Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Horror Movie HD

Katie Kirsty I want you to concentrate concentrate second some sort of like trance date or something they're inducing it's transitive where'd you get this from a box like 80 VHS tapes you homeowners upped in the basement this tape is like 20 years old Brian Mike we're the fleet's brothers in your room okay but daddy'll go up and make sure everything's we gotta find more of those tapes look at this camera there's like obviously something going on here it's got all these knobs you can adjust oh my god this is weird I was saying something and there's this thing that I'm picking up at the camera is that I think this camera can see things you cannot see when I think you die this is so I've heard of spirit photography before I've just never seen it in person what are you doing in here who's she talking backwards she's in Bloody Mary whatever's happening is connected to the church [Applause] what if someone conspired for us to be in this house this is no coincidence and I believe she's part of a prophecy Mike duh move there's something behind [Applause] yeah [Applause]

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  1. Bullshit tired of amerikans making same old action DC MARVEL same concept different actors same destruction why dont they come with something different original or old amerikans movies which makes sense use of intelligence suspense like god father prestige inside man oceans 11 age of old amerika is over

  2. LOL , Aliens, Ghost, Demons , Skinwalkers What ever images they want to take their just smartass Jinn that enjoy scaring people. Jinn have nothing better to do most of them stay in their appointed dimension but some Ass Hole Jinn get board and want to fuck with us for fun. Jinn are not aloud to kill us maybe give you a bump or really good scare the not much more . Jinn live longer than we humans do and have vastly more knowledge but the fact is with such very long lives and almost unlimited knowledge they are sooo fucking board.
    Jinn eventually do Die like us. Jinn have in their own world even less to little chance or ability to live or improve their existence any more than any of us do. Yes they can put you through what may seem like hell sometimes and even cause incredible uncontrollable fear to take over your mind but these things never last. "Damn I hate it when they to that the fuckers". Its just the Shit Jinn do. Ever hear of any Ghost leaving a big fucking pile of Gold in their bedroom ? No, What would be the point or fun in that ??? The Lords Angles smirk at the Jinns silliness as they know the Jinn have their appointed day before THe Most High as all creatures do. We All Live and Die only and by The Most Highs Will. So as far as the Paranormal , Tell the Jinn to be done with their silly shit and Piss to fuck off. Oh, These Bigfoot fuckers do exist and will kidnap and kill you. Allahs Will….

  3. These movies get dumber and dumber each time they put another one out and don't even get me started on the acting. I've seen better acting at a 5th grade Christmas play. This movie sucks from start to finish. Guess they couldn't milk that cow any longer, it's worse than the Blair witch project which should have been classified as a comedy.

  4. I have neVer seen any of the Paranoramal Activity movies. However I have seen many of the Paranormal Activity movie trailers. ( I’ve seen at least one for each movie) and from all the trailers I have seen the 5th & 6th one looked the scariest. It’s funny because I think those 2 were the least liked among movie critics & I don’t think they were received well among audiences either. But to me they looked horrifying, maybe it’s because, by watching those 2 trailers I could get a better sense of a story. I know that this may sound weird, but by watching the trailers for the other movies, I could not get much of a sense for a clear cut story. It just looked like a documentary with demons floating around. They also looked like they had spefic things that were scary happening ( you know other than things being knocked over or people just being removed from their beds at random, because demons LOVE to do that in the Hollywood films these days) For in example the 5th Trailer a guy gets marked, has things happen to his skin & sees a girl say in a creepy fashion, he is waiting for you. Then in the 6th one ( which is obviously this one) One gets to see the ghost or demon that has been haunting everyone. I know that some people didn’t like the idea of seeing it, but I like the idea of seeing things and thought it’s what actually made this trailer the scariest & that scene where the creature beak in the pool is startling. I especially thought the scene where the girl is saying Bloody Mary backwards, while looking in a mirror was terrifying to give anyone the shivers. I don’t why, but of all the most creepiest things in the Hollywood universe, children acting weird is one of them.

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