Wapoosh Top of the morning to you ladies. My name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to Until Dawn. Hopefully everything goes well this time. Oh If you leave the characters on their own it zooms right in their face. Can I look around with their heads? I CAN I see ya game, showing off your character models Okay, so what are we doing with you, Mike, again Are we heading downstairs [we] going [down] with Jessica, okay? Let’s do that thing um So I have a couple of theories of what’s going on and who like is behind all this right now [but] the first instinct that I have these are not spoilers by the way This is just my own speculation if you do end up being true. I’m sorry um I think Josh has something got to do with all this there The Girl’s brother because like when I was editing the first episode I was looking back and he was like let’s all go up here and have a weekend in memory of my [sister’s] let’s have a great time or something that some of the Wording that he was saying sounds a bit weird, do I do something with you. Let’s make out hot lipz apparently he’s in agent of shield. I’ve never watched it, but he’s an actor [in] it Cheese! Oh I actually get to take it Um What? Right it keeps pulling back There’s a keeper. [we’re] so cute. So fetch Naked in front of the fire after hot choco never mind living out fantasy here But did you notice as well you can see her underwear like it pops up underneath her jeans like come on girl? People don’t actually say brr the voice actress for that. You’re supposed to say brrrrrrh You don’t actually say brr You don’t watch/read a Batman comic and expect Batman to actually say zap buff Okay, move dude there you go, Now you’re moving I’m tryna figure ooo X Washington State It’s not a clue. No, okay um I-I-I Wonder who was the first guy to die is to die is gonna be or first girl even I wonder who the first character to? Die is Gonna be next oh? I thought the music cut out hey Eaten by a bear. Ease up on Em. Okay. Emily was being a bitch Ah God, which do I pick um You were both being bitches but I dunno I agree What’s with the music? So to suck what now what what are we sucking? Hopefully, we don’t run into the same issues as last time as well with the stuff cutting out like the game freezing Yeah, let’s go find that thing this game is gorgeous man It’s so nice looking. what are you- oh a totem. what kind of totem are you? a death one? Don’t know what you are *Pure jackaboy shock* danger Totem Danger Danger High voltage The events of the past [become] here. I [replayed] sermon. What’s it? Foretells a possible future event yeah the threat of a future danger Okay, [where] are the last ones white fortune okay? So we’re gonna find one of them x so this is Then Ashley getting punched yeah, that’s not Jessica. So that’s Ashley back in the other Cabin Hmm, all [right] Let’s see. I really have to pull everything come on He’s very immersive though. I will [admit] No, oh [yes], we get on winter splutter start she goes Thank you. My name is hurry. [whoo] [aah]? Jess she didn’t see him no oh he smokes um I’m gonna sign here. I could play the game for the [residents]. It’s here. Why just gonna leave it like [this] Character models are fucking insane though You see like the reflection in the shine in their eyes, holy crap good job game developers Normally, I’m always like about stuff that looks cool over sheer realism But sometimes realism is really good horror games need realism in their visuals I feel to really like sell what’s going on to really immerse you into it press it [beam] there we go and away. We go where we go there. We go. Please hello Kazaam really [it’s] [under] me all you got damn it good, right Pretty good, right. Oh, that’s it. Oh Yeah, I bring that pitch I don’t like her [I] See just few of these characters that I like also another theory that I’ve had is that there’s a few of these in on this and It’s kind of like a payback Thing for what happened to beth and hanna, and it’s like they’re playing a prank on the rest of them So if it’s not josh on his own I have a feeling it’s gonna be like a scream one kind screen to Screen one screen wad is when I had like two of them actually I think all of them had a couple of them but scream One was like the two guys, right? Oh spoiler, or whatever the fucking film is almost as old as I am [therefore] watch to play now You’re probably not going to watch it, and [if] you if you are likely spoilers aren’t gonna make a big deal to you, but sorry Are you at? [oh] that’s police line Hanna, Beth I? Think they clean it up well they never [closed] the investigation Okay, I’m getting the creeps now Yeah, what do you remember? I hope there are peace. What do you remember? I want to find out more It’s all such a blur you [barely] even remember what happened? well what I remember is that we played a Stupid half-baked prank that probably got hanna and beth killed yeah, I mean It’s not our fault they ran into the wood Yeah How could anyone have expected them to do a dumb thing like that? Use the words right now Don’t mother fuckers also in a horror game you don’t really cool It hasn’t happened Initiate but I really wish it would is if you could see characters in the distance like say over on the left there if it was Just a character sitting looking at you because I was one of the things petey did really well you were walking sorry I’m pausing the game you were walking around and then you realized you looked up onto the balcony and the old lady was like standing there looking down at Ya and then she walked away, but not everybody saw that it was in my playthrough of it But some other people didn’t see it because they didn’t look up at the balcony and that kind of stuff is terrifying When you think that you’ve been watched this entire time? And you didn’t notice it before and then you go back, and you see it again. It’s really cool. I Also, show clarify as well that some of the choices. I’m making in this might piss off some [of] you and might not Did you hear that who was that? What was that something? Yeah? Hey Doesn’t like the scream I heard when I went looking for hannah the first time and the deers run away or a deer ran across me But yeah some of the choices I make in this game might piss you off But that’s kind of like the point of the games [then] people make different choices walk like this [oh], no way, am I going back to the lodge a que wax museum to drink hot chocolate with Emily? You know, what fuck it. We’re done. Oh, yes You do me. Hey, Jessica. Oh Crap just scare the heck out of me. How do you think I felt? Did you hit your head or anything as far as I can tell I still have all seven of my limbs. [oh] Yeah, did you get out? Seven oh she counting her boobs can we see anything down here? Um push the carrot. I’ll jump down. I want to jump down, but I don’t know if that’s gonna be a good idea um oh Crap what are his traits? I wonder can I check my character traits relationships character traits on his Charitable funny brave? He’s pretty brave So I think I think we’re gonna go [horo] ‘ok he doesn’t seem like the cautious type what? Jesus [hey], hey Handsome Wanna help me move this cartman yep, cuz I ain’t know this guy back there, so we [gotta] fucking move Help me There you go. Thank you Rookie yeah came down as I be she wouldn’t be never [to] push it is not what I pictured We got a day probably Mike’s not gonna Die [straightaway] jess might she seems like a very expendable type of character and Emily and Matt will probably die as well Careful now easy easy does it? Fucking puts my biceps. [oh] my God are you okay? You just [let] a bit. Yeah Your cell phone you sound like an old man Are we good? Nellie This place is giving me the willies. [I’m] not the good kind of willies. You don’t have a willing comfort Assurance let’s say her for the Cabin Master, whoa ah This is the Fortune one Yeah, it’s white Well two things are going to happen What’s your something there? I didn’t see anything two things are going to happen she is going to get into her underwear, but she’s going to get covered in blood so It’s Mike Gonna die Mikey Boy I’m gonna try and keep these episodes pretty long as well like an hour at a time [I] know some people can’t do an [hour-long] session So to you guys to split it up if you want or you can watch the [entire] hour But splitting up a game like this into tiny chunks it ruins the immersion of it it ruins the atmosphere It’s nice to have good long Segments of it so you really get like the feeling of what’s going on. You can immerse yourself into it for a lot longer Really like the lighting. I’m a sucker for good lighting Okay, so are you guys going to try and have sex down here really with the candles and shit okay weird [places] It’s a reason wonder who’s out there Hmm. Most curious wow mystical symbol this place is like historical Holy Batcave Good one my cave America, right I? Don’t think miners were getting their arts and crafts on now It’s like a shrine oh careful all right Close one. [I] don’t think this place is up to code. Yeah, I’m thinking it’s time to go Yeah, I’m gonna get spooked It’s cute This is definitely not the place to be this place. Give me the heebie-jeebies There is a risk danger. This place [is] [a] real fixer-upper [you’re] some man for the lanes mike it’s a man for their mom jokes How about just get us the fuck out of here? [I] imagine I came down [here] anyway, [I]? Mean what would happen if I told her to just push the [cart] on her own? It’s Gonna be a rock fall [there’s] there’s got to be a rock fall. Oh [err], yes, let’s get out well outside air breeze whatever Here we go. We got out of the mine alive stabbed Or the music stopped for sense of security and now this goes okay. I’m gonna start around I Think that way is where I’m supposed to go, but secret ceo told him death told him Let’s see what this one is are you? lost Totem um Jessica I’ve been a bad news. You’re probably gonna die Put it in your underwear as well. I hope you’re wearing a matching set cuz that’s embarrassing [ah] shit Kevin what’s down here though nothing [oh] music speaking in Din Din Din Din Din Din Din did it’s very I’m Christopher Nolan Batman type music [another] thing about games like this is well if you ever play a horror game And you’re watching it through like a monitor [or] laptop speakers or TV speakers or an iPad or phone? You’re missing so much of the audio playing it with a good set of headphones or like surround sound It’s amazing especially like the deep bass that you hear where do you see the lincoln bedroom? oh-ho Maybe [right] on Air Force one [stumped] Air Force well is that what you call your penis air force one. I like it. You’re gonna go flying like a cab Whoa all right, what do you see? It saw someone at the cabin? [uh] yeah all [our] friends It’s like it keeps revert. Oh, that was not the dude. That was like a fucking ghost But I like this maybe I was a bit quick on the whole supernatural thing [dickless] by [Northwestern] wolf Grizzly Bear this posting says there’s some brown bears of yours, oh Just Michael I have the best idea what? Let’s go hug a bear Come on. Please come on. Okay. Maybe that’s why you’ll die cuz your stupid bear I’ve heard of bear. I give you a bear hug. Whatever this let’s just go [hug] a real bear. That’s stupid two kids going down tonight Music why are you doing that oh hello dear yeah, motherfucker? oh Poor my team a little birdie get your panties all bunched up. She’s a gross Disease isn’t shit shit Aaron you’re so hot holy shit It rots attack on titan abridged. Connie’s Voice Tynin. [aah] [john] you suck Your fucking lemon It’s a really nice location as well. [I] love this stuff 3 ambient 3 is Gonna let ambiance Come in. I like the footprints Damn it. Josh. You have at least cleared out the path before sending us up here Really? What did you get up there [you] figure you for the glass half-empty [type] you got a better idea climb damn back Debbie downer? Yeah, it’s like four or five feet high Murder on your face it was pay Okay, no no no Is she hiding behind me? Yes? Straight back to the Cabin no playing a [Sam] Betcha yeah, Sam in her bath Come on Help me get this fire going ah well. I was just getting into the bath. Oh Would you need any help with that party? scourge of [11:10] mate, yo You couldn’t went down and help them to battles even fun yet It’s going to take a while Very nice. Go hook up hot water Hey Sammy girl let’s look around for Dam secrets for were damn collectibles for them hints There is a nada, okay. Well, not I Wasn’t freaking lights that good question Where am I going let me say no of course the grandfather clock tick tock? We’re the real scares man Everything everything so far has just been like birds and bats and shitty rats Have a Christmas 2010 You bought that for her for like like three years ago isn’t [she] like teenager in her twenties even tattoos what oh Yeah, she had a shed the butterfly tattoo March 18th Fair enough let’s find all [of] the clues [and] secrets party Hard Kassem Casa de Mike really much That’s mike. She had that old crush crush going on It’s just a little brush Then throw a pillow a banana slice what do we have here hello could this be any more about Mike Mike Manley Mike and had a Woman with other names mostly C’s. Oh this is not gonna work [like] [he’s] like a crazy. You did a love test Seriously were you 12? All righty my voice didn’t come out there for a second look she is it one of her pillows on her bed is a bananas Face. I want a pillow like that. That’s so cool. [that’s] [a] clever Hannah Josh and Beth you were invited to Sam’s Halloween party and it’s me Hello, that’s the thing in the doctor’s office also nice painted nails So it would appear that somebody And see the butterflies in the wall you get it butterfly [effect] yeah drive it home any harder [there] game, but just the person who [was] being analyzed by the Doctor Dr.. Hill or Peter stormare a as his name is um. Thank you swedish felix, but If the person who is being analyzed like they had the picture so obviously dark I can’t go that way they were asking them about the picture, so maybe whoever was Whoever’s like Murderer isin people, whoever’s part of it like was at that party or knows about that party or something like that And we go nice, Masks So you see you can’t get the fire going. No you [can] do it Fuck me going I need some clear direction instead of just wandering the halls aimlessly That’s kind of clear Dave sir Simon will start walking fast. Hey fuckers Are you guys doing? Look, it’s me, Sam. I’m talking to you from the back. You’ve never fucking mind I’m gonna have to find some hot water need to get out of these clothes. You need to wash myself what kiss Hey, you do should kiss Know anything’s anything down here I’m searching out all the places [cuz] I want to find like all the secrets are the clues [or] the hint sir stuff like that Okay, well, I’m pretty sure that somewhere in this crazy place. We used to have a spirit board [oh] what? We’d rewarding her joke man, [then] we’ll do shit. No way bro [imma] least to do it all the time man Well, Josh. No hot water is kind of a major oversight, dutch think yeah. Yeah, you just got [to] fire up the boiler It’s in the basement All right, you guys see if you can find the spirit Board Chris. Let’s go find it It’ll be like a scavenger [hunt]. It’d be like a super secret. Awesome date, okay? Guess so brad you’re not gonna regret it [get] for a ride-along Yeah, things are Gonna be a weird Josh weirds me out he’s definitely got something to do about with it that or the game is like the developers were like we make it seem like it’s Josh and then it won’t be Yeah, Clever, Tyra thinking there, Jack good job patch stuff in the back you’re doing good you doing them you do great work Sorry, because it might have a scene where it’s like. Oh the killer and Josh aren’t the same scene heather I read in the same closes Josh um Chris needs to go for it flattering. They are sweet together. Yeah, [they] [are] sweet together They are very sweet together [I] [wish] [they’d] [just] freakin get on with it, or I? Swear they just need like Something to bond over. You know some sort of traumatic event to send them into each others arms. I mean at this rate They’ll be in the geriatric ward before Chris makes a move this motherfucker Would yeah, it’ll be a thing where it’s like. Oh It’s just like scream like if the killer is [in] the same Shot as somebody who you thought it was and it’s going to be a thing now We’re like Josh is in the same scene as the killer you blake [oh], it’s not Josh said I thought it was him and then at the end You’re gonna find out it was Josh and somebody else That’s that’s what I’m going [for] that’s like the the cliche and this seems to be full of those [all] [right]. That’s it That’s [applied] to [him]. Yes, Josh. [I] just wanted to say What? It really means a lot to me that everyone came back this year and you know that you came Sam Why why me I? look, I’ll be honest [it’s] Definitely weird being back here, but I think it’ll help us all put everything behind us um I Want us to have [a] good time. You know he’s weird me out He definitely got something going on. He’s a creep. [I] don’t like him watch your step I Think I can handle a little set of stairs. Yeah Would you watch your step Mr.. Kiler [M-Step] not steph? again, I like theorizing about What’s going on? And then at the end I can be like [ah] told you I still have no idea. No I Imagine a killers gonna show up soon, though, we haven’t seen one in the wild Sorry to drag you down into the bowel. [oh], just get me some hot water and I’ll be super fine You are Subhan coming down here on your own you know [oh] Weird definitely creepy down here yep Not a place to be on your own I’m grabbing this fucking bat I’m grabbing the bat thought it’s gonna happen same start beating some fucking faces in um Baseball in the snow is he yours What’s that doing here? so yours You bet it’s fun. I used to play ball with my dad all the time of course that was before you got easy to hang out with me [ah] [what] save it for the couch right? Okay? Let me see what I can do this old hot water machine [a] nervous Here can you hold this? more nervous What just shy in here so I can see what I’m [doing] just Don’t move Got it. Hey, you just keep the light. I didn’t move okay Okay, keep the controller perfectly still in my legs Nice One. Oh That’s awesome I really just make you wanna like hold your breath first we gotta increase the water pressure before we get the boiler fired [out] Sounds kind of complicated actually pretty simple. Maybe you fuckin do it already already Flicky room well ah [damn] It’s okay. I’m just try again. What do I do boys wait for it to get to a certain point? Yeah, I doing that All right, girl gosh I missed it fuck gotta be prepared something’s Gonna happen something to happen a lot of things I’m nice with it. I’m just Just joshing yeah, ha ha ha ha ha are you really freaked out? It’s behind you Josh Thank you, right [behind] you Yeah, right Josh seriously [I] Gotcha Bitch Point 30-love What now where’d you get the first point doesn’t start at 30 no 50? [hahahahaha] nervous laughter Josh what does like? Weirdly regular not nothing regular about it um What are your traits? Charitable and brain [you’re] brave. Let’s go fucking check that shit out son What are you check it out? What why? You care didn’t mock sight. It’s probably just like Not anything [uh] why don’t you done the poor? Well? I made sure This is like. Oh rats. Yeah. This is like. I’m like Freddy krueger like you hearing scraping his claws Looks like sweat [fuck] you. Take your mask off [where’s] owners to keep out strangers? Hey what hey [what] the hell [oh] You just got [Ma] fuck you Chris what? Nice what that’s good what but why would you do that? There’s all this cool movie crap down here. What was I was? I not supposed to take advantage of the opportunity. Yes, are you serious? Were you in on this putt? No, but I wish I was that was too good to [do] with him. It’s [truer] two of them at the end town Joke [Master], [I] said nothing about you. I said [Frank] which was Da Oh Ashley no something bad happens to you name. Are you wearing I? Found my true goal, please tell me you’re gonna take a vow of silence Okay, okay. Did you at least find the thingy? won’t wailing, [ahh] That’s the sound of my penis makes you know what you know I know I’ve just been through enough spooking for one night, okay? I see a hot bath in my crystal ball [alright]. So have fun. Bye watch out for that Josh Okay, that’s enough douchebaggery assholes man. Hello Peter Dr.. Hill fuck [I] Would like to understand your feelings toward people of fear isolation loneliness Do you share this dear? I’ve been alone Yeah, I have spiders on the desk. They’ve rabbits and gore. That’s the stuff I picked Something about this is not real his whole office is different. The windows are all boarded up like is this on. It’s like my head Is that so because that’s not reflected in the way you are playing your game now with it This is weird Hi and now let [us] investigate your feelings toward other people in Greater Depth O [K] value would you respect in yourself and others? He weird me out. Which would you say was most important in a person loyalty or honesty honesty So maybe he would tell the [truth] even if it resulted in an unpleasant outcome for a friend and what about honesty then and charity fucking yelling at me [ah] Honesty or charity Charity? I don’t fucking know this [is] a game or a psych evaluation. I don’t like having been caring person Very nice. Thank you Huh once again. I’m afraid we’re out of time We’ll talk again soon, okay? See what the fuck is it. There’s meat hooks hanging up previously on until Dawn Okay, this is good [Han] Today is the one-year anniversary of the dreadful tragedies of hannah [ow ow do I have to keep seeing this] I know it would mean So much to hannah and beth that were we’re all still here together, and I’m thinking of them Whoa? Hello somebody’s getting a little friendly uh-huh butterfly effect Excuse me. Did you say something? [oh] did you not hear me with your sluttiness stop it! Why don’t you check out the guest cabin the one I told you about? Yeah? Yeah, still didn’t figure out what that Scream was what in God’s name? Are you wearing here’s our one-way ticket to the spirit realm [watch] out for that Josh, he’s a schemer That’s how it’s Gonna be Jess?, what if [JESS] What if to use this board and it’s someone’s like beth and Hanna the spirit world you must free your mind of all preconceptions drop all inhibitions And generally give yourself over entirely to the will of others sublimating your every desire the whims of the spirit Master Which is it doesn’t snow and all present will remove their garments and my soul descriptors come on. This is serious I’m deadly as lydia. I’m delicious Let’s try this yes, please Okay, then let’s see what happens. Oh, God Ashley’s [in] Shh [Air] recent convert watching they are meeting This is my first time controlling her abracadabra [is] [a] [neon] there. I’m gonna be serious okay um [anyone] there will you reveal yourself to us if you’re there so convincing? Doo doo doo doo doo doo wait a minute. [I] didn’t do anything. It’s moving again. Oh H, what’s [it] [spelling]? Hey? How’s this happening? Are you moving it? I swear. It’s just moving shit. No help How are we supposed [to] help? I don’t know. What does it mean we need to know who it is if we’re supposed to help them Um how can we help her who needs help who needs help? How are you? Oh? here it goes okay s I Star-69 ever been Her sister. Oh come on. This is for real shut up ask your whose sister George. It’s it’s gotta be yeah, okay. Well Which sister is it then? Ashley asked who it is Which sister are you? I’m [Gonna] go with Beth no [Hanna] cuz she was the one who was wronged the most Who are we speaking to? Hanna Is that you oh? This is messed up Josh Are you fine? No? Are you sure because we can stop no [huh-huh] dude it’s cool. I want to hear what it says I Don’t know where to start think about [it]. If this is actually hannah. [I] mean we can find out what happened [that] night Josh hey I can handle [it]. Did you guys always as well Chris wasn’t there in the first part was he? What happened to you I could apologize, but I think it’s Gonna make much difference Hannah We miss you, and [we] want to know what happened to you. Can you can you tell us? What happened? Raissa be II T Are uh I don’t like this betrayed. What does she mean of it? It’s still going. Oh, God okay? I? Know [jill] we didn’t kill them. It was just afraid [as] come come down, okay? Just need to find out more I’m sorry. I am so sorry. [what] do they mean? Asking what happened? It’s the only way to know ask the mash [oh] God How did you die who killed you oh? Yeah, who killed you? Well, okay. I don’t have to be able to answer. We didn’t see who [killed] you hannah who was it? masked bandit I Be the library maybe there’s something library are [oh], [oh] proof. There’s there’s proof Holy shit. She was there It’s bullshit this isn’t real Josh. I don’t know what’s going on Listen. I Don’t know I don’t know if you think messing with me is somehow going to help me deal with my grief or whatever But this is not cool, Josh. No you wanted to use the spirit board hey calm down ace It’s not our audience right now care. You guys are full of it Should we go after him [damn]? He’ll be ok let’s Just give him some time I don’t blame him that was crazy [the] pointer flew right off the table if you were faking it a huge wound one El Ojo, I wasn’t faking anything. [I] think [we] should do what it says. We should look in the library That was messed up. [I] don’t like it Yes, oh Come on, Mike fucking against Jess If you’re alive scream once for yes if you’re Dead Well, you can’t really say anything [well], maybe I should went back that way crap. Oh honey in there [wash] It’s good blew out. My jeans How’s that turn there anyway? That’s not just flown up against the fucking wall. There’s the window thing Yes, I thought there was somebody behind it fight of my life. Oh God no the scares are happening. I’ll take it back [go] back to the Birds I Totally promise. I won’t murder you Good You recorded it. Oh, Iris, iris. [he] was scared I Was scared jet you can’t just jump out at somebody I’m in the middle of the woods It’s scary you [silly] didn’t scare you if we send that to anybody [oh] What gonna kill you I didn’t know you had the cute little lady like scream Michael Guess you never really know [someone] until you scared the pants off of them Alright, let’s brush it off with some wit ha ha far as I can tell my pants are still on oh is that so uh-huh looks like you have to try harder [a] challenge [A] You’re strapped in cuz you’re about to feel the full force of my my mountain trail skills Why did they see like Predator? Oh [told] him told him what kind of told her you green? Guidance Totem Cool [I] Don’t know how the guidance totem helps me last time fair enough Moving on let’s get the hell out of here jess. [I] don’t like this Yeah, sure is it’s the fucking side Where are we so far away from Dilek hammond? How did we get there without having to follow this path? Excuse me someone screaming squirrel yeah Squirrel town was that a light or a flamethrower What? No Hello someone there oh Sickest shit popping out at me and scaring me You’re fine. Shut up. You did it to me a minute ago. Now. Who’s a little girly scream, huh? Fine, I want to go home [I]? Mean are you there okay? We’re already there. Good walk faster get the Father’s place Describe to Michael. Oh this isn’t the Cabin Yeah Not a good idea to come in here right? There’s a mask old mask Check out this mask sweet revenge um let’s scare her let’s get some sweet revenge oh Sorry [oh] My God, jess are you cold right now? Revenge is mine owner. [that] is not fair Turnabout is fair play my good lady. I just scared you. I didn’t soak you hey. I will do everything in my power smooth Not underestimate my culinary jobs Well that was going to be a thing where wait Let’s go back in here and check to make sure I didn’t go to the left. Maybe that’s the thing We’re now is she Gonna take her clothes off like the premonition? Okay, nothing else to like Not die [of] freezing cold clothes let me weigh Jess Moving on that was fun. We had her fun. [hahahahaha]. I’m fine It’s a good game man. I really like this. I’m so into this so the story driven games you kind of get [into] get into That’s happening a bit too much now for my liking other story driven games you get into and it’s like Oh cool, but this [ide]. I’m really into this So they just killed it here Oh, God, oh, God oh, God horrible Come for deer cum for deer. I don’t want to kill it hey bud hey buddy. I the poor thing. That’s okay It’s okay, [okay] Mike it’s in so much pain It’ll be over soon, okay, buddy Boy, Mike Sure at risk sure good. Fuck. I should have known that ash in front of the path damn it Go go go go okay. I gotta be [village]. [I] gotta be vigilant. I think I [gotta] be prepared. I got it fucking Mike Oh, I got this I got this just hold on Are we going are we going are we safe? Yes? We made it Why does everyone fall down upper cover just go? on We Gotta go I am There’s [me] no fucking solid Golden Bed under control sure oh bullshit [no] Holy Crap. I feel like I just ran a marathon. [I] think we kind of did was it a fair yeah gotta be Makes a crazy fast they didn’t see it. [hey] things not gonna come barging in Thomas. How can you be sure? Cuz I’m pretty sure bears don’t know how to open cabin doors. I’ve seen them open car doors what? we’re on the internet YouTube Okay, well this isn’t the internet Jess alright This is real life, and I promise you that no bear or anything else [is] gonna open that cabin door. I guess you’re right Hey, trust, okay. I’m almost feeling relaxed again almost. I’m not huh typical This is not the cozy chalet. I was promised mike yeah draft [or] something [right]? Well there is a fireplace [why] we gotta fire to heat things up? Um it would help a [m’lady] and a lady needs a proper romantic setting okay, a Lady would like to cuddle up with her man [buy] a nice cozy fire [bathed] [in] an atmospheric mood lighting so nice It’ll get plenty toasty wants a revving up against each other, [ooh] my fire and mood lighting Yes Got it also [um] are you not freezing to death? You did fall into it an arctic river okay, so um Mr.. Lantern, do you work? Yeah, you fucking [aah] nice. I’ll take care of the mood lighting. Yeah real fucking nice there Mike good job Just clean out the stove Put in a few fucking I’m don’t start a fire with logs like that Yeah, weirdo, you’re too big you gotta start with a bit of Kindlin logs are ready to go just need a match Hmm. If I was a match here would I be I’d be over here on this table No, native American myths and legends who read it read it Yeah, can I can I read it can I look at the back can I? Can’t do anything with it. Oh, he’s Gonna read it himself The mother Bear [return] okay, that’s just my bears cycle weren’t the only ones to meet the friendly neighborhood terror Bears Award or spell [protecting] against Evil spirits That’s the thing that was in there the place with all the candles. [I] not okay. I can’t read anymore Okay, it’s just those two pages So they were a prank protecting against evil spirits. [I] bet you’re hannah and bats are gonna. Come back haunt our asses. Oh Jess [their] rifles is it a fire. No way cool. It’s a fire arm Check out this gun. I’m not gonna scare you don’t point a gun in someone’s face. Even if it’s empty. I like me now why do I shall never understand what we have together [I] Was going to write off the writing in this good choice of words [I] was [good] like right off the writing in this that’s been like kind of dumb at first I thought it was gonna be like well, it is kind of dumb at times, but your phone Shit fuck Mike what? What? Where is it what what’s wrong gone? He’s gone. Okay? Yes slow down what is gone my fucking phone sherlock you find it crap no a Message I’m not going out to look for that I Can’t lose my phone my parents will [kill] me you can always get a new one That’s like my fourth one this year [okay], [okay]. Maybe you shouldn’t have a phone then It’s got to be outside. Yeah, I don’t think we want [to] go out there right [now] with the bear Fine, this is not in your pocket anyway when you put us into water and got me completely soaking wet trying to scare me Kind of a dick move. I’m sorry Jess Probably [fell] out in the water and doesn’t even work anymore anyway, so whatever [hey]. I’ll make it up to you. I promise Yeah, let’s get these matches a burnin Lookie lookie who’s Gonna fire up some nookie. You’ve been dying. He’s not mine, since you got here haven’t you like? I’m just gonna search around. I want to see what else this place has to offer Nice, [so] lighten up. The mood a little yeah, a Crap Flick oh Why are you okay? What are you doing? It’s the lights. I know it’s the lights dummy. You broke them. Sorry probably faulty wiring or something we’ve won Match faulty wiring Look at me like that shit Man [1] fire zero that’s not how fires work, okay very nice. [oh], bravo. Oh Thank you, my lady. What comes next I? think Well, I I wish we had some boo ah Well [Magic] Friction nomad ahead of time. I don’t know I’m Okay, you’re not feeling it yet um reassure Am I feeling something wrong? No, no, no, I mean I thought you were one way, but you’re Kind of another way does that [make] sense it’s it’s not your fault. Oh, jess. [I] really [like] you whoever you think I am well Just give me a chance, and I will show you what you need Well, I am liking your confidence. Thank you Mike the shutters. What about them um close them please? It’s just the one out there. I feel like someone’s watching us I don’t like it murder up against the window you guys gonna do it I? Really don’t like it. Oh That’s exactly what’s going on? Shooters are on the inside Andy Don’t scare me, bro Don’t [Fuckin] do it there, bro Nice Shutters are shut it [wow], this is a window in the door. I’m sorry [uh] I’m sorry. I think I’m a little freaked out and it’s hard for me to like keep this up, and then what gay people Look, I act all super confident and like a total sexy, babe and everything but underneath I gotta be honest. I’m really Kind of insecure Sounds complicated. You’re super hot Reassuring Gonna be dismissive [janice]. You’ve got to be kidding me What you have nothing to begin secure about oh? You have no idea sure I do [it’s] just like me and everyone else. We’re all insecure. That’s true, but you know handle yourself I call it a fraud, but it’s real Yeah, [I] [guess] I do yeah, yeah, and that’s super fucking hot. [oh] really Really you think so? Let’s get it out. Yeah. I know how to handle you [ah] you definitely ready to be handled smooth Are they doing it? Do you sis you creep? If you’re gonna kill him just chill them don’t look at them have sex first Okay, this is getting creepy wait What is that? I don’t know okay? Well go find out now um can I don’t want to Also, I’m not saying this from the sexy time or whatever But you really should have your pants off if you fell in the fucking river covered in ice and slow Jc. Is just like a weapon I can pick up and like preemptively do this nice Arms Mike Do you hear that? the music Omri broke a fucking window. It’s your phone It’s your phone What? How is it my fault? It’s through through the window. I don’t know it. Just came through the window. Oh fuck hey [Goddamnit] What those goddamn assholes probably followed us out here to fuck with us and just so we were getting down to business hey, yeah, [Rex] You can’t you can’t? we enjoy it because I know we’re going to very reassuring break Huh, Mike’s like so we’re good at Sex are we? What the fuck was that? dude not cool girls Guys, I don’t know I don’t know if I wish they were if I wish they weren’t I Guess we should find out that was not a like a person that was [not] a person that was a fucking weird Zombie Handy Grabby thing okay. [I] don’t leave this episode here. Well skiers are kicking off now. [go] really good game I really really like it I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I am you’re like getting into the mood with all as well Special to really freaked out at the seance yeah He looked like he was [keeping] it together, but do you think we should have mentioned his sisters? And it’s why we came back up here um um but not to like have a seance. Maybe we went too far Kind of having an outro here, but yeah, this is a really cool game. I really like it’s very immersive It’s very atmospheric playing this game alone at [night]. I would freak you the fuck out. It’s so cool It’s like really good production in it as well, bit to jump-scare heavy, but I like the deers everything popping out But what are you gonna? Do but for now? Thank you guys so much watching this video if you liked it But star like banana face like your boss and my basil Road, shh? [thank] you guys never see you dudes Chasing us. Look like guys before when they go is that [oh] [case] you seem to have a bit of trouble with the stairs there you keep like turning around and coming back up and then Going [back] down. You gonna. Do it again? This is that what’s going to happen? You gonna do come on Chrissy boy come on Chrissy? [no], [okay]? Bye

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