1. @frictionRx5
    Yeah because I know all the democrats were cheering when the buildings fell right? Oh, but that's ok, we got Obama under Bush didn't we?

    You're a disgusting failure. You're exactly what's wrong with a large populace of America. You have this stupid fucking idea that it's "US V THEM" when it comes to republicans and democrats, and you make up fucking ridiculous lies about the opposition.

    Both sides have good, both sides have bad. Both sides, generally, want whats good for America.

  2. @joncampos686

    I don't think the designer who made this logo put much effort. Yeah he/she got money off of it, but I wouldn't consider this the "best" work. But yes, they should have made some kind of contest to encourage students in graphic design to compete for a scholarship. That would not only make the logo better, but place a great impression on their party.

  3. @BAnders2319 Only problem is that under the Democrats taxes are at the lowest level in generations for 95% of Americans. My taxes were cut, and I'm 95% sure yours did to. Still, stupid logo.

  4. I remember the Conservatives in the UK changing their logo from a torch to a child's crayon drawing of a tree/bush.

    The original Democratic logo was a kicking blue and red donkey, but the Media never portrayed the donkey the same way. I think they were going for something more consistent and easy. Plus I'd prefer to wear this logo on my lapel than the donkey.

  5. This logo is a take of the Israeli flag. Instead of the star of David in the center it's a big giant D.
    Lame. They should have given the registered voters a say at least.
    All the more reason to vote GREEN Party in 2012.Do your research on Green Party candidates.Stave off of voting for them in the Nov.2 elections because it will lead to Republican victories…
    However, two years is plenty of time familiarize yourself with 3rd party affiliations enough to give them a major voice in 2012.

  6. My idea is to turn the "D" side ways and add a colon over it. 😀 The slogan should be "Change your attitude and vote, dammit!"

  7. Awesome freakin logo [Dripping with sarcasm]!!!!!

    Circle K must be jealous…below the logo, it should read, "We could do more, but why???" At least the Republican Party would waste most of their campaign contributions to make a logo that has some appeal!

  8. @AnotherPervyWanker Ok…Lmao…this logo has officialy made the Dems the laughing stock of the nation. Like the proverbial moron that's asking to be puched in the nose for general purpouses.

  9. @MasterAdam100 The Green party is the true Progressive party, but unfortunately they have little shot at winning any major elections.

  10. @MasterAdamI00 I absolutely agree! Where's the Dem's "Tea Party" rage? Of course minus the crazy, racism, dressing up in 17th century garb stuff.

  11. @MrSpamkiller Right…..Because a party that believes in nonviolence, gender equality, ecological responsibility and sustainability is SO terrible!

  12. @MrSpamkiller So in other words you are saying that someone should give up on a dream simply because odds are stacked against them? Thank God Gandhi and MLK weren't as cynical as you!

  13. @MrLukasart the believe only can change the meaning of one or as many persons that share that believe. masons share this belive and, as you said, all esoteric believes that were created by masons share the same simbols(the same doctrine in other form), but some "uninitiated" are lied not to understand the real meaning in what they believe. this is relative, because another Real exists apart of our individual or mass "real", so I find no point in this argue.

  14. You know how the republicans will frame that logo…
    They will turn it into a bullseye and have Palin aim at it…
    nice job Mad Men…

  15. Anyone else reminded of the "copyright" symbol? Are they going to start putting a circled D at the bottom of every democratic party proposal?

  16. @Oldcartoons571 weak? bullshit. he has pussy dems that won't stand behind him and he has to fight like hell to pass any legislation, and considering that he's passed financial reform, dealt with the largest natural disaster for a very long time, and he passed a huge healthcare bill. he just announced the pull-out of the combat troops from Iraq, and he's weak? My ass… he nees to focus on domestic issues more, but you sure as hell can't say he isn't progressing or doing things. don't forget the

  17. @thejimmyzshow Which part of the constitution? I think conservatives just use that word (constitution) without actually understanding what it means?

  18. @johnedwards1968 Oh, well a good example is the ever expanding role of the federal government – not at all constitutional and ever more troubling.

  19. @thejimmyzshow Please explain your talking point! Which part of the constitution is broken by the expanded role of the federal government? This should be easy for you!

  20. @johnedwards1968 What, I have to explain the constitution now? The role of the federal government is limited to a few specific duties. Everything else is passed down to the states. I suggest you read it, and tell me where in the constitution it gives the federal government the authority to force Americans to buy health insurance, or where it gives the feds the authority to keep watch on your checking and savings acct balances, deposits, ATM transactions. That would be my challenge to you.

  21. @thejimmyzshow Yes, when you make a claim, it's a good idea to be able toback it up. Please read the constitution, and tell me WHERE it restricts it. Just claiming it, doesn't make it so.

    I will admit Bush's Patriot Act, openly violates the US constitution, and should be overturned IMMEDIATELY. The Feds, nor local government btw, should NOT be able to monitor acct balances, etc. This is where spot, where conservatives and liberals alike should be in complete agreement.

  22. @thejimmyzshow WHERE in the constitution? You guys love to pretend that saying it's in the constitution, is good enough. Why would I , or anyone for that matter, take your word on it.

    Prove it!

  23. @johnedwards1968 Look douchebag: The onus is on YOU. If you're not familiar enough with the constitution to know where the limitations are put on the federal government, this is going to be a very short conversation. Are you saying that the items I listed above are constitutional actions by the federal government? Yes or no? If no, we're done. If yes, then it is YOUR duty to show me where in the constitution the federat govt is given that authority. Very simple really. (Hint: it's not there).

  24. @thejimmyzshow The limitations on the federal government, are in Article 1 section 9 ( no not section 8 as so many conservitards claim.) I've looked through there, and somehow your claims are not in there. Hmmm, curious? So, yes, the items you listed ARE constitutional.

    You're using the same tired old tricks. I've been in this before with creationists, and it's pointless. No, I cannot accept your proof that the founders did NOT want to do things you say, because they DIDN'T say it.

  25. @johnedwards1968 You didn't answer my question. No tricks. You failed.

    You are indeed a doofus – Article 1 Section 8 DOES list the powers of Congress. It would be stretch to think that any of these allow the Congress to "force Americans to buy health insurance, or where it gives the feds the authority to keep watch on your checking and savings acct balances, deposits, ATM transactions." And that's just for starters in a list of Obama's Constitutional shortcomings. So, answer my question.

  26. WHAT! "dems have repubs on the ropes"obvious sarcasm.
    The new logo is perfect,a D in a circle.The only other geometric figure that would be better would be a square box.
    There is no way to escape the closed symbol and it traps its' occupant.Perfect analogy to the liberal way of governing.

  27. Look at the article on democraticnationalcommittee [dot] org
    "Arizona Bill Moves Forward: Eligibility Issue Refuses to Go Away "

  28. Why are all graphic arts for logo design or any corporate symbol seems to be very very text oriented and no imagery? The donkey is timeless and you automatically recognize it, a d with a circle can be anything…. meaningless. i looks like a new york city subway line or a phone app for dunkin donuts. terrible, awful, lifeless.

  29. @studiousx3 You all are HATERS dont hate what you can get becasue you all are still living in the past and Democrats have class they are not what you say they are choke on that

  30. a D in a circle. wow is that really the best they can come up with??? well then let's hope republicans use an R in a triangle.

  31. Ironically, if they made it a triangle, it would be a semi-decent pun. Triangle is the letter D in Greek (delta), and in science it means change.

    As well, people would say the illuminati are taking over. DOUBLE WIN.

  32. @xxMrFablexx Im sorry, but in America we judge our politicians by the AMERICAN standard, not the international standard. Besides, we see how being far left has worked out for Europe.

  33. @xxMrFablexx Its been over 250 years since we've tried being far right, but when we were more to the right the country was MUCH richer and MUCH more successful. Yes most of our politicians suck but why do you think there has been wave elections the last 2 cycles? Ppl are waking up and we're doing our best to throw the bums out so we can take our country back.

  34. @xxMrFablexx Now YOUR the one playing their game. The republicans arent anti black, latino, gay, or woman. The truth is Republicans LOVE LEGAL immigrants and believe gay marriage is a STATE right issue (as it should be since the constitution grants NO power over the rights of marriage to the federal govt). As for athiests, we RESPECT their differences but dont see that THEIR rights are any more important than christian rights. As for Jews? The left is the one that hates the jews.

  35. @xxMrFablexx Ok. well ALMOST 250 years ago. Want a recent example? In the 1920's when Coolidge took over as president, he cut SPENDING AND TAXES in half and we got the roaring 20's. The standard of living increased for ALL CLASSES greater than any other time in history. What preceded that period? A depression similar to the great depression which was caused largely by BIG government spending and taxes under Woodrow Wilson.

  36. @xxMrFablexx What am i saying then? I'm saying that as government grows, freedom wanes and with it, economic opportunity. If we go back to having the smallest government possible and having the FREEST market possible and we have FAIR trade with foreign countries, the U.S. will prosper.

  37. @xxMrFablexx I didnt say Wilson caused the GREAT depression of the 30's. What I was saying was that Wilson's progressive policies caused a depression BEFORE the GREAT depression (in the late teens/early 20's) but its not a well known or discussed economic period- BECAUSE of the progressive ideas that CAUSED it. learn your history!

  38. @xxMrFablexx When Wilson was president he got us into a war that he promised the country he didnt want any part of and he passed the 16th amendment which allowed for a federal income tax which he promised wouldnt go above 7%. But it quickly jumped to 77% and it plunged in the country into a depression NOT unlike the GREAT depression. But its mostly left out of history because PROGRESSIVISM CAUSED it.

  39. well it kinda looks better than a donkey anyway lol…imagine if Ben Franklin had his way we wouldn't be saluting a eagle it would be a turkey

  40. LOL I thought this was a Canadian politics video because there's a party here called the New Democratic Party NDP

  41. The logo has a quality of someone who isn't talented at graphic design but they did graphic design for a year at school or college.

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