Outspoken conservative Ben Shapiro says political correctness breeds insanity

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  1. These assholes need to be hauled away. Protest is one thing, when protest is pushed to the point the other side cannot speak, the protesters have forfeited their rights to even protest. If they view the constitution as unimportant, I'd deport them; let them think that premise over.

  2. Anything outside absolutely, uncompromisingly "color-blind" is a slippery slope that inevitably ends up with racism. Thus, strictly speaking, the last question is racist.
    Then again, I can understand ABC News behavior, after marinating in our massively liberal society for decades even the reasonable decent people end up being racist eventually. Welcome to the party of Jim Crow!

  3. All this coming from an 'intellectual' who thinks a strong east wind parted the Red Sea. He actually said that. He's the Conservative intellectual flavor right now, slightly above a lawn mower salesman.

  4. 4:28 So if YOU don’t think it is a relevant document, then it doesn’t matter? That is the most ignorant and hypocritical claim I have ever heard. Doesn’t care about the right to freedom of speech but is also using his right to freedom of speech to try to stop Shapiro from speaking.

  5. The leftists chanting Been Shapiro go to hell are are insane nut jobs, but also, Ben Shapiro is an insane nut job. You claim people deserve personal freedom yet you think women should go to jail for miscarriage? You're a twisted little man and a hypocrite! Ben Shapiro is an arrogant whiny boy who talks fast. His reasoning is generally based in Darwinism and is quite frankly just an immature immoral person who claims he believes in libertarianism yet wants to trample on the health rights of women and promote a fascist authoritarian Darwinian state with supply and demand as the only law of the land. Yeah, let's let greed run totally rampant. Great idea sociopath!

    Capitalism is good, but fascism is bad. That's what lawless capitalism produces when unrestrained. See: 2008.

  6. That simpering fool. It took us long enough to get to the point where we settle disagreement with words over violence. Believe me, if he only knew what his rhetorical impotence and cowardice led to, he would beg for the right to free speech. Munchkins.

  7. Rabbi Telushkin discusses the death of Mickey Marcus, and as he quotes the sayings of the Palmach and the Irgun, it is clear that Marcus’s accidental death happened because of political correctness. It was no one’s fault. God has a plan for everyone.

  8. Very clever production techniques there ABC. Love that split screen at 2:40. They know damn well what they're doing right there. Trying to sell something, but it's not a Coca-Cola. What they're selling is; Ben is a racist, Ben is a homophobe, Ben is a fascist. Oh yeah sure they do their utmost to make it APPEAR like it's just as necessary for the context of the question. Ask any clinical psychologist the trick their pulling here. Weasels.

  9. I can't believe the divide in this country all based on pure lies. And I also can't believe how stupid people are to believe those lies.

  10. Why is it always the ones who protest against freedom of speech saying the speaker is inciting racist, hate and violence but there the ones shouting the hate and starting the violence

  11. WoW Traitor👥 Bradley Manning sent back to Virginia jail after refusing to testify before a grand jury again 😲 I wonder what Bradley feels about Uranus as a whole?
    LAUD HAM MERCY Cheerden 😨💃

  12. Ben Shapiro is to African American Slaves as Louis Farrakhan is to the Jewish Holocaust. What give Shapiro the right to voice his views of Black American weaknesses? the same right giving Farrakhan the right to voice Jewish monopolies within America society. Who benefits from Ben's Black American talking points, and what dose it benefit the Jewish community to highlight Black American progress and reparations? Anti-Semitic propraganda is not proprietory to the Jewish people/community, and between three hundred years of Black Slavery and Jim Crow in no way comparable. Ben stop with the "Apple and Oranges" talking points! "What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander".

  13. Just wait until a transgender person shoots a group of people, will we start focusing on mental health, or just ban transgenderism?

  14. Glad he defined the massive chasm between Conservatives and Neo-Nazis and other white hate groups. Conservatives believe strongly in our Constitution, limited government, free enterprise and the liberties outlined in the Constitution for all Americans,regardless of race, religious affiliation, and cultural heritage. We are all Americans. The Neo-Nazis believe in a racist society supported by a strong Central Government.

  15. Didn’t it used to be called “Gender Identity Disorder?” But they changed it to Gender Dysphoria because the word Disorder is offensive. So yes, it is a Disorder…

  16. I hope this man runs for President one day, he is BRILLIANT, and critical of ALL tyranny, left OR right wing. Please Ben, keep doing what you're doing, much love from this Veteran and Child of God.

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