Ozzy Man Reviews: EggBoi vs Politician

Here we have an Australian politician. He’s like “clearly when an innocent group of people get shot it is the fault of the innocent people for legally visiting or living where they were or for being born in a new place in the case of children that get shot. Anyway, I’m selling bumper stickers” OH, he gets a fucken egg to the head. He goes into boxing mode. This is the birth of EggBoi. You’ve seen Trolley Man take on radicals in the streets of Melbourne. Now we have Eggboi taking on politicians who groom the radicals. I haven’t thought about egging since the
late 90’s. That is fair dinkum solid. It is such a massive load on the senators face it should technically be uploaded to PornHub. He’s ready for violence instantly. His fan base is ready for violence. They love it. They’ve been given an opportunity they
daydream about between Facebook circle jerks on the senator’s page. It doesn’t matter if it was just an egg. These blokes are like: “what if some shell got in his eye? He could go blind. What if the senator had hair? The yolk would be stuck in his hair for a week. Don’t you think about that shit, kid? Qantas doesn’t even allow free range eggs on their planes, mate.” EggBoi is thinking “I’m pretty sure that’s for quarantine reasons.” He doesn’t say that out loud, though… Cause it will definitely make the situation worse. He just needs to let 5 grown men sit on him and wait for this to blow over. Outside the police check him for more Organic Eggs of Mass Destruction. Look at all the smashed up ones pouring out of his pocket. He must’ve bought a 6 pack. Maybe Mum bought ‘em and he stole them. Who knows who EggBoi’s supplier is? Maybe the yanks? Or the Saudi’s? I dunno. Anyway, that’s the story of EggBoi.

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  1. I love how the guy is in the background the whole time. The build-up is amazing, all the way up to the money shot.

  2. Was the take down excessive? Yes. Do men stop and think when adrenaline rises in situations like these? No. Was the kid being a little dick and honestly deserve a beating? Yes.

  3. Who’s the fucking loser with the adidas hat on 😂😂 that guy needs to kill him self immediately to make the world a better place

  4. we want to know the 80 thousand dollars is going to the family of will not to the family of kim parrington which is what it says..this would be a horrible injustice if this money is managed by gordon legal for kim..people sent several thousand of dollars in good faith based on this radio station promoting the fund


  6. They should have choked that fucktard out until he suffocated. Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

  7. What a fcuking Tool.I am all in on protesting. But when you throw eggs or milk shakes..it hurts your cause.Regular working people just looks at you like a joke.Now when you glue yourself
    to the road…now that is some epic protesting.

  8. the senator dont like it raw, maybe next time prepare a scrambled one or mybe just use ur balls and shove it to his face..

  9. You know, if someone suddenly cracks someone else on the head with an egg out of the blue, a slap to the face is the least they should expect from it. I wish everyone condoning this would have it happen to them. Let's see your, "Oh, it's only and egg!" reactions then. Hypocrites, the lot of you!

  10. Good on him. he deserved more, that disgusting shit said it was the muslims fault for being there and getting shot so the guy is fine and that muslims always cause issues and this is an issue caused by them.

  11. Thats actually how democracy should work, citizens participation is the key. ,else the fucking douchebags legislators will never be considerate about the masses, more power to you eggboy!!!! Fuck yes

  12. The guy who got egg boy in headlock probably practices on his anime body pillow when he’s not using it for other things.

  13. Awesome Update! – https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-05-29/egg-boy-will-connolly-donates-$100k-to-christchurch-victims/11159370 🙂

  14. "his fan base is ready for violence'' yet you think its perfectly fine to go around hitting people in the back of the head. Typical insane lefty thinking. unsubed.

  15. I love how it takes multiple grown, insecure man-babies to subdue 1 teenager. I bet they felt so proud of themselves defending a racist bigot.

    Some assholes just deserve egg on their face… literally, lol. 😋

  16. No matter what the disagreement is about, the fact of the matter is that its the kid who initiated the physical violence. This shouldn't be encouraged or praised no matter who does; i would have respected that kid if he wrecked that senator verbally.

  17. Ozzy Man, I love your channel and am a subscriber, but please stay out of the political arena. Giving implicit approval for assault, no matter how deserving, is an ugly character trait. This foolish kid just gave the senator proof (as he and his followers see it) that it's their opponents that foster violence. When you resort to violence on any level, it only indicates you are unable to defend your position intellectually.

  18. Expel that brainwashed eggboi to a 3rd world muslim shit hole with the enemy muslim invaders. Bet he thinks different about mudslimes after that.

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