Obama Is Just A Politician, NOT A Leader

this country is one hundred percent
owned by the corporations and their lives our politics have been taken over as a wholly owned subsidiary of
corporate america and today we found out dates so as per our cobol and it is disappointing now one of you
might say oh you’re so naive chain of course brock was never into anything he
said he was gonna do of course is owned by the corporations
etcetera etcetera but i don’t think that was that of
course i know he’s a politician a i’m not that naive uh… but you know uh… f_b_i_ was a politician yet he
brought real leadership and it is possible to be a politician and be
a real leader at the same time but based on news today it appears a bronco obama is just the
politician and not really a leader now those are heavy words so because we found out today uh… that of course despite the fact that no republicans are
going to vote for any of his bills uh… so there’s no need to placate
republicans is no need to have peas them he’s i decided that he’s not going to
apologies you know the announced that he was going
to give a dramatic speech next wednesday and i was fortunate to get a little
excited as a quote dramatic speech next wednesday now here comes i’ll fight for health
care read the article as are ok all right now cuz morocco bali realized rich you have the republicans does make
a difference now we’re actually represent our case instead he’s gonna crumble like the
house of cards espy should be really exciting we will
cover a lot on the order of soccer uh… exciting to see how uh… old bomber crumbles and our hopes
crumble long with it and i think as those on the road being
fair because he’s not really crumbling it’s like he never intended to do change
the first place polls have as i’ve said a million times
the public option at anywhere between seven to eighty percent approval rating
in the country he has sixteen democratic senators he
has huge majorities in the house and now he realizes never dishonorable
them both anyway so there’s no point in negotiating or compromising if is perfect situation to go to the public option ahora of real
health care reform and he’s going to give it up anyway without a fight without a fight so they came in they scream many other heads off in august in the
town hall events and although i thought you know obama’s
getting swept boat it here nesler’s to come and talk about today
out he’s getting swept voted and how is not counter what turns out he’s not countering cuz he doesnt want
account he doesn’t know how in the fight he doesn’t want the public action he doesn’t want real health care reform cassie made a deal i’d smoke i thought
maybe my eyes are deceiving me maybe he’s playing chess you know this
huge or bomb offense and always talk about how does it tactician and he’s
playing like three-d_ chessen you can’t move the pieces around in the
next thing you know while out in amarillo cure for now was of course the reality was much
more obvious he invited the pharmaceutical companies
and he invited all the different healthcare private assurances private a
sector companies and and he made deals with them and they
will use all of their own eyes we saw you made the deals they did not know
that’s that now i think they made those bills because he’s going to have the public
option now the public option is competition for that private industries in up to
date don’t what that competition they want to keep very feet limited competition so they can keep increasing our premiums
as they have been doing for less than twenty years at least dramatically in the last ten years under
nineteen percent of last ten years you know what’s really sad about it is
that i lost a little and some picture brocco bomb online
network cooling i mean that might sound funny right i don’t know i it means something to me
like i what i mean by coolest like are okay a guy who really jesse of course was involved in politics
i understand that it were not asking for some state become
that was a politician it all but seem to care about
that have rich guy seem to fight for them sing the fight
against corruption etcetera etcetera obama isn’t that guy apparently is not that guy he’s a
politician and uh… what’s all that talk about the
lobby summoned humming the campaign how many times you have all of that speck on
the lobbyists oh acts that good one that’s a good one now turns out that i
can take out a lot to say to cut the as well this white house is ron uh… it appears almost completely by rahm emanuel and that’s another thing that my eyes
are not deceiving me when he hired rama manuals as she was seven i want to ask
of a curious choice that’s a guy wins political fights from time to time
no question about it is very good with politics if you only care about politics it would
take rahm emmanuel as his chief of staff but he’s not a guy who cares a lot about
policy if you want the right policy rahm
emanuel sold on the river etc heartbeat he did in this case he did a from the
get go so when he i run a knows it well maybe
he’s playing chess without looks like a bad sign went quiet private companies to cut
deals with them i was like maybe explain just but sounds like a bad sign so today political reports in george stephanopoulos reports on a_b_c_
that yes in fact dave killed the public option they have no
intention of fighting for them when he comes and blows a speech next wednesday he’s gonna give you know half-hearted effort no more pretty
worried since cetera center but the heart of the change has been
ripped out and handed over the corporation so uh… we did not get we would what we
bargained for he’s not a guy to get excited over apparently is not a real
leader uh… and uh… carpeted the anymore disappointing that enikku if this was the guy that we had any kind of
open right we know the other democrats are largely
politicians right but we don’t cd field bomb was there for and if he’s not different that he is
owned by the corporations what hope do we have ram anyhow uh… look the only hope you have is for
campaign finance reform okay if you don’t change the way washington
works fundamental they and what happens is that the
lobbyists or corporations give all the money to the politicians they pay them basically have to run their campaigns of course they’re going to do the bidding of the
lobbyists what do you work for you are pretty bad is it right the lobbies pay these guys and that’s why they work for that if you don’t change that equation and
have these politicians work for the people actually voted for
them the people are supposed to represent then we’re gonna lose all of the spots we’re gonna lose all of them we’re gonna listen to republicans
realism the democrats anytime at at finally on this note i don’t really get me wrong it’s not
like a next time around i’m gonna sit out an election on the book for ralph
nader although possum far beyond that or any other outside uh… person who
might not be appalled that you might not go along with this stuff uh… and i’m not saying that all
bombing bouchard and it will be able to say that i think they’re upset
absolutely absurd right happier that this politician isn’t
charge rather than bush yeah i’m happy is eager to get us real change no but is
it the little kid you see a lot of other republicans of
course he is that’s what makes me a little less
hopeful about our politics today in america because next time around i’m not to vote for the guy yet cooler where do book for a lunatic wahid
all the right wing options we have to fundamentally change the
system so that battle begins today skid battle is gonna take a long long
time of the intended recipient warnings
rotate but we all have to work together the change this system the problem is campaign finance reform
as long as is lobby is paid these guys they’re gonna work for the lobbyist and it doesn’t matter what party
therefrom we begin that battle today and it’s not about a purely castle bomb
of course or purely guess republicans now it’s against both parties or you know wholly owned aries of corporate america

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  1. I never believed it myself because I never read the whole constitution that I thought it was all comon sense. Apparently I'm wrong here. There was never the word DEMOCRACY in the bill. According to the original constitution bill
    Article. IV
    Section. 4.

    The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion……

    So the existance of democrats is a threat to the constitution? I can't believe it

  2. I knew last year that Obama would be a disappointment, that's why I voted for Ralph Nader. Many of you will say that I this was a futile gesture and I wasted my vote, but Nader was the only candidate for president with enough integrity to tell the moneyed interests in Washington to fuck off.

  3. You're right, being racist is retarded. Although he's the second most stupid person on youtube. You get first prize. Congratulations. You win the pity of everyone else! Don't spend it all in one place.

  4. LOL…. fdr?? FDR WAS A HORRIBLE PRESIDENT! do you have any idea how much debt he added?? jesus christ man. our capitalist economy recovered DESPITE FDR. dont believe your highschool history books.

  5. poor cenk i feel the same way too, so disapointed. im starting to believe that money can corrupt just about anyone. is there anyone who cares about the people anymore?

  6. Who knows if America will ever be changed. No matter — it is completely unreasonable and naive to think that 9 months is enough time to "fundamentally change the system." Come on.

    We all know that Americans have developed an expectation for immediate gratification, and it's really having a negative effect on our society. Wait 5 minutes, will ya?

    Obama is far from a perfect leader. However, the world is waiting for him to flip the magical switch — a switch that sadly does not exist.

  7. Wow a lot of negative comments here ey.

    Personally I really liked this vid (fav!) because I've been iffy on exactly what to think of Obama, in exactly the way you say in the vid. That is, is he a good guy playing the game of politics or just another guy wanting to make money.

    More and more I realize that at the end of the day, government doesn't really run the world, business does, and I wonder if it really even matters who you vote for. What really matters is what you spend your money on.

  8. I agree, take out the lobbyist money and allow run-off elections so third parties have a chance; otherwise a third part candidate will never get any serious votes.

  9. It's not that Democrats aren't on board for Obama's "public option," it's that they're not on board for such a lame one. They want a strong public option, not the pussified version of it.

  10. BarkingBobby,

    You make me laugh bro… if there's anybody that's WORSE off than Obama right now, it's the Republicans.

    I have the feeling that 2012 is going to finally be a turning point for 3rd parties, because it's obvious to just about everybody now that the Democrats and Republican parties are both completely inept at running this country.

    The Republicans are blathering idiots that wouldn't know a good idea if it bit them in the ass, and the Democrats have no spine to speak of whatsoever.

  11. At this moment, it looks like it won't happen but not for those reasons. Obama didn't over reach, he sold out.

    Nobody wants this version of a "public option." The Reps don't want it bc it has the potential to be bad for business, and the Dems don't want it bc it gives too much leeway to the insurance companies and Big Pharma. It doesn't satisfy anyone.

  12. The only place where racism still exists ironically is in AFRICA lol. Africans are killing each other, and still acting like a 1970's version of the stereotypical black man by hating white people. White people hasn't been racist since like the 1970's. Racism is dead, yet black people still going around claiming racial inequality, then go discriminate against a white person. Not cool.

  13. The Young Turks are a bunch of stupid assholes.
    Seriously? Obama hasn't FULLY done all the things he said he would, but he's in the process. You can't turn a country around in 4 years, I wouldn't expect it to be more stable for atleast 10. And not everything happens overnight. Obama hasn't even been in office for a year. Lay off his nuts.

  14. I'm very happy that someone is finally bringing this issue to the forefront. The problem also is that the media is corperate. So a candidate who doesn't work for the corperations (like ron paul last year) won't get crap for media coverage, thus the masses won't vote for them.

  15. Obama gave great speech's about how he was gonna CHANGE the system….Turns out that was ALL talk! The only people that possible still be supportive of Obama are either ignorant whites and blacks!

  16. So many say that mainstream media is useless. Well, when the 2000 election was rigged I knew it was from watching CNN. And I was very bothered by it and what Bush did while in office! When it was announced that Obama was running for president, I knew they were doing a better job of selling someone this time! And you can understand it from watching regular news, If you pay attention to politics, you will see it's almost nothing but lip service! They're selling fertilizer folks!!

  17. my grandfather got turned away from a hospital because he didn't have insurance. You don't know what you are talking about, stop worshipping fox

  18. The Republicans party's views are very closed in and tight knit- this proved an ironic advantage because the Democrats are all over the place in regards to what they want and the reason why Obama can't get much done

  19. rawstory (dot) com / 2009 / 2009 / 12 / sixty – percent – americans – support – public- option/

    At least 58% of Americans support the Public Option (not the same as the current bill).

    Hospitals dump patients who can't pay all the time out in Los Angeles.

    "only 30,000 people die a yr without healthcare"

    That's unheard of for other industrialized countries. Our system is also the most expensive and covers the least people of any system among "1st world" countries.

  20. As usual TYT are way off, but they are right about one thing: Obama is a politician, not a leader. But they were wrong about why. Even many democrats are not as radical as Obama, and they finally understand that Obama's policies in the health care bill are actually harmful for Americans. Obama just didn't have the votes to pass the public option. Not because of republicans, but because of those in his own party! By the way FDR was an awful president, and his "new deal" a nightmare.

  21. Sarah Palin the REAL LEADER that this country needs! She is GOD's CHOSEN ONE, GOD INCARNATE and the LIVING EMBODIMENT OF GOD HERSELF! She is the REAL MESSIAH and SAVIOR! She will be America's GREATEST POTUS of ALL TIMES and will bring REAL CHANGE to this country!

  22. actually, 1929 with the stock market crash. hoover didnt do anything cause he was a "lame duck" by that point in his term

  23. What?! THIS is the last time you people criticized Obama?! SEPTEMBER? How many times has he fucked up since then? HOW many? You might want to stop bragging about "balance" if your whistle-blowing is THIS far apart!

  24. @QuartuvLarry

    Not nearly as many times as Bush did in the first year. At least he didn't bring us to a pointless war within a year. (A situation better saved for Spec-Ops, and Black-Ops.) At least we weren't attacked within the first year…

    Is Obama a politican? Yes. He made promises to the companies that paid him, just like both Bushes, Clinton, Regan, Nixon, LBJ…all the way back to Wilson.

    As Cenk says, they're not Saints…You want Saints, watch the SuperBowl on your DVR

  25. AMEN to this broadcast!

    Thank you for bringing to the attention of the politically numb people that blindly vote for a Bush or Obama that all these people are fueled by a system that gives Big Business the best shot at getting the laws they do and don't want. Politicians work for Big Business, Senators and Congress works for the people, they just haven't done their job in a long time.

  26. Not radical enough? He's going after our righteous freedom to bear arms! When will a tyrant ever be radical enough for these tards?

  27. @MisterMasterShafter i cant believe you trailer trash have the internet… wow… i may make alot of money, but i still give back. did you even graduate high school bitch?

  28. FDR brought us the Emergency Banking Act of 1933. I voted for Obama bc he represented change but he's kept the same monetary policy and foreign policy as Bush. He extended the Patriot Act, is supporting nafta, and the hc bill he supports will help insurance and pharma corps more than anyone. I thought he would respect the Constitution but apparently he'll go against it to pass hc "reform" Ron Paul might not be perfect but he's not paid off or interested in it like BO. or Bush. need a new party

  29. The Slaughter Solution is a dagger aimed at the heart of our system of checks and balances. It would enable the Democrats to establish an ominous precedent: The lawmaking process can be rigged to ensure the passage of any legislation without democratic accountability or even a congressional majority. It is the road to a soft tyranny. James Madison must be turning in his grave.