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Parkland survivors on gun control: There’s a ‘political appetite’ for peace

Parkland survivors on gun control: There’s a ‘political appetite’ for peace

-It’s not something
that I thought about until February 14, 2018. I didn’t realize,
especially as a black woman, me even stepping out of my house
is a constant risk factor that is exacerbated
by the amount of guns we have in this country
and the people that we allow to have them without
any sort of background check, without any sort
of vetting process. You can literally go to Walmart
and buy a gun, and that doesn’t
make any sense. And even more so, I realized that not only
is my life in danger, but politicians legitimately
don’t care about that. That doesn’t matter to them because they, you know,
live at the top of some hill. They’re living these nice lives, and they feel like
they’re shielded from it. And what we learn when we see
these mass shootings and when we see these suicide
deaths in suburban communities is that they’re not far
from it at all. You know, as easy as it is
for me to be put in this situation
where I can lose my life is just as easy
as another other kid in this climate
to lose their life. So there’s nothing that I would
rather be doing than promoting peace, if anything,
to save my own life, but even more so
to save the lives of everyone in this country
and in the world. -I think we’re starting to see
more and more of a bipartisan conversation
around this, and as part of this plan, we hope to get
any presidential candidate, including an incumbent president
like Donald Trump, to support it if they do
because it is audacious plan. -This Peace Plan is our living,
breathing proof that there is change. This wasn’t just March
For Our Lives. The Peace Plan came out of the
blood, sweat and tears of, you know, grassroots activists
from all over the country, people who are having to deal
with everyday gun violence, people who are part of gun
violence intervention programs, policy makers, real game
changers in the conversation around gun violence prevention. And so, this is the start
of something that could potentially
be really huge if the people in power
take it seriously. -We believe that if this plan
was implemented, we can reduce gun deaths
over the next decade by 50%, saving about 200,000 lives. To those that stand in our way and say
that’s never going to work, what I would ask them
is prove us wrong. If you look back
at American history when we faced major times
of adversity and challenge, it’s never one political party that has ever
solved our problems. It’s movements and the American
people that changed culture and demand change. If you look back at the Civil
Rights Movement in the early 1960s, they would have said
the same thing and said, “There’s no political appetite
for a voting rights act. There’s no political appetite
for a civil rights acts. There’s no political appetite
to end Jim Crow.” Right? What leaders do,
true political leaders and ones that are great American leaders
throughout American history, they listen to the American
people and know and act not based off of polls but with courage, what they know
is best for the country. -We’re setting audacious goals. We’re setting goals so that
we can push this conversation further than it ever has
and further than any lawmaker has ever had the courage to. -Even if you don’t believe that
there’s a political appetite for an assault weapons ban, I guarantee there’s more than
a political appetite for peace.

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  1. I only came here to read the comments from triggered fanatics. Threatened by the ideas of children. Noone,…absolutely noone is taking your metal penises. These kids have no power. Wayne LaPierre has the power, and you all serve him.


  3. He didn't survive anything. He was driving his bike to school when it happened. He was never a survivor of anything.

  4. Lawful citizens have guns to protect ourselves from the likes of you uneducated Democrats far leftists puppets.

  5. Ok if i go to mall and end up in a gun fight I don't want to be the one who has No gun..sorry your scared but i don't want your fear taking My rights Away…i don't care what color you are..

  6. These ignorant fucktards are spewing gibberish. They have absolutely no clue about what they're talking about. A sad, sad commentary on the state of our education system

  7. Hogg wasnt there so hes not a survivor. I never fought off a grizzly bear so I dont get to say I survived a grizzly bear attack.

  8. Just make people go through a more thorough process to get a gun. The sad truth is that we need guns to protect ourselves as long as evil lurks we will need weapons to protect ourselves and maybe even 1 day from the our own government.

  9. I live in Indiana. We have some of the most relaxed gun laws in the country and yet we’ve had very few, if any, mass shootings in the past decade. Compare our state to a state like California and you’ll see the problem is not the gun laws.

  10. Kids can learn many things at school, but you know who ultimately teaches kids how to grow up? PARENTS. And recently thanks to government involvement, single parent situations and many households where both parents work, kids aren't growing up to be RESPONSIBLE ADULTS, but we now have IMMATURE VICTIMS.

    Spread THE TRUTH, don't speak your truth, victimhood culture is suicide.

  11. This proposal is ridiculous on its face. At least they are being honest about their end game. This proposal is what every gun control avocet wants. They want a registry and then firearm confiscation when it is an fundamental right in this country to own firearms.

  12. As long as an inbred Monarchy sits on a throne in England it will be a cold day in hell before they take my guns. Never forget 1776

  13. Take your plan turn it sideways and shove up your candyasses.I'll never compromise or give up my rights period!

  14. Remember that these are the kids who bullied the shooter and made his life a living hell until he felt the need to do that terrible act. And now they want to bully others by taking good people's guns.

  15. "Dangerous for you to go outside" Do you live in Detroit or Chicago? Are you a violent criminal or have gang affiliations? No? Then you have nothing to worry about.

  16. So much hate and jealousy in these comments. If they can help reduce gun deaths I'm all for the plan and it doesn't matter their age … they make sense.

  17. More people are killed by knifes than guns yearly. Plus, if gun go away….lol. ..sorry, they're just not going away. It would lead to war. If any part of the Constitution gets undermined, it has been destroyed all together. We should all be carrying guns ever day as part of our pledge of allegiance. This whole entire country is the militia. Even women now. I am 100% certain that then the bad guys with guns would finally be out numbered. We don't go to war and ask the bad guys to turn over their weapons, we blow them the hell up. It is just how the world works. It's how it has always worked. It is how it will go until we are extinct.

  18. CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT #2 has ZERO RESTRICTIONS and ZERO CONDITIONS ON OUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! In fact We The People are given a Constitutional Duty to defend against a Tyrant Government and our Framers expected us to be equally empowered to fulfill that Duty! Sorry, but your globalist agenda is dead and buried with the rise of We The People and oh by the way, citizens are rising up worldwide against your elitist globalist agenda too. What wasn't defeated I.e Hitlers One World Order, is being defeated now so keep on whining!

  19. A peace plan for a safer America that doesn’t involve your right to defend yourself is complete ignorance or stupidity or maybe both. The left has gone so far off the rails that they are open to have traumatized children push their agenda, it’s pathetic.

  20. Sorry but 100,000,000 dead in last hundred years as direct result of gun control. It’s people control and always ends in death by government. History always repeats it’s as if the founding fathers knew what they were talking about. The two biggest proponents of gun control in last century were Joseph Stalin and Adolf hitler.. let that sink in everybody.

  21. Hope they read these text david hogg is a coward and trying to capitalize on this, the only way to stop gun violence, is with law abiding citizens that are responsible with there weapons to stop them , they don't want to stop until they confiscate your guns then you won't be able to protect or defend yourself from bad people that will always get guns

  22. Move out of AMERICA…You child are not taking my Right….outlaw everything even Dr.s because they have killed…

  23. this soyboy again🤦‍♂️💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💻💻💻💩💻💻💻💻💻

  24. She says there’s no background checks and you can “literally walk into Walmart and buy a gun” haha you dummy! Walmart will make you take an background check before you EVER walk out with a gun!

  25. The only way to take away gun control is to take away the 2nd Amendment, but you can't take away the American Amendments. You would have to travel back in time and stop the 2nd Amendment from being passed but that's impossible. I support gun control and the 2nd Amendment.

  26. That kid is a CNN actor we all know that. We MUST focus more intently on the major underlying causes of the gun violence: untreated mental health problems that increase the risk of suicide and interpersonal violence, gang and drug activity that drive illegal black market firearm transfers, and the lack of economic and educational opportunities that lead to cycles of poverty and crime. We must also increase the ability of law-abiding citizens to choose where and how and with what means to best defend themselves and their families from criminals who do not care to follow laws generally, and gun control laws in particular.

  27. A quick search on the internet will show you that more than half of the mass shootings over the past 5 years in the US occurred in a "Gun Free Zone" meaning that the criminals committing these heinous acts do not abide by the current laws making Gun Free Zones a safe haven for criminals. If there are to be places where people can not protect themselves, or not allowed to protect themselves, then appropriate measures need to be taken to insure their safety.

    As for being a target because you are a "Young Black Woman", I can not agree with that. A review of the same list shows more people were killed because of other prejudices than race and sex combined. Very few of these incidents were even prejudice driven. It's time for people to start using some common sense here!

    As for the ability to buy guns "without any sort of background check, without any sort of vetting process", I'm not sure what to say. Obviously these people are totally uneducated on the process to purchase a firearm. It utterly amazes me when people start promoting this kind of misinformation, and then are promoted and supported by any type of organization. It is mind boggling to me that a good portion of the American people actually receive their "knowledge" from this type of misguided news story…

  28. Wow, so many trolls in the comments. So much hate from the < 10%.

    These are victims who are only asking for help, and are seeking to open a dialogue in how to make our country safe. A responsible gun owner knows that with great power comes great responsibility.

  29. Gun control is naive, immature in its thinking. They say the average citizen doesn't need the ability to respond to greater threats from outside the Home is childishly incorrect. I would state that those guns that are never used by 99.99 percent of a law abiding population and the vast majority of which would be used in defense of the Government if they were ever asked are doing a job of defending the country without ever being used in home defense.
    Lets look at the deaths in Mexico from drug gangs on innocent civilians and the corruption of police forces and what is coming here if the guns of the civilians are removed.These guns are protecting the peace in America because gangs of Mexico and further south respect their presence in America and the number of them. Remove them from the mix and there is nothing to stop Mexican Drug gangs from threatening our police forces and remaking America in the image of Mexico. The death toll is high in Mexico and is rapidly accelerating. The goal of these gangs is to remove our guns and them decimate our police forces and any group helping them is guilty of helping them.
    Three hundred thousand deaths I heard have occured in Mexico related to gangs and it is accelerating. The Government controls only perhaps seven percent of the country and the Gangs control the rest and almost all of the Area next to the US border. These gangs have great monetary interest in drugs and human trafficking and money laundering. They do not control the border for no reason.They want to expand into the United States to make it look like the Mexico in their control. If you want to give Mexico back to the Mexicans and Other Governments, which you should, Give them back their government and take the profits out of the Border, build the Wall. Those deaths will occur here and much greater, your child will not be safe in school, if they are now are planned by those groups. The guns of gangs will be turned on the few who stand up for Law and Order and their families. The result is that your law enforcement will mirror their counterparts in Mexico, or they will be killed. Politicians who support the removal of law enforcement are colluding with enemy aliens to subvert your public safety, perhaps they have already been threatened and their will has collapsed. If you take away the presence of guns in fifteen years the American south will look like Mexico. So yes Americans need the ability to defend the peace and their safety from an Organized threat from the South. To deny this is naive, and perhaps criminal.
    When those guns are gone that lawlessness is coming north and with the help of our politicians. Our police forces that protect out children will and is being corrupted . The presence of so many guns in a gun culture protect our police forces by their presence. To say other countries don't need guns is extremely ignorant, Those countries do not have violent criminal gangs who want to control your politics and your police forces and are willing to be violent to do this. They fear the presence of a culture which believes in the second amendment. The young who don't have guns and see the culture as a force from the past and no longer relevant to today should reexamine their model of the forces that are shaping our world today. The treat of violence today is far greater from an organized foreign groups who have those same and greater weapons that you see as a threat to a few white on white crazies that killed innocents here. Why do we need guns that seem to be military weapons, according to the description of the anti gun groups, is because there are groups that have very much in their will to come into this country and take it by force and violence. To get rid of guns and hope they will go away is a childish hope that will get many killed and ruin this country as it has ruined Mexico.
    If you ever want any hope for this country and the Hope and helping of Mexico the first line of defense is the Second Amendment of the United States. You do not need a gun registry to know these guns are for the Government ( and not any group of Crazies) and belong to a group as a culture that believe in a law abiding nature and self sufficiency and working for a living and the better nature of society. They are not profitable to the organized drug gangs because the large majority of them are not drug users or human traffickers, which is another reason they are the target of corrupting forces from the South and already here. If they were fascist those groups would have already moved with force to control our government and their is no sign they have any thing but continuing to be law abiding, even in their second amendment rights, nature in their character or on their mind. Those that describe them as fascist are criminal and there is some profit in this for them beyond morality, they couldn't be any more wrong
    99.99 percent of gun owners are law abiding gun owners who have a moral and physical investment in their guns and no intention to hurt anyone. For these reasons, study them before you deny their reality, assault weapons and white culture are not the great enemy. The great enemy is coming for you from the south and you cannot wish it away…

  30. tyah amoy roberts and david hog if your so scared of getting shot at any moment. buy a plant ticket to china or 100 other counties that gun ownership is forbidden and move there you be a lot happier.

  31. These fools are actually equating giving rights to people to taking rights away, as if they are the same thing. No you idiots they are opposites.

  32. if you come to take our arms and/or ammunition we will do to you what the militia men did to the british at the battles of Lexington and Concord. stand down or else!

  33. Just a bunch of communist actors. There not talking on there own it’s scripted. These are actors who are paid by the left to spread there message

  34. Nobody has to prove you wrong nerd, prove yourself right. Thats how logic works. We bear no burden of proof denying your claim.

  35. Nobody is heading over their firearms to any government. There are millions of gun owners in this country and those millions of gun owners are not handing over their arms. It is a constitutional right to keep and bear arms that shall not be infringed. We have every right to protect our right to keep and bear arms by any means necessary. If they want to fight we are prepared to fight we the Patriots of the United States of America will not go quietly in to the night we will fight.


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