Nine Conservative Groups Have Been Bulk-Buying Trump Jr.’s New Book

According to a new New York times report,
at least nine different conservative organizations and uh, I guess high profile people in the
Republican party, some politicians, some former politicians, whatever it is. But at least nine different ones have been
caught bulk buying copies of Donald Trump Jr’s new book triggered. And those bulk buying procedures are what
helped buy his way to the number one slot on the New York times bestseller list a slot
that, by the way, he only held for a couple of weeks before getting knocked down. So what does this tell us? Right? I mean the New York times is the one who puts
out that list of the best sellers and then the New York times comes out now and tells
us, Oh yeah. A lot of it was because you had all these
groups, including the Republican national committee, including turning point USA, including
the actual Trump campaign itself, including the campaign of a Republican house, minority
leader, Kevin McCarthy. They’re all buying tons of copies of the books
and using them to either resell themselves or give them out at events or a little bit
of both. You donate a certain amount of money to a
campaign and they’ll send you a copy of the book. But that is the biggest reason why Donald
Trump Jr’s book triggered made it to the top of that New York times bestseller list. And as we have discussed in the past, it only
takes about $250,000 worth of book sales to get on to the bestsellers list. Now obviously it’s going to take considerably
larger amounts than that to make it to number one, but that’s also why Trump jr didn’t stay
at number one for very long, just two maybe three weeks, maybe not even two. The reason is because all of those bulk purchases
were made when the book was immediately released or they were preorders, which means they go
through the day the book is released, so they only count for that first week. The fact that the book fell from the number
one spot so quickly indicates that those sales did not continue among the average public. You know the, the book buyers, they weren’t
buying it, but all those bulk orders went in first day and pushed him up to number one. That’s why that happened. There is nothing illegal about this folks,
so don’t worry about that. Donald Trump jr is in no trouble here. It’s technically not even unethical. It’s dishonest. Sure, but that’s actually the fault of the
New York times best seller list. If, if they don’t want people doing this,
buying their way to the top of the list and change the way you count it. Don’t count bulk sales count individual people
walking into a bookstore and making the conscious choice, yes, I want this thing. That’s what should count because this something
that’s been happening for years and years and years and years, probably long before
Donald Trump jr even knew how to read, so at least 10 years. But here’s the thing, conservative groups
do this all the time. How do you think Ann Coulter becomes such
a good bestseller all the time? It’s not because she’s a good writer. I’ve only picked up a couple of Ann Coulter’s
books in the past because sometimes a publisher send them here and uh, I’ve never read one. But what I do, anytime an Ann Coulter book
comes in, I open it up and I flip to the back to see the sources. You know the citations, I’ve never seen it. I’ve never seen a list of citations in any
Ann Coulter book that has come my way. I flip through the pages, there’s nothing
listed at the bottom. Meanwhile, we get all these progressive books
in here and some of them have appendixes that are actually longer than the dang book itself. So how does she make it to the best seller
list? While you have all these groups out there,
she goes and does these events where the venue will have to buy, you know, a thousand copies
of the book so they can sell it at the event. That’s what happens. The whole thing is a sham. The whole thing is a scam. And Republicans because they are so well financed
with all of these individual little groups out there being funded by these foundations
that are funded by the millionaires and billionaires flush with cash to purchase these books, to
put any conservative author they choose at the top of that bestseller list. Donald Trump jr is this just the latest in
a long line of these conservatives who have had their wealthy friends buy their way to
the top of the list.

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  1. Who cares?
    So what if many copies are bought so they can be donated to libraries,schools and other organizations?
    Freedom of the press and whoever wants to read.
    And this is against YouTube policy?
    Free speech and the first amendment doesn't mean anything to you?

  2. It's hard to imagine anyone who has a best seller on this basis can have a shred of self respect when everyone knows the suck-cess is a fraud.

  3. i was talking to a friend at work about Trump just yesterday and he believes he's done nothing wrong & that he isn't going to be impeached. ya know the 1st part he's full of shit on and the 2nd like i told him it's not over yet so you never know what's going to happen. as for this douche bag's book who is he trying to kid i doubt anyone in that family knows how to read, they have people who do it for them like a book on tape or cd whatever

  4. What's the difference between
    AI CAP0NE and donoId trump?
    Reasonably easy question
    A. Their suites
    B. Like… 'I don't know'
    C. AI went to jail for…
    … tax evasion 🙅🚨🎃

  5. "Book buyers" could NEVER define the drumpf supporter! [They've] NEVER read a single book from cover to cover; not even their orange king's "Art of the deal;" and Halloween mask hobo beard wearing junior thinks they'll read his ghost written bullshit?! ROTFLMAO!

  6. What a PATHETIC pos. Low IQ philandering father of FIVE who's actually dating that rode hard, put away wet power and money grubbing hoe Kimberly G (whom even Fox axed) I imagine only for the free legal advice. LMAO. Birds of a feather I tell ya…. #DrainTheSwamp #FredoTrump

  7. There's got to be a money laundering scam here.
    No sane person would buy that book…oh wait…Republicans.
    Yep about right.

  8. It was very noticeable that the NYT had to add a dagger symbol (†) at the end of the books blurb to indicate to the readers that “some retailers report receiving bulk orders”. So funny! The only thing funnier was the book was classified as “nonfiction” 😆🤣🤣

  9. The Republican party is a bunch of cheating bitches. They can never win on merit and cry when they're exposed. Disgusting.

  10. The same thing was done in the 50s or before to push someone's record up the Billboard Charts. The Beatles' first hit single had its chart position bought and paid for by their manager, Brian Epstein. His record store bought, I think, ten thousand copies of the record. Individual sales followed when the hit record started getting airplay.

  11. Now that's some closet cocksucking right there!
    I hope y'all enjoyed slurping Prodigal splooge.Sure has been a lot of that bullshit going on lately.
    From both sides of the aisle.
    How anyone can back the dems after their 2016 crap, is beyond me.
    If you're looking for transparency. The Dems are no better than the GOPERS.
    Corrupt AF, to the point of just saying FUCK IT at the polls.
    I was voting Kamala, she dropped out. I'll vote Buttigieg instead.
    But I won't be listening to the tripe from either party…Fuck Em.

  12. Like father like son. Trump did the same thing with his piece of crap book back in 1987. He bought a sh**tload of the ghost-written book, he never read, enough to put it on the bs list… list is a good way to call it!

  13. "This is something that's been happening for years and years and years and years, probably long before Donald Trump jr. knew how to read… so at least ten years." Oh man, was not expecting that follow-up. Farron slayed me right then, laughed so hard I had a coughing fit.

  14. Also, all those bulk orders were probably written off as tax deductions – under their individual corporate entity account credit cards.

  15. If it has come to light that only 9 people were buying the books, no matter how many books were sold, it is only 9 buyers. And I don't think that would entitle you to get on the best sellers list.
    But of course this is DJTJ, son of his cheating, lying conman father. So getting a result by anything other than lying and cheating would be un-tRump-like.
    I expect he is getting a well done from daddy tRump for his efforts at cheating the system.

  16. I have this image of desperate Republicans gifting & regifting books "written" by the Trumps, Coulter, Shapiro et al at Christmas just to get rid of the damn things before receiving copies as gifts from other Republicans doing the same thing.

  17. On a trip to the States in 2012, I saw some Ann Coulter books in the Current Affairs section of a CT Barnes & Noble. I asked the assistant if they would be better placed in the Fiction section instead.

  18. In the UK record industry back in the '70s/'80s there were people who had the sole job of going to shops known to log sales for the UK chart listings, they'd often cut a deal to buy the single in bulk that they wanted to be number 1 that week/month. It was a scummy practice and caused various changes to be made to the sales recording system. Heads rolled over that scandal so why aren't heads rolling over this – it's not taken years to become public knowledge like the chart scam, so heads should already be rolling for this. It's legal to cheat the system? Oh well, carry on then. You get what you deserve.

  19. Are they going to have Big Bonfire and throw all those treasonous punks books in the fire!! ??
    The trumps cheat, they cannot stand to actually do something of value or worth …..but they SURE wanna look like they do …cheating .

  20. With the conservatives bulk buying jr,s’ book, this just fuels his belief that he is relative. With all his family’s secrets coming out there is a big downfall coming. How is Ivanka’s book selling? Another ‘writer’ writing for the people who don’t read.

  21. Frankly, I'm astonished by the prospect of Donkey tRump Jr even knowing how to read. Of course he would need every trick in the book to prop up his sales.

  22. Is that the same Turning Point USA who got bood off the stage with Don Jr. for the BS they were spewing out and had to run away like the little bitches they are. With tears in their eyes..

  23. The trumps and their cooked allies and insane followers are always talking about fake (the correct word is false) news or facts and denying recorded facts, but the reality is they are projectiing their own lies and delusions on everyone that does not agree with their insanity. Now jr is a fake success with his books bought out by conservatives trying to make him appear to be a best seller rather then a lying grifter.

  24. Donna Jr. Is a Scammer and Criminal just like Daddy…..Trump has been talking about Toilets Jr's book must be RUSSIAN Toilet Paper…..

  25. Imagine if a Democrat did this…There's be uproar..The GOP would be ….triggered.

    Was any public money used to do this..??

  26. Mebbe they keep running out of toilet paper. I WAS TOLD the pages were SEPTIC SAFE. Great for the AVID outdoorsman also.

  27. Did you expect anything different from the lying cheating, theiving, immoral, trump 🤑 and his family🤬😂😂?

  28. The best seller's list doesn't mean nothing to nobody. Trash gets on the list as well same goes for pop music they are trash.

  29. I would be glad to scrub the stench out of the White house, if we send them back to NY and Florida next year. If you didnt vote in 2016 and dont like Trump, it is critical that you vote in 2020. A no vote equals 4 more years for Trump

  30. How is this any different than the bullshit they're trying to say Biden did… out of office? His son is profiting his father's position in a field he is hardly qualified in.

    The vast majority of conservative books have the "bought in bulk" tag next to their "best selling" list listing.

  31. Book sale stats should not count sales of more than 2 items done on the same credit card. If each sale had to be processed on a card with name and expirey date . . trumP Jnrs book would be a paperweight. 😁

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