Opinion | Who can beat Trump? We sift through the crazy-making Democratic field.

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  1. While it will suck, Trump will likely win again if they can keep the economy propped up. Not really that important. Nothing will change until we the people stand up for ourselves. the banks will continue to print and ruin the day. The media needs to report on the fed being stuck in perpetual QE. Story of our lifetimes.

  2. Trump should be Treason.
    Shouldn't be running..won't fitting to run the dog his may kicks the dog …please..so much damages to the country and the world….pleased shouldn't aloud Trump puppets traders dictators crooks !!!!

  3. This is such classic WaPo bias, in a video abt who can beat trump the only two candidates they even talk about having a chance are Biden and Kloubuchar of all people? I’m here really hoping for a Bernie/Warren ticket to blow the rest of the field out of the water, WaPo and NYT won’t know what hit ‘em 😎

  4. Anybody with a brain can beat trumpy. He's a fat lazy dope. Come on ya just need to keep his face off tv but report constantly the ridiculous and evil crap he does. No more everyday seeing him will probably help with the base not thinking of him. So far we have not had one day in his whole term where he is not on tv. Fix that.

  5. I don't think approval ratings matter to the swing states and their districts that Clinton lost. Thinking that the reason they went to Trump was superficial is insulting.

    I'll put it this way, the front runners of the Dem party today haven't changed their tone or message since 2016. It is pure insanity to think that doing the same thing today will produce different results.

  6. That ship sailed in 2016 when Bernie voters were ignored at the Democratic convention. Dems would easily have beaten Trump if Bernie was the VP candidate. Now impeachment is happening or (not happening) and a very disorganized Democratic party. Dems need better pollsters to find someone who can beat Trump. I would suggest they pick Bernie but that is too logical for the Dems.

  7. Or boosting with Sen.either Elizabeth Warren. or Sen. Klobuchar; if you can destroy the bias of your voters about women cannot rule the country…

  8. the president has the advantage which democrat politicians resent are insecure over and have to fake. its not as bad for most republican politicians who were never trumpers, and their arrogance egos and institutional sense of significance adjusts and adapts to americas expectations, which are the presidents priorities promises and instructions. the dnc are basically an snl skit image crisis of ford flopped guilt projection garbage trying to dumb down their incompetence into reverse engineering what they fear are trumps 'strengths' then use them to market their expertise. totally pathetic totally ineffective often entertaining but not in any way helpful for the corrupt disgraced polluted democrat plan for progress. they cant beat trump if they resent what they stand for, and thats with all the consensus ultimatums resources rigged rules amnesia expired obama agency authority endless fake news fiascoes. and even dr ford again.

  9. The thing with the french fries is kind of dumb and gross. And leave the fries 🍟 so we can dump them in the trash already

  10. blibbity blabbity…Hey just a reality moment…to those who understand science…the Ice caps are melting and tons and tons of Methane are being released. Which candidate would lead us best through an ecological Apocalypse, food shortage and water wars?Yeah that's right, Either Superman or Megatron.

  11. Beat Trump at what? Polishing his golf shoes in the Dems arse day in and day out?
    It's all about POWER to you buffoons! Why don't you HELP the POTUS. Why is your goal not to HELP the American people? Just wana get a beat down yet taking L after L…Hate filled cowards the lot of ya.

  12. Waitaminute! Where's Andrew Yang on here? For chrissakes Julian Castro is on here a bunch of times and even his abuelita wouldn't vote for him.

  13. Not only he will solve the issues that got donald trump elected but life for all americans will be better. Andrew yang is the candidate

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  15. To beat Tramp we need something ANDREW YANG not the same old politicians.✓✓
    Otherwise Tramp is going all the way again.

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