"My Social Justice Teen"

en als ik het was are just as far as i know that i realy would be silly putty op facebook met een elevator pitch alice marie philippine [Muziek] cairns een wonder of higher education is worth the money snoepjes de sociale justice in fact the teaching at our kids comeback om hier in de newbridge bezitten simpsons familie historische achteren single semester brandeis university has come back collectief en omgeving is avond van de steen en de groene impact we wisten schrokte philosophy maar is onze site waarom een oude familie de mezelf agency en quite distressing

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  1. Cant wait to see this in full length form. The premise is absolutely titillating. Welcome back Milo, you have been missed friend. Your return however, Expected with great glee.

  2. This is a venom everywhere. In Brazil, kids are turned into freaks when they go to Universities as well, with the difference many of our Univ are free. I don't have kids, but if I did they would land their asses on the streets if they came back home with their hair blue, pierced, fat, unshaved, bald and unshowered due to leftist bs. You want to live as a socialist? Fine by me!

  3. MILO, what’s your website?! Can’t find it on any search engine. Can you put it in your upload descriptions? When are you coming back on tour in America 🇺🇸 in 2019?? I’d pay up to $500 per ticket and will buy at least 4 if / when you come back. I’ll drive or fly up to 2000 miles from Chicago to see you (along with my wife and friends). I’m sorry DePaul University turned out to be hate-mongers even though I didn’t go there, thank the good Lord. Yeah, I know you’re an atheist and I don’t care — I’ll ALWAYS support you till my last dying breath. Love ❤️ you, man!!

  4. I'd troll the crap out of Milo, but you can't troll a troll especially one as good as Milo. What an amazing man.

  5. I know he's trying to spark a laugh, but there's always a tinge of seriousness in his work that I find to be implemented.

    Especially 0:24 onward

  6. Mr. Milo is one of the brightest minds in the world. I sure wish I could get him to look into some dirty chit here in Alaska. Besides, he’d love it here !!

  7. I discovered milo while watching some of my favorites on the “dark web”, and I absolutely agree with his views on just about everything. He is definitely on my top 3 list of people I listen to daily. His books are great and although controversial, they are All written in truth even though he is somewhat of a political enigma ( which is authentic to me) I get everything he says. He plays the fool sometimes but then speaks with so much intelligent and factual knowledge and never seizes to amaze me. I wish I could meet him and have a convo with him, or several 🙂

  8. They've banned Milo from Australia, how pathetic, how petty, how utterly ridiculous can an entire government be, well they can be Australian I suppose.
    I support Milo more now than I've ever done.

  9. Hey Milo, thanks for helping out with being able to point out that left wing people aren't funny and that's why they lose. On the internet if you're going to win: don't block, don't cry and be amusing – you win then. Keep it up, someone has to do it.

  10. hey milo have you ever thought about replacing your show with your version of jerry springer . it would be fantastic and the amount of audience you would reach as you bring on loons . priceless ..

  11. Welcome, darling! Free thinkers have soooo missed you! God bless you, your husband and all you love! Keeping you in my prayers!

  12. Milo did you watch Chris Hansen videos…you're talking and walking like him, MILO 20/20 TO CATCH A SJW

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