Opinion | The Democratic debate issue that is not up for debate

-Racism in America is endemic. It is foundational. We can mark the creation of this
country not at the 4th of July, 1776, but August 20th, 1619. -We have systemic racism
that is eroding our nation, from healthcare to
the criminal justice system. -The generational theft
of the descendants of slaves is part of why everything
from housing to education to health to employment basically puts us
in two different countries. -Strategies like investing
in our children work. We will create an office
in the White House to deal with the problem of
white supremacy and hate crimes. And we will make sure
that systemic racism is dealt with
in substantive plans, from criminal justice reform to
the disparities in healthcare. -Raising to 25% the target
for the federal government to do business with
minority-owned businesses. -90% of people that are incarcerated
in local and state jails, let’s reduce those sentences
for nonviolent offenders, and let’s get them jobs
and let them vote when they get out of prison. -Nobody should be in jail
for a nonviolent crime. -Systemic racism preceded
this president. And even when we defeat him,
it will be with us.

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  1. Patriot's love American's, Democrats hate patriots and the American flag. They preach love to foreigners and hate to patriots. Still wanna be a Democrat. Now you see what they are on the inside. You see they have no heart. No love for America. They are unattached to the real world. Unhinged. Spirituality bankrupt. Walking dead, without natural affections. In moral decay.

  2. 3 months I SAID GOT DAMN when is he going to figure out Your supose to roll over on the floor. Look at the size of you know whos Good doG.. how should we title his TREATS..hmmm let me think

  3. The description states "Systemic racism needs to be dismantled" that is too ambiguous and as a journalist, Kate Woodsome should know this.

  4. Donald J Trump 2020 awesome president the greatest president we've ever had I know the Democrats don't like to hear it but then they can handle the truth

  5. The irony is that the very people who are continually dropping the race and victim card are the same people who are the actual predators and racists. This has resulted in those whole races falsely accused of racism becoming paranoid, afraid to defend themselves and becoming a racist accuser so they are less likely to be accused of racism by the actual racists.

  6. Systemic what??? Oh… wait… these are race baiting democrats. Time to move along… I live in a Systemic FREEDOM country.

  7. Very very I tell you that racism was around when Noah was living on the earth to be or not to be that is the question which time machine do you want to take very very I tell you one by one it wasn't the African-Americans it was the Native American Indians that they had War they had war protect protect their children the loved ones but if we was to talk about racism it's been around when the white man met the Native American Indians it all happens and that's where it started but if we was to go all the way back to Noah to Egypt when Moses said let my people go very very I tell you that all things sing the Bible or wise people will say it has happened

  8. Democrats know so much about racism because they are the racists. They've created an art out of oppressing other people and blaming it on everybody else.

  9. Democrats are the KKK
    Democrats introduced abortion laws then put one in every black neighborhood.
    Obama's FBI = Hitler's SS Squads

  10. Not american, but what is systemic racism? I don’t doubt that plenty of people are racist, but does really law and institution opress blacks in USA?

  11. Yep. The KKK a domestic terrorism organization for 150 years and still not sitting in prison cells where they belong. Then Neo-Nazis, Aryans, and oh yeah, Trump himself.

  12. Oh yeah I see that systemic racism and white privilege everyday at the US Postal Service where I work where 70% of the employees are Black and 30% of those are in management positions and they all have attitudes.

  13. The issue we can't disagree on is that these are all clueless, pandering idiots that can't even manage their own backyards, let alone an entire country.
    Load 'em all up into a cannon & shoot them into Mexico since they love illegals so much.

  14. Stupid Waposhit….You want to deal with racism? Look at what Yang did to that racist comedian! That is the way to deal with racists!

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