Odd Acquaintances

case oh one the fuck was pit egg how's it going what are you doing Oh big sandwich check it out one is all you need first do you have any money yeah fucking shit sike hmm hahaha Oh were you gonna cry you gonna cry now ha ha still think you're funny sweetheart yeah is something the matter yeah I'm batting a thousand right not bad but this will end it yeah yeah thanks huh how do you like this bat puddin come on ah pretty good I'm gonna beat on your skull till I had tonsils I regret everything I forgot everything I've ever done hey yo its full-time job now heavy yes I don't know what oh man me baby me are you ready to order yeah hold on a second I'm looking at the menu are you interested in the don't don't offer me anything I'll tell you what I want you know how you got the six piece Nuggets yes just uh can you give me just four nuggets oh well I'm afraid I cannot be shut up and listen to my order take the six nuggets and throw two of them away I'm gonna rip your eye out and piss on your brain fuck my ass what else step right up and get some what the fuck the white folks and then their ignorant motherfuckers like you you ain't my bitch nigger Oh congratulations you won sorry as motherfucker got nothing on me right

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