New electoral map & Clinton’s election night plan

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  1. They were right a party would be fractured for 2020, they just had the wrong party. This was a great example of media bias that liberals say does not exist on CNN.

  2. Please watch me as I blow smoke up your ass. Two years later and they still haven't gotten over getting their asses handed to them. Man this is good stuff, what a bunch of idiots daaah.

  3. How has biased YouTube not pulled these vids as yet? They are sure fun to watch. Clinton News Network more irrelevant each day.

  4. Their pathetic polls/lies were so believable – if you're an idiot. I knew Trump was going to win easy and so did everybody with a brain. And he did. cnn is evil and vile through and through

  5. Every time I watch one of an anti-Trump analysis, it starts with the assumption that Trump could never win. Because they never took him serious, they could never adequately deal with him. Thank god he won.

  6. Now it is nearly three years later. What went wrong with the polls?

    Five of the six too-close-to-call states on CNN's political map broke for Trump: Florida, Ohio, Arizona, North Carolina and Utah. That's a bad result for the pollsters, though not completely ridiculous.

    But the pollsters completely missed the voting sentiment of three critical Midwest states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. All of these states were placed in the lean-Clinton category, but they broke through the margin of error and voted for Trump. Could it be that CNN and the other MSM outlets, all of whom displayed stridently anti-Trump sentiments in their reporting, were as out-of-touch as their preferred candidate, Clinton? I think that's what happened.

  7. It's amazing how some people can be so brainwashed. They really are the useful idiots, damn. Say no to commies! Teach them people….

  8. And you know these idiots will throw this crap up on the screen AGAIN… But it still won't matter! Trump 2020!! ❤🇺🇸😀💪

  9. Soooooo, I went through the comments looking for a three year old comment by a Hillary supporter to troll aaaaand all I can find are Trump supporters making fun of CNN.

  10. Too bad a FUCKING TRUCK couldn't have barreled through that fucking disgusting CNN newsroom during that broadcast.

  11. Im no american…but cant you guys (media , so called experts) shut the fuck up and let the AMERICAN PEOPLE IN PEACE without you guys VOTE and just give neutral comments…NO POLLS can ever be trusted… you cant compare 100,000 votes to 100 million etc and that is Only ELECTION NIGHT… I hope media became more humble now….and those celebs….

  12. Jon King is a liar. In this video he says if Hillary takes Florida, Trump can't win. WRONG !! Trump still would have won the election, even if Hillary had won Florida.

  13. Waiting for 20/20 is agonizing. I need new trump can’t win videos to watch. Don’t get me wrong, these never get old!!!!!

  14. Lying despicable FAKE NEWS CNN…EXPOSED as the LYING left wing propaganda arm of the democratic corrupt politician party!!!

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