My Channel Under Attack by Social Justice Warriors?

hello and welcome to the channel it is your favorite youtuber Lee here and just getting out of work so I figured I'd shoot this video quite literally before I leave because I had a few things that I had to straightened out and this is for the working-class man but anyways so funny situation happened to me and it got me thinking about these other people that I watch I I watched Jeremy from geeks and gamers and in Josiah and and the friendly Mexican I have an Ortega and all of them and I really love the stuff that they do and I remember hearing that you know that you are making a dent when you have SJW start to attack you so interesting and true story firuzan around checking my facebook as I normally do and I don't know if this was someone from my channel who would have access to my my Facebook account but I got a rather nasty message about Captain Marvel and I said ooh I got to read this one this looks interesting so someone goes and they posted some more other nasty things about myself and you know the usual talking points sand that I'm sexist and that I am a white male and that is why I rated the movie the way I did now a couple of things a few clarifications that people need to know for anyone else who would like to attack me first off my facebook is leaked hold the 4th on Facebook you can look me up and go ahead and send me a private message don't put it on my board but go ahead and send me a message because I will rebut to all of you idiots out there who want to attack me with facts so first FAQ for this person who wanted to call me out the FIR fact is one I don't even know who you are I don't know why you took my comments so personally I actually find it quite hilarious and number two number two I'm just gonna get a drink whilst I'm stating this stuff hold on a second okay so number two and a bit of another water break because I'm not like going off a camera for this okay so number two is that if you're going to attack me make sure you have your facts accurate they proceeded to get into a war with me about how great this film is and how it follows the source material now for anyone who's a rational thinking person they knew nothing about the source material because they tried to argue with me that Captain Marvel was originally a female Wow even just surfing your Google which you get most of your arguments from all of us JW's out there you could see that the the original Captain Marvel was a dude a white dude I know ha it's terrible right and that the character was established about seventies ish right around that area okay I'm not a real big knowledgeable guy with Captain Marvel per se because that was never my favorite thing I was more a spider-man x-men that kind of a thing but so you're wrong right there secondly they tried to call me someone who was misogynistic and I didn't understand the female point of view I have a daughter okay and I'm a single father so really really I'm I must be spreading my toxic male views on to my daughter not true at all okay and I was raised by a single mom okay so right there your argument is debunked okay now they tried to argue with me about how great the character was and as I said in my video for anyone who makes this argument why do you like this character give me one good character trait and they said oh she's a powerful female that's not a character trait that's a label okay what makes her a good character what kind of emotional depth does she have how is she related to you got nothing got nothing then they want to go with the whole scrawls thing right when I look at my point and they're like oh this isn't about this there's nothing about there's nothing about immigration okay um I don't want to spoil it for you but any common person who didn't catch that little hint in the movie you will about almost to the end of the film okay I don't want to spoil it but yes there is a tagline about out there okay so another point debunked it okay I broke down the film the very next day after I saw it detail for detail shot for shot in my spoiler review only one on this channel I did a spoiler so I can personally pick to you parts that didn't work and I didn't even get to all of them I know because people on my channel told me so this is a quick video because I feel like all us JW's who might hear of me please come and attack me because that'll make more people notice who I am I would love for you guys to come and say untrue things about me because I know who I am okay this whole sjw movement to me comes off as insecurity what does that mean you are not secure with who you are as a person so you need to attack other people to feel good about yourself they don't say anything constructive they don't say anything positive they don't tell you how they want to change the world they tell you it's wrong and broken and they don't give you a reason for why it's wrong and broken or how to fix it that is the definition of just playing the victim card you guys are lifelong career victims that's all you are you're not interested in solutions you're not interested in trying to bring people together you have no overarching purpose or motivation but the so chaos and dissent in the things that we love and I'm glad to be a part of this community that is speaking out against it and I hope that my kids will have the foresight or my kid and future kids well the foresight to not fall into your trap today my 11 year old daughter today to give you a clue as to how smart my little girl is I do not influence her decisions in how she feels about things I let her form her own opinions me and her went to see the movie fighting with family and she came out and she looked at me and she goes daddy I feel inspired by that movie from the mouth of an 11 year old little girl she picked up something about that movie that inspired her I said nothing I didn't influence her decisions in any way she turned to me and that's the first thing that she said that is what we need to be instilling in our children they need to experience their own feelings and we need to guide them to the right choices and all of us JW's what you're controlling your narratives which are hating people just to hate them which are illogical reasonings for how you feel about things with no facts and no proof just talking points and what's the difference between what I'm saying versus a talking point a talking point is a script they call that an English they call it a talking point because you put a little circle by it and you put a sentence and it gets repeated that's a talking point right and you guys share this around in your little group and then you have a group study and you all read from the same exact thing no originality no thought art is original feelings are original people are original when they feel what they feel and they're allowed to say what they say and I don't do a lot of his videos I don't like protesting and being that guy but this really irritated me today because it's like was really a frustrating nonsensical argument like going around in a giant circle and getting nowhere I was literally just running around in the circle with this person bla bla bla bla bla I was literally watching their script unfold and then when they had nothing to say when I debunked all of their excuses they played the world-famous wait for it blank you card okay and I edit myself because I as an instructor I know I have people who watch these videos and I won't ever curse on this channel no matter how agitated I am so they said that to me and then they logged off and deleted their account and deleted their messages this is the culture that we're in this is ridiculous these attacks that are being done I'm 70 subs I'm not even a big guy okay I'm happy for the people that I get alright but someone just came and logged off of my channel after watching my review and then they came back and felt the need to track me down on my Facebook and comment so thank you I appreciate it and anybody else who wants to give me a shout-out look me up you know where I am I do not hide from these challenges because I will use facts common sense logic and decency to combat these people I don't need to swear I don't need to curse because the evidence is what I have on my side the proof is what I have the truth is what I have and you guys can go ahead and censor on Rotten Tomatoes and you can try to silence voices but at the end of the day at the very end of the day you cannot stop people from being heard they will speak their mind and they will speak at the loudest the more you silence it so that's just my advice for all of you guys out there who are trying to make it so that us reviewers and all of us who are genuinely disappointed can't state our feelings we will say what we have to say and we'll use different platforms if we need to do it so in closing thank you to all the sjw's out there really make sure that you mentioned my channel in reddit's please and in other forms so that more people can subscribe to me it's Lee Cole the fourth even if they want to hate me I don't care that's just more subs go ahead spread the word okay hit the buzzer for the notifications so that you guys can gripe about my next video until then thank you very much and for all my subscribers I appreciate you and please share this video let's get the sjw's angry because this is hilarious and it's my constant source of entertainment throughout my day waking up every morning and seeing what the media is spinning next so thank you very much if you enjoyed this hit that like button hit the buzzer to get notifications and please tell all of your friends about the channel until next time I that you don't even deserve the tagline ask aw you know where to see me

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  1. Just because you have a daughter and raised by your mom doesn’t mean you’re not misogynistic. Its not a “ free pass” because you have women in your life. Many are ignorant of the fact that just because you are around women means you can’t be misogynistic. Women can be misogynistic. Also “Character traits are often labeled with descriptive adjectives” is the definition of character traits. Powerful is an adjective that can be used to describe that character. She is powerful. That is a character trait that is valid to say. I think you are very one sided and opinionated and once you have something on your mind you just stick with that. You clearly don’t like Captain Marvel and tried to justify liking the movie because of some random cat and now randomly pulling immigrants into the mix. They are aliens, it’s a marvel movie. It’s not supposed to have a deeper meaning. And you use the term SJW so lightly without taking in the consideration with people who have different opinions than you and are a feminist. Feminist mean wanting equal rights for everyone men and women. Not just women, not just men. BOTH. You are looking at the first news articles that pop up you are not looking into the feminist and people wanting equality. There are articles about stopping women abusing men and stopping females raping males and little boys being able to play dress up without being criticized and ridiculed and they are out there. Articles about wanting Women and men being equal. Many people just want to see the bad side of feminism like you who see the couple crazy people. Every group of people have the crazy people giving it a bad name. Many people believe Muslim people are terrorist because of the 1% in the media’s eyes. That is exactly how you see feminism.

    Also you do form your daughters opinion. You live with her you are her adult male role model. You being with her every day in influencing her. That is complete bullshit you influence your daughter you are with your daughter she hears you and is around you. Fighting with my family is based on a true story which shouldn’t be compared to captain marvel which is FICTIONAL character. Which is the SIXTH LARGEST WORLD WIDE DEBUTE EVER. And you’re trying to tell me it’s a horrible movie.

    You say you don’t like protesting and being that guy but by you making this video is you protesting and being that guy. This is your talking point.

    You have not used any facts, Common sense,Any logic, or have a decency to respect people with different opinions than you.

    This is me being heard.

  2. A little drama keeps things interesting haha. Good to see you’re not letting it get to you, signs of a good content creator 🙂

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