mix:analog | Mid/Side and Parallel processing Tutorial

Hey how's it going you got here from exam lock and I'm happy to let you know that we finally managed to implement the mid side and parallel processing capability into our platform it doesn't look like much but just two buttons and a switch but in practice it nearly doubles the possibilities with our compressors and eq's to demo I'll use the track that's already featured in our VC a compressor shootout it's called gravediggers performed by hollow state of which the multitrack for educational purposes is available on the link below now enough of me talking to the camera let's see how we can use the new functionality basics first here are the controls the two buttons regulate the level of the dry and wet signal and the check box enables or disables the mid side matrix we'll check that mode first and for that I'll use our beloved Fairchild 670 compressor the Fairchild already has a lateral vertical mode which is in fact mid/side mode just named differently after the movement of the needle on the vinyl records for which this compressor limiter was originally designed for but there is one drawback the input gain controls are placed before the MS matrix so there is no way to control the level of the mid and side channel separately that would probably make sense if you would have to align the left and right channels precisely before going mid side to minimize the low-end content leakage into the side channel because of a slight left/right imbalance but with the most of the production done digitally today this is very rarely an issue what we usually want to achieve in mid/side processing today is perceived loudness without pumping reverbs and or maybe just some additional stereo width without any obvious compression that's why we thought it makes sense to treat the Fairchild to another external ms matrix to make it even more useful for the more modern workflow but if you still want the original vintage experience and functionality don't worry the lateral vertical mode is still available and before we even start I'll set up the Fairchild in a way that's more useful for mid side operation I'll disable the sidechain link I'll disable the controls link I will start with the threshold maxed out so we start with no compression and I will start with a let's say a little bit lower more gentle ratio because I don't want to squash things too much okay all set up let's go in the sky but it isn't enough with film buffs with country you you you you you [Applause] [Applause] but it isn't enough with film buffs with country belief is the reason to leave so I just keep just to leave a mark never wondering why spiders Hevy VCA style compression used in parallel is practically a default example of the famous New York style compression the density in glued that this kind of compressor is known for ken we've done a bit too heavy-handed Li unfortunately come with a price of reduced punch and too much pumping so some smart mixing engineers came up with the idea of simply mixing back in some of the original track with untouched transients and dynamics this way we can have the best of both worlds density movement and snap of the compressed signal and spatial depth and transient width of the uncompressed original so in a nutshell if you want to bring up the low-level detail and add some content to a mix that may otherwise sound a bit boring or empty without sacrificing the character of the transients this is the method to go for it use a fast ish attack release that fits the song mid to high ratio in the six to one ballpark and just go for it it will sound somewhat unusable by itself but if you blend it slowly into the dry version of the track well let's have a listen before we do our short explanation of what's going on bypass the pultec EQ and bypass the mastering equaliser and I've bypassed the precision limiter so we're only going to be listening to what's going on with the VCA compressor is my fantasies but it is enough with film buffs with country believe is the reason to leave so I just keep pig injured [Applause] [Applause] whitfill bugs with concrete the reason to leave so I just keep digging the sky til my fingers hurt okay that's it for today's video I hope you at least got something useful out of it but if you think that something still needs some additional explanation please leave the questions in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them thank you for your time thank you for watching and see you next time bye

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  1. there's more to the prallel compresiion that is rarely talked about – you need to boost lows -cut mids and boost highs on paralles signal. cheers!

  2. Great! You explained everything well I didn't understand when I was playing around a few days ago. This could save people time! 👍🏼

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