Palace claims Liberal Party, Magdalo working together to oust Duterte | 8 May 2019

the same a Brazil a group meaning to say it's coming from the same sector you know in a group doesn't mean that all of you are in consonance with each other would be some rebels there have been doing their thing what is important is it appears that I will show you some diagrams received and it to me by the office of the president can you whatever was amazing but hasn't made it to do that's a PowerPoint PowerPoint the other group by the way is Mangal Circle a second time check mark then please come over only gonna John light of my power anyway the main developer sir clarification you mentioned a human Aria bills the one saladna liberal party you possible people behind very same same group so i think enough but what is important what is important now is it appears from this diagram that the Liberal Party the muck the law and other groups indicated in the matrix are working hand-in-hand why do we say this the intelligence information shows that some of them not all of them are using the same office a four square metre office what do you call this linear something Makati personalities like bombin Al Gore Dayal and for Delhi me they're all known to be advocates of the Liberal Party and then even their email address appears to be the VR email are the ones sharing this video of decoy in my email Allah which I mean the same people are sharing the same video of Bitcoin all right can we sovereign if you will look at this this is the development so you said the start on April 2nd 1 April 2nd you recall that i'm totin our coolest episode first surface online on Metro bolita and it pointed to Paulo the 30 being the first major principle of the drug syndicate and then three days later on April 5 senator and 20 trillion is released a statement on his official Facebook page commending the creator of the antidote on oculus video and commented that is looking forward to the next episode and then on the same day a column by Ellen tordesillas titled opinion battle of Nicolas has published on abs-cbn website and accordingly to tour the zeros commented that the videos looked professionally done now on April 7 two days after i'm totin our coolest episode number two surfaced and identified this time the daughter of the president to be the second major principal and then the day after April 8 2019 the video about Damocles episode identified former soft christopher lawrence bongos now a candidate for the Senate to be the major principal and then four days after April 12 2009 teen the same video to Tom naturalist episode identified the son-in-law of the President Madison Scorpio the spousal the present Davao City Mayor Sarah the third day as the last major principal of the drug syndicate then on April 22nd I'm total knuckle is fine number five episode was released and beaker revealed the task organization of the drug syndicate and identified personalities comprising the be called quadrangle group to include the location of its base operation identified as miss Lee's barren guy Resort located in can a guy island and by Jebus may service may resort miss miss miss miss see this Bay Resort next line now you will notice the one encircled with the red ink is the logo of the Rural Bank in other words the video presented the logo over the rural bank and presented some accounts but bank accounts the purpose of course is to make it appear that it's an authentic document but it appears now that the logo was just placed there copy/paste oh my god and the rural bank has already issued a statement disclaiming and it has made a statement that no such account appears in the record that was made on April 23 the Rural Bank organ model by release its official statement denying the company's involvement in the plant receptions personalities identified in the video thanks lightly and also the Albay luxury resort hotel management the nice link it was also shown in the video that supposed to be the place being used as the headquarters of the Quadrangle group and before that you remember that Bongo showed this back to dispute the allegation in the video that his tattoo in his back at the dragon sign fuckiní did it twice disputing again the allegation made in the video now there has been an analysis made and it appears now that there is multi-model relationships of these different vectors from Elector to seniors particularly on her online activities the previous revealed a very active collaboration between the group of edwin LaShonda with identify the Liberal Party GUI Dayal Joe misison Antonio tregennis the hybrid bombin al Hamid hotels and other liberal party groups and supporters now there has been analysis on the voice you recall that in the total nucleus there was a narrator me narrator donate before the voice of that decoy an initial voice recognition through moral spectral process was conducted based on the known and unknown voices of the different targets to harmonize the fundamental auditory frequencies of the following suspected personalities namely Bachman al and her del Jaime now it appears now in the in the video that it was bombed Bernard who was the narrator and boatman al is supposed to be a kind of experts MIT and now the domain registrar or WW Metro bolita that map identified as the first website to initially circulate the YouTube video entitled al total necklace on two separate articles dated April 2nd 2009 directly affiliated with the Liberal Party as he was identified as the administrator of significant LP laning Facebook pages significantly agree Akeno legacy also he administered the outline propaganda meeting so there'll be during the 2016 presidential elections you will see in that video that can you can you put back the theater believe nobody but my personal mannequin others you will notice that this person who's facing charges now Li Bay is seen with the photograph with the VP levy together whether standard shirts and the next slide shows the phase of BOM banal the innovator of the video and he's an administrator member of significant ante the third day and after leaving Facebook groups pages actively circulating propaganda with a different social media platforms alongside this I'm a rodent artists and also is a photojournalist identified providing visual representations and images for different propagandas hues by coupler he actively initiated protests regarding the ousting of former Chief judges who say just but here do this salad next slide please now there was an a an analysis of the voices and as I said earlier it appears that the narrator in the be coy video is BOM Bona their voices are the same said recording lawyers respond to have similar beats spectral frequency with bomba now next next slide now we have the photo op entails with a former Navy officer a member of the metallo group then I may show in the photo is connected to be to kit incorporated as a freelance programmer and he is a well-known supporter of the Liberal Party and I was found to be the web administrator of Metro believe that were in the total necklace first surface metal brief is known to be promoting also the red so candidates on its Facebook page that is the diagram which we have also here because there is a vis another diagram we were you will it seemed that the links between the National Union of Journalists Aliano Hill by the Liberal Party or Delhi may bring darkness the Rutner the Barrow piles a litter the yes in other words it is obvious that these groups have linked together to discredit three the third administration and to boost the candidacies of the what children Senator connect now after the release of the matrix linkages between Big Boi and L entered Enya's to the public the website look at this because if they're not hiding anything the website of Metro bolita was permanently shut down by its administrator likewise most recent post of Metro bolita Facebook page pertaining to be coy videos were immediately deleted by the administrator that's another personality shown by the diagram identified by Rue de Lima as the client who requested him to create the Metropolitan website I wish this woman identified as marum wheel or Marcy and Maria Cristina Elvira other words aliases an ardent supporter of the Liberal Party and also candidates and administrator of freedom wall pits Philippines Facebook page and then we have a photograph of Fillmore rul a troll who member of the PM a class of 2001 his member this among the law and currently serves a security officer of Senator Antonio Fernandez who is the alleged facilitator for Hymas safety after the auto loan our coolest videos became controversial and then here comes Peter Jamel I've been at VIN Kula who identifies himself as the guy he made a public appearance and integral part of the Philippines the other day May 6 he claims to be the big boy that Tom Nicole is he is formerly the most wanted criminal in Raqqa City and convicted of various crimes such as estaba illegal recruitment and attempt resulting to his imprisonment of six years now it appears that the voice of the koi in the video is not the same as the voice of the one who presents himself as peak oil or added : in other words if you listen you will notice that the accent of the big boy in the video has an Ilocano action while the boy who represents himself speaker and vanilla has a pickle any eccentricity : from sorsogon so it could be isn't a nice businesswoman at franchise owner there is some multi-level marketing company not only the invoice me yeah no no no he is regular he some Chinese business woman at franchise owner Nani some multi-level marketing company in Lilliput Accord a knocking boss this is the worst of Christopher Nolan dr. Mario franchise owner no first bite applause Marketing Corporation in other words it could be that this because you presents himself to be because I was there while the other because the one presenting himself as the guy in the video now we have another personality Jerry made machina who is the registered owner of now you know website he's she's responsible for the uploading of videos all in duardo a share toe on 25 March 7 April and May 5 2009 Pete oh this this is the diagram where Jerry made a human my email is shown and her connections like to the yellow ball yellow bottom foundation you will notice the address is the linear Makati that's what I was telling you about gondola tone splice business solutions linear material Perelman be a giver linear Makati the yellow ribbon movement email address Nia is Who I am Philippines at these are the personalities no no fun baba kilo margarita Rico Tony Fernandez my shirt off in other words but I hope you see very night when that was investigated it's only a 40 square meter room Lama you know it's impossible that my mana cubicle do the opposite come on Ethel I hope you see that he's along in a gambit elegant thanks like hi Daniel map when the connection Allah what matter my own picture window I was a beginner beginner lot ever been so anyway he's short karate you don't feel a little bit of football so any question song if he knew so DNC Adam she had been pulled a bring koala or agulu he knew Minato investigación young n bi at the end pina to Mutumbo to the sinister benjamin personalities Papa Nambu Lucia Sheena Josh and Pahoa lon para a preemption investigation result farm akuto so to say you know para good investigation again ago on administration and compare notes or tom be going very well happen among not this is early but I'm on the bus cuz I'm a shadow on can say you you know my limit imposed a fight if I didn't know what a good living the power love me cuz I'm I said one part of the when Anna mentioned direct direct on connection dunes among accounts in a banana fana cockadoodle sir I've said that matrix callosum what it should do name give a parent to my you – and so on door Oh parallel no blue mabashi unfeeling up now put another inviting Samia add a bird in the pond below position shell para ngayong source the bond activity convert AVI never faking Molina much polish a you believe their take in the sense that you don't finish but period Amanda still another one and don't have a mini video in a new one at some point excuse me mine this is not when you might buy in beach you by you in the nation eBay accent cooling but what I'm saying is present among Sealand 11 and don't like popping up typically the people Minami had their you and we I'd been a guru by yourself and alone set up the parties Pelican make all of them Meghan part of the conspiracy I think Rose ray more than the VIX Aminta Henry please leave it a follow-up questions on a flight sister Katherine gentleman just to establish facts so this conspiracy ultimately spoonski president purchase a mere black propaganda to describe it that's what rich the other one is to push the candidacy on the what signature and last points in your important to impart the information from the opposite the president was there any established info whether a military component or police component is already being active or associated to that conspiracy well Emma nice of him to point them but considering the barrel mug below they involve will be a lot about Mozilla searches Apollo up because I ends up in my own boss is known C at P cool Takashi bomb panel hose if England own salon now the question is who is the real Bitcoin oh it doesn't allocate okay but the point of the matter is Marron video NASA New Zealand's Presidente at the Louis Eloisa Shang that Mississippi boy he said the man is presenting himself to be so most likely the loss Telemachus officially done what is important is and we'll be doing it a penny Mira don't proceed a key Presidente see no man like see circulate no no market analysis diagram Hwang sinless in Allah then an Aladdin sir matrix cassava summer somebody human a particular brother but not allow demon advocate Stella so follow up Sabino a grand conspiracy to discredit the the thirty administration of para epic saga and to boost the candidacies of the senatorial candidates of the opposition okay my point sir is identified you know personalities an illegal action ago we know Mulligan young tactical attendees have been attained cool young Kanagawa nila I propaganda blood propaganda libelous so the moment the PNP and other law enforcement agencies have sufficient evidence to strong enough if I hide near Castle of internal online ok Henry then gentleman and Alvin secretary you mentioned liberal party she knows liberal party on back panel at magnet rhaenyra Tellabs you know what up man masa human and John identified with a liberal party from our personalities well how is on Penelope on what you have a belief that I'm basing my responses to the diagram big presented to you that will determine or that will I think mean another investigation that was eventful yeah but in the Quran another again my does he lack all right or reaction Presidente Loma Prieta obaasan reaction yeah mr. yang is a public oh you didn't get the information in the columella China to to Asha what is important is I've been instructed to present this and it's coming from here thank you okay a friendly reminder and give me to follow up on my flight C Secretary General in then hello Annie Martin in stock the president that I present say good afternoon sir sir maybe no where did the president get so many may be a sources you look to ask him himself that's why you left I see myself is there for me to Lucilla pending in the home sir what's the information verified validated by the pilot knowing him as as one who is thinking president you would have validated every information he has received is it the same foreign source he got the earlier equal of well I think it is a must it was shared to him validated it and he wants the public to know about it okay I'll win then choice secretary for nato secretary mark in than ours have it afternoon so sir after this revelation what would be my opinion smooth and as a lawyer sir what cases could possibly be charged against those who are involved in the we will let the Department of Justice since that is disturbed secretary Maynard to do the job so what's what's the next step on the part of Freddie paganel and Allah secretary Merrigan demanda against the palazzo sir I don't know my secret I see no basically tearing apart be part of the palace you know thank you sir okay Joyce and then ace sir all these information we had but when I discuss a command conference don't panic darling I don't matrix and other information from the president awesome how was it discussed during the command conference last night sir all of this I was that there we were not there so you diagram boob and all the intelligence in frontier so I don't know I have no personal not you Intel information about that did it came from local sources sir from example I already answered that I said I don't know sir be mad about specific directives our president to conduct an investigation and eventually file cases may directive specific super well yeah well a sexy now but I guess how many SEC Martinez to present this little and then silent upon the og more you should wait for his speech this afternoon big or tonight because he will be touching on this the same subject matter straight above another investigation will be put up again which one in a polyester canina now another investigation outside because my Restless secretary may not going on glassing caso a purple alert so as of this moment sir while upon immediate finding of cases against these personalities not yet you can our secretary Manor here's the chart I will back to leave I will give it to the John Lyon yeah there is but Sir so how you identify the personalities who financed this operation I need not in an opposite opinion and at this point in time when we say that the any adage moved to this turbulence this administration has been stopped or well well hopefully by revealing it to the public they're pre-empting they're moving but we want to know we want to let the public know that their intention is not only to discredit this administration leading to its answer and to push the candidacies of the signatory Candace thank you you mentioned about the groups dishing out anti proper anti to their sentiments or views and you know spreading its social media pollinating merely the differentiate even legitimate dissent as against Lamar flood to disturb you lies or to discredit documented and protected by freedom of speech you the difference is that she'll a human and a bucket called salame linkages Newsome are responsible for this block propaganda sorry pixabay EP national reach it cinema hadn't really love olive oil so definitely know it can never be a cracker on this government cannot crack down on those who are practicing a freedom of expression and of speech okay sir seem to be going on the brakes actually seeing the comparing it was handed to me by by my Attorney General Palace so you compare the audio and the recordings and what are we using I knew all of us are pretty safe I mean love okay that's necessary me so I'll good afternoon and so you have been shot now apparently there's no sufficient evidence yet top him down these people belongs in a big no sufficient evidence I said secretary Maynard should determine that better off hand do you see any sufficient everything I will not premium secretary mayor he's a lawyer himself propaganda we're on both sides no it's not propaganda its propaganda of these people mention or shown in the diagram against this administration and to boost the can visibly so the administration is not also engaged in that propaganda definitely we're revealing the black propaganda against the administration thank you so much and you do to everybody Thank You MP C flat friendly reminder we have financed a Qatari you know Sani Dominguez thank you that for me is the videos and I de filipinas and people salivation s back here in the newsroom come you knock on Santino here you're what you just saw presidential spokesperson Salvador Fernando they're present this so-called matrix that links all the supporters of the liver some supporters of liberal liberal parties and members as well of the Magdalo party's party Lea's group apparently according to the presidential spokesperson these linkages these connections between and among these personalities identified in the press conference only point to one thing to discredit the president's administration to did that do discredit that a debt the administration and also to boost the candidacy of the opposition slate presidential spokesperson Salvador Piniella presented several matrices this afternoon and he said that that was a directive coming from the president that the president wanted these matrices presented to the public he did say though that he did not get or the president did not give any order as to you know charges to be filed against these personalities that they have identified this afternoon only saying that it's now up to Justice Secretary monado Guevara to determine if there is any sufficient evidence for any possible a charge or case to be filed against these identities or these personalities identified in the press conference at this point we're going to talk to opposition senatorial candidate Gary Alejandra's one of those mentioned by presidential spokesperson Salvador penelo as among those involved in the so-called conspiracy to discredit the administration a Philippine president rodrigo duterte mister alejandro thank you for joining us we appreciate you taking our call thank you very much I mean that good morning I mean okay so your name mentioned is one of those involved in this conspiracy to discredit the administration and to boost the candidacy of the opposition slate you're a member of the opposition slate what did you think of that presentation made by the presidential spokesperson well here are Carmina the malecon Young has been releasing information may possess without really going through a validation process and many times they have been proven wrong and I categorically state that I had no hand in any Bitcoin videos that came out in in the public so we don't need to discredit this administration because since 2016 and a member of the opposition and we're trying to raise important national issues of the Filipino people so it's up to the Filipino people because these are real issues honor the war on drugs on the compromising of the national with the territory and sovereignty so we don't have to discredit the administration we are basing our information on what's happening on the ground I want to get your reaction to a question that was asked by one of our colleagues there belonging to the Malacca and press corps that correspondent pointed to you know what is the difference between legitimate dissent putting it out there putting what your views about the government and how things run what is the difference between that and you know being part of an actual plot to oust the president and this is what Secretary Panetta said he said they're no longer legitimate because they've now delved into black propaganda to discredit the government does that make any sense to you well for me first I would like to state again that we have no hand in the videos that came out that of the core videos what we have been studying so far are important issues in in the country so we don't have to the fact that we have joined the mainstream that means we're willing to discuss issues in the public and debate the issues in the public and not do other things outside of the Constitution so we are even calling the President to speak with the Constitution instead of resort to waste outside of the Constitution like Revolutionary Government like typing short of the system so we're calling on the government to the strengthen democracy provide to the chicken pala system of our democracy and not do other things that would otherwise under our Constitution what did you think about the whole presentation I mean even if you weren't included even if you weren't identified as one of those supposedly belonging to this conspiracy which you have denied what did you think about that whole presentation presenting to the public the so called matrix that to them showed that there is a there is a conspiracy to discredit the administration kameena hi to Alan Carr so Nina – Nina you want like the like Bernard Felice so hindi – my dad the processor and they're releasing that the public destroying reputations of people well without being responsible the consequences of their actions because we cannot defend ourselves with the statement at melaka yarn so they're using their position to discredit and malign people who are against or criticizing their policies so that's the problem with them they have intelligence fun with them they should have totally investigated the issue file appropriate appropriate cases before they can even speak after the public that should be responsible access but what they have been doing so far is responsible for announcement to the public movement and well you know you talk about the public they talk about the public as well the public is in the middle of this um you say one thing they say one thing tell us former congressman alejandro what should a public think of at this point because they're saying you're part of it you're denying it but what is the truth that the public can hold on to to get them closer to the real truth because the government is using government fund in order to propagate this information to the people we can respond one to three times but we cannot defend all of the times they have this you know platform to malign politeness so once you introduce doubts to the minds of the Filipino people using government funds lasting social media and even mainstream media with your information so it's very hard for us to defend our ourselves so we're calling on the people to be really discerning about information coming to the public because nowadays I'm dominant and fakeness and you cannot really you know identify with it is not yeah conversely though the same can be said about your denial so why should the public believe you that you are not actually part of this conspiracy that you had nothing to do with the big boy videos how should it why should the public believe you former congressman well I I want to say to the people that I have no history of lying to the public why doesn't saying so far are based information that I received well Ani sure that I believe in doing that so for me it's really up to the people because I can't finish them the example you know what performance which is blatant lie when the president used to be the position to malign the example that I have done nothing as a congressman that's a blatant lie so how can I defend them by my performance by records in Congress veto 14 are being a Presidente and no one question what is the danger now that you have just a secretary monado Guevara according to secretary Panello who's going to be in charge that secretary Guevara is now going to look if there is sufficient evidence and then after that file cases against those personalities maybe you include it what are you concerned well I am concerned but I am confident that I have no hand in that videos and I want our government against it the objective in trying to bring what is beneficial to the Filipino people so that the Filipino people would crush inconsistent government no because who hand coming in fact right now they can file cases against us so that we can defend ourselves mechanimal intelligent o'connell Castellano allah indicates that under in there in Ukraina one more name that was mentioned just before we let you go Fillmore role do you know him Fillmore role in and what else do you know about him well it is part of the organization is actually helping the organization we are now campaigning actually the information coming out in the public eye you know Delhi me I can I can say that we don't know they may even feel more rule does not know that through Delhi me people Allah Allah we're standing up and we're trying to defend the Filipino people but it does not mean that we take all information hook line and sinker because there are so many features right now fed nerves and poses phenomenon Tameka are good but but we're open to everybody we will listen we will try to assess and evaluate situation but he does not mean it apart Oh mr. barrini McHale indeed nominal of and if they look into records if they investigate any further are you confident that you know they won't see any links that would prop up the matrix that there are the matrices that they presented to the public today I mean has there any ever been any point wherein you met with a senator Antonio Ariana's together with Senator Bam Aquino former senator model Hoss because those ad when Dabangg banal cocoa a dial are you confident that those won't appear in their investigation yes I have met with Mario Rojas tamaki knows Giuliana's I am I don't know his bond banal and familiar with him we have not discussed the issue what's wrong something – the defense planning something to be whatsoever so I am comfortable with that okay this whole thing happening just days before the elections what does that tell you well when it comes to allegation to be coy there are two things there Carmina one what what it's false and malicious therefore he should be held liable without you know you know the people are responsible people behind that second what is these allegations are true that is very ironic to this country because the war on drugs is a central policy of this administration it has trained thousands of lines already and I'm Tommy nullified in yet Nepal of a media phenomenon presidency I'm involved and then to those officers of the national police and military serving the president whose family involved in illegal drugs the other side of the story there are false and true so that means we should not right away to dismiss the allegation it's just writing properly for the good for the government to investigate decoy yes far to the other hand let us not over up and let us not ground issue the issue of third of the coin and I think that the family or president of the president we can both former congressman Gary lejano is also eyeing a seat at the Philippine Senate running in the Philippine elections that's happening just a few days away thank you for taking our call thanks for joining us this afternoon appreciate it all right back here in the newsroom still on the anti to that the video is as Philippine Senate President the–this autumn makes her revelation this is what he's saying he's saying Peter Advan colum who claim to be the hooded man in the viral videos linking the dead their family to illegal drugs had already approached the Senate three years ago back then at venkata presented a sworn affidavit accusing former administration officials of involvement in the illegal drug trade that affidavit Soto says is almost similar the evangelist statement that he read at the integrated bar the philippines' office on May 6th only this time I'd been Cola targeted President Duterte here portions of the Senate president's press conference held earlier today don't Sicilian Council is a new 2016 American Tina Turner group Ala Moana patron 8:00 a.m. on a big shot hey Honest Abe a bow now drugs indicate according to his description in his affidavit don't summon a patron Cinna sabe a heat annual Easter memoir odd code Bashar al-assad Nico former President Benigno Aquino former DILG Secretary Barajas former DOJ Secretary Lila de Lima Teresita enola Congressman Fernando Gonzalez congressman Davis Villa birthday at Thomas in really a patrol no quadrangle drugs indicate I'm Patrick now I still a governor Joey Sauceda congressman el rebel apart a woven or egg italiano governor Joseph Cuba vice governor crony Escudero large and Malaysian encode me mama NATO numeric coach amalgamate right and then very similar others former da Gadhafi proceso Alcala former DILG undersecretary Ricardo puno police superintendent Senior Superintendent gondola gondola senior sub-clip senior superintended Bardeen and Ronnie died on been a bikini on our militia group Oh Bernice a dreamer a company away Torreon dosa statement on May 6 2009 teen parents have been abandoned in a group on patrol man Patrick others support Ron neva guna selenium sanam bounce Eliza young illegal activities illegal drugs at gun smuggling some Asics did not find any illegal drugs seppuku series in a pine the largest illegal drugs on my part I did do diligence 2016 Hindi cop in at Orlando enable an award a scrip anyone personally that tournament noon Soto also says a bank accounts that allegedly belonged to the detective family do not even exist sorta adds he personally find at VIN Cola unbelievable 2016 lot I told you young sin impound Solaris I didn't copy number but without human attacks Vilano Damona text messages pilot on between Hajj our Tabas and this fellow at wing Cola you know what unanimous HSBC come a long bargain honest topic cartons in a hobby at all Encino services a lasagna its BC Behati dau Tinh II deposit para no no quadrangles in the game some some vinegar HSBC Goolagong tomato on socket Armenian HSBC no on Nick indeed occasion and I'm being updated in Neela Ramon above the law possibly on a sec no there's no such there's no such we don't know of any Queen net bug in the Senate has already canceled its planned probe into a twin coulis allegations which senator Panvel alloxan described is nonsense Larson says they have recalled the letter of invitation sent to admin cooler Tuesday the integrated bar the Philippines has turned down Peter Advent less requests for free legal assistance the IBP says that Ben Cola did not meet the group standards after a thorough evaluation but the group adds documents submitted by an VIN Cola during consultation will remain confidential santak resident Ethos Auto welcomes the IBPS decision perhaps this is a very good lesson for IBP and the religious you know before the bhagavata to land animal Ibaka and nana nana nena and papua investigan amaura you must vet first and that's the dese edition of Dateline Philippines thanks for joining us I'm Craig Mena Constantino for feedback email us at ANC feedback at ABS – stay with us here on the news channel you you

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    Did young people , facebook- influencer, not become killer in Cebu, following the Narco-list from suspected Politicians, by killing them on motorbikes? Without any proof ?
    The most responsibility for this Nation is to arrest Duterte as his helpers.

  15. The oligarchs and the yellow are the one manipulating our economy in favor of the oligarchs. You see all our govt. properties are being leased by them in below the lowest price in the market. They are being favored by the yellow at the expense of the Filipino people especially the oppressed. How can these oligarchs spending the huge amount which is for the education , healthcare , food, convenience of the Filipino people. They are like the parable in the Bible the wise servant being removed from his position because of unfaithfulness. How pitiful are these oligarchs being slaved by their greediness. May you find true happiness in sharing your wealth to the poor while you are given the opportunity to do so.

  16. No stable electric, no Infrastructure, Barely watersupply and Duterte as President.
    Some countries got hit hard

  17. The BUGOKSKIE move of liberal party and magdalo. Once discovered their lunacy they immediately denied it even it is so obvious that they were 100% involved.

  18. You are a Liar Lejano, you are a part of that fake news Bikoy! You filed a bill in congress to oust President Duterte in office. Your co- leagues of Lawyers in congress made you a laughing stock. When you are disappointed, You made you to plan another option to oust the president with the Bikoy fake news . How can you make us believe your lies? When you’re past showed evidence that you want to oust the President in his office! Sabi nga ni Kristo sa mga political group of Pharisees, anak kayo ng ulopong. Lejano anak ka ng ulopong!

  19. Bwakanang una nyo magsama sama na kayo para isahan nalang. Bigyan nyo ng dahilan ang gobyerno at mga Nakakaraming Pilipino na uubusin ng tuluyan ang mga salot na dilawan. Walang magagawa ang mga Amo nyo pag nagkagulo sa Pinas.

  20. Really Alejano like when your group did Rebellion !!! Your group time well come just wait it will come sooner than later !!!

  21. ABS isa din sa likod ni bikoy sila ang una nag pakalat news sa TV tunkol kay bikoy GMA kasama din sa likod ni bikoy inquirer ito media ito ang myari opposition kalaban sa D30 government lahat black propaganda sa TV nila lahat balitang kotsero ng mrdia ito kaya kayo mamayan pilipno huwag na kayo maniwala sa media ito

  22. Media Lang kayo atty ang kaharap ninyo..Media they only destroying the Good Government and the most deception media is in philippines too .

  23. Don’t trust media ever like in Pilipino..the media the sword of bankers involved the Higher intelligent.

  24. The media they trying to get the information to save the metric..if the media they can get the spot to sir panelo and then the media they published to network to save the dilima at trillanes what they done before if you review all the past news of evil media..

  25. Sus maryosep. Yellowtards dutaetards parepareho lang kayo gumagawa nang fake news. Sundan nalang yung biblia o koran walang problema.

  26. ipaglaban ang katarungan para sa bayan… ipakulong ang may mga kasalanan….. praying for peace and unity to our beloved country Philippines…

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