so before this video starts I just want everybody to see that there is a full moon out tonight to make matters worse you guys all know what they say when a full moon is out this is gonna be a crazy night wait it's the first time like this for something we just I've never done it without Brian's know the fact that we're doing Ouija board in the old I don't know guys but I swear yeah I've never been there since all Brian's videos I've never been there so this is gonna be crazy guys listen he is way too young to leave alone at the house so we gotta bring him along with baby he pulled my thing here along with are you ready I know yeah so me and Dennis we were like we were just here laughing having a good time cracking jokes and we thought about it like we're having such a good night why are we gonna ruin it by playing the Ouija board stop I don't know like bro you know it's a Saturday night we shared a few good laughs why should we ruin it okay guys we're back at the old house why am i holding the Ouija board hey how long have we been outside guys were terrified to go inside doggy I know it's cold we're gonna go in cycles learn you can stop Dennis so it is late right now it's freezing cold outside my camera's focusing for whatever reason dark night full moon I'll go first I'll go first okay I'm sorry but I can't go through this hole God you have a feeling when you're in a haunted house and you don't wanna like do the thing okay okay I don't know why we're whispering okay so there's a picture of my mom and dad why couldn't they be here in real life with us okay guys I used to miss living here so much and then after all of Brian's haunted experiences like probably he probably used to watch us okay came out to take the dog pee what did I do I'm sitting right next to you okay guys before we actually got to the house when we were saw the apartment we're like oh yeah let's do the Ouija board video you know whatever bah bah bah when you actually get into the house it's like you feel like you know you feel something right away yeah like you feel like a different bot like you feel chills like I'm love is just me but I swear him crying and parkings making it scarier especially because close the doors oh oh I'm telling you when Bosley was a puppy no haunted stuff would happen to me but every time Brian would hear something haunted he said Bosley would like inform him for his eyeballs you would like bark or seer somewhere every time I made a Ouija board video with Brian that would be so scared on so I'm scared to like make the wrong move I'm scared to say the wrong name I'm scared to like do something to piss off the spirits because the Brian would always guide me because Brian's done this a bunch of times so hey Dennis I think we should close those doors bro cuz every time we look up it's like oh if we're too scared the lights automatically turn them off okay guys boy I used to love my old room now I'm terrified of this house stop stop are you okay buddy okay stop guys we haven't even started the freakin woods he never cries as much I'm scared of this room is doable stop stop stop goosebumps that's right guys look it's freezing Oh Dennis please tell me you turn the fan on did you hear what I just said I said it's freezing the second whose bumps right now didn't I'm used to always say the field corner don't his other video the fan was on right when I stepped down everything got super cold I thought I was just like getting the chills again like when I walked in all the hormones so should we turn it off or leave it all yeah I don't think is it from the theme though we shouldn't turn it off think about it I know but if they like turned it on then they don't want us to turn it off what is that for real okay guys and one quick thing I wanted to get into because I know a lot of people have a lot of different opinions about the Ouija board and if you see in any of Brian's videos that I've been I've always been against playing one of these I just don't like this stuff but the reason I'm doing this today is I just want to get answers for my brother I want to know because my brother has had so many different haunted experiences and so I feel like whatever my brother tries to get answer is something that always happens so I'm trying to get answers for my brother I just want to answer is pretty much so I don't advise doing this if you guys are out there watching this video I wouldn't suggest you playing it I don't think you should try it and I'm not doing this for a pleasure I'm not doing it for fun or entertainment I'm doing this to get answers for my family and the house that I grew up in so let's see if we could you know crack something new that my brother hasn't already cracked it's the board same one that Brian using hey come here boy so we can all meet how do I pick it up don't put on the board yeah I have it off the board is it bad is that that is that man did this did you break them no I didn't break it was that better c'mon bro hey bro we need to stop looking up I'm sorry the thing is like oh no we okay initial camera you wanna show or just Lee what's wrong a little I just want to get this all okay okay is there anybody here with us right now is there anybody here with us you know throat hurts I swear it keeps women wait I think we should take it off okay how do you ask can we leave can we end this can we end this no no put your hands it oh wait I think it's off the thing bro can we end this game goodbye I don't know I don't know that's why it was like we should enough we don't know were doing that sure we should watch it Dennis Oh like she had thicker hand I'm scared I know eh what does it mean again if you take you in it's bad I believe me but I won't have the same reaction in her because we gotta do this violence that messes with the spirits just lightly have your fingers on it you know this ain't none of you guys I saw my wife is there anybody here with us right now okay so that's clearly a yes what is your name the hi-dee-hi h di di is your name Heidi Heidi are you a girl are you a guy look the no no wait he doesn't leave um okay can we say goodbye can we please end this game what does the kiss swear to god what is that right now I swear to God okay we please end this game good good boy good boy sliding off sliding off waiting on my life but wasn't ready I swear to god it was over there miss Leland it is written about all I swear to god I'll leave right now asleep I swear to God was that a little boy they won't go on up my straight at me little boy what was that I strayed I'm going to sleep you said that's the one I don't know Randy right not while happening over here no I ran into whose balls did that come from oh I'm scared oh wait I want to put the flashlight there let's try to get some answers did you just know let's sure you ask about the kitchen yeah we'll try to get some answers cuz I both know I'm scared well we gotta leave once we like to figure this out role play should do it just us for now just me yeah if you don't when is it bad if she doesn't have any out of us she's just like yeah because if you don't feel good what me and as long as that's not bad thing about we're doing this for Bryan is there anybody here with us right now is there anybody here with us right now is Heidi still here curious to hear goodbye let's try one more time by ourselves imagine if Jackie's like has the connection stop don't say that right now I know but I'm scared okay let's try it again by ourselves in it they see do you see anything moving or no I just feel it yeah all right let's do this is there anybody here with us right now is Heidi still here let's Jack let's try with Jamie goodbye well we may not need that's that's I'm scared okay I mean it's not focused let's just have like energy like we none of us can be like thinking of other things let's put all of our mind into a game and like try to connect with the spirits I got scary as it is well we just we have to do it if there anybody here with us right now is it still Heidi or is it somebody else is it Heidi uh Heidi is Jackie the reason why you're here with us right now stop and I asked something I was right I just want to see something it did because she took her hand off the game Heidi would you the one who turned on the fan no space is janky hold on hold on wait I want to ask them team up right Hey care we know we know how you so scared wait I wanna stop hey stop your way I eat nice creamy right yeah how you spell Jax they swear stop don't take don't take your hand off are you a good spirit also good spirit so are you the one who is here with my brother is the one with my brother a bad spirit are we bothering you do you enjoy Jackie's company did you know her in the real life were you here when me my brother and my parents all lived here did you when Jackie isn't here are you here do you follow Jackie around ladies of these cities of codes a good spirit do you care for her Angie did you say Angie did you say angel hold on did you don't mean I'm taking my hand off was that you yes no wait what's that you who made that noise you know Brandon look my hand said look at my hand huh well if there's somebody else with us here oh is it a spirit hey is there someone in the house with us that's not a spirit and we gotta leave Denny's floor we leave yes wait look evil are we in danger there's someone in here Brandon other than us three is there someone here with us was that person on the roof earlier on the ceiling we looked up weight bit of a hint off Brendan were they wearing a white dress no I knew it that is I mean it was solidly and the game got a ghost up there oh it's not there he said no when I rented it's not there Brandon it's not there he said no is it gone wait he's doing something Jade I see okay I need is the thing still there look Brandon it's not there out there get it so we saw someone at this he said hey I want to take my hold on what's this baby why we boyfriend no wind my friend whose boyfriend no man I'm scared wait wait wait let me and check your dating right now are you talking about Brandon oh my god wait are you here in a good way with me be a deep bad is Brandon bad am I in danger wait Dennis Willis and this game are you enjoying all of our company there's someone didn't you say is that person still here I'm sorry may all of you put one finger are you still here hey Dennis we gotta go there's someone in the house someone turned on the fan there was someone on the ceiling we saw with our own eyes what is the same man I don't know all I know I'm gonna throw up I forgot I went through all I know I don't know it's going to random letters right now lose everything hey I surrounded everything Jesse I saw everything I love I'm moving my company no no no I do I said I'm back they said on that wheel sitting around my hand said am I in trouble be a d1 yes he said dennis is dead it's very bad spirit with Dennis is there a bad spirit with Brandon so J does this mean something well it's going crazy right now it's what's that just kidding I think it's it oh just wait no he'll Bend I'm crying this way got him crying hey how did he spell just kidding all in a row hold on brain though he's saying care about Jackie know care about dentist know care about Brandon he said your name I think you're saying you guys care for me do we care for Jackie do you want us to take care of Jackie so are we good can we say goodbye thank you so much goodbye be nice just take your hand off until it comes off the more completely I don't want you do Wayne I swear to god I'm scared oh that was like so all I know right now Jackie has a good spirit and me might take care of her okay I say let's leave right now yes I don't feel but I feel like there's so much this one answered no I'm painted by I swear to God like I feel like Jackie Fink once he said once he said my name I don't feel good I swear to god I'm missis Leo I don't feel good and look my goosebumps it's on camera come on I cried too it's not look I want to show my goose are you oh my god the thing is moving Brandon no brain I swear to god it's moving I moved in Brian's video too I swear to God I moved in Brian's video I swear to God I moved in Brian's video man I swear to god I'm taking my phone end it I swear to god end it no say but like do something we're gonna put this away no and it's with the game we gotta go okay take the camp I can't right now come on let's go no I swear to God very well no but the thing is there is no one here moving in we remember Heidi

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