Norah O’Donnell: Journalism Makes Democracy Work

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  1. I was hoping to see a mud wrestling between Nora and Gayle before deciding who leaves the morning show ( the air did get thicker toward the end).

  2. She's sickening. "News is what we need to make democracy work." And I'm sure this has been her life's goal.

  3. There were 40 women walking around and talking about being sexual harassed by her co hoist Charlie Rose, in her office, but Norah O’Donnell knew nothing about it. Give me a break. So what does CBS do? Promotes her.

  4. Journalism works when journalists are honest. When we have people like Catie Couric editing interviews, as she did a gun rights group's answers, then journalism fails.

  5. Why is that whenever they want a woman to do the news, they look for twits from the morning show. How about someone a bit more intellectual?

  6. What's wrongy? You got madsky because the demskys tried to file for impeachy, but most of the demskies said NO to it during the votskies, and lostskies?

    hehe, haha, hehe, haha, hehe.

    Dance tools, dance!

    Cover thatskies, Colberty.

  7. CBS , ABC, and NBC are Democrat party super pacs. Citizen's United should never be overturned because of this. Jeff Glor was more centered.

  8. Calling a spade a spade is technically steeped in racism as well & if you aren't calling a racist a racist, you aren't calling them out truly either.

  9. All I like is Maddow for news because she teaches the news including historically necessary information and interviews one person at a time. Rachel asks good questions and doesn't bring someone on to fight with them. Any time I turn on other news shows and it's a bunch of talking heads fighting each other I decide I don't watch that show anymore. So all I watch is Rachel now.

  10. CBS this morning is not the same. I find myself switching channels since she left. She gave them creditability.

  11. "How to talk to practically anybody" by Barbara Walters! I read that so many times as a teen. It is dated but a lot of it still holds up!

  12. She was great back when she was the White House correspondent, now she represents the death of journalism.

  13. I watched Nora 2 days ago and yesterday. Please CBS, don't make her look too tough, too serious, and talk too slowly like you did Katie Couric. Think of Diane Sawyer and how pleasant she looked while still being trustworthy. I liked Katie when she was on the Today show but not when she was your anchor. And Jeff when he was anchor on the weekends he was very pleasant. Then, you turned him into a robot with no personality when he became main anchor. Nora is becoming that way too. Even I had to switch to watch Lester in between for a change. The extremely slow pace is also a problem and has been a problem since Scott. These days people come home after work and they want to get news and relax at the same time. And with us constantly being on smartphones and tablets, patience for slowness is less and less.

  14. How dare they call what they do journalism? Years ago reporters would've broadcast that Trump's opponents charge that his recent Tweets are racist. Now they don't even pretend to be objective and label them racist. They think they have the right to tell the American people what we should think.

  15. I had a baba waawaa book whose title was "how to talk to practically anybody about practically anything", and to this day I remember the "shaggy dog" story.

  16. I believe in integrity … We called the comments racist, but we didn't call Trump one … Wow Norah you'r dictionary is way different than mine.

  17. If person sets fire to buildings couple of time in his life and gets caught, he is an arsonist; if he sells drugs few times and gets caught, he is a drug dealer; if he commits an sexual assault (rape of a minor) once and gets caught, he is a sexual predator. Funny how Trump did more abhorrent things and got caught, yet he is not labeled because he holds the Office of the Presidency. Yet he is not a racist when he antagonize and stereotypes people because of their culture, sex, race, nationality, and economical circumstances. Call a racist a racist.

  18. She's not a journalist, she's a housewife masquerading as a news reporter.

    When her face gets wrinkles, her boobs sag, and her ass is less tight, she's off the CBS News.

  19. Trump is a minor problem. He is a carrier, like Hepatitis b, of worldview of hate and devaluation of people; however, the major problems are coming from the G.O.P. leadership and top 1% who is like minded and has an agenda and a narrative they are pushing- " devaluation of 'type' of people," (from infectious hep. b to cause CANCER) for power and position. Sad to say, they have infected some "Christians"- who are serving their idols- person and party,  Republicans, and the White Nationalist, and others who might be our family and friends. Thus the sad reality is to see "this cancer" is killing America, our families, and destroying friendships.

  20. Awwww! She's so cute an innocent to think CBS will allow her 30 minutes of integrity each night. How does she maintain that fine sheen of naiveté at 45 years old? She must have received a Goop gift basket for xmas.
    I can't wait for her signoff of:
    This country is run by pedophiles and rapists. The world is burning! Good luck and good night!

  21. Shortest time on CBS Evening news EVER . Norah O'Donnell. Jeff did news. SHE does leftist propaganda. ANTIFA ANTI FIRST AMENDMENT.

  22. There are three people who hate the free press, ironically, they all begin with a D.
    Dictators, Despots, and Donald.

  23. What they did to Jeff Glor to promote someone who injects feminism into most every aspect of her reporting isn’t objective reporting. It’s politically correct “castration” demoting him to Saturday mornings. Shame on you CBS.

  24. I think we should treat the presidency and all gov agencies to be treated like jury duty. Obviously you'd need to be qualified but then again in the world of Trump the village idiot gets a cushy job. My idea is to take the money and special interest out of government. If positions are random and unpredictable then you eliminate this pipeline of politians waiting for their turn. I'm not being totally serious but the need to get curruption, special interest and money out of politics is way past due. No party is innocent so non-trumpers or Trumpers this still applies to whomever you currently support.

  25. That phrase is LITERALLY in the federal government booklet as an example of racism! It's in there to tell ypu not to use it, which you should feel is correct.

  26. Not in the "journalism" that started after the OJ trial and the National Inquirer. Then MSNBC and FOX and their obsession with president Clinton's affair. Then when newspapers cut their investigative journalists and fact checkers.

  27. This is precisely why the current regime is waging war against education, and demonizing what is left of the Free Press.

    An informed electorate can make informed decisions: a populace kept ignorant, and forced to consume only state propaganda, cannot.

  28. Maybe this propagandist whore should try doing actual journalism instead of lying Americans into wars for Israel

  29. Democracy needs a free and reliable press. that's not even an opinion. it's basics. It's crazy that propaganda channels like fox news are allowed to go with that label.

  30. SOme useful trivia: the song she walked out to was an Issac Hayes tune that the Geto Boys sampled on 'My Minds Playing Tricks on Me"

  31. The most trusted voice in America (W.C.) flat out said he would rather follow satan, than to…
    ? cliff hanger / no spoiler. WAKE UP! FIGURE IT OUT!
    The INFORMATION from ABC, NBC and even CBS is anemic and bias. I get my news from alternative REAL sources. FOX? Nooo.. not just them, but WORLDWIDE non-mainstream sources, most of which have NO POLITICAL bias, such as what is happening with protests, not the cause or alleged cause, and events that have NOTHING to do with government. There are things going on, from deep space on down to planet Earth, that MSM barely touches upon, at most, which you probably do not know about, by vast majority. How MSM really fails us all is to ignore the facts and report OBJECTIVELY vs. subjectively… the main subject at the top of the news hour, being FOCUSED upon POTUS Trump bashing, by every subtle verb and adjective, found in demeaning character defamation and assassination. While HIS OWN excessive verbiage points to being a narcissistic buffoon, so does that of MSM newscasting. Want to stop it or lessen his critical comments? Then realize where it begins, WITH YOU! Stop the far leftist slant, such as calling ALL things that are RIGHT ''far right'' and ALL things that are WRONG ''right wing''. Do you REALLY believe that We the People are that stupid and ''dumbed-down'', by majority?!
    Get REAL!!!
    BTW, the ''squad'' was NOT elected by due democratic vote process. At very least, this proven by a scientist who studied Google algorithms, testifying before U.S. Congress AND who is a Democrat that supported Hillary Clinton. OBJECTIVE VIEWS = FREEDOM OF SPEECH… and
    TRUTH, based upon FACTS! Enough said.

    Take THAT, Soros puppet, poster-BOY (S.C.).

  32. She said what Trump said was racist; she did not call him a racist. So, what makes her any different from the other cowards?

  33. Norah O'Donnell belongs in the babe class. It's not just looks. There are plenty of women that are very good looking, but not babes. I don't know how to explain it exactly. It's not even flirtation. You know'em when you see'em. Cobie Smulders, Erykah Badu, Heather Locklear and Hale Barry. I'm not sure, but it might have something to do with being calm and attractive. There is a serenity to being a babe.

  34. If it is journalism that makes democracy work, then it is journalism that must take the blame for the extremely dysfunctional 'democracy' we are experiencing under Trump. Especially since it was the press that anointed him and gave him all that free coverage by letting him dominate talk shows talking about what a wonderful President he was going to be.

  35. Journalism? Or double speak by people who have their own opinions and shove it down people's throats without doing any objective coverage at all?

  36. NORA you are a compulsive liar: just happened to be watching Judge Judy and you come out on the Mueller report and you go on to said it upset the President; NO IT DID NOT STOP BEING A COMMENTATOR AND JUST BE A-REPORTER; which in reality is a line reader ASSHOLE:

  37. TIL that Norah O'Donnell isn't on NBC anymore. I remember back in the day when Norah O'Donnell and Kelly O'Donnell went on Lawrence O'Donnell's show to talk about Christine O'Donnell.

  38. I agree she's quite attractive but that's not the point. TV has loads of attractive women, yet once you get past the first impression there's little beyond that to admire. Nora's grace, compassion, and knowing the tough questions to ask makes her stand out.

  39. really, how do you STOP asking questions? particularly the ones they don't want to answer?
    ….her answer was great tho 😀

  40. Good luck with that. Nobody wants to hear the truth anymore, they want to hear their truth. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

  41. Head of CBS: Trump may be bad for America, but he's great for our profits.
    Sorry, but corporate news is useless propaganda. Very little they report can be trusted.

  42. I used to like Norah. But she's another one that's pleasing her donors. "I didn't call him a racist, but his tweets are". C'Mon Man! That's like someone killing another person and then the mainstream media going "I'm not calling them murders, just their actions were murderous." GTFOH! If it walk like a duck, quack like a duck, IT'S A DAMN DUCK! But the mainstream media might say it's a quail because they both have feathers. Smdh.

  43. I hate her so much that instead of enduring her for 30 minutes, I'm watching old reruns oh MASH!!!! Send her back to where ever she came from!!!! Will not watch world news as long as she is host!!!!!

  44. Most of the commentary I've read here is wrong because it is mostly left-leaning. I understand Norah O'Donnell is also left-leaning so the affinity is expected. Unfortunately, leftism is wrecking America. Start with the #MeToo movement. Complete bull crap and dividing America – not helping at all. Let's go to anti-Trump movement. HE WON THE ELECTION! In a democracy, citizens give the winning political party a chance to govern. In 4 years, then defeat him at the ballot box. There is much more illness with Leftism, but you understand my point.

  45. Her laugh used to be a lot crazier or she's fake laughing here. She could've been fake laughing the whole time and just tamped it down.

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