hey guys welcome back to my channel sorry that I am so happy puffy and it's just like a sweaty mess my a/c is broken in this room and it is hot but anyways for today's video I am going to be doing my go-to makeup look that I have been basically living in every single time I do my makeup for probably past 6 to 8 weeks it is so easy it's effortless and it's gonna look so beautiful and so many different skin tones eye shapes skin types anyone can rock this even though it's like full glam it is really easy to achieve so I thought that instead of doing my usual like luxury products I need to switch it up and do something different and it's just getting so like stagnant it's the same thing Too Faced Born This Way Foundation shape tip concealer concealer like my hourglass veil powder it's all the same products and yes I love them but it's just the same thing over and over so I challenged myself to recreate the look that I do all the time when I just want to feel glam and pretty but also make it easy for myself with all drugstore and affordable products so that I can share this with you but make it more affordable for you you know I'm saying honestly you guys I'm shocked by how good this looks I've actually been wearing this around my house for about two hours at this point I went downstairs I ate had a little phone call a little quick meeting a quick skype session and now I'm back to do my intro after I curled my hair and I'm sweating it completely off and I just can't believe how good my makeup looks I think it's getting better like over the last two hours it just keeps looking prettier oh my gosh my hair I am like panicked right now and a little manic because amber who was one of my closest friends she is actually in labor right now and about to have ila so I'm about to be headed to the hospital to see her and be with her while she delivers and I cannot wait to meet this little girl this is so exciting so yeah I'm gonna head out I love you guys so much if you want to see how to get this affordable effortless glam look that's become my go-to the disk keep watching okay so here we are totally barefaced you know the drill I'm going to start off with Milani make it last setting spray this is a prime correct and set spray so I'm gonna drench my whole face in this before we go on the foundation then for foundation I'm gonna go in with the Milani conceal perfect 2 & 1 foundation and concealer I love this foundation I'm gonna go in with 0-6 sand beige this is the darkest shade that I own and I did use my loving tan sunless tanner last night so I am pretty dark for me right now so let's hope that this shade is going to make it happen let's see gosh I love the way this foundation applies it feels so high-end it's my favorite from the drugstore but keep in mind I have not tried a ton like I'm not a drugstore foundation connoisseur I don't know all of it but I love this foundation this color is actually perfect like this color matches my body better than my actual face matches but I think foundation is my favorite part of my entire makeup routine applying foundation and then I think bronzer what is your favorite step in your routine and if you guys say brows I'm gonna be shook because that is my least favorite so tell me in the comment section down below what your favorite step is and what's your least favorite step is because I'm sure that everyone's is different but I'm definitely foundation least favorite eye brows like doing my eyebrows is just it's miserable for me if I could just have perfect eyebrows and never have to fill them in I would do my makeup every single day but I don't do my makeup because I dread doing my brows like it's that dramatic like that foundation looks so good on and that's like such a thin layer to it that was just one layer it looks so good what I love about this foundation is that it's the right amount of dewy for my skin like it's not super matte but it's not like oily type of dewy on me it's just like this beautiful satin but if you are someone who's really oily you probably hate this foundation and probably make you total oil slick but for someone who's on the drier side it's alright so for concealer I have two drugstore options that I like and then I have one that's actually have two they're very inexpensive that I do like the makeup revolution conceal define this I bought at Ulta I only used it twice I liked it but I didn't love it but it was good a lot of people said that it was a dupe to the start shape tape I didn't really find that it was a dupe honestly it didn't really compare for me personally but it was good it just wasn't my absolute favorite another one that's really good is the Catrice liquid camouflage high coverage concealer I do like this one as well but I do not have my shade in this for today another one is color pop color pop is actually I love their formula it's really good but I'm in the middle of changing my entire studio downstairs and there's makeup everywhere and I cannot find it so the other one that I have is the more if you want again extremely inexpensive and so good so this is what I'm gonna use today because I have my color and this one since I am like darker right now I only have some fair shades and other ones but dish one I have my color and in the morphe concealer I'm using the shade C 2.65 this is a little bit lighter than my foundation because as always I don't you do a little bit lighter concealer just to bring that brightening kind of 3-dimensional effect to the face it's gonna go in and blend that out this concealer is so full coverage which is amazing I feel like that's the hard part for me finding concealers that are inexpensive and especially from the drugstore and Ulta is a lot of them I have to build so much to get a full coverage outcome sorry guys I have my phone on like high volume so I'm sorry if it keeps going off but I have to because amber is in the hospital right now starting to labour which means the baby ila is gonna be here probably today and I'm waiting for that text telling me like get your bitch ass to the hospital it's happening so if it does happen and this video is not gonna be ending I'm gonna be running out of here literally like this I'm just making it work but yes like I was saying I feel like a lot of drugstore concealers even when they're a great formula they're not a full full coverage and I want a full coverage concealer like even when I want a more sheer toned down look like a day to day look I still use my full coverage concealers but I just do a tiny tiny bit of them underneath my eye and then blend it out I just prefer that more than a actual sheer concealer but that's just me but it's my personal preference I'm so fussy right now because I really want to use the Maybelline fit me setting powder this is the set plus smooth normal to dry and I really love this powder but I do not have my shade in it right now what all right you guys so instead I'm gonna go and went to Maybelline fit me loose setting powder this is in the shade light/medium I'm hoping that it doesn't change the color of my foundation because it does have color but we're gonna find out you know what we're just making it works if I don't have my shade and a lot of stuff right now I'm the one who decided to spray tan last night and wasn't even thinking so whatever these are the consequences of my actions almost do a really light amount of it this is gonna be great unless that oxidizes then it won't be so great this powder is actually applying so nice and smooth it is changing the color of my foundation a little bit but we're gonna work with it how I want just Liam to my elbow and white tape and I'm gonna go in with the make up a revolution Pro HD powder contour kit and I'm going to go in with this yellow base shade right here in the bottom corner and I'm gonna use that with the same beauty sponge to set my under eyes I've never actually used this palette to set my under eye so we'll see how it goes oh love that this actually looks really nice like really nice absolutely I feel like makeup revolution is a pretty good brand like I hear a lot of good things about them and the stuff that I've tried like I've actually really enjoyed so that's really exciting to find a nice inexpensive drugstore brand who's gonna give you good products okay so now I'm gonna bronze the skin and I'm gonna be using color pop bronzer this was a collaboration with Alexis Wren and the bronzer is called topaz which is such a beautiful bronzer it looks like this got a little highlighter next to it to which the highlight really goes untouched by me but the bronzer is so good you guys have seen me use this a million times on my channel agent a big fluffy brush I'm just going to run this all over I said over all over the cheeks to really warm up this face up I'm putting it all over the hairline down by the temples running it back over cheeks again I'm gonna grab a big fluffy brush like this guy right here I'm not gonna contour my nose who's gonna add the tiniest tiniest bit of warmth to the sides just so that the nose doesn't go fully untouched and just sits there kind of sad and basic in the middle of the face just a little something something like that I learned this technique from Nicole known as lipstick Nick who does my makeup on all my photo shoots and any time that we don't want like a contoured structured look so it's kind of slap a little bronzer on and it just makes it look put together and not so like left out empty eyes got a text the amber is at 5 centimeters I'm freaking out oh my gosh I got to get to this video people okay I'm gonna do my brows for my brows I'm not gonna be using anything different than I normally do because I said brows are the worst part of my makeup routine for me so I'm gonna be using the Anastasia dip brow pomade this is the my go-to recently I love this product I'm pretty sure that NYX makes a brow pomade but I don't own it so just pretend like this is a drugstore or like an expensive product but you know how it is there's something that you're just like don't mess with me don't don't even try to take this for me like it's just not gonna happen that's how I feel about my brows I'm gonna speed through my brows and cut a lot of this out just because I need to do a full in-depth brow routine because it's just a lot and it's aggressive and I can't stand doing my brows so I'm gonna just kind of skip past this and I'll be right back I'm so stressed she's at 5 centimeters and I'm about to up her pitocin and I'm like all right brows are complete so now we get to move on to actually what do I want to move on to and wonder if I want to bake today my brother looks kind of nice just how it is but you know what I'm still gonna bake I gotta be extra you know to bake I'm gonna use again the Maybelline fit me a loose powder and fair and I'm gonna slap that on like we always do I use this powder to bake in my drugstore first impressions I believe I've used that a couple of times and it actually is really really good it's really intense when you wipe it off there's a distinct difference so it does a really great job at baking all right just a little baking you know just like a little something-something just to kind of clean up the face up pinch and then we can move on where is my palate where where no really I'm wasting time there's a baby being born where as much this eye look that I'm about to do is the easiest exercise we're gonna go get my palette whoo it's the easiest like most go to look for me it's just like foolproof I'm gonna be using my palette because it is super inexpensive and comes out to about a dollar and eyeshadow so APSA totes I'm gonna start off by going in with a fluffy brush and a shade silk cream right here sorry I'm gonna use this mirror because I can't see myself that well on this one to do like more precise stuff just gonna use a fluffy brush put that back and forth windshield wiper motions in the crease stamping it all along my entire outer lid area and then once we get to the inner corner I'm going much lighter I don't want as much product on the inner as I do on the outer going back with a little bit more of that the more you build it the darker that shade is going to get so let's continue to build it right there in the crease of my eye on the outer corner of the eye and repeat the same step on your left eye now I'm gonna go in with the shade pukey right here this is another matte shade everything on today's eyes are going to be matte which is why I love it so much it's so easy I'm gonna take pukey and put it right over top of what we just did you don't even need to do this honestly you could just use that one shade and move on but you know me when I have a palette sitting in front of me I just want to keep going and then last shadow I'm gonna use on the lid is mocha right here which is just a darker deeper Brown and with that shade I'm just going to tap it right here really really lightly and then slightly darken that I going with an itty bitty bit at a time because I don't want to make it too intense I don't want to get too much fallout and none of that jazz so just a little bit at a time and then just blend that into the inner corner a little bit just slightly again we want the inner corner to remain lighter than the outer so that's it for the eye shadows on the upper lid and now I'm gonna just take a white powder I typically use my Kat Von D shade + light contour palette and I use just the whitest shade in there today I'm gonna go back with the makeup revolution path I use under my eyes I'm gonna use this lightest shade right here on a little kind of like Bearpaw brush like that like a little mini guy this is more if he m21 zero great little lid brush just picking that up like so I'm gonna Pat that on the inner corner this is gonna work great and I'm just going to Pat that all on the inner corner of my eye the Kat Von D one definitely has a little bit more pigment when doing this but it's fine we'll just build it and then bring it up and here to really give that like bright white wide-eyed effect wow that was like a tongue twister for me and then bringing it to about the center of the lid but once you get to this area you're gonna have a lot less product on the brush because you want it to be a lot whiter whiter my goodness whiter and more pigmented on the inner corner and then you want to just fade it away into that Brown alright so next I'm going to apply a liner and I'm gonna be doing a liner much different than I typically do and this is something I just started doing maybe a month and a half ago maybe two months ago because any time I think of liner I think of bold winged liner I think of something that's gonna take a lot of efforts making sure it's even and it just stresses me out and then one day I felt like my eyes just look away – naked I need some liner but I don't want to go through the process of the wing so I just did a straight line with gel it was so fast and it just brings so much more attention to the eyes and makes you look so much more glam so I'm kind of falling back in love with just that regular straight eyeliner which I used to do every single day in my life several years ago but it's like wings just became such a thing that it almost feels like wrong to not do a wing you know so I'm gonna be using my Maybelline eye studio blackest black gel liner right here this has been my favorite gel liner for years and you guys been watching my channel you know that it's like my number one this one and the morphe one are very similar and both very good so whatever is sitting next to me is what I grab so this might look kind of awkward cuz I'm gonna have to like bend down into my mirror unless I left my mirror up but that's still really weird right yeah all I'm gonna do it'll just make a straight line across my eye and that is it it's actually really challenging to do this because I normally have my mirror like up here like this with me so I'm like hunched so hard that I can't get my liner straight as quickly as I normally can all right so now that I have that I'm going to prompt my mirror up on something and do my other eye off-camera so I can just get it done quickly okay so now we have our liner done for the most part when I'm off-camera my liner takes me maybe three minutes to do that because it's just two straight lines and if you feel like you can't get a straight line a great trick is to take a definer brush like this guy right here this is one of my brushes this is the JH 43 take a little black eyeshadow on this and then just go like this side to side it'll make it a little bit smokier but it's like foolproof it's just like smudge off your liner and make it really straight and just sleek looking if you feel like you struggle it'll make it easy but now it's gonna throw on some mascara and then I will put on some false lashes you do not have to do false lashes with this look though so don't feel pressure this is actually a great look just to curl your lashes and put on some mascara walk out the door but you know me I'm gonna put on some falsies so typically with this look I would wear baddie B false lashes in the style F boy they're so beautiful there so wispy and so curly and just girly and flirty but they are not inexpensive I think they're like 1819 dollars a pair and then shipping and all that so I'm gonna be mindful of that and go with a more inexpensive pair so let me pick which one excite a few all right I'm in spending last few minutes off camera looking and going through all of my lashes they're inexpensive and honestly I'm gonna go with my go twos which are intoxicating by flutter the rest of them have just like really stiff bands and aren't the vibe for this look for me and since I'm gonna be wearing this actually for the rest of the day and it's only two o'clock in the afternoon I want to be comfortable so I'm gonna go with what I know but use any lashes that you guys have and it will work with this look I'm gonna wipe off my bake around my nose Wow I'm waiting for my lash glue to get tacky on me lash okay so now that I have my lashes on I'm going to apply some just lost my Tolcher some eye shadow to my lower lash line yeah I'm gonna and with a definer brush like this guy right here and I'm gonna pick up my ring the alarm palette I'm going to go in with the shades secret which is a dark chocolatey brown one of my favorite shades I've ever developed actually I love this shape and I'm gonna just trace that right along my lower lash now I'm gonna go with the shade mugshot right here in the center such a good shade I use these two colors almost every single time I do my makeup and you guys know if you watch my videos that's true and on a pencil brush I'm going to just blend that out I want my lash line on the lower to be smokier than my upper I just think that it really brings a lot of attention to the eyes and it also makes it look so easy for you to apply it's so effortless to apply shadow on the lower lash line alright now I'm going to go in with this color pop cream gel liner and it is a pure white I have actually not used these yet so we're gonna see how it works I'm gonna put it on my inner waterline and hope for the best oh yes amazing pigmentation look at that that's like pow absolutely you look at how bright-eyed I am now I'm gonna scoop up my palette one more time and I'm gonna go in with the first shade right here and light and I'm gonna use that to highlight the inner corners of my eyes just once again for that bright eye effect so I'm not gonna do too much highlight though I don't want it to be like wow but I do a little bit just to bring some attention alright now I'm going to just eliminate this bake down here and look at this I love that Maybelline powder like how much it really bakes and does its job well you have to work a little extra with this powder because it really is so fantastic so I'm just gonna go ahead and get all of that off music kind of a stiff brush and then that lower half of our face is gonna look so much more clean than it did previously gosh I cannot get over how good my skin looks with this foundation in powder like it looks good I hope the camera is showing how good it looks okay so now for blush can you guess which blush I'm going to use it's my favorite drugstore blush of all time still it's the Milani Luminoso luminous so Luminoso whichever i love this blush so much just pretty like corley pinky and it does have shimmer in it but it's not obnoxious and it's not like glittery or gross it's great so pretty it's just so subtle all right so now before I put on any highlight and I'm actually gonna go really easy with my highlight today because I think this look is just so fresh and pretty and feminine like this but I am gonna just go back with this again makeup revolution palette I'm gonna go in with one of my brushes a JH o 9 and I'm gonna grab again these two shades the two lightest the yellow based and the more peachy pinky vanilla based and I'm going to just run this over key areas of the face just to again bring certain areas forward okay so then for highlight I'm gonna take that exact same brush there's so many highlights sitting in front of me that I could use but I'm gonna go in with the wet and wild make a glow highlighting powder right here also the Maybelline master chrome so beautiful the pixi by petra this one gorgeous there's a lot of really good ones the Physicians Formula this so pretty I'm gonna go with this one cuz I just I love this one the absolute most and I'm only gonna put this on the center my cheeks like right here just for a little extra something but I'm not gonna take it up all over my face I'm not gonna overdo it it's gonna put it on the center and then a DAB on my nose because some things just never change I'm gonna go ahead and just set my face now I'm going to put some mascara on my lower lashes okay Laura mascara is done and I actually had to use the Mac extended play gigablack lash which is what I always use I've wanted to use the L'Oreal voluminous but the wand is just too thick and I need a really skinny thin wand when I'm applying my lower lash mascara otherwise it just gets so clumpy and it's just not the biz so I use this instead I don't have a drugstore like an expensive mascara that has a really skinny wand so I'm sorry okay and last but not least is lips typically I use a Mac lip liner like Mac strip-down is my go-to like I run through Mac stripped down like crazy but when it comes to inexpensive lip liners I think hands down the best one that I have tried is morphe and I know that people are like you're a more ethereal ma I really don't care because the brand is amazing and more if yous doing a service to everybody by getting us some balm products from a very inexpensive costs cost price yes okay I'm gonna use sweet tea by morphe which is a brown neutral and these lip liners are so creamy but they're not too creamy like they remind me a lot of Mac which are my favorites and the way I typically do this when I use a lip liner is you may get the darkest on the outer edge of my lips and then once I get to the center like this I kind of put it like that and I go in with my finger and I just kind of like smudge it out alright guys so this is the finished look my go-to glam kind of moment that's affordable and actually really easy to do and as you can see it is minimal products now not minimal like oh let me just don't want to face and we're out the door and it'll take 10 minutes no no if you guys want a genuinely easy 10-minute out the door look which is just like concealer mascara a little brow situation here and there I can do that for you but this is definitely a minimal product for a full glam face you're not I mean other than that that's it I love you guys so much I hope you enjoy the video if you did get a thumbs up let me know the comments section double the villa oh my gosh I need to go I need to go watch a baby be born I have to I have to go I love you goodbye

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