Obama’s Latte Salute: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show

(energetic music) – In new developments
tonight on the fallout from what many are calling
president Obama’s latte salute. (dramatic music) – Everyone’s talking about
the disrespectful way the President saluted
a Marine yesterday with his latte in his hand. (dramatic drum beats) – Here’s the other problem
with it, with the picture. He has a free hand. The other hand, he’s
holding his tie down. – [Man] His heart wasn’t in it. – How disrespectful was that? – [Man] A Marine manual
states do not salute “when carrying articles
with both hands or being otherwise so occupied as to make saluting
impractical.” – [Woman] Sloppy, ill
though out, inappropriate, callous, selfish
and disrespectful. – Are we surprised? I mean, after all, we’ve
got a chai-swillin’, golf playin’, basketball
trash talkin’, Osama bin Laden is
dead, GM is alive, community organizing
commander in chief. How disrespectful was that? (dramatic music) (The Daily Show theme music)

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  1. An ex-soldier I know once told me about how he’d saluted an officer who happened to be holding an ice cream cone while walking with his wife. The end result was the officer having to wipe ice cream off his face and hair, while his wife couldn’t stop laughing. 😁 I’ve heard similar stories off and on from various people, because the salute becomes an automatic response, and sometimes our instincts kick in before we have time to access the situation. If Obama had done this sort of thing constantly, that would be different; I’m willing to forgive him the occasional protocol slip-up.

  2. oh man i'm cathing up on 5 days of clips — thought the obama short sleeve scandal was a one-off — But it's a series! Better be at least 34 episodes long because you know they were crying BS the whole time Obama was in office

  3. Having a current President who has far worse behaviours doesn't make this Obama gesture acceptable. It was simply disrespectful.

  4. I respect the parents or spouses or women who had a veterns baby, but iam not gonna complain every time that person does something, because Im not getting paid to complain,

  5. oh for FUCK´S sake. You guys in the US are a bunch of snowflakes getting all sentimental about flags and anthems and the military

  6. WTF they fine the smell shit and it’s his fault Trump is shutting down the government for the 2 time 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Americans pay attention to minor details and disregard things that that destroy the whole society! This is ridiculous! #unbelievable!

  8. Everything good ended with O for Obama. Now in the Trump era all we have is –
    P for President Pussy-grabber, Q for Quintessential bastard, R for Red Maga hat wearing Republicon Rat-bastards, S for Sniveling selfish snakes, T for Tax-evading Treasonous Traitors, U for Ugly hair, V for Viscous attacks in the name of vapid causes, W for Witch Wife, X for XXX-whore banger, Y for Yes-man owned by Putin, Z for Zealot cult fueled Presidency. The end.
    Lets close the book on this and start over with something good again. Looking forward to 2020 – the year Americans see clearly again!

  9. Obama sucked, but Republicans were trying to nitpick and throw any
    kind of irrelevant mentally retarded poo at him, and then turn around
    and back a complete fuck up narcissist incompetent dotard all the way to
    the bitter end. Retards.

    There were real reasons Obama sucked – watch the ending of Fahrenheit 11/9, Michael Moore hits on some of them. A Latte salute is not one of them…

    Let's say your first wife forgot to hug and greet you at the door one day when you came home from work, so you picked a fight with her over it and divorced her because of it.

    All your friends ripped on her, and told you you could do better. So you remarried some woman that promised you the moon, and told you, she could make marriage great again. You bought it because you were a sucker and believed any stupid shit you were told.

    This second wife, on the other hand… she embarrassed you in the whole neighborhood with her antics, but worse, she ran up a 5 billion dollar debt on your credit card to hire some gypsies to build an unneeded wall around your house.

    Which wife was worse….? First wife not looking bad at all by comparison…

  10. That’s stupid. -__- oh gosh if we all die when we get offended. I’m pretty sure no even third of the population will be alive.

  11. I can’t help but to laugh at this as if it’s that serious at least he didn’t put it down somewhere like Trump normally puts his stuff down somewhere.

  12. I guess he didn’t have a hand free to salute the people risking their lives protecting our family’s in this country, the same people who died to keep us safe😥

  13. The talking heads at Fox News look so ridiculous in retrospect and it doesn't phase them one bit. Republicans have stopped caring about looking like hypocrites.

  14. U dumbass… don't u know that one cannot salute with his/her left hand…the salute is always done with the right hand……..stop bullshitting…and respect the fact that he saluted the marine even when his hands were full…


  16. I like how the other scandal videos at the end showed another president doing the same thing that Obama is getting criticised for, but this time it said "no president has done worse", but no picture shown. Like it's up to our imagination of what another president has done that was worse. And we would be right.

  17. I mean after all we got a chai swillin, golf playin, basketball trash talkin, uh, Osama bin diet ladin is dead, GM is alive. A community organizer commander in chief. How disrespectful was that!?

  18. Stop, Stop, Stop, NO MORE, I can't take anymore of this shit. I think I'm gonna be sick, I'm about to throw up, too much racism, my head hurts, and people actually listen to these people.

  19. And Obama never held a rally so he could get his supporters angry and encourage them to hurt people that disagreed with him; he never threatened to shut down the media because they were only reporting negative things about him; he never threatened to close the government to get his way (no, that was the Republican's because they didn't want to fund the ACA); he didn't spend hours on Twitter ranting and raving about fake this and failing this or the biggest, the best, the most…blah, blah, blah. Obama didn't say a word about any of it…he was secure enough in who he is to not be bothered; however, we should all be bothered by the way that man was treated. Take the political side of it out and just look at the things that were done while he was in office and it is shameful, racist, dripping with hate, intolerance and it's disgusting. How anyone supports the moral-less Republican party is a question we should all be asking? How anyone can turn on FOX and think that it's "news" is something that we should all be asking? Where is the failure…education or lack there of? To put Trump into the most powerful position in the country; to have Fox as the most viewed "news" station…we are failing as a society.

  20. Barack Obama kill more people with drone strikes then any other president and also got them Nobel Peace Prize the list of his scandals? Too many to list Google it if you dare

  21. I stopped watching television in 2002 that's why my family and I are not fucking idiots that believe the state-run media Bizarro bulshit

  22. We gotta Clown 🤡 in Office humping old glory like a dog in heat but a latte salute is unpresidential. Who running FOX&LIES Gerbils in a spin wheel!!!

  23. I missed the Trevor Noah story about Eric Holder, or Lois Lerner, or Eric Shinseki, or god forbid Hillary Clinton. Can someone post a link?

  24. Biden Claims Not ‘One Single Hint Of A Scandal’ During Obama Administration. Here’s Eight Scandals Off The Top Of Our Head.
    by Joseph Curl 19 June 2019

  25. Biden Claims Not ‘One Single Hint Of A Scandal’ During Obama Administration. Here’s Eight Scandals Off The Top Of Our Head.
    by Joseph Curl 19 June 2019

  26. Obama how could you, couldn't you have just tweeted racist stuff, or have multiple sexual assault allegations against you.

  27. 0:54 Oh Yeah? I Got One Better.

    Mr. ExtensiveGolfPlayer OrangeSprayTanWearing FailedBusinessMan ButtholeMouthHaving TwitterAllDayDoing JustBeingAGeneralStupidLookingGuy NotKnowingPoliticsAllTheWhile TryingToActProfessionalBut LookingStupidInTheProcess Commander In Chief.

  28. How disrespectful you are to your president with all these Petty complaints you can't find anything else so you just get more Petty with every time you try to disregard your president now you got Trump I don't hear you all talking about the truly disrespectful uncouth things he does but you back him up what you all have done wasn't sure that I never watch Fox again

  29. Obama was condemned for a wearing a tan suit and holding a drink in his hand while saluting a soldier. But Trump can Grabb women by their Pussy and Kiss them without their consent and fuck a pornstar named Stormy Daniels and the Republicans say nothing.

  30. Remember when Obama had the audacity to wear a tan suit?
    Fox news acted like he threw the flag on the grill and peed on it. These right-wing wackos are insane.

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