Modi Vs Mamata Political War Over Cyclone Fani In West Bengal | Countdown With Rajdeep Sardesai

now meanwhile a war of words has erupted between Prime Minister Modi and TMC Reid and Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee this after mr. Modi claimed that month I refused to take phone calls from him when the Prime Minister wanted a review of a cyclone Fani what's the real story in relief now reports even as Alisha and cities affected by cyclone fawni in West Bengal leap to recovery from destruction and ugly war of words has erupted between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee the Prime Minister has claimed that the vests Bengal Chief Minister ignored his phone calls and refused to hold a review meet over cyclone Fani Modi accused Monza of putting politics above the state's welfare Jacaranda Manor Mamta ddz hornpub at carnegie course is Kizzy Lake in DD car honk are it not Giada hi Yewon honey would say button ahiki stung by the Prime Minister's attack Mamta hit back calling him an expiry Prime Minister for whom the review meat was just another photo op the TMC had earlier accused the prime minister of sleeping this is not the first time that Mamta and Prime Minister Modi have locked horns Prime Minister's recent claim that month ascension rasgullas and kutas had angered the Bengal Chief Minister him embodied a Salva advocacy ego who could select an idea doc whatever idea [Applause] with Managua in Kolkata Bureau report India today let's go to our first face off this evening Shazia Elmi spokesperson of the BJP joining me professor Mahajan Mundell professor Java poor University supporter of the TMC with us appreciate both of you joining us at the moment let's raise that question tonight to both of you first – you shall me the basic question which is being raised tonight is that do you believe that the Prime Minister should be at a time like this when there is a cyclone be playing politics over it or do you believe month of energy is playing politics over the cyclone Mamta Banerjee claimed she's the Chief Minister she's in charge she's handled the situation why does the Prime Minister they need to come to Bengal and play politics over it your response so first of all I think mamta Banerjee Mamta didi really needs to grow up I think she has behaved really badly and irresponsibly we know how national disaster management committee works their chief Secretary's of all the States Armed Forces are there the Chiefs are there they all are a part of it there is a certain mechanism by which this happens this happened in Orissa and you just see how responsible and graceful Naveen Patnaik was he after all also is a political adversary of the BJP and the Prime Minister is he not but he conducted himself gracefully and he thought for this he worked with the benefit for his or for his people as far as mum GG is concerned I think she must learn to distinguish between her role as an administrator and a chief executive of a state and that of a politician garnering votes some things are beyond TMC and beyond vgp health and welfare of people is one of those and mamta because of a petty politics and her arrogance shows that that her her ego outweighs any concern for the electorate for the masses for the very people she claims to represent good job I think she's behaved in a extremely irresponsible manner I can't even call it childish because this is who's in charge she's the chief minister of Bengal if she needs the Prime Minister's help she can ask for it but if she doesn't need it that's her responsibility the buck stops with no this needs no no there is no no you might not be aware you might not be aware of it Rajdeep this is now how it works ours is a quasi federal and a unitary country you must read the Constitution yes cyclone went and traveled from state to state yes Prime Minister so the Prime Minister yeah so the I need to tell you that because mamta Banerjee alone is is not responsible it is the duty of the Prime Minister and all the chief ministers and then there's chief secretaries and the National Disaster Management Committee officials who come together to protect India could make alerts make sure that there is a mechanism in place okay use and mitigate any damages that come with a disaster or cyclone okay let me then bring in Garga chatted Uganda Chatterjee if the Prime Minister wants to offer help if he reaches out to month uh Banerjee if he tries to call her up he's reaching out to her as the Prime Minister of the country Mamta Banerjee by not picking up the phone is perhaps ending up there all wrong signal at the end of the day we are a federation of states Mamta Banerjee is the person in charge the buck stops with her as far as Bengal is concerned but the National Disaster Management Force is a national agency and therefore there has to be central state contra coordination why not pick up the Prime Minister's phone last time it is very nice to say that you know when people are in distress etc during the floods last time where hundreds of people got killed and thousands of crores of property was destroyed during the floods Bengal did not get a single portion of assistance be hardened are some did Gujarat did even a foreign country called Nepal did okay so this is the attitude of Narendra Modi and BJP to the plight of Bengal and Bengalis when they are in a very dire situation we know this person we know this party we know its anti Bengali DNA having said that what happened this time Noren ro Modi had a rally in char gram he had to get doubt in kala kunda he might fancy himself to be some kind of Emperor at was beckon call everybody will come but this is not the case for Mamata Banerjee and Bengal and Bengal is at large now when there is form it's about what very she can pick up the phone and say mr. Prime Minister I don't need your help I am fully in control but not picking up the phone not agreeing to a review meeting sends out the message as if she's only interested in confrontation with the center since – since that since the last cyclone ayah in the last seven years Mamata Banerjee's government has built two storm shelters and cyclone shelters in three coastal districts it is that substantive work that matters she was manning from Kharagpur being stationed in karoku she was manning the war room through which this disaster management was going on did you get a single picture but you have now been flooded with pictures of modern drone body looking in from some aeroplane etc this isn't this is the problem right we are not into matters of Cyclone Yasi relief measures shall be just a minute need measures there's a serious charge being made today that the Prime Minister uses these occasions for photo ops is what mamta Banerjee claims today it was with Naveen Patnaik on a plane overseeing what was happening in Odisha mamta Banerjee is claiming this is election time I am as she said I am in charge I am monitoring it the Prime Minister wants to use it for a photo-op how do you respond that the speaks of mumtaz insecurity and paranoia how come Naveen Patnaik does not feel that way if she is and rattled and she can't bear it if she is let her goons loose to create mayhem in the polling in the polling areas we know what is going on in this van gaal and this just reflects a paranoia of a woman or the chief minister who is totally rattled authoritarian she doesn't care for the people it is all about arrogance and there were no problems would be Naveen put mag and the Prime Minister and Naveen Patnaik and Naveen Patnaik yes prime minister give credit to Naveen Patnaik and said there was no issue after all this is how it works in matters of for relief in terms of wet weather dissolve national disasters like these centres there – whether court estate is this bill proposal together or the agency is the multi supplement disability of agencies working together to the welfare of communities therefore let me ask you a final a desire for the welfare you made your point guard Chatterjee therefore the obvious question to ask is is a mamta banerjee so insecure that she cannot pick up the phone of the Prime Minister that she cannot hold a review meeting what is it that prevents her from doing so why is it that day Bengal and Delhi seemed to be headlong into confrontation that's the obvious question rather than getting into this blame game demean putnik today shows the generosity they fought a tough campaign but they went and did a review together why can't mom tattoo the same she who is concerned and who is anxious is given by the frequency of flights and copter digits that Amit Shah Maran dramedy that yogi Adityanath etc doing – Bengal okay so we know that also the amount of money that that is being dirty money that is being put in even na roti goes is so insecure bJP MP from qatal said that you will get 1000 men from you P to get Bengali skill like dogs okay so let's not talk about insecurity but this what is this what is this yeah professor Chatterjee completely avoids so Banerjee father yes no I mean Bengal will follow the walls example no in they are it's a lame duck Prime Minister a last budget was given he has no mandate they're burning files in Shastri Bhavan it's on its way out what's the use of talking to these these people okay you believe that no reason to talk to these people as a result of complete breakdown of trust between Kolkata and I believe he's not even the prime minister of this country so in living in complete oblivion okay let's leave it there ma'am to say that he is not my prime minister she seems to be living in some other country okay let's leave it then shall me go on my face of this evening thanks for watching the video for more such news and updates please like share and subscribe to India TV also check out our other great videos from our Channel we know you would love to

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  1. Abe tujhe constitution bhi pata hai ?
    Koi tujhe interview bhi nahin deta..
    Useless journalist !

  2. These journalist are full of shame as they are kept in check by bjp for all their political gains and benifit and lost their monitory gains they are now acting devils eye supporting the wrong politicians from whom they were fat feed

  3. Why p.m is accusing to need to call to mamta..after all he is da p.m of country..the entire matter can b solve by him.

  4. Mamta is a big cheater..I don't want to stay in this state..She only protects her bengali's… hate her..Big dian..

  5. If PM doesn't do intervention ,then media says that PM is responsible , and if he is seeing the entire matter , u r on her side , ridiculous Rajdeep

  6. Really I am surprise it is questioning to prime minister why he called mamta to talk about fani,And there are destroying democracy? What a fool?

  7. Our Odisha has been destroyed. And this asshole Rajdeep is playing politics for his his Didi. India Today is a shitty channel.. Cover the destruction that the cylone has brought to our beloved state of Odisha..

  8. Modi is just doing nautanki… He ignored kerala chief minister during kerala floods… Chief minister of kerala was awaiting for a long for relief from centre.. But modi didn't pay attention… Even he refused to take help from UAE government

  9. He is a biggggchorrrr of India…ehen kerla flood happened the entire state droned in water n he jzt funded 500cr…and when it ws sanctioned it got stupeddown to300 cr…thy hv money to construct the huge statue worth rs3000cr but they are not concerned about people of kerla……shame on us for electing a pm like him

  10. Hey guyz this lady is blady selfish n Mr. rajdeep desai plz dont defend her. This shows she is having cheap mentality n she dont care about citizen of west bengel. I seriously wish she should nt be cm anymore

  11. Sometimes Rajdeep behaves cynical. What is meaning of national disaster? Had PM not called, same Rajdeep wold have questioned him.

  12. It is not politics . You people call this as politics . It is arrogance of mamata . She has no respect for pm . Pl u media criticise the arrogance of mamata

  13. all ministers take helicopter and plane trips to see damage during calamities but sardesai says why should modi

  14. mamata banarjee= black mamba
    mayabati= buff strip keelback
    yogi adityanath= rusell vipers
    azam khan = monocellate cobra
    this 4 potician should be eliminated from fighting election ..
    ( total waste of our nation)

  15. All national media is controlled by BJP, Modi will do It rides on opposition parties who is against him .BJP is destroying democracy in India, Modi cheated andhra pradesh people by not giving funds and special status

  16. What is that's means expiry pm ….you are running a big news channel…don't have any clue about constitution

  17. India Today news reader Mr. Rajdeep trying to make the matter complecated. These news paper never publised the truth. News paper can tell anything wrong and tell anyhing for TRP.
    Watch and listen the entire conversation Rajdeep trying to make politics. We have no trust on News paper.

  18. Narendra Modi is India prime minister, he is only friend of his crony capatlist. I don't consider him as PM, he against my country.

  19. Calamity Odisha me aaya hai Lekin media ne isko Bengal me pahucha diya, hai ho media Maharaaj. BJP Jaan bujh kar Mamta se ulajhati hai taaki godi media issue Ko din bhar chala sake,

  20. Ego n politics should be kept aside when comes to public interest .. ultimately the ordinary people suffers out of these …
    If they would have just only focused on public interest , development work more … The CM of Odisha sets an example on how public interest matters more than any election n get to a win-win suitation …

  21. People of Orissa and Bengal should thank you to Modi government. Because of forecasting by ISRO satellite and mandatory evacuation help to reduce death count.

  22. Mr Narendra Modi is the best for marketing with citizens of India. The zealous people is so much interested to have PM post. He has no capacity to control for running a country.

  23. What is Rajdeep even doing? Defending Mamata on a political issue is another thing but what's with defending her on not even picking up a phone by the PM?

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