Opinion | Trump owns the Republican Party, and there’s no going back

-Abraham Lincoln
had a sense of humor that was way ahead
of his time. Just listen to this joke
he used to tell. Two drunk men in large overcoats
are fighting at a bar. They’re so clumsy that
they manage to fight themselves
into each other’s coats. -Huh?
-So it goes, Lincoln said, with America’s
political parties. Okay, so maybe the joke didn’t
age well, but the sentiment did. Historically, U.
S. political parties
have had a tendency to change their coats
periodically. If you’re having trouble
recognizing the Republican Party these days,
that’s because it’s in the middle of one
of these transformations. Under President Trump, conservatives are scrapping
pillars of the Grand Old Party, embracing policies
historically backed by pro-labor-type liberals. Think Trump’s promises to rip up
trade deals, his protectionism. He’s also ramped up
anti-immigrant sentiments and stoked racial tensions. The party hasn’t done
a complete 180. Its stances on abortion,
gun rights, and revamping the welfare state
haven’t change, but overall, the Republican
Party is undeniably different. How’d it happen? -To understand Trump,
you have to look at the era of Republican Party politics
before him. -That’s Charles Kesler,
a political science professor at Claremont McKenna College
who supports Trump. He’s talking about
the post-Reagan era. To him, it’s defined
by endless foreign wars, trade deals that hurt
American workers, and a global financial meltdown. -The policies of that era were,
I think, not successful and are increasingly seen
by Republican voters as having been a failure. And it’s very important
to understand that Trump came on the scene
as the first, you might say, post-Bush-era
Republican contender. It was Trump who really called
that consensus into question. -This isn’t the first time
in modern American history that a party
has changed its coats. Enter Barry Goldwater. After a contentious primary
in 1964, Goldwater became the Republican
presidential nominee. He ran on a platform
that frightened progressive Republicans. He opposed the newly passed
Civil Rights Act and promoted hawkish
foreign policy. Meanwhile, Southern Democrats
who opposed civil rights for people of color began the
swing to the Republican Party, which culminated in the election
of Richard Nixon. Over time,
the party crystallized into the Reagan Revolution. That’s the establishment
conservatism that powered the Bush era. It’s not surprising for
political parties to be in flux. What is surprising — once a
party starts to change its coat, it’s essentially
unable to slip back. Just consider how many
top Republicans are leaving in Congress. In the House alone,
at least 40 out of 236 Republicans
are leaving office, many who lead
influential committees. And in their place, a new class
of Republicans loyal to the Trump brand. So, what do those conservatives
who feel left out of the party or resent the president’s
rhetoric about immigrants and minorities do? -There’s a point at which
you can no longer say, “My party or the highway.” I had to get off the train.
-That’s Jennifer Rubin, a columnist here at “The Post.” She’s one of the
many conservatives who don’t recognize
their own party. So, what happens
to these politically homeless conservatives? -I think that’s all gonna get
worked out in the primaries and in the election of 2020. Republicans, ex-Republicans
will look around and say, “Who represents me?” And if it’s a Democrat,
they’ll vote Democrat. If there is an independent
candidacy, from a John Kasich
or from a Jeff Flake or from others,
they’ll choose them. I think what they’re not gonna
do is ever vote for Donald Trump. -What we do know is that
the majority of self-identified Republicans
are now on the Trump train. More than 80% of them support
the president, and as the primaries have shown, being a Trump loyalist
has paid off, so this is
the Republican Party’s new coat. It’s not changing anytime soon.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. It's not just Trump the whole of senior GOP members also knew and condoned his actions regards Russsia/monies etc. Thats what they are afraid off, they should be facing the same investigations. There was a direct link between Trump's election team and the GOP they were hand in hand. Thats why they need Kavanaugh he's their get out of jail fix for years to come.

  2. Oh it’s changing real soon. When the nickel and a tickle plan blows up the world economy and ends in war(s), Trumpism is dead along with the GOP.

  3. TRUMP 2020!!! Red is the color of strength!! Might be some blood shed, nose bleeds and some heads rolling, but when the smoke that the left and Demonrats are starting clears, Trump will still be standing and so will his Trumpsters!!! 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  4. The closer republicans stick with Corporatists & racists, the more they divorce themselves from the younger, more inclusive majority. Good riddance!

  5. It is the underlying fault of conservatism…..it is always looking backward not being progressive but regressive….Democrats or progressives never seem to have this issue….yes there are hiccups along the way, but that is only because some group decided that one party was better than the other to further its' own agenda ( i.e. Southern Democrats we in reality Jim Crow Republicans, but because of the Civil War had a hard time aligning with the party that had defeated them)….Ever wonder why Democrats haven't really shifted from their FDR era beliefs….because they are trying to think forwardly and for most Americans….conservatives unfortunately do not and that is why the Republican party …the party of old white men is dying….

  6. It will change with midterms, the Mueller Probe, possible Impeachment, indictments for President Trump, or former President Trump and charges to Trump Enterprises stemming from charges from investigation into Trump Enterprise CFO, who has immunity from prosecution, Trump Charity, misuse use of this Charity Fund and Campaign Funds, paying various women involved in affairs with Donald Trump, indictments of his Don Jr, Ivanka and Jared Kushner and Eric Trump. Collusion with Russians for Trump Tower Moscow, Money laundering, what comes up with Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen. We will see what news Roger Stone is playing hard to get, but will “flip” on the President, as all others have. What the owner of AMI has to say about his dealings with the President. Etc etc etc. Not exactly the best post George Bush era GOP President.

  7. Trump also has 50 million gun owning Americans and the police in this country on his side.
    The DC globalists and media might want to try and remember that.

  8. Some entity that knows how to, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING:
    Create a national non-profit organization that looks out for the interests of the American workers. Could even call it the 'NEO', National Employee's Organization.

    Model it after the AARP that looks out for the interests of older people.

    Anybody would be allowed to join and/or support the organization and those that didn't want to wouldn't have to. It would not be a union but a non-profit organization.

    I can foresee the 'NEO' eventually putting forward political candidates and supporting judges who are sympathetic to their cause. Given enough support, I can even foresee the Constitution of the United States being amended in a clear fashion that even Supreme Court Justices could only interpret one way.

    It's 'We The People' that truly make America great and it's the 'American worker' who actually built America to be what it is.


    Rise up, unite in a national organization, and let's take 'our' nation back!

  9. Consider the following:
    a. When Trump first became President of the USA, he was still seen as being the leader of the free world by the free world, as many Presidents before him were.
    b. Then, Trump is no longer being seen as being the leader of the free world by the free world.
    c. Then, Trump is being seen as being a joke by some nations in the free world, (ie: the balloon of Trump in a diaper).
    d. Then, the latest UN talk by Trump, Trump continues to be seen as a joke by more of the world, free and otherwise.

    So, in less than one term in office, Trump has gone from being seen as being the leader of the free world, to not being seen as being the leader of the free world, to being seen as a joke to some nations in the free world, to being seen as a joke to many more nations of the entire world.

    President Trump has also alienated America's allies and emboldened America's enemies, exactly opposite of what he should be doing.

    President Trump has made America 'Less Great'.

    And let us not forget, it was the Republican party and the Republican party alone, that picked Trump out of all the other candidates they had to pick from.

    Facts are still facts and truth is still truth.


  10. the "rational" republicans think that trump has dragged their party too far to the right for their sensibilities, that their party has become too barbarous for their tastes, they aren't that sort of conservative, all trump has done is to allow the more honest republicans to have their way, and show their true colours, they are 1% cunts and 99% fools, they don't like having to face this

  11. Corporations own the Republican Party. Trump is a clown puppet. The real reason the republicans are pushing Kavanaugh’s confirmation is to protect Citizens United. Too many people are calling for corporate contributions to be banned from politics and that scares the [email protected] out of republicans (and corporate democrats). Why isn’t mainstream media reporting on this and the progressive movement? Because they are corporations in control and support of the GOP agenda. Vote for progressive democrats in November and get corporate money out of politics.

  12. Trump does not represent the Republican Party

    1st: Trump supports eminent domain. It gives the federal government the ability to take private citizens property.  That is not a Republican Principal.

    2nd: Trump supports increased taxes and borrowing large sums of money to get more government involvement for border security or a wall.  In addition to that he wants to put a 20% tax on imports from Mexico.  Those two points showcase Trump not supporting Republican principals on lowering taxes, minimizing borrowing and less government involvement. 

    3rd: Trump supports Protectionism which is the government artificially changing the price of products.  Thereby making it difficult for companies to purchase products from other countries which is against the free market.  Competition of price and quality is required in order to provide the environment in which the consumer decides the best products.  When government interferes the consumer ends up being harmed both in quality and price.  In conclusion Protectionism is anti free market so its not a Republican Principle.

    4th: Trump insulted American U.S. Military Prisoners of War POW's

    If you are going to be ROYALLY SCREWED politically one way or the other, then CORRUPT REPUBLICANS might as well GO FOR BROKE, and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to CHEAT AMERICA, collude with the President and install BRETT KAVANAUGH on the SCOTUS.

  14. Trump has done so much, minority unemployment rates are at an all time low, the economy is booming, and we have talked to North Korea, and signed a deal.

  15. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I think Trump may have created a new branch of the Republican party but most Republicans I know, don't think like him. Likewise, a lot of Democrats I know don't look like the Clintons or Obama. To me, these represent the extremities of both parties, the hyper right and the hyper left. Most of the folks, regardless of party, that I know and spend time with are a lot closer to the middle. I got sick of the bickering and registered as an Independent about 15 years ago. I haven't regretted that decision. I weigh each candidate on the issues that are important to me long before I pay attention to the letter in parenthesis. (D) (R). When you surround yourself with just one point of view, you become so polarized that you become convinced you are right and the introduction of a new idea must be wrong. If you are extreme left, talk to someone who is extreme right and vice versa. It will be extremely difficult on that first day and there will be some issues that we'll never compromise, but in time, we'll find that we're still more alike than we are different.

  16. The whole GOP has given up on principles and now just wants to get their policies enacted and justices appointed even if it is achieved illegally or immorally. I think this is because they see the writing on the wall: The party of old white racist sexist men is on the way out, and they want to grab whatever goodies they can get before they are tossed out. This also is playing out in various states where GOP legislatures are scrambling to remove the power of the offices of elected Democrats in order to undermine the will of the people. It is a hollow shell of a party without any substance other than selfishness inside.

  17. This piece leaves-out the 8-long years of Bill Clinton signing-off on all this rotten legislation to show what a "New" Democrat he was.
    The Populist void Trump has exploited is one created by bipartisan neglect. Democrats of the Clinton era were only too willing to go along with whatever the corporatists wanted; Main St. be damned.
    Even now the Democrats have not exploited bills they used to support in an effort to show good faith to the states that flipped against them for Trump, but to waste time pissing and moaning about anything else so as not to upset their already upset finance masters. Populists positions were once their specialty, now they are too corrupt and indifferent to do much more than play identity politics.
    Rubin and the Never Trumpers will go anywhere where mindless militarism is on the ascent.

  18. In my life i have voted Republican about 80% of the time. I will never vote republican again. I don't know what of the many crimes and misdemeanors ( a lot of misdemeanors ) Trump is guilty of , if any. I do know that the Republicans would not even give the accusations a fair hearing. Like the William Barr hearing in the Senate in April 2019 all the Republicans wanted to do was change the subject to Hillary Clinton. The Republicans are unable to police themselves. They will support a crooked and immoral candidate without question.
    How can I support someone who does not support me. Trump requires complete and utter loyalty to him from his supporters . Bow to Trump. That is not how the system is supposed to work he is supposed to serve us not the other way around.

  19. The GOP…saved the union, freed the slaves, fostered the best economic time period this country has ever seen with lassie fare economics (gilded age; second industrial revolution), turned the US into a international super power (under both McKinley and TR), dished our the roaring 20s and paid off a third of WW1 debt, built the national highway , saved the world from communism, and ushered in the era of small government, leading to phenomenal long term expansion…

    …and they were always a conservative or center right party. How does Trump own them when they were almost always on the right

  20. Most of the republicans are finished, they are very cowardly and are extremly racist. They don’t have a chance next election, especially with that kkk dumbass so called president

  21. It's not that complicated. Donald Trump tapped into the uninformed and tells idiots what they want to hear. He's an authoritarian and the Republican party is glad they have someone with the balls to say what they always thought.

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