Paradox Mega Campaign - 1000 Years Of Memes (Directors Cut)

oh is a good sign in ck2 and your last safe game was that's right it's something you guys have been truly wanting for the longest time it's a grand can mega pain it's the biggest pain in the world if you don't know what a paradox mega campaign is it's pretty simple we're gonna go through ck to 2 EU 4 – Vic – too high for all on the same save game this was something I was doing last Christmas for you guys but I never really got around the chance to do it this is gonna take a very long time for me to sort out converting the save games and all sorts of other stuff so if you guys really want to go ahead and support their series cuz I know a lot of people have been waiting for it for a very long time please please leave a like hit the subscribe button go ahead and watch all the videos I am sorry I can't make this into one long video but I am actually gonna be playing the whole game so all the support will be appreciated on these videos but let's let's get into it whoa wait a second err buddy I saw reproductions of your playing all the way through these games aren't you going to be incredibly overpowered as you are usually very overpowered by the end of each specific game well yes I will be that's why I'm going to be very self-limiting though specifically for ck2 you are going to be starting at the Year 1200 it's a nice in-between where I'm not gonna be able to get incredibly overpowered and we are actually gonna still get 100 years of gameplay in ck do and I'm gonna try my best to actually do something alright I'm not just gonna mess around and like let ol uh I could conquer this guy but I can't cuz I don't want to be too overpowered in au4 get that out of the way I'm gonna go berserk just not you know full berserk so if you're wondering who we're gonna be planers I have decide if we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna play a space feint usually in most games is a middle power aka they're not that great but they're not completely crap although technically they are they are actually incredibly crap in Victoria though most important part of the mega campaign making sure that my King looks like the type of guy to sniff bike seats I think I just made my coat of arms evil look like a minion a guy sticking their tongue out or Spongebob Squarepants alright mediately we gotta go on seduction we start banging people's wives and husbands okay that's the saddest thing I've ever seen we can get our focus to be make a friend King Fabiano you are really quite depressing yeah for a game called Crusader Kings I don't think I've ever actually done any crusading I usually get caught up in all like the incest and like murdering my wife to marry my son it's just so it's a very confusing scenario right now we can even like give our titles away we can give our cows to a benefactor E or we could just get the titles for ourselves which I think King Fabiano that's exactly where he wants to do oh I know some of these Muslim lands down here I've actually broken free so I'm gonna go ahead and immediately try and snipe them before anyone else gets to them okay good Reconquista yeah so fires how's she going completely fire I was expecting someone else to join Fabiano just died oh you know what you you lose the King you gained a bunch of land I'm sure Fabiano would have accepted their sacrifice very much show oh yeah I kind of got distracted with my Reconquista ring I forgot that there was a crusade going on I was actually gonna go help now right now I dig an e at the card Town land god damnit Fabiano this is on you thought Miami just gonna subvert lease till the kingdom of Navarra and you know upset the Basque people and I'm sure in the future they won't start car bombing me well our agency has ended and we are now a grown adult again and we are ready to start conquering more land in the name of Castile unless I just unfortunately die again I don't want to be the guy to say it but I don't think that turban serves any tactical purpose over your helmet whatsoever so I'm not much of a ck2 guy I've never played Spain before so I'm not really familiar with these Reconquista z– and how they work I'm gonna give it my best shot oh not only did I mess up a little bit here with the Reconquista I also suffered greatly for it to put it nicely King Farouk is now mentally not very good for the nation so we're gonna have to a sorry for treeck where I told for treat to kill himself and now he's contacting the followers of Satan that is not that that's not what I was telling you to do all right now my day go he he offed himself mid conversation with those say worshipers Rhino as a first time such an old my guard ease but Fabiano right of a handful of years down the drain and were of age again and I all I wish for is a king that lasts longer than ten years please so we got another crusade going on that I've actually decided to take part in and like the other Crusades this one's for Lithuania Lithuania oh we want the crusade I I don't think I'm gonna care any pink out this but I wasn't really intending to I I really don't want lift away Nia great for my king Fabiana ii already named and now it's just lost a hand relate some Reconquista during a bit more Llano sh notice that king Fabiano's wearing his mask over his mask Oh King of France wants to invite you for some festivities sure that sounds pretty fun I hope no one murders me there and parrot hold on I guess we're not going to Paris because Paris is owned by Lyon so I'm severely disfigured and only have one hand but apparently I'm I just touched all starts again doesn't it but before King Fabiana ii Dicers another crusade going on for finland so i'm gonna go ahead and March up there and hopefully he dies on the way so king Fabiano died now we have king Fabiano and he came with quite a bit of wealth also you know that crusade that was going on yeah I wasn't really expecting them to give me any of the land but they gave me all the land although because of that successful crusade King Fabiana the third is known as King Saffiano the third the sword of Jesus oh okay actually found an empire I I don't know if that she does much for me or if that will continue into EU for but I I'm now an empire don't really feel or look like much of an empire though oh now I'm just like a slightly green empire now I completely forgot about the Mongols but if they actually stay pretty powerful they will be in EU 4 and maybe even be even powerful in there so we keep an eye on that efficients we own finland i i don't know what to expect it i don't know why these peasants are revolting against king Fabiano the third the sword of jesus who is also wounded why do they always don't with this stupid mascot I honestly think our dynasty's cursed we now have Emperor Gomez he has a cleft lip need to make sure I'm getting as much land as possible to where we go into EU 4 so I don't have to do much conquering then and I can just focus on like our neighbors next to us in that game oh god there's another crusade I don't know if I want to do this I'm just gonna come out actually give it to someone this time around I'm not gonna take any other land for myself just cuz I'm really scared of just having loads of land all over the goddamn place mostly though I just kind of want to get like a cool nickname back like it how does king Gomez with the cleft lip really live up to king Fabiano the third the sword of Jesus we need to get you some experience well he got the Crusader trait I don't know if you're gonna get a cool nickname from this but I I highly doubt it considering you are everything wrong with our playthrough so far well I know a successful crusade and now we have this pink Jerusalem type deal I I don't know what the point is oh god it's left by Germans oh no so England naturally form their empire which is Britannia which it's not great for us that means they're gonna be very powerful in au4 because they have a bunch of French land but they also like subjugate it Lyon that's not gonna be good oh great I'm now also fat really well just remember kids if I voting your way on the council you can just go ahead and just possess them with a demon good they'll surely love you god dammit I can't I can't even do dark wizardry right I've just given her the flu I could have given her like so much and I gave her the float oh yeah I know those a dark magic watch this I'll go cast a spell on the queen of Grenada there sure wait a second my new heir is the king of Portugal oh wait we gotta we gotta kill Gomez we gotta kill Gomez Gomez is actually self perfect now we've got a pretty strong connection to Portugal I don't know if there's any way I could just steal them or some ink but we could just make sure at least keep our dynasties the same I should be oh I should be the same dynasty inning you four which will be very easy to get them like I have to ask my wife the Queen of Portugal if she would like an alliance with me wait a second what Britain's now in the Holy Roman Empire what am I may just have small Civil War oh I got new air and he is Portuguese so hopefully hopefully we can keep it and keep ourselves connected Hicks I don't think I'm gonna have the timeframe to actually just take Portugal unless I do something angling with my wife well I saw the I'm broke free so I've made them my tributary state which means that they're kind of a part of me but not completely they just pay me money I don't know how about our transfer over into EU for that we'll say hey when I come look at my cool Treasury from all all the artifacts we've gathered through the years of our kingdom we got the sword from heaven oh that sounds a real good one that was we got the finger of Saint John the school of st. Paul oh the Royal Crusader sphere oh and there's a prosthetic leg oh yeah well Emperor won the court cruel the 8th dead god damn it right who left this really large bowl of fruit next to my city I'm glad the tradition of my leaders being completely crap has kept going because my wife is cheating on me ah Leo just got this big chunk of France I don't know I don't I looked you don't know how this is going to convert to EU 4 I'm also gonna go ahead and war and try and make Aragon my tributary state before I convert as well because we are coming to the end now and I feel like we've definitely done enough so far in this playthrough right yeah I think this is where we're gonna leave it office it's definitely been an incredibly fun game although that there's been a lot of weird stuff that's happens such as me owning Finland that that was a world one the Byzantines joined the hey Chari that one I was saving till last why yeah if you guys enjoyed this please please leave a like hit the subscribe button and just go ahead and leave some support down below give some predictions on what you think is gonna happen in the next episode which will be on EU 4 which will be out in a couple days after this I know I really hope you enjoyed the video and leave a like like I said and leave me any feedback down below yeah I real this is gonna be so weird this is gonna be really weird so the world has converted birth you can probably tell there's a few things so just aren't quite right although in all fairness Leone owning a whole bunch of France is actually not the worst thing in the world because now Paris is at least a just a vassal state of them but I I don't I don't know what's gonna go on here cuz the world is so goddamn their thing well so you're in one the Byzantines shown the hr8 well that's why their country now looks like this also the ma'am looks in India I love it they are the mama looks but they are don't man looks yeah I don't know if the Mongolians right you gonna be able to hold this together though I really want to say like a really powerful world power in Mongolia but it's just not gonna happen is it Oh God they actually transferred over my king as well so we now have king Garcia the seconds for he is indeed the same dynasty as Portugal which is it's a plus yeah I was originally gonna just release Finland but I it's just the one wacky thing in this playthrough that I've just got to allow pause merely things are just happening still a bit weirded out the fact the Teutons are gonna be up here and not you know down here well hot damn that did not take too long all that 100 or so years of bad luck and ck2 is finally we're over that now or did I just jinx it and now it's gonna be horrible for I oh now I realize my allies the Teutons have Marsha all the way down from northern Scandinavia to cgl Italy with me again I have to be self-limiting in these playthroughs or when we get to like point four there's just not gonna be anyone to like balance me out so well so I'd love to take all of Italy I'm just gonna have to take like a couple provinces I can't I can't go overboard wait so the Byzantine Emperor is actually the leader of the HRA so it actually is a Roman Empire oh my god we're saying that doesn't sound like a very Greek name yeah HRE maps just looking it's it's honestly a little bit scary especially since they own these provinces down here for some reason which I'm probably gonna want to take at some point now looking at my diplomacy options I definitely don't want to hello with the British I think the French are gonna be our best option here hopefully we can try and get some of their Bank for them and they love us for it I don't know oh I said no because I have Finland that's why I can get some allies in the East so Poland's working pretty damn good especially since they just own a bit of like Romania down here as well which is it I loved converting savegame now I'm pretty sure there's no event for a statue just get Eragon like we've doing the base game so I'm gonna have to actually wore it for them and looking too good so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have this in the bag don't mind if I do thankfully everyone in Aragon was busy sleeping that they didn't notice my invasion Oh time for our first night there and I think if you've got two words about you you probably understand which one I'm gonna pick espionage oh my god why are the Danish in North Africa no no I don't know but this being a featuring you for but you can get involved in great power Wars the app Abids garner and the Abbasids great powers were I liked you guys I know I didn't actually go espionage ideas I actually went maritime ideas oh my god my air and wreak a he's becoming finish what I guess my dream of having a really strong Mongolia she's not happening because they just exploded harder than anything I've ever seen before hi new Finland was gonna bite me in the ass at some point but the Russians have declared war on me to try and take some provinces where they are kindly regretting it deeply I don't know why I thinking about because of the way developments transferred over from CK to but the Russian land is worth nothing so you could just take a whole bunch of it yellow look at that the cute even ruse just like took so many provinces in one wall from like Vladimir what the hell Putin yeah I'm not liking the look of this I'm not liking the look at that one bit I'm still trying to just get my colonizing ideas going and I'm taking a few promises down here to secure my trade note for the eventual massive colony rush that happens and I get so much money in trade oh my god Enrique's trying to make finish the new primary culture is now and ck2 anymore my wives are still cheating on me I did chop off her head though I think there's no like history files everyone just does a golden error as soon as they can that's a lot of golden errors yeah Russia is gonna be a whole big mess honestly now even Poland's going in to take land after them the Danes are here because the developments so low you take so much of it they can't put up a fight it's it's gonna be a mess something about this just doesn't feel right Oh Protestant Reformation happened but I'm not really into that noise sorry guys just still slowly slowly chipping away at her icon Oh our first colonial nation – I got a finger the cool name yeah they broke their alliance with me yeah unlike Russia this lands actually worth a damn so I can't really take that much without getting people really angry at me barge orge is that India all right it's definitely no idea sir we'll still continue to call them Indians so just in case it might be India ree-ally were Poland and immediately they're calling me into another war with the Kievan roofs I this is this is all you want oh no right so your colonial nations you really need to be unique with them perfect Oh barely for a native unrest in Guantanamo no a de novo all arrogant I did not see that one coming the Pope's actually colonizing the east coast of America and he's doing it very well yeah I thought this was bad like really really bad but then the land is that cheap they annexed all of it well took a little longer than expected but Eric Conn's gone now we just need to deal with Leone well now I've caught all that land that means I can go ahead and finally form Spain it took us a very long time and mmm I think I've already actually got Spanish traditions and ideas I I think I could be completely wrong no I already do so I'm not gonna click that just in case it's some other ones I actually quite like the ones I have oh I can finally look at China or as it's known as gin you know I read that I saw the papal States I thought it said the first circumcision I won't lie Allianz actually allied with great bro so this is gonna be a interesting war to say the least wasn't that interesting moved on to the Dutch now I own a whole bunch of America I don't think I'm gonna push too much into actual America but oh I can actually become oh I for I was already an empire because we started one and ck2 but probably not beer not that interest in America anymore I got bigger plans that's right actually goes to India like a balls oh well India also came to me apparently India is colonizing America no in the weirdest thing as well because California was actually colonized by the Chinese it's a Chinese collar date oh my god I don't know if I want to go to India anymore they're riding around on big dogs how the hell am I being outmaneuvered by this damn elephant he keeps running away from me just stay still okay thatched Oh Rome Korea trying to like siege out this land because they're allied to an Indian nation Oh us our first proper Indian war done we've got a lot of money with a lot of Mexico most portly hey we got a little hello a hell of a lot of India it doesn't look like much but it's a lot yeah within these walls but it's cost me a lot of manpower that's what I'm noticing oh geez not looking too good for the Abbasids what the hell happened here yes I'm hoping I can take as much of India as I possibly can for Victoria too because that's where the real money is to be made oh I'm also gonna Vasa lies a small stay over here and Russia and hopefully conquered more land for them and form Russia because I don't like Russia at the moment right so at some point in the last thirty years where I haven't really been paying attention Prussia formed and it's pink what the hell quick overview for what happened over here in America though I actually went quite nicely I got most of works bein got like historically ever than actual South America the Pope got all of the East Coast Britons in Canada the Chinese have all of California and Alaska which I'm still not 100% sure if I like that or not and I'm just slowly whittling away at India although I am making fat stacks doing it oh that's pretty interest in Japan's actually beating the hell out of China right now but I think that's because China is also beating the hell out of itself by the looks oh there's so many goddamn provinces in India it's like every new patch in EU four they add like 50 more as you look at that there's now like a really small gin inside of gin there's two gins was quite expecting to see that one right so the us's free which is alright I suppose it's not the worst finger I'm ok with that but more importantly they are French in which I think it's just French but it's the type of French that the Pope is we've got a French USA I completely forgot to do my Golden Arrow so I might as well do it now while I'm trying to like eat up all of India in like a hundred years I also had a quick war with China while they were you know in a bit of turmoil I got myself a couple poor provinces so it's a bit early for that one I suppose but I literally couldn't help myself I've got to go a little bit mental in these playthroughs Europe's looking nicer it's like in real nice oh I was not expecting that one Britain has fell to the revolution or it's in a revolution I don't know exactly how revolutions working in you for it's been a very long time oh now France got French revolutionaries too now if I know anything about history's when France had their revolution things didn't go too well for Spain so I like I'm taking all of India and India is just moving into China is the famous French Revolutionary flag really okay I've not been paid too much attention to India I'm just like tabbing out like putting on fires feeling way into my truths are up in India so I keep missing all of this crazy stuff happening but I I don't even know what's going on with the Commonwealth right now oh you remember that time I was like I'm gonna clean up Russia I finally got round to it now we've got Piero mia famous right it's better than what the hell was there before I'm not having a Scandinavian Russia I'm real sorry Commonwealth but you're just not looking too healthy these days yeah I don't know if I mentioned it but the land is so cheap to take over here you can take so goddamn much it probably didn't even hurt them that much also pressure it's like in pretty damn thick now right so this is where we're gonna be leaving it I feel like we've definitely done enough for in 1802 so technically there's a few more years and they came left but I really want to just like give it a little bit of a gap in between so that way I can fix up some of the borders and like it makes sense law wise but I won't be changing anything big I just mostly want to make sure everything's good so there won't be like any messy poor like Central Asia or anything like that because no one ever is gonna be able to do anything with that in Victoria – so the world's working pretty nice so I won't lie and I'm actually really happy the way like America turned out there's gonna actually be quite a few big powers over here which I don't know how the English ended up with Columbia instead of all of Canada or something but the u.s. is actually I'm actually quite scared of them in Victoria – so quite powerful now and they have claims all over my land data is gonna be interesting to see how that one goes basically but if you enjoyed this video please like I said in the last one leave support for this down below and maybe next year I'll do another one Italy did form by the way which is pretty crazy the ottomans also a here and they have seven Italy there's a lot of crazy stuff that can happen in Victoria – there's actually gonna be slightly interesting but like I said please leave a like down below leave me any more suggestions or anything like that and I'll see you in a couple more days you smell that everyone has smells like 24 hours of learning to March Victoria – just so this fing King wha I really you might be like hey I sorrow that seems a bit art wasn't that where Prussia was and yeah but unfortunately I couldn't really get the events for informing journey to work for Prussia so instead Joni just takes a straight after the bat which I will just shade law wise in the 20 years that you miss from ee4 – Vic – they just said were German now but to make up for that Austria and Hess so who are a pretty damn big German power also have the options to form the South German Federation which should counterbalance it so Eva Germany's gonna conquer all of journey by force or they can do it diplomatically yeah we'll see how that goes than that I don't really change much that Delhi still exists which we've got to take care of land yang is in China because they just taught ye it Ming outs the way Japan's really picked the Mongol Khan it now exists I know I actually formed Russia as a tack before I left I made them free so Russia exists whether or not they're gonna actually do anything to movies I highly doubt maybe the Mongols are move west there's so many possibilities I felt like I would be a bit too powerful if I also had a bunch of America so I have released Louisiana and the Kingdom of California which America will have calls on when we start the game I still have Mexico which is Spanish El Salvador not quite the United States of America that we all know and love but ill have to do how else it would be fun for like the Europeans to stay ahold of South America I thought it would be fitting just to release them as like their own little subjects or forfeit States so all of these are free except French shelf America which might might break free we don't know yet we'll see unfortunately we can't actually use any mods with this because this safe game in itself is a mug so I have imported a few events from hpm nothing crazy I have changed up the castles bellies a little bit so establishing Protectorate is a little bit cheaper at the start of the game so you can actually conquer more hopefully that means we can actually get rid of India but a first staff probably got to teach these people to read and figure out how money works if you notice me having like the debug menu up – just because I haven't fully tested it so I might have to change things on the fly in first stuff I need to like get rid of these Chinese provinces because we have 60 million population which means we need to change that like immediately because we're gonna break our game cuz no one's gonna be able to read they go there's China soy but one of the other crazy things that's happened is there because in India I actually ended up coring a bunch of this I even convert some of it might get my culture in you for a lot of them are calls and states in the game not colonies which means it's both really good for us and a little bit bad awesome I've noticed that the game starts in 1821 because that's just kind of how the converter works it pushes it back an extra 10 years in the game or so so a little bit more time to just have a bit of fun I did that but America stands as a bourgeois dictatorship excuse me okay so the couch I'm at mode for the most part is pretty normal but I have noticed that the Basques are the majority culture in Sardinia and Corsica how did you end up here ah and immediately the Russians have declared war on me even though I birthed you from my own womb what the hell also are gonna start mass industrializing as quickly as we can money you may also notice that there's gonna be a hell of a lot more Wars in this game than there usually is in Victoria – oh my guys just trying to like pick apart the Spanish Empire to get their native lands back like chase guys should let me enslave you in peace well I wasn't expecting dowon Prussia has actually re-released itself from the depths of hell then Bohemia now originally I wasn't gonna fight my bastard child that is Russia but I really need to go just go over there and teach him a few manners just spank them a couple times I'm not really gonna step in here I'm just gonna let America eat up all of Louisiana in California all they won there is it really means nothing to make these has been so long since I've seen four in vanilla Vic – jeez my eyes oh five years in and the great powers are looking about as well as you'd probably expect over the new hungry I don't know how you snuck in here Vic – my main priority is gonna go ahead and be on Africa I want it all our God knows everyone Spanish Kansas now an integral part of our country I did not look at the culture map mode for a North America but there's loads and loads of Germans here yeah everything thinkers when I took that bit of Mexico after Dutch they actually just staged Dutch or German in this case Louisiana is still Spanish but uh I've noticed that the the Chinese people actually still over here in California boyfriend shows all of Oceania and in Tunisia and Egypt owns a few ports but most importantly the Pope still exists like he Italy fought but the Pope still exists on islands around the world I keep finding him I'm random Islands everywhere oh my god if this isn't like the most varied alliances I've ever seen in this game I'm not I don't even know your capital is mr. Pope no like the first proper crisis of the war and it's immediately going into a fight really that I don't want to fight the British already gonna pretend I'm not what the British and can continue colonizing Africa so our alliance when that crisis war and now Francis just cut the Netherlands in half thanks France I sure do love to conquer India but you know what makes it even better when the Brazilians come to help me ah only get in there so he's taking us to games to get this India fig done ah I can finally do some research oh Jesus things aren't looking too great for Poland cause half their country just broke free originally I was already sure to do a Central Asia so I just sort of blob them all together into the Mongols but now that I'm looking up their side I regret it don't mind if I do oh I think cuz this event fight that means that the civil war still might actually happen it at all China and Japan have just been beating each other up well I Japan will take some provinces and China would take them back it's really been quite interesting to watch oh I sorrow why you fighting Scandinavia for haven't you beaten them up enough is it possibly because they took half of Russia without me even real are Finland it's been a long time coming but I'm finally gonna release you as like an integral part of my nation they're sort of like a British Dominion er just I can't deal with this anymore I've here well the so-called wall still happened Jesus so I made alliance with the Jones and then the Germans declared war on Hesse and now the Germans are just growing oh I'm actually getting completely demolished by France at the moment in the great powers they've got like double the industry score of me who gives a damn must build a couple canals yeah I don't know if you could tell by the name of my events I personally put in but I'm definitely a top-tier Victoria to martyr and my goal of owning all of Africa is somewhat getting realized I suppose oh geez Jones actually just gonna straight-up annex oh now that's that's actually quite scary I didn't think they'd grow this quickly I think I'm like the only person actually colonizing I don't know if the AI is research colonial stuff oh oh but sure thing I'll take it all oh I got I finally found the Pope's capital it's on st. Helena what are you doing there Pope Oh freaking belly on China's oh my god what the hell Hannah I look so Russia's actually managed to sharpen those teeth a little bit because yeah sure I don't know winning this war like the almonds have more troops but that they're at war the art moves so they might actually start growing hey nothing quite like force in China to pay for the boxers crimes Russia has been so back and forward this entire game I've not really been looking over here much but every time I do it's just something completely new you know I'm starting to get the feeling I should probably stop helping the Germans now I think I you should effectively cut the Abbasids in half then because the Persia was able to be relief oh my god I've created a monster this is I've literally created a monster zero two percent of my people protesting to get slavery allowed excuse me I get the feeling I'm gonna have to cook Joni down to size at some point wait a second what the Holy Roman Empire exists somewhere in the world what oh my god it's right here in Anatolia has I've been there the whole time they're uncivilized and I had the feeling the France probably isn't gonna do too well in the next game is it because I have India called I have so much population I I can build so many units I just I don't even care anymore I'm just gonna build every single one of them as infantry so uh don't looks good right looks real good looks pretty big oh it's pretty healthy and thank you just zoom in for a closer oh ma Oh Oh chase I've spread the plague to me why the hell of all of us on a narco liberals who's risen up all over the goddamn globe i I'm sorry I can't support Germany anymore it's time to stop feeding this base I don't even know from Scandinavia blew up but now Denmark's communist great time for World War one all right it's just me versus bronan the almonds basically a Sweden hungry but they don't kow and I've got a lot of infamy to spare here where I didn't liberate country in that great wall on the uplands which only like 11 in for me and I didn't realize it would release all of grace grace had so many cause that their death wait you're only remember man got Mongolia just went communist I just want you to do something I have no idea what Josh half and the Soviets just appear then everyone have to scan maybe have to release people what the hell is going on here well that's the shortest time I've ever seen the Soviet Union existed that was like five months and they flipped back I said I'd stop beating the friendship but I've got to fix this Oh God it's better but it's still bad so in a world where America never went south they'd alternatively went north this is bad this is really bad well there comes a time in everyone's life where they really need to live up to the mistakes they've made and finally write them so Germany let's do this oh look at that the family's all back together Russia loves me again albeit they're going through a bit of a weird emo phase at the moment I still love them yeah this inside German revolt that happened they haven't really recovered from actually after that piece till that I've just done that they've still got revolts going on so I don't think Joey's gonna be doing much for the rest of the game and I'm already at war with France again I'm really sorry I just keeps happening oh damn Joni actually flipped communist oh but uh so um I have something to say about that so what about you like to go like fascist or communist in this game but my revolts always happen in India well we're in 1917 now a lot of stuff's going on in the world most importantly Joni actually went fascist that they're also what pressure but don't worry about that we'll figure that out in high four I think we've done enough now I should do a few of my goals but mostly I just wanted the rest of the world to really find a good basis for what can be a nice World War through and I think we finally got one I've got an idea which I'm gonna have to set up in high fall it's gonna require a bit of me like fiddling about and starting some Wars and sort of making a bit of a quote-unquote narrative but uh I think it should be an interesting war in high fall with what I've got planned out now obviously none of the borders are really gonna change that much all the big cars like Japan Russia and that they're all gonna be the same same with me I might like release some states as like colonies or dominions or something we'll see about that but this is actually been a real fun game i really enjoyed this just watching and colonizing and conquering but I hope you all enjoyed it too I hope you're enjoying this grand campaign as it is so far if you leave a like hit the subscribe button down below got any more ideas please let me know and I'll see you guys in a couple days for a bit of a finale and we are back in the world as we left it in Victoria to end doesn't it feel so great just to be back in hearts of AI of for nah not really so to try and limit myself which it's not really possible unfortunately at this point I have released Delhi as a Dominion so half my Indian land it's now free all the corporates are still here that's a really max they've limited the manpower I have freezer of 44 factories up and 250 units which I started which is basically what it's converted from Victoria to so uh I'm a little bit overpowered but we're not gonna beat just straight balls to the wall taking everyone over just yet so the way that the convert gets leaders to work cuz it randomly will pick a leader portrait from the country then a localized name so a charge of the Soviet Union if you go cheap yourself I've also gone ahead and set up a bear flavor for the game so the Soviets the Japanese are both at war with all these Middle States and they're gonna fight over who's gonna get the land I've tested this out and it does go either way sometimes and I've even seen the Soviets lose one so we'll see how this go and if you were paying attention in our last episode you know that Turkey was split in two because I released Greece so I just basically split them into two countries so we've got Babylon over here and we've got Turkey over there Turkey still has calls on all this land so they might come back at any moment there's also some very precarious alliances set up actually from the converter itself so I don't know exactly how this is gonna go but I'm definitely interested to see who's gonna come out on top here okay I mean look to Joanie's leader gonna be right now that Oh Hugo von sash and Weimer um ha ha that's a funny way to spell Himmler Oh Dan actually convert my Navy to say I know I just have loads and loads of outdated battleships and heavy cruisers I think the dreadnoughts are these level 1 battleships which you might think is twenty four of them they're quite well they're pretty terrible I won't lie pretty damn bad yeah oh sure I didn't have the time to research any custom focuses so I'm gonna have to set up a last of behind the scenes but don't worry I do have a plan on how the wars are gonna go and I'm not gonna blow my own trumpet but I'm probably gonna conquer the whole world let's be honest first things first if the Chinese Civil War is still happening typing is back from the dead SH and Z's around in China which is just Communist China is here too and they've been gone far of course but I don't think things are gonna go too well for them yeah I just have too many divisions I don't even have the convoys to get them back to Spain so I think we're just gonna go ahead and just delete them in Delhi and though our equipments just not looking too healthy at all oh so far looks like the Taiping actually have way more troops than the mingi does so they're doing all the work but the Ming seems to be focusing on China up here for whatever reason I guess they just really don't like those damp communist also setting up the AI to be a bit more aggressive problems at the best idea cuz now pressure and usher having a cut-down war oh wow mr. Yi go chip yourself has done the work aren't you gonna get to see a pretty Lake of Russia ah some actually allied with hungry and they're in a Civil War the coffee government how how do you exist that doesn't make sense your Sandor Lena that's in a whore face oh god mr. Chuba stuff like doing complete control right now all on his own I haven't actually seen them do this before oh there goes my ally in Hungary there now fascist which isn't that great for me but I feel like I'll probably survive with my over Ally Finland and the Netherlands wait why the hell's my next gun called the destroyer carbine it I was good in the base game and how much happening in the world so far I'm doing all my research as we speak and scratch that typing guns all of China now oh oh oh no the Ottomans are back oh the Chinese so wars over ended up with China getting puppet by typing which is interesting but I didn't us get a mare in a minute you know for all things don't seem to be that stable down here in the Balkans which probably makes sense when your nation was birthed out the fact the Spanish just decided to plop you there one day and there goes the Ottomans taken advantage of Greece is very unfortunate situation try and reclaim some land I imagine I think so like that going too well for China re Oh Oh – well it's my army despite how large it is as I complete sham I don't have the right equipment they're all a weird template and I'm still trying to go ahead and make a bunch of tanks because I definitely want to focus on tanks we're over here I don't think Prussia stands a chance here I think mr. chipper stops having a very nice day she's taking it out on left via please don't beat him again I don't like the way the USA is kind of like eying me up here uh uh I think we might have a bit of turmoil I think I missed the part where the Ottomans just ye it Greece out the window and now they're going for babylon oh yeah this is actually a real strong central block we've got going on here the Ottomans hungry and Joanie are all fascists okay so that is how I said it will what do to happen and now I'm thinking about it's very complicated so France is at war with Britain and Germany and Germany's not allied to Britain but France is at war Germany Germany's at war with Poland Lithuania how the soviets get involved in this not a hundred percent sure just yet they're saying that I I think this might be the strongest axis I've ever seen yes originally I thought I'd go ahead and go fascist which I've just done but now that I've seen how powerful the fascists are I kind of regret that I down well there goes my only Ally Germany's ready for a war the Netherlands but definitely looks like they're not in the midst of this mr. chippy subs like hard I was watching best state Georgia oh no I guess everyone else is gank in France I might as well go piece of this too even the ottomans are like taking a bit of france right now this is just a free-for-all now else I could take all the land it appears that the Ottomans have the most war schools so we're gonna have to do this a bit more balanced way I did I said I'll issue I can't remember what I've set up now but I guess Germany and Britain are still at war but Britt was at war with France too so it's just kind of like World War two just a little bit twisted on its head i imagine i don't know where chiba saw it so whether you get involved in this or as the weakest civil war i think i've ever seen fired that it's on crete that's it oh and there goes to us I've joined the Alliance of the United Kingdom aka the Allies or the Allies Britain boogaloo I don't know yes I think it's safe to say the world's definitely on fire at this point and I got this whole time through all the way from ck to ava has just been sitting here peacefully minding their own business which is wait nuclear reactor construction speed are you planning oh no mr. Chavous off what have you done they're all the Germans and the Hungarians and the armors I I don't think that's the war you're gonna be able to pull off you know I feel like it's time for me to get a little bit involved yeah I probably should focus on the axis but since Japan's justifying on America I feel like it doesn't matter if we're I might as well get a piece of this pie before it falls and I don't get anything you know surprisingly for Texas being like the world's biggest state in the goddamn universe I don't actually have any supply in it whatsoever so this front actually stalled immediately so just been back and forward me in the USA oh that's two million men you know how it is they've lost six point four two million men it it's not looking too good but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna come out on just got down Texas and its supply let's do that everyday via the Ottoman Empire's naval invaded bread I wasn't paying attention for like five minutes a great friend just came out of somewhere it just took over half of India's og – Spanish setback definitely so explain with do iro I know just at the casual cast of three million dead Spaniards America's been tamed right well I guess it's time we finally go ahead and deal with this thing I was saying that there's no one actually here to stop me or have just a real war with mother logs I think the Germans are still halfway into Russia oh well there goes our small advantage we had as I'm assuming the German troops are now going to be coming what did you do I even in this scenario hit Lee can't help but be Italy oh and the Allies finally capitulated and I may have just lost India for the second time because it's now owned by dictatorial Sinkiang was a German puppet puppet Keith I have made up for it though by owning more of America and setting up the Free American Empire led by amethy Bourbaki oh my god yeah the Germans actually weren't much of a fight they weren't much of a fight ow I completely forgot I own Finland as a puppet so I've just called them in and now they're helping me out even though they copy it is where did my puppet go copy this and I think quite like trekking through the desert to deal with the Hartman's right I kill our lice walking through what was Russia there was i I think I might have lost any brain so I had left after this grand campaign well that that's it that is the world and how it will be left right now I I think this has definitely been a bit of a success ground campaign wise I think we've had a lot of fun playing through this and with me conquering the entire world which we all inevitably nuke was going to happen but I definitely enjoyed this I'd every want to look into doing this again stellaris I'm just gonna go ahead and say probably not I don't think so I will try and go ahead and release all of my campaign parts as separate mods at some point over Christmas period when I'm back but at the moment they won't be out but if that is something you guys would be interested in please please for the love of God let me know down below thank you for everyone that has been watching and following this series down below and I I'm just really glad if you guys did enjoy it and if you've been leaving loads of likes and support for it so please like I said any more suggestions leave them down below and if you actually want me to release these it's like a set of mods please let me know cuz it will be something I have to work on unfortunately because it it took a lot of time to get some of this stuff working but I'm more than happy to do it just it's like a little Christmas present for myself to you guys but um thank you guys for everything thanks very much for everyone that hit the sub burn everyone that hit the like burn it up on the ship believin support butter if you guys having a nice Christmas I hope you have a happy new year and I will catch you guys on the flipside my crazy babies wait a second this has that been there the whole oh my god

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  1. Hey guys a lot of you asked for the full campaign unedited (bar a few changes to make it more seamless) so get ya popcorn! ENJOY!

  2. Yay, we need more mega campaigns. So yeah, the only place left for this mega campaign IS Stellaris…but since all these games were planet-scale and Stellaris is galaxy-scale, the ONLY thing that would really change from importing this into Stellaris…would MAYBE involve the species traits.

  3. The turban does have a tactical purpose. It keeps the crusader's helmet from getting too hot in the sun. People actually wore those on their helmets for that very reason.

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