New Video PROVES Woman Lied About Trump Assaulting Her

our story begins the end of February of this year when a former Trump campaign staffer sued alleging that Trump kissed her without consent the latest update is that a video has been released showing the video of the kiss behind the lawsuit as it turns out it looks like Trump did a rather informal cheek kiss so let's read a little bit of the first story and then we'll break down exactly what's going on in this latest update here was the initial allegation from CNN a former Trump campaign staffer is suing Donald Trump and his campaign alleging that the then Republican presidential candidate kissed her without her consent during the 2016 race she's also suing over equal pay claiming that she was paid less for her work based on race and gender Alva Johnson a former Trump campaign staffer who lives in Alabama alleges in a lawsuit filed Monday that Trump grabbed her hand and forcibly kissed her without her consent without her consent inside an RV in Florida in August 2016 while Trump was mean with volunteers and signing autographs inside the RV miss Johnson noticed that defendant Trump was watching her and appeared to be trying to make eye contact with her after Trump was alerted by the by Secret Service that he was due for his next rally she urged him to go in there and kick ass Trump then allegedly grasped her hand and praised her efforts as defendant Trump spoke he tightened his grip on miss Johnson's hand and to lean towards her he moved close enough that she could feel his breath on her skin the lawsuit states miss Johnson suddenly realized the defendant Trump was trying to kiss her on the mouth and have attempted to avoid this by turning her head to the right defendant Trump kissed her anyway and the kiss landed on the corner of her mouth the lawsuit alleges that several witnesses saw the incident including then Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi then state director Karen giorno and regional directors Earle Toni Ledbetter Mitch Tyner and Nick Covino Corvino the lawsuit alleges that Bondi smiled when the incident occurred and giorno grabbed mrs. Johnson's elbow and gave it an approving tug after the incident on her way to the campaign state headquarters in Sarasota Florida the suit claims that Johnson called her partner and then her parents to tell them what had happened crying as she recalled the incident this is all really important context because when you hear this story it sounds like you have this lecherous you know actually it reminds me this episode of Family Guy do you ever watch I'm sure many of you have seen the episode of Family Guy where Peter has to go to a proctologist okay forgive me for the crude reference but it makes sense trust me Peter goes and it's a routine exam when he initially goes the colors are all normal and he has to get a prostate exam later on when he remembers how it happened it's a horror scene where it's all black and white the doctor is evil and laughing at ha ha ha putting on a glove and Peter's like no and this is what it sounds like we have video of the event the way she describes it it sounds like you know Trump is looking at her like and then he grabs her and she's like no stop and he kisses her when in reality he walks up says hi Thank You gives her a kiss on the cheek and just moves on now this video has come out and they're trying to claim it's actually proof of her claims and I gotta say we are now going to enter this realm of one screen two movies I assure you the anti-trump crowd are gonna are gonna claim AHA he kissed her he should have done it but to me it looked like a European style you know like kissing like you've never seen that people will meet and they turn their heads and they kiss on the side so let's let's look at the latest update from media this morning Trump lawyers release video of kiss behind lawsuit filed by former campaign staffer Alvin Johnson now I will make one point one of the criticisms is that in the video which I'll just play right now okay it's not working I think I might have the actual tweet here from yes so here's the actual actual video for those that are listening on the podcast you're not going to be able to see Bob to play it now okay what's not playing whatever I need to play it that's what it gives me the business but I'll reload it and here we go and there it is so so let me start this over and I'm gonna give you a quick play-by-play Trump is walking he sees her he looks to his right and then you can see when he moves his head in his head is turned to the left and he gives her a key a kiss not on the side of her mouth look look at the image you're seeing okay first of all one of the points being made is that she was the rightness saying she was happy she said I was doing this for you and she's not at all upset that he gives her this european-style side kiss cheek cheek kiss right what you're seeing right now on the screen it flows that are flows are listening on the podcast Trump his lips do not appear to be making any contact with her face at all it looks like the bottom of his chin is on her right cheek and his lips are in the air like a European style to the side it's not a real kiss and that's it and then but he does have his hands on her shoulders and she says eight months for you and then he shakes him hands he shakes her hand he Pat's her on the shoulder and he walks away and that's it from the original story it was made to sound like Trump was assaulting women on the campaign trail in 2016 but now we see the video and I think any reasonable person is gonna look at this and say what is happening in this country of course they are using that as evidence so in the story let's read they say lawyers for president Donald Trump released video of what appears to be a very innocent kiss between Trump and a campaign staffer Alva Johnson who is suing the president for an alleged non-consensual kiss that took place during her work on a 2016 campaign in a February lawsuit filed in Florida 43 old Johnson said Trump had grabbed her hand and kissed her on the lips as we can see from the video that did not happen that's a lie they say that Johnson told the Washington Post he had leaned in for a kiss when she accidentally turned her head and the kiss landed on the side of her mouth which was super creepy and inappropriate again we looked at the video Trump's head is turned to the left and hers to the right and it looks like his chin is on her chin I just it's not there we've seen the video and he kisses into the air I immediately felt violated because I wasn't expecting or wanting it she told the post I can still see his lips coming straight for my face in a court filing lawyer Charles harder writes the video shows that plaintiffs allegations in the complaint that mr. Trump forcibly kissed her and kissed her on the mouth are entirely false he calls the suit unmeritorious and frivolous the kiss revealed in the video appears to be an innocent and rather pedestrian peck on the cheek greeting in what appears to be a crowded room where Trump and Johnson are surrounded by others the video was captured by campaign volunteer Brian Hayes who claimed in legal filings that he was present in the RV at the time of the interaction and recorded the video on his phone Johnson has claimed that she was on the receiving end of an unwanted and forcible kiss from Trump during an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes specifically described the alleged advance now that we've seen the video let's see how she frames it I wasn't close to him and I was wearing the baseball cap but he had to pass me on on his way exiting the RV as he passed I said you go and do a good job at you kick ass because I've been away from my family for a long time and he stopped and he grabs my my my hand on something and he starts looking at me he said I'm I'm doing I'm going to do a good job I'm not going to let you down I know you've been away from your family and he's holding my hand holding my hand and then he starts coming towards me and so he's still holding my hand and I just had a lot of internal dialog like is he going to hug me and then he keeps coming closer and I'm like okay is he going to hug and then I'm like oh my god I think he's gonna kiss me because he was coming directly for my face I mean this is with the the Bill of my baseball cap and when I realized is going to kiss my lips I turned my mouth he caught me right on the corner of my mouth and I was just kind of frozen I didn't know how to process it I knew it was inappropriate because I worked in human resources so I knew it was completely inappropriate it was gross and creepy like I can sometimes still see those lips and so he walked out now let's go over this she says he was holding her hand in the video he's not holding her hand look at this he walks up his hands are in his side both of his hands go up immediately and then we can see his hands go on her shoulder I don't believe let's try it his hands are on his shoulder and he turns his head to dodge the brim and he goes for her cheek it's absurd to me the way she's framing it first he's not holding her hand he didn't say anything to her take a look here she says that he said to her I'm not I'm going to do a good job I'm not gonna let you down I know you've been away from your family that's a lot to say in the split second and he says nothing he said it sounds like he's saying thank you thank you appreciate it that's it so the way she's framing it claiming what he said to her it's just seemingly not true however here's how they responded Johnson's attorney Hassan Suvari sees the video in a positive light for johnson according to reporting by Politico he said we are gratified and pleased that we finally have proof of what miss Johnson has been alleging in this lawsuit is base it is basically exactly what miss Johnson has been saying it's not the interaction presented in the video embedded above which includes a second cut slowed down a 25% speed also released by the Trump legal team is the same interaction Johnson described above it is difficult to imagine this case proceeding with merit Mediaite is saying this what Trump did is a standard greeting we see in the u.s. rarely but in Europe a lot grabbing the shoulders and turn to the side and giving a kiss if you're gonna present that to a judge or jury and claim as an inappropriate action they're gonna be confused and you can make the argument we shouldn't be doing these these informal greetings anymore or formal greetings whatever you want to call it sure we can argued Society has changed and men and women should no longer do faux kisses to the side but if that's the case then this is innocent and from muqam and moving on we will no longer do this but how insane is it I really wonder why a woman who was willing to spend eight months on the campaign trail away from her family in support of Trump would turn her back in this way and smear him like this but I'll end with this don't be surprised when the left art saying we have video of him kissing this woman it's proof sure context matters but not to these people stick around I got two more two more stories coming for you in a few minutes and I will see you shortly you

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  1. keep going, another four years please. the article sounds more like an erotic novel than a news story

  2. Ya take a job, 95% of the msm just brutalizes you for 3 years, 50% of the nation hates you and they don’t know why-they just do, people come out of the wood work with false allegations Your own congress has only one goal-impeachment Yet you still go to work every day for the American People I want that person as my President

  3. In this digital age where everything has a camera, I would be very careful about what I'm saying, because there is a good chance for a video or photo evidence surfacing and proving that I'm a big fat liar. Soon every man has to wear a body cam, just to be on the safe side.

  4. Bill Clinton was a serial rapist, at least 4 women testified. Now linked to Epsteins paedophile ring. Deadly silence on the left and CNN.

  5. How do they expect me to believe all the shit they keep throwing at Trump when stuff like this keeps coming out

  6. So anything that Trump does is bad.
    Taking a piss, eating a doughnut, sleeping…
    I bet if Obama kissed someone it was a blessing and people would've sued him not kissing them properly on the lips.

  7. What a shock. Lol

    Remember the three idiots who accused him a while back? Each of their stories contradicts the story of the other two and refutes it. Still, the rotten MSM ran with it assuming we're all imbecilles.

    Watch stories of the Stormy woman and the other two about that notorious weekend again, they refute each other. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Trump is on the high functioning end of the spectrum. I assume he's got Asperger's mind, that's all. He isn't a predator and I'm pretty sure he never assaulted anyone.

    Not in what sane people and the law consider assult. Third wave feminists and Democrats don't count here, because I just said sane people.

    Edit: Listen to his unfortunate rant on that bus. It's an Asperger's minded man trying to explain that when you're famous some women will let you skip romantic courtship and go straight for the sexual advances. Then he says the women they're about to meet rejected him though he courted her very elegantly. He is then super respectful to her as they get off the bus and meet her, and the creepy radio show guy makes them hug. At this point, to believe Trump's a misogynist and/or a predator it takes an idiot, or a Democrat, which is the same thing at this point in time.

  8. Trump is the King of diversion.
    The leftest media is going to fixate on this while Trump does what he needs to do.
    Easier than stealing candy from a baby.

  9. Lawyers are paid to lie. It's normal. When even Leftists admit there is no merit…
    I think she probably convverted to Leftism or had money problems and wanted to cash in

  10. Oh man… These people should NEVER go to Italy… Or french… or Bulgaria… They are going to get a heart attack!

    I myself am Europe, and I am no fan of being touched… Which has caused many great issues growing up because being very touchy is in fact part of our culture many places.
    So yeah, it is the majority culture to hug and cheek kiss, so it is in fact up to me to inform politely I don't like it.

  11. I live President Trump, but he needs to bgg ang put with Keanu Reeves, and learn the art of not touching chick sc or nothing. That's why the left hates Keanu because it's so hard to accuse against him

  12. Obviously she has changed her mind about P-Trump, I bet she was getting backlash for being in his campaign and decided to make up a false allegation to clear her name in the eye`s of the left, Also if P-Trump is a racist why would he kiss a black woman, Crazy, Give her 6 months in jail for lying.

  13. Isn't it funny she is an African American woman playing the race card and lying trying to get an EZ dollar I'm sick of not saying the truth these people are constantly just trying to get easy money and they wonder why racism exists it exists because we're sick of the bullshit

  14. I hope he sues her and wins. Every time these cases come up, all they ever do is make everyone doubt women even more any time they report sexual harassment.
    These opportunistic gold diggers are harming women far more than Trump ever did.

  15. The kissing noise from the God emperor caused a sonic boom that shattered her eardrums. That's why she was crying at her mother

  16. If there's one piece of advice I can give to anyone reading.. it's that there are more pathological liars and sociopaths in this world than you can ever possibly imagine.

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