to the facts, I have yet to hear them argue a point that logical sense beginning to end.

  31. Couldn't have picked a better story teller than Mr Graham. Tells the truth in a down home humorous way that any American can understand what the report tells and shows where the criminal acts are, and how and who brought all of this about.

  32. It would be a good thing to protect the sub- source before the latter gets « clinton’ed » like Jeffrey Epstein was.

  33. Even now CNN and CBS know of this FBI corruption they keep repeating the Democrats’ lies. No wonder they’re called Communist News Networks.

  34. Seth Rich sent the Podesta emails to Wikileaks ..Russia had nothing to do with it and DWS got MS13 to kill him for it

  35. I can show you our Australian politician Alexander Downer giving Clinton foundation 130m of our tax payer monies!! That's the classified info everyone already knows! He may have been an ambassador but not government…he is and always was a bumbling fool….no doubt employed by Clintons to dupe Papadopoulos

  36. i can't wait till everyone finds out the Feds are behind 9/11 most mass shootings kidnappings organ and child sex trafficking..

  37. All can say is wow. I didn't know the dossier was shopped around to see if anyone would print it before hand. Not that it matters I knew this was all fake from the get go, to many people didn't believe Trump would be a great president. And Epstien didn't KillHimself.

  38. Shame one of the 17 NSA's didn't take possession of the DNC server or interview Assange…… seems odd to leave it to Crowd Strike, taints the whole process. If Priestapp was pressured by Strozk, McCabe or Paige in that meeting, then Horowitz's argument of no political bias in the opening of CF Investigation collapses.

  39. 😂🤣 the CIA asked the FBI if the evidence that the FBI found which was planted by the CIA….. was true?😂🤣😅🖕🏽

  40. Funny how all those accusation you made on charges of rape even gang rape on Kavinaugh, from Ford who had no evidence and no witnesses, no police report etc. You come out and twist the IG REPORT!!!!

  41. What Are TheChances That $ US Senators Sons Work For A Ukraine Oil Company Like Burisma Biden, Pelosi, Kerry And Romney And Rumor has It That China Doll Wanted In But Were Told You And Your Husband Have Your China Deal! If True They and Their Sons All Belong In A Cage At GITMO 🇺🇸 🦅 👍

  42. 17 GIANT mistakes by very experienced people which are not likely to happen by chance, lets be generous: 1 out of 5. On top of that ALL those mistakes where damaging for Trump which, lets be generous again, have a likelyhood of 1 out of 2. This leads to a chance of 0.2^17 *0.5^17 = 0.1^17 = 0.000000000000000001 = 1 OUT OF A HUNDRED BILLION TRILLION, but according Horrorwitch, there is NO BIAS!

  43. Diane Stop denying that they Spied on The Trump campaign. Just because they lied and said they didn't do it; Doesn't mean they didn't do it. It's like asking "Did you Steal the Cookie from the Crazy Cookie Jar"?

  44. "Remember these last words, "If the congress can do this to POTUS, they can surely do this to you and me, and they are!" Welcome to the United States of the KGB."

  45. If they stand on the left you can bet they’re an antisocial personality with a deep seated rage against society. In other words , they’re criminals pretending to be white hats

  46. Is this woman for real? Omg she said there was no bias? They called Trump a douche, a fking idiot, they said they were going to bring him down? How is this not bias. What an absolute scumbag she is.

  47. Wow. An actual report instead of lies, conjecture, and rumors we have in the Impeachment Hearings of the House. Dems are sad. My direct representatives were a part of this. No one who did these nasty things should ever be in government, ever.

  48. Feinstein is citing LIES. There is NO direct evidence associated with Russia and those Wikileak emails!! NONE!! There IS evidence of those emails being DOWNLOADED locally… so… by INSIDERS… perhaps someone like… if not actually… SETH RICH, who was mysteriously 'murdered in a robbery that did not take anything notably'.


  50. Yet again Lyndsey Graham and Horowitz LIE to American public saying Russians hacked into DNC when there is absolutely ZERO evidence!!! The DNC hired a security firm to analyze the server, this company created report omitting information to the FBI and the FBI accepted report without analyzing it themselves!!!! WTF?! A former NSA head also confirmed that the data rate in which the files were transferred could not have been done REMOTELY yet these LIARS in government push false narrative!!!! They are hiding this whole conspiracy because these files were stolen by an insider and he ended up DEAD with a bullet to back of head in D.C. due to so called "botched robbery" in which his wallet was left on his person!!!! They have a bag of crimes they are hiding and the Republicans are complicit in ALL OF THIS along with Democrats!!! Wake up America!!!

  51. We the people want term limits, these crooks have been in office for life. And Diane is one of the biggest crooks there along with Hillary, and obummer.  All they know is kill, steal, and destroy. Sick of the whole treason bunch.

  52. She refuses to consider anything beyond the initial predicate to open the investigation. We all agree over and over again that the FBI had a legitimate reason for starting the investigation but she seems to be brain dead to anything else that followed. retire already Diane because your incompetence wreaks

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