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  1. Wow… The whole "one of the characters waking up watching the other one sleep at night" clichè, all being filmed on their infinate battery camera with unlimited storage space.

  2. I saw Rico in San Antonio, TX. He is looking for a group of women who wear a triangle with a circle in it!

  3. woman : wakes up by a single doorbell
    also woman the next night : doesn't wake up even tho a chair fell down,doors were being opened and frames were falling

  4. Guys jut download night vision camera at your cellphone and then hidd it on your room and keep it open at your room until morning and you see…..find it your self guys

  5. If u feel supernatural power near u.. just recite" jay hanuman"( hindu god) continuously.. and see instant result.. Dont believed on my words, just do and feel yourself.

  6. Can't say fake or true, but i have seen these kind of situations with my own eyes yes infront of me and the persons others like me can better understand how it feels,especially when you are alone.You got that "ALONE".

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