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Montessori Language Activities : Preschool Writing Activities

Montessori Language Activities : Preschool Writing Activities

These are very early activities for writing,
writing preparation. Often, we do these on a chalkboard, sometimes we will actually have
them on a ditto and let the children pick from a stack of dittos, but these are the
early writing. I start by writing dashes, lines and things in the first box, and what
their goal is to finish that. When I’m presenting, I show them dot, slash, slash, circle, X,
line; and I show them exactly how I write it, so they know how to hold a pencil. Dot,
line, line, circle, X, and line. Then have them trace them again; dot. Can you make your
own, dot, dot, dot, dot? Trace the slash and make a new one. Then have them trace and repeat.
Trace and make their own.
Trace and make their own. After they have mastered doing this activity, I will just
put one here, and have them just do the whole entire page, or often I will put a dash, a
line, a dash, a line and then have them repeat it in the next box, which is a little more
difficult. The next step after this is actually to do the letters of the alphabet. We always
start with the main lines and dashes for writing preparation.

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  1. If all Montessori teachers act like the "I was personally trained by Montessori's neighbor's cousin's best friend" types I see commenting on videos here then I thank God we opted to home school. Seriously, just what "lesson" does that kind of elitist, rude attitude teach children?

  2. I just started  an home base art class w/ my neighbors 4 and 6 yr old. What I noticed w/ the 4yr old in holding her crayon  with a full grasp and not thumb and pointer finger. When we had session today I was trying to show her holding the paint brush as describe she said it hurt to hold it this way.  What type of exercises can you prescribe in assisting her I know eventually she will adapt but I am surprised her preschool teacher has not helped her with this. The other 4yr old in my group has no issue with holding a crayon or brush with thumb and pointer finger. Grateful for advice. 🙂

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