Mitch Feierstein on the US elections

I want to go over to the
U.S. and talk a little bit you guys have got an upcoming election and you’re
being asked a very tricky question: is it Hillary or is it or is it Donald? It’s pretty scary, is what
it is. It’s, you know, it’s absolutely frightening. I mean, it’s shocking that there’s a person
running for president that should be in jail. I mean, the crimes that Hillary has committed,
her lack of ability to uphold national security, the FBI’s inability to prosecute her for the
same stuff that if anybody else did it they’d send them to Guantanamo Bay. I mean, what’s
happened is that you’ve got wholesale corruption on a large scale. It’s going to come out
about the Clinton Foundation. I mean, how many people do you know that leave the White House
and then are worth $150 million? So wait they get this money because why? You’re not going
to do any favors in return for the money? I mean obviously what it’s called is pay-to-play in Washington’s cesspool of corruption where Hillary’s the lifeguard. So, you know,
you have something like that that’s problematic. Now, is Donald Trump the man to “make America
great again” or change things? I don’t know but quite frankly I can’t support a criminal
who’s running that has you know endorsed lawlessness. So you’re reluctantly voting
Trump? Well I don’t think you can
vote for Hillary but you know there’s also the outlier, there’s an outlier that if the
FBI- if the FBI comes in that what might happen is at the last minute Joe
Biden and Elizabeth Warren come out because maybe Hillary was sick or she has that cough
that won’t go away or something happens and Joe Biden comes out of the wings and he would
win hands down. Probability of it happening? 25-30? 25 or 30 percent.
But, you know, going back to that election and why you couldn’t vote for Hillary, you know,
it got even worse when those transcripts from the Democratic National Convention party were
released and it found out that they actually stole the election from Bernie Sanders by
manipulating the figures. I mean, but they changed the narrative, this we go back to the
media again, they changed the narrative to: “Oh it must have been the Russians that hacked
into the DNC. Oh don’t don’t read what that said, those hacks, don’t read that stuff because
you don’t want to see what we did, you know, to disenfranchise all the voters because your
vote really only counts if you vote the right way.” That kind of democracy. Right, exactly.

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  1. This is why no one gets punished.
    It all relates to this. We have been conned massively.
    Would you really like to know how the world works? It's one big set of countries turned into corporations with the capital being a private corporation too. We live inside a business and we become employed through our birth certificate and lose all human rights. Only what rights brussels wants to give.Common law is what is most important to guarantee our freedom. Shut down the private Roman European city of London corporation and then we will be truely free. I don't think any company could stay. Because they mistreat workers and treat them as slaves. Inhumane practices which would probably land them all in jail. People do not know the underlying truths of the EU and why they won't let us escape.There are no consequences for corporations. Like a Ltd company they go bust and get away with murderAll I can suggest to you is read this and watch these 4 documentaries please. I'm sharing vital information many of you are clueless about.Capitalism and the Dutch East India Company | Crash Course World History #229Join host John Green to learn about the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, doing business as the VOC, also known as the Dutch East India Company. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Dutch managed to dominate world trade, and they did so through the pioneering use of corporations and finance. However, not all of their ways were new; traditional methods such as violently enforced monopolies, unfair trade agreements, and warfare also played a role in their growth. You'll learn how the Dutch came up with inventions including joint stock corporations, maritime insurance, and futures trading… and how all this affected the US economy in 2008.Find more videos from Crash CourseWatch John Harris It's an illusion 2 and find out how we have had no real law for 400 years. When the VOC setup it's first corporation. That is how they circumvent common law and nobody gets punished.Then watch Mike malloney hidden secrets of money RSA animate changing education paradigm by Sir Ken RobbinsonGreatest speech ever told- Charlie Chaplin

  2. When has it ever been that you vote FOR somebody, rather than NOT for the other option. Maybe Obama was able to convince people for a short while, but come on, if the establishment candidates go back and forth preying on your fears one more time, while doing favors and bailouts for their powerful buddies, I think there has to be a collective barfing.
    Trump is literally the last hope to bring some semblance of sanity to the political system and people just don't want to admit or see it. At least this guy didn't play the ist basket deplorable angle against his less objectionable selection, so I guess he's not too brainwashed.

  3. I fear for the world from November onwards. How could America end up with a criminal and a racist mad man as the only candidates? Julian Assange needs to release the rest of the emails so another democrat can step in.

  4. Mitch is correct in that Hillary Clinton is a fraud of the highest order. Trump on the other hand is a bit of a madman. So where does that leave us? Unfortunately, our country suffers from a deficit in social and intellectual vision. The America that was founded on a set of Christian and Enlightenment ideas no longer holds sway. Old orders are breaking down and the ambitious powers of the plutocrats are rising. What we need is a revolution of ideas, a new vision to guide us forward. 2016 may be the fall of our empire and maybe then we can build something from the ashes.

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