Opinion | The GOP is not the party of G-O-D. Here’s why.

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  1. Nebuchadnezzar was supposedly appointed by God. If so , why did Daniel refuse to do his bidding?
    Likewise, true Christians should follow the examples of Daniel and Jesus. Instead, they are acting more like Baal worshipers.

  2. more often than not – it's not God using bad men – for good – ITS MEN USING GOD FOR POWER AND MONEY.. LET ME REMIND YOU OF THE 3 TIMES THE ROOSTER CROWED.. AND JESUS WAS DENIED FOR MONEY..

  3. this is an interesting take on base of Republican Party but I feel the strength of the party relies on their appeal to "traditional" voters. People who have been left behind by the technological progress or simply the progress a section of the country has made. So its modernity versus the traditional. If the traditional folks lean towards religion then that puts religion in the mix. But essentially it is about livelihoods, income and jobs. I mean the Democrats derive their strength from California, New York, and New Jersey and some wealthy states. whereas Republicans hold sway in Mid West , South and Mountain states. The contrast is very stark. My support leans towards the Republicans for the same. As a country America should provide an opportunity for everybody. Give a platform for everybody. And now the Democrats are trying to do that. But they still have some ground to cover. They must get their wealthy donors to do the same.

  4. Words mean nothing when claiming to be Christian's when your policy shows your running errands for the the rich.. putting in policy that overwhelmingly makes them richer.

  5. How mind numbingly stupid and cringeorthy do these religious people sound. God somehow supports a pathological liar in power, who then lies to you continuously.

  6. Third quarter GDP growth is greater than forecast. The forecast is 1.9%. Actually 2.1%

    President Trump has done the job.
    China does not stand up to Trump’s political heavyweight.

  7. The problem with religion is that it is in politics at all. This country was founded on religious freedom. Not a state religion. So Christianity has no more “right” to dominate anything than any other religion. No matter how much you want to invoke “Jesus” for the good of your political party, you are being anti-American In doing so. Religion is a sop for the intellectual simpleton but at least this country is “supposed” to allow you to bow and scrape to whatever images you chose to put your silly faith in. Have an “unblessed day!”

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