Ocasio-Cortez Implies Nancy Pelosi Is Racist For Scolding Her

I've got a lot of criticism for constantly talking about Ocasio Cortez and trying to act like anything she does is you know making a mountain out of a molehill here's the thing she has like four million followers she is very influential and she's representation of the identitarian left in the Democrats I don't like Nancy Pelosi all that much because I think she's an elite multi-millionaire who doesn't really represent American interests and I'm curious how somebody on a salary of $174,000 a year is now worth you know what hundred million dollars plus sure I'm not going to disparage her simply because she's wealthy but it's kind of weird isn't it we then get Ocasek cortez who look at first i praised and i actually do agree with some of her positions I made a video strictly praising her when she said she's gonna team up with Ted Cruz to end the lobbying pipeline spot-on sounds great I praised her for calling for the end of private prisons and I agree with her 100% illegal immigrants in this country are still protected under the Fourth Amendment and have constitutional rights it's a fact it's true but she says nonsense things she she is the worst advocate for environmentalism she makes us all look bad look at this story mone Lee Weyer Ocasio Cortez suggests Pelosi is targeting her because Pelosi is racist now that's that's that they're inferring that from something Ocasio Cortez says but I think it's a fair point to be made because of kasnia Cortez makes the claim that Pelosi is targeting her and singling out women of color specifically I do not believe that Nancy Pelosi is targeting Ocasio Cortez because of her race she's doing it because of Kazu Cortez is ignorant bombastic divisive and I'll and I'll say dangerous Ocasio Cortez repeatedly escalates her rhetoric and is encouraging division in this country it's very dangerous it's also divisive for the Democrats who want to win so when Nancy Pelosi says we need to be united we're a family don't tweet Ocasek where does his response basically you're a bigot let's read with the store let's read a bit about the story and then we'll carry on with the point I'm making from The Daily wire they say socialists rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during multiple recent interviews going as far as to say that she believes that Pelosi is targeting her because Pelosi is racist I think sometimes people think that we have a relationship Ocasio Cortez told The New Yorker Radio Hour not particularly the last time I kind of spoke to her one-on-one was when she asked me to join the join the Select Committee on climate change I was assigned to some of the busiest committees and four subcommittees so my hands are full and sometimes I wonder if they're trying to keep me busy Ocasio Cortez suggested to the Washington Post on Wednesday that Pelosi was racist saying when these comments first started I kind of thought she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm's distance in order to protect protect more moderate members which I understood but the persistent singling out it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color and there we can see the the other shoe drop Ocasio Cortez actually implying the Nancy Pelosi is racist for calling her out it's absurd to me that we have we have these arguments the left claims that if you criticize anybody you're a racist and the Democrats and Republicans do this too with Israel you can absolutely criticize Israel helping in an anti-semite there's an important distinction in what you're criticizing so yes Nancy Pelosi can tell Ocasio Cortez who has four million followers and tweets ridiculously a bombastic things and routinely generates bad press like this to chill out it is not because of her race Oh Cortez in my opinion uses this as a cudgel it's her way of saying I'm gonna strike that Pelosi knock her down with more progressives by accusing or phrases 'im because it's it's look it's victim of a Olympics of course Ocasek res has never done anything wrong she says and it's one of the worst things about it and one of the things I think is so dangerous Ocasio Cortez refuses to ever acknowledge her false she is a dangerous egotist who purposefully makes divisive tweets to piss people off to gain followers to pass the buck and when she's called out for saying her nonsensical things what did she do she doubles down or provides an excuse for once in your life Oh Casa Cortez admit that you were wrong a myth is this is not why she's coming after you Cortez said concentration camps and sparked major national news story it resulted in Holocaust Museum speaking up denouncing her Holocaust survivors that is not the kind of press the Democrats need if they're going to beat Trump and the Republicans in the in the next year and following but Ocasek Cortes doesn't care she's bombastic egotistical narcissistic she said as much she has tweets where she says things like I'm the boss I'm in charge you were just yelling from the cheap seats she is disruptive and destructive to the Democrats and thus Nancy Pelosi criticizes her so what is Ocasio cortez do she pulls the card straight out of the aggressive identitarian left playbook you must be a racist that's the only reason you really criticize me plain and simple let's read on Pelosi has repeatedly mocked Ocasio Cortes and the other three far-left freshmen House Democrats recently telling the New York Times all these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world but they didn't have any following there are four people and that's how many votes they got and that's a cold wake-up call from Nancy Pelosi Twitter is not real life I'd be willing to bet a lot of people on the left you know even so even some modern Democrats follow or know who Cosmo Cortez is but I'll tell you this I was at a skate park recently and while we were arguing some progressive issues some people were further left than I was and some were further right we all agree no Kasich it has kind of jumped the shark but I was thinking about this the other day with all the smear pieces coming out and I want to say something too I grew up skateboarding skateboarders hate cops they have a shirt a hat that said arrest me I'm a skateboarder making the point that cops often you know would arrest detain and find skateboarders skateboarders and cops don't get along now I get it skateboarders want to do tricks that result in that can result in gradual property damage and so the cops have to remove you but but they're the skateboarders are anti-establishment they don't they don't like cops they're urban they tend to be urban and left-leaning something interesting happens I'm getting hit up by pro skateboarders sending a message is cheering me on from rock stars cheering me on I have a poster at my house ordered after by a very famous rock star which cheers me on and I started thinking about this when you get skateboarders I know might sound silly but seriously when skateboarders disagree with you you've done something wrong left okay the skateboarders used to be the left they were progressive hippie and Arkell Punk and now I've got pro skateboarders hitting me up being like what's happening why this people going crazy you do good work come out and skate with us I've been invited to different cities and countries and it's crazy for me to see some of my childhood heroes reaching out saying I love what you do man and I'm like it's crazy I remember being 14 watching that video but these are people who used to oppose the system who are on the left now saying the left has gone nuts and here we are Ocasio cortez is an example of how they've gone nuts skateboarders at the park saying in my face what is wrong with her Nancy Pelosi trying to reel her in and what does she do you must be racist Twitter is not real life Nancy Pelosi is correct they have a large number of Twitter followers what's important is that we have a large number of votes on the on the floor of the house Pelosi said in April she said while there are people who have a large number of Twitter followers she's right on Twitter you have a fake narrative that no one cares about and sure this trickles into the mainstream media and fake news but I think about this all of these smears come out about me and the social media summit lying about me miss framing what I'm saying and trying to make me look bad and I think at the end of the day you know what when regular people out on the street at the skate park rocket you know at clubs and bars disagree with these fringe wackos on Twitter I think we're doing good I think we're doing all right unfortunately this results in a lot of people now believing they're really conservative when they're actually liberals the problem is what's called liberal today is representative of these weird Twitter mobs and people like Ocasio Cortes it's not so they'll try to call me a right-wing because they want to change the they want to shift the Overton Window I have to be right-wing so that way anyone to the right of me is far-right but that's absurd 63 million people in this country voted for Donald Trump and I would not even be right-wing enough to ever do that and a lot of people say when will Tim finally I'm not gonna vote for the guy I'm pro-choice it's a very important position for me anti-death-penalty antiwar I wanna I think private prisons should be ended but I believe in Liberty and free speech and there is no political home for me so there you have it I don't know how we got into a political rant again you know this story about AOC but there it is they say Pelosi also mocked Ocasek retezat an interview with CBS 60 minutes in April while dismissing the far left wing of the party so you know III want to make sure I want to keep this one short I love how there are some media critics claiming that people like me try as hard as we can to get to ten minutes but I hope you all realize all of my videos are a desperate attempt to stop talking it's really funny when there was one tweet about a video I made and some left-wing person said how could Tim Poole talk about himself for half an hour and I'm like oh man that's me restraining myself okay I got too much going on and so I'm gonna try and stop this around ten minutes because I have to get to the White House but you know the last thing I'll mention Pelosi has real examples of Pelosi slamming okazu Ortez I'm not gonna read through all of them again I'm gonna keep this one short and I think as much as I have a disdain for these corporate millionaire Democrats there's their you know there is something to be said for what Nancy Pelosi is is doing in regards to AOC but lastly what do I see multi millionaire elite corporatist Democrats and far-left French identity rien wieder weirdos and who do I vote for Republican who's pro-choice nah that's not I'm sorry that that's pro-life and a lot of other issues economic issues you know it's not really where I'm at politically so I vote for no one that's the truth nobody will see what happens I liked all Sienna like yang but we'll see what happens thanks running out stick around more videos to come and I should have an update after the summit I don't know when this is filmed way early by the way like I've owned everything super quick and it's actually pretty hard for me to do but I've been working really hard I will see you all tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. I'm sorry 10:00 a.m. on this channel unless of course some big news happen to the summit thanks for hanging out I will see you next time you

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  1. Pelosi should know better, she knows only too well that AOC has a WOC/Get Out of Jail Free card and she is definitely not afraid to use it. She knows that if it looks like AOC may come of worse in an argument she would not hesitate to play her "Oppressed victim" card and throw Pelosi to the media wolves and baying Blue-Tick-Twitterati.

  2. That's all they have accusations of unstable emotional states with argument of ignorance.
    Never results worth respect. Just feelings to coddle, regardless of reality.

  3. I've been with you Tim from the times you used to be on the street often with your skateboard doing 'at the scene' journalism.

  4. All that talk about pro-skateboarders saying "come out and skate with us"… Tim Pool x Braille Skateboarding collab incoming?

  5. Tim how could you suggest that it's a fact ILLEGAL immigrants who are NOT citizens have any constitutional rights?? They're not citizens! Prisoners have their rights revoked and when they're in prison and the 4th ammendnent sure as hell doesn't apply to them when guards barge in and do a shake down in their unit. You are absolutely mistaken on that and to try and suggest it is irrefutable fact is embarrassing.

  6. I grew up with skating and playing shows but no one cares because of maturity. Aoc is not beneficial and neither is Pelosi. They’re both horrible but Aoc, Omar and the JD gang are chaos agents.

  7. muhhhh. she doesn't treat me like the disney princess i perceive my self. threre for must be racist.

    leftist women 2019 represent o//

  8. Well, she isn't wrong. If using minorities for political, and monetary gain is racist. But that would make most lefties racist.

  9. How come NO ONE figures out people's money? The LEFT wants to see Trump's tax returns, so I'm guessing Nancy Pelosi's tax returns are available. How come you didn't search those up and tell us how she's worh '100 MILLION' or whatever? Sensationalism is the hallmark of BOTH! the MSM and Citizen media.

  10. This bitch is such a mental midget that ANYONE that has lagetemit criticism of her she labels racist…she can only imagine in her little brain that they can only be critical of her because they are racist…NO sweat heart you are a fucking moron..you don't even understand how the government works.ahe says the dumbest shit .she sounds like a 6th grader with a handicap..this retard yells racist..🤡🤡🤭🤣🥴

  11. Will someone map the correlation between the increase in political hysteria and the increase in women participating in the political process – emotion vrs logic leads to violence.

  12. I find their scrap entertaining. Pelosi's people created this activist generation, and now, it's out of the box. As far as Pelosi as a racist, if Pelosi can freely call Trump a racist, then I am fine with her being called one.

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