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  1. England–> Greyjoys
    France and Frisia–> Tyrells
    Spain and Morocco–>Martells
    Germany,Denmark,and Switzerland–> Lannisters
    Italy–> Baratheons
    Poland,Czech Republik–> Tullies
    Baltic–> Freys
    Greece–> Kings Landing
    Hungary and Romania–> Arryns
    and Russia is the North.

  2. Guys can i play this on Cracked version? i know i can play battles but im asking if i can play Campaing.

  3. Hi guys! You can download here !

  4. I believe that this mod will live,and then there are no updates on it. Looking forward to a working campaign. Seven Kingdoms live!

  5. Hopefully the devs will add a proper map, that's really what makes Third Age total war so special. Really sells you on the atmosphere. I still appreciate their hard work.

  6. If they could somehow rotate the campaign map where Spain is at the bottom, the Mediterranean could be used as the Narrow Sea and Russia would be perfectly placed in the north.

  7. Need help. I am able to do custom battles, but for the grand campaign it only gives me the og factions of attila.?

  8. So where can we find this mod? You promote this mod without even showing us where it will be once finished?

  9. It's a shame most of the base game is hard coded making it impossible to change the map. You would've expected them to make it more moddable since Rome and medieval were both a huge success in that area, and really does speak for it's replayability and longevity. I was playing Rome TW a few days ago after playing Attila for so long, and it just felt… Off. I can create many formations such as the triplex acies because the unit controls are simple and intuitive. I can alt click, drag, choose a position, and set it's facing all in one simple command. But you can't do that in Rome TW, so instead of hand crafting a maniple formation every single battle and micromanaging it throughout the battle itself, it was much easier to just form a fat line, charge in, and flank with cavalry. Quicker too. The classic games were good for their time, but ignoring nostalgia bias… The controls in the new games are waaaay better. Attila even moreso over Rome 2 (which I sometimes go back to to get my ancient warfare fix… The ancient empires mod for Attila fucks me sideways every time).

    However, there are many things the originals (Rome and medieval 2) do a lot better. Individual provinces with individual settlements. No capital settlement surrounded by minors.
    You can build EVERYTHING in the settlement, instead of being restricted to 6 slots, 1-2 being taken up by a capital and/or a port. This leaves you with limited room for military buildings, sanitation, public happiness, or a unique resource building. And for the sake of historical accuracy, it always triggers me that Rome NEEDS to have certain buildings like the Colosseum and public baths, among many others that just can't fit. I often go the entire game without equipment upgrades or workshops because they're a waste of space.
    In the original game, there isn't a limit. You build whatever you want, and that's that.
    I also liked how the originals handled garrisons. You build them, not a building that gives you a free garrison. I hate that. I want to choose where I station my Praetoria and if a settlement qualifies for urban cohorts.

    So it always saddened me to be torn between a game that didn't age well, and a game that didn't launch well. I want them both to be the same game, desperately. But they aren't. And CA officially stated that they have no intention of working on a medieval 3 title anytime soon, instead focusing on Warhammer and three kingdoms. You could consider thrones of Britannia a medieval sequel, but that's stretching it.

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