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Paranormal Activity 3 – Dennis's Death/Ending

Paranormal Activity 3 - Dennis's Death/Ending

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. This is my timeline of this movie:

    The sisters are grown up

    They watch the clip of the paranormal activity of the house they lived in with their parents

    During the blog, the father finds out about witch sisters who are involved in paranormality.

    The dad finds out that the Grandma practiced satanism, and she was involved with the witch sisters.

    The father died, and one of the sisters stop crying because Toby threatened her that her dad must die or bad things will happen.

    Years after that, Grandma dies

  2. Women girls are mostly viktims in reality by men thats why some of them they were used inother side and darkness this way its sad but real

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