Overthrow: 100 Years of U.S. Meddling & Regime Change, from Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba

AMY GOODMAN: Here on Democracy Now!, I’m Amy Goodman with Juan Gonzalez. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: As special counsel Robert
Mueller continues his probe into Russian meddling into the 2016 election, we take a look back
at Washington’s record of meddling in elections across the globe. By one count, the United States has interfered
in more than 80 foreign elections between 1946 and 2000. And that doesn’t count U.S.-backed coups
and invasions. Former CIA Director James Woolsey recently
joked about the U.S. record of meddling overseas, during an interview with Laura Ingraham on
Fox News. LAURA INGRAHAM: Have we ever tried to meddle
in other countries’ elections? JAMES WOOLSEY: Oh, probably. But it was for the good of the system, in
order to avoid the communists from taking over. LAURA INGRAHAM: Yeah. JAMES WOOLSEY: For example, in Europe in ’47,
’48, ’49, the Greeks and the Italians, we—CIA— LAURA INGRAHAM: We don’t do that now, though? We don’t mess around in other people’s
elections, Jim? JAMES WOOLSEY: Well, mmm, yum, yum, yum, never
mind. Only for a very good cause. LAURA INGRAHAM: Can you do that—let’s
do a vine video and—as former CIA director. I love it. JAMES WOOLSEY: Only for very good cause— LAURA INGRAHAM: OK. JAMES WOOLSEY: —in the interests of democracy. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: The list of countries where
the U.S. has interfered is long. In 1893, the U.S. helped overthrow the kingdom
of Hawaii. Five years later, in 1898, the U.S. invaded
and occupied Cuba and Puerto Rico. A year later, it was the Philippines. Early 20th century interventions included
Nicaragua, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, all in the 1910s. AMY GOODMAN: In 1953, the U.S. helped overthrow
the Iranian government. A year later, in 1954, U.S.-backed coup in
Guatemala, overthrowing the democratically elected leader of Guatemala, Jacobo Árbenz. Then, in the ’60s, the list grew to include,
once again, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia and the Congo. And that’s just a partial list. Even with the end of the Cold War, U.S. interference
overseas did not end. Next week marks the 15th anniversary of the
U.S. invasion of Iraq to topple the government of Saddam Hussein. We now go to Stephen Kinzer, former New York
Times foreign correspondent, who writes about world affairs for The Boston Globe. He’s the author of a number of books, including
Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq, All the Shah’s Men:
An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror. He’s written the book Bitter Fruit about
the coup in Guatemala. And his latest book is The True Flag: Theodore
Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire. Stephen Kinzer, we welcome you back to Democracy
Now! to talk, sadly, about the very same issue. I’m not quite sure where to begin, whether
to go back to the beginning, but let’s start, since it was 65 years ago, in Iran, in 1953,
in March of 1953. The U.S. was in full swing making plans for
overthrowing the government of the democratically elected leader, Mohammad Mosaddegh. Can you talk about what the U.S. did in Iran
then? So well known throughout Iran, but most people
in this country have no idea. STEPHEN KINZER: Early in the 20th century,
the people of Iran began moving towards democracy. It was a very difficult struggle. It was back and forth. But finally, after the Second World War, democracy
did emerge in Iran. It was the one parenthesis, the one period
of real democracy that we’ve had in Iran over the last hundred years. So, the problem came when the Iranians chose
the wrong leader. They did something that the United States
never likes: They chose a leader who wanted to put the interests of his own country ahead
of the interests of the United States. And that alarmed the West, and particularly
the United States. Mosaddegh’s first move was to nationalize
Iranian oil. We thought this would be a terrible example
for the rest of the world. We didn’t want to start this process going
in other countries. So, in order to set an example, the United
States decided we would work with the British to overthrow the elected democratic government
of Iran. We sent a senior CIA officer, who worked in
the basement of the American Embassy in Iran organizing the coup. The coup finally succeeded in the summer of
1953. Mosaddegh was overthrown. And, more important, the democratic system
in Iran was destroyed forever. This was not just an attack on one person,
but an attack on democracy. And the reason why we attacked that democracy
is the democracy produced the wrong person. So, we like elections and democratic processes,
but they have to produce the candidates we like; otherwise, our approval disappears. AMY GOODMAN: And the person he sent—that
the U.S., the Dulles brothers, sent in to Iran with the suitcases of money to begin
the process, Teddy Roosevelt’s grandson? STEPHEN KINZER: That’s right. Sometimes I wonder if there’s something
genetic in the Roosevelt family that predisposes them toward regime change. It is a kind of a quirk of history that the
person who effectively projected the United States into the regime change era at the beginning
of the 20th century, Teddy Roosevelt, had a grandson who went to Iran in the 1950s and
carried out a regime change operation there. And there were similarities— AMY GOODMAN: Well, I want to go— STEPHEN KINZER: —between the operations
that they carried out. AMY GOODMAN: Before you go on, Stephen, I
wanted to go to a part of a trailer from an upcoming documentary titled Coup 53 about
the 1953 British-American coup in Iran and the overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddegh, directed
by the Iranian physicist-turned-award-winning-documentary-filmmaker Taghi Amirani. TAGHI AMIRANI: This man, Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh,
he was our first democratically elected prime minister. SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: Nobody knows who Mosaddegh
was. Democratically elected prime minister of Iran. TAGHI AMIRANI: In 1952, Time magazine named
him Man of the Year, because he had nationalized Iranian oil and kicked the British out. UNIDENTIFIED: [translated] Mosaddegh came
along and threw them out. They were gone. Gone! Gone!! UNIDENTIFIED: [translated] The Iranian people
had rejected the Shah’s rule with blood, with blood, and bare hands in front of tanks. INTERVIEWER: You had a million dollars in
cash to run the coup, right? KERMIT ROOSEVELT: That’s right. DAVID TALBOT: Kermit Roosevelt was prepared
to do whatever he had to do, when he was given this mission by Allen Dulles to overthrow
the democratic government of Iran. ALLEN DULLES: But may I say this? At no time has the CIA engaged in any political
activity or any intelligence activity that was not approved at the highest level. AMY GOODMAN: That last voice, Allen Dulles,
head of the CIA from 1952 to 1961. At the time, his brother—his brother, Secretary
of State Dulles, was secretary of state. We’re talking about the overthrow of Iran
for the British oil company that would later become British Petroleum. Is that right, Stephen Kinzer? STEPHEN KINZER: Yes. That company is now called BP. So, you’re seeing long-term effects of these
interventions, and what you’re seeing in Iran today 100 percent ties back to what we
did in 1953. We like to have this idea that these operations
are discreet, they’re not going to have any long-term effects. We’ll remove one government, place another
favorable government in power, and anything will go fine. Everybody will forget it, and it won’t have
any long-term effects. But if you look around the world, you can
see that these kinds of operations to interfere in other countries’ politics, what the CIA
calls “influence operations,” actually not only often wind up devastating the target
country, but, in the end, undermine the security of the United States. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Stephen Kinzer, I’d like
to move to another part of the world: Nicaragua. Most people are familiar, obviously, with
the Reagan-era attempts to overthrow the Sandinista government or the period during the Roosevelt
era of the attempts to get rid of Sandino as a force in Nicaragua. But, further back, José Santos Zelaya, at
the beginning of the 20 century, could you talk about the efforts of the U.S. government
to overthrow Zelaya? STEPHEN KINZER: Zelaya was a fascinating figure,
certainly the most formidable leader Nicaragua ever had. He was a slashing reformer. He was a liberal, a progressive. He built ports and roads, tried to build up
a middle class in Nicaragua. He brought the first automobile into Nicaragua,
the first streetlights. He organized the first baseball league. He was a true modernizer. But he had one characteristic the United States
really didn’t like. And that is, he wanted Nicaragua to have an
independent foreign policy. When he needed to raise money for a planned
railroad across Nicaragua, rather than seek loans from the Morgan bank in the United States
as we wanted him to do, he floated the loan offers in London and in Paris. The United States tried to get those governments
to forbid the offering of those loan agreements, but they refused. Sure enough, the money was raised. And America became very alarmed. Nicaragua was trying to diversify its international
relations. It didn’t want to be just under the power
of the United States. And that was a fatal decision by Zelaya. Once he decided that he wanted to pull Nicaragua
out from under the thumb of the United States, he became a target. And we did overthrow him in 1909. That was the beginning of a century of American
interference in Nicaragua. I think you can argue that there’s no country
in the world where the cycle of American intervention—imposition of a dictator, rebellion, repression, and
a return of American power to impose another leader—is so clear, over such a long period
of time, the way it is in Nicaragua. AMY GOODMAN: We’re talking to Stephen Kinzer,
former New York Times foreign correspondent, now writes the world affairs column for The
Boston Globe. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And I wanted to ask you about
another invasion that is rarely talked about these days: the invasion of the Dominican
Republic in 1965 by Lyndon Johnson and the efforts of the United States, again, to control
the affairs of the Dominican Republic over many, many years, because, obviously, there
were two invasions of the Dominican Republic. There was one at the early part of the century
that led to the rise of Trujillo, and then there was one after the fall of Trujillo to
attempt regime change against President Juan Bosch, who had been elected into office. STEPHEN KINZER: You have placed it very well,
because if we remember this operation at all, we remember the American Marines landing on
the beaches in the Dominican Republic. But the cause of that intervention was the
foolish mistake of the Dominican people of electing a leader who was unpalatable to the
United States. Juan Bosch was a figure a little bit like
Zelaya had been half a century earlier in Nicaragua. He didn’t want the Dominican Republic to
be under the thumb of the United States. He wanted it to be an independent country. And this was something the U.S. couldn’t
tolerate. All these movements in the Caribbean Basin
have been—have had, as a fundamental part of their political program, measures to limit
the power of foreign corporations in their countries, and often measures to limit the
amount of land that foreigners can own in their country. These are the kinds of measures that are hateful
to the American corporations that have gotten so rich from taking the resources of the Caribbean
Basin, and leaders who promote those policies always find themselves in Washington’s crosshairs. This is not just ancient history. We had an episode in Honduras in 2009 where
a president who was very much in this line, trying to pull Honduras away from subservience
to the United States, was overthrown in a coup by the military, dragged out of his house
in the middle of the night in his pajamas, sent into exile. The U.S. was so happy, members of Congress
even went to Honduras to congratulate the leader of the coup. And then, just last year, a new election was
held to ratify the results of the coup. The election was so fraudulent that for the
first time in the history of the Organization of American States, the OAS called for a new
election. And the leader of the OAS, Almagro, had to
do it, because he had been denouncing attacks on democracy in Venezuela and figured he couldn’t
just stand by while something even worse was done in Honduras. Unfortunately, the United States doesn’t
have that kind of shame, and we cheered that election. We refused the call for a new election. And Honduras today is under the rule of a
regime that is the product of a coup, supported by the United States, against an elected government. So, this is not something that we used to
do in ancient history. This is something that’s happening right
now. And that’s why those of us familiar with
this history roll our eyes a little bit when we hear these outraged allegations that Russia
has been doing something so dastardly as to try to influence our politics. AMY GOODMAN: Stephen Kinzer, can you take
us on a brief, kind of thumbnail journey from the overthrow of Hawaii, the Spanish-American
War, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines—all before the turn of the 20th century? STEPHEN KINZER: This was a fascinating period,
and it really was the moment when the United States went from being what you could call
a continental empire—that is, inside North America—to being an overseas empire, a crucial
moment of decision for the United States. That was not inevitable, but that was the
choice we made. So, in 1893, at the behest of sugar growers
in Hawaii, the United States promoted the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. The idea was that Hawaii would then immediately
become part of the United States. That didn’t happen, because there was a
change of presidency in Washington, and the new president, Grover Cleveland, hated that
intervention and didn’t want to take Hawaii in. Then, five years later, in 1898, when Grover
Cleveland was gone, the Spanish-American War broke out. The United States became interested in the
Pacific, because we destroyed the Spanish fleet in the Philippines. Then we decided we should take the Philippines
for ourselves. We became interested in the China market. This was a real, fantastic Fata Morgana out
there for American business. The American press was full of stories about
how many nails we could sell in China, if we could get the Chinese to use nails; how
much cotton we could sell there; how much beef we could sell there, if we could get
the Chinese to eat beef. So, we decided we needed stepping stones to
China. And that was the moment when we decided, “Let’s
take Hawaii as we’ve taken the Philippines.” So, that happened at the same time the United
States was consolidating its rule over Cuba and Puerto Rico. In Cuba, we staged a presidential election,
after we consolidated our power there in 1898. We found a candidate that we liked. We found him in upstate New York. He spoke good English, which is always essential
for the people that we promote. We brought him back to Cuba. As soon as it became clear that the campaign
was rigged, the other candidate dropped out. He became president of Cuba. Sure enough, six years later, the United States
had to send troops back to Cuba to suppress protests against him. They occupied Cuba for three more years. Then they left. They had to come back again about six or seven
years later, in 1917, because again the Cuban people had had the temerity to elect a leader
who was unpalatable to the United States. So, this was a great model for an idea, a
concept, that has reverberated through the whole period since then, which is: Have your
elections, but you must elect someone we like; otherwise, we’re going to go to Plan B. AMY GOODMAN: We’re going to go to break,
and then we’re going to come back with Stephen Kinzer and talk about James Woolsey’s latest
comment. When asked on Fox if the U.S. is still interfering
with people’s elections, he chuckles and says, “Only for a good cause.” Yes, we’re talking with Stephen Kinzer,
former New York Times foreign correspondent, now writing a world affairs column for The
Boston Globe, has written many books, one on the coup, U.S. overthrow of Guatemalan
democratically elected government, called Bitter Fruit, one called Overthrow: America’s
Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq, one specifically on Iran, All the Shah’s
Men, and his latest book, The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American
Empire. This is Democracy Now! Back in a minute. [break] AMY GOODMAN: “Nicaragua” by Bruce Cockburn,
here on Democracy Now!. I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González. Our guest is Stephen Kinzer, former New York
Times foreign correspondent, now writes for The Boston Globe. He’s author of a number of books, his latest,
The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire. Juan? JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Yeah, I’d like to ask you,
in terms of the Spanish-American War and, of course, of the bitter guerrilla war that
developed in the Philippines in the 1899, 1900, the birth of the Anti-Imperialist League
in the United States—it was a widespread movement of Americans opposed to this overseas
empire. Could you talk about some of the figures and
the impact of the Anti-Imperialist League? Because we don’t see that kind of organization
these days, even though the U.S. empire continues to grow and make itself felt around the world. STEPHEN KINZER: The story of the Anti-Imperialist
League is a central part of my new book, The True Flag. And I like my books always to be voyages of
discovery. I’m always looking for some really big story
that shaped the world but that we don’t know about. And this really is one. Here’s a story that has almost completely
dropped out of our history books. But the Anti-Imperialist League was a major
force in American life in the period around 1898, 1900. It was based in Boston, later moved to Washington,
had chapters all over the United States. Some of the leading figures in the United
States were members. The leaders of the Anti-Imperialist League
included billionaires like Andrew Carnegie and social activists like Jane Addams and
Samuel Gompers, Booker T. Washington. Grover Cleveland was a member. It was really a remarkable group. It staged hundreds of rallies, published thousands
of leaflets, intensely lobbied in Washington, and actually had quite an impact. This was a debate that seized the attention
of the entire American people: Should we begin taking territories outside North America? Or should we now stop, now that we’ve consolidated
our North American empire? Everybody in the United States realized this
was a huge decision. It dominated newspaper coverage. When the treaty by which the United States
took the Philippines and Guam and Puerto Rico was brought before the Senate, there was a
34-day debate. That’s the center of my book. In this debate, you will see every argument,
on both sides, that has ever been used, for the last 120 years. Every argument about why intervention is a
good idea or a bad idea starts there. And the Anti-Imperialist League played a great
role in that debate. And interestingly enough, that treaty, that
set us off on the path of global empire, was passed in the Senate by a margin of one vote
more than the required two-thirds majority. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, of course, the— STEPHEN KINZER: And when it was challenged
in the Supreme Court, it was five to four. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, of course, the most eloquent
spokesman—the most elegant spokesman for the Anti-Imperialist League was none other
than Mark Twain, no? STEPHEN KINZER: This is another discovery
I made while I was writing my book. I grew up with what I now realize was a partial,
a kind of false, image of Mark Twain. I always thought of him as Mr. Nice Guy. He’s a sweetheart. He’s everybody’s favorite old uncle, who
has nice curly white hair and rocks on his porch and tells nice, funny stories that everybody
laughs at. This is not correct! This is not the real Mark Twain. Mark Twain was an eviscerating anti-imperialist. He was militant. He was intent. He used to write that Americans fighting in
foreign wars were carrying a polluted musket under a bandit’s flag. And he even wanted to change the flag of the
United States, to change the stars to skull-and-crossbones symbols. So, I now realize that we have sort of sanctified
and bleached Mark Twain for public consumption. Many of the quotes I use from Twain in my
book do not appear in many biographies or anthologies. That part of Twain has been dropped out of
his legacy, and I’m trying to recovery it, because he speaks to us today. AMY GOODMAN: Makes me wonder if his books
will start to be taken out of libraries around the country.

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  29. The 1953 coup in Iran was called Operation Ajax. Britain and their ignorance believed they owned the oil. The company operating than was called Anglo-Iranian Oil Company later renamed BP. When Mosaddegh nationalized their oil after taking their cause to the International Court to adjudicate and won. The British retaliated with economic pressure but Mosaddegh did not succumb to the British tantrums. The British approached the Truman administration for help but Truman wanted no part of it due to his presidency coming to an end. However once Eisenhower took office the British approached Eisenhower to partner up with the MI6 and within three months Churchill and Eisenhower gave the go ahead for Op. Ajax and the rest is history.
    I am not sure if the British even acknowledges their part in this saga considering BP and Churchill's government initially set things in motion. One gets the impression that it was all America's doing.

  30. The Bolsheviks Can't Take Over The Middle East To Many Fundamentalists To Stop Netanyahu Cant Count That High With Hie Pollock Block Head !~~!

  31. Britain was the creator of the state of Israel in 1948.
    Later upheld by USA with the petrodollars which is backed Saudi Arabia’s oil.
    They are controlled by the AIPAC Zionists and is financially supported by the federal reserve who are actually Jewish private bankers who just printing money and loan it to the USA government.
    They are occupying & killings the Palestinians to fulfil the greater Israel plan.

  32. Thanks for your honesty I'm shame of myself in a foreign countries to call myself America especially south Asian country . Now time for Middle East . Our excuse Israel against Iran. whatever you do to others it will be done to you. God will do it us soon.

  33. Mark Twain is suddenly a guy I respect. I will read more about him……if his work is still available, and hasn't been burned.

  34. Nigeria, Panama, Jamaica, Uganda, Iraq, Egypt, Vietnam, Zaire (various Congo) and the list goes on …….. Wake up people Multinationals are really criminals.

  35. governments don't care about freedom it is control they care about, they don't even know the meaning of freedom, and trust is something beyond them as well. and that is what leads us ?!!!!?!! WTF come on people take your control back and protect your own freedom

  36. The teacher of ayatollah Khomeini was on CIA payroll in coup of 53! Wonder if the “Islamic Revolution” was CIA driven too as Shah started to put Iranian interest before the US and oil interest!!

  37. In Flat Earth News written by a MSM journalist Nick Davies in the UK he shows quite clearly how news is organised and distributed. In Web of Deceit Mark Curtis details the political infrastructure interfering with the news wire.

    The world's public is being hypnotised daily by a media operation that is hooked up to the 5 Eyes Intelligence Network responsible for keeping intact the UK/US Empire centred around Israel and Jewish Owned Corporations hooked up to a Jewish Owned Central Banking system

  38. Now America and Britain scheming to overthrow China to ensure it collapses begin from Hong Kong since Taiwan failed. Time for Tulsi for President

  39. "Don't hate the player, hate the game."
    While I do not dispute, nor do I condone any of the actions by the US Government alluded to in this video, it would be completely disingenuous to say that we were the only ones doing it. There has never been a moment in my entire 60+ years on Earth when Russia, China and also Islam (a religion, NOT a government), were also doing everything in their power to spread their influence around the globe. We may be "the bad guys" to many smaller countries, but we are NOT alone! Ask The Ukraine or The Crimea. Georgia or Lithuania. Ask Nepal, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Ask The Uighurs! Russia is working 24/7 to sabotage our elections, our freedom, our way of life at this very moment. China is building "secret" military bases in the Pacific as we speak! And NONE of this is anything new!
    This has been going on since the dawn of mankind. It's what WE do! It's what people and governments, and religions have ALWAYS done! Not that anything justifies the darker side of human behavior, but it is what it is. Political Intrigue!
    America is guilty of being really good at a REALLY dirty game. A game we ARE NOT playing alone! and for that, I honestly don't think we will apologize.

  40. What is the idea of Manifest Destiny?

    In simple terms, Manifest Destiny was the idea that Americans were destined, by God, to govern the North American continent. This idea, with all the accompanying transformations of landscape, culture, and religious belief it implied, had deep roots in American culture.

    "Some bull huh, people playing "god with other people lives?

  41. Understanding the politics of this day in three easy steps. (1) Since
    1791 The banking cartel have been clawing to take control of the
    manufacture of money in the USA. By 1832 they had succeeded. (2) Once
    Money is compromised everything else falls. On March 1915 they took over
    the media and inserted their own editors, by 1970 they took control of
    most multinational corporations using common shareholders from Super
    Entities. (3) The Banking Cartel was behind the creation of Israel
    starting with the Balfour Declaration. The trick is to discover how
    they create and maintain this debt base economy. And please don't say
    that either Obama or Trump is fighting this criminal behemoth. All I
    have said here can be verified.

  42. i luv dem now. i remember listening to it on the radio b4 the internet was around like it is now, it's the only place i trust the news reporting. thank you amy goodman, you're beautiful inside and out! sometimes i tell people im from canada when i travel overseas because its safer and less embarrassing.

  43. Democracy means different things to different people, ultimately it's a farce the only undemocratic countries on the planet are America and Israel with continual meddling in other countries affairs, installing puppet governments, false flags, illegal occupations, terrorism, genocide and the worst thing is the blase attitude that it's justified and ok. The two abhorrent entities Israel and America to enforce their policies and to be justified by their subjects and global sheeple carried out a truly shocking act, for America it was to divert from an impending recession, ownership to the theft of billions of dollars and the prospect of theiving natural resources from sovereign nations. Testing military hardware was a bonus. Israel's ambitions were to increase their borders and join America with the spoils of wars instill their banking infrastructure into occupied countries. There was a long period prior to the event where planning was carried out efficiently step by step. The actors involved operated in plain site, family members of elected figures were given contracts for security roles their involvement with in the joint Mossad and Cia operation was so meticulous and act so heinous the cherry on the cake and to mock the world they carried it out on the 11th of September coinciding with the emergency response number. all national security for the country seems to not have been available to thwart the incident, but in reality the security forces were implicit in the crime of killing thousands of their own people just the pearl harbor that the government needed this justified the casualties of war those killed inside the buildings and or around them. The Jew folk that worked in all three towers conveniently had the day off saving themselves. Insurance payouts to the tune of five point one billion, for the asbestos laden properties they were due to come down imminently. The Jewish folk that all took the day off (business owners) also claimed insurance. By now it's evident that the buildings were bought down controlled explosions all three towers including towers 7 which went down several hours after the grey non passenger planes hit towers 1and 2 forget the narrative, what are your eyes and mind telling you when you see the buildings free fall. That this was done on the name of democracy.

  44. So America can make a joke about getting involved in other country's elections but if they think someone is involved in theirs well now that's different .This is a paranoid country built on invasion and it will always be the same.Never trust America politicians as the native Americans said white man broke every treaty with them

  45. American tax dollars being used to fund false wars. Our government feeds us false propaganda through news making us think we need wars.

  46. An invaluable service rendered here to the American public, young and older alike!
    That’s what you don’t get for taking history courses in US high schools colleges and universities. Including the best ones!

  47. The interference in our elections by Russia is God’s punishment on us for harming so many other countries in the past. America is little different from an evil country like Russia, and God punishes all the wicked, even those who blindly call themselves innocent.

  48. I love America. But I don’t love the endless crimes that many, if not all, of our governmental agencies have always done, and Not in our name. I don’t think I elected them to murder people in other countries for oil companies. Not only are they not God, many of them are going to Hell. I love America. That’s why I want these people put in jail, and I wouldn’t mind if they were All hanged for Treason against my country.

  49. As long as Americans have 3 squares, a warm place to shit and a steady lay, they don’t care if the world burns around them; some blame their government but it is: “We the people… “
    … well wait till the turkeys come home to roost; it is happening now.

  50. " only for a good cause " As an American, I Protest ! Stop US interfering in other countries Elections ! That's just Evil ! I don't care your reasons! Evil !

  51. Most Americans live in an unreal dream world that's carefully constructed by our mainstream news media, education system, religious institutions, etc. It's a very sad and extremely dangerous state of affairs and I'm surprised we haven't nuked the whole planet already just so we can have more "stuff". The U.S. and its culture is rotten to its core. God help us.

  52. Hawaii Kingdom was stolen through a Congressional resolution only and was never annexed, the Queen of Hawaii fought it in the Congress until her death. The Hawaiian people today are very aware of this theft and have even taken their fight for sovereignty to the Haug in Switzerland and got a ruling and are continuing to fight for their Islands back from USA inc. Hawaiian people are now fighting a TMT (a thirty meter telescope) from being built on MAUNA Kea mountain the tallest in the pacific. I stand behind the Hawaiian kingdom because I feel the same here in America, we’ve been stolen by corporations and through our very Congress, I know what I call them, maybe you people better take a closer look at who we’re electing into Congress and for President because they’re not for the Republic for America!

  53. There is talk that the riots and general unrest in Hong Kong have been aided financially and logistically by American agents. Interesting.

  54. Kinder simply lied, it was the British who cajoled the United States into action against Mossadegh; although Mossadegh was elected, he was usurping powers beyond those constitutionally mandated, such as closing down the parliament when MPs don’t vote to his liking. Lastly, a large segment of the Iranian population didn’t support Mossadegh.

    Let’s stop thinking democracy always works. Hitler was elected democratically and the he usurped all the powers.

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