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  1. Steven A Smith never knows what he's talking about!! This big nose Nigga always wrong!! If you want to bet on a series bet the opposite of what Steven A Smith bets!

  2. Milwaukee won't win against Toronto fans Game 6.This series is over.Bucks are scrambling now.
    The seeds of doubt have crept in.Raptors experience will outdo Bucks.
    Sear the deer ….venison Saturday night is being cooked in Toronto.
    Toronto fans will be nuts Saturday can't wait.
    Raptors fans have waited 20 years for this night.
    Toronto is already measuring the curbs for it's first NBA Championship.
    Leonard is a God send.
    Of course we know the tragic death of his father.
    There is plentiful redemption with the Lord and God protects the fatherless.
    If Kawhi is healthy there is no way Bucks can come back.
    They are demoralized.
    If Raptors start off strong even more seeds of doubt will enter and panic will set in.
    Raptors need the 4 full days off before the May 30th NBA Finals opener in Toronto.
    If somehow Bucks pull this out with a Game 6 win.
    I can't see Toronto winning game 7.Raps need to close this tomorrow night or Milwaukee fans will be
    having dinosaur ribs on Monday night lol.

  3. Stephen A , your biased beliefs should scare you. Your continuous false narratives that you deliberately spread to damaged credibility of certain players and teams should scare you. Your bad predictions should scare you. Your undercover hate for Kawhi Leonard and King James should scare you. Your bias love for GS should scare you. KD has never been the best player in the NBA. The best in 2 finals yes . That was bias . What should scare you Stephen A is , if GS doesn't win the finals and Toronto does , that should scare you Stephen A. If that happens , I hope you're fired , because what you have been doing is blasphemous. LOL I'm sure you can appreciate the term.

  4. Stephen A and Max both said Warriors wont beat Bucks without Durant. Well it looks like the Raptors will beat the Bucks without Durant.

  5. I like how the series is 3-2 and they are still talking about the bucks and if they can beat Golden State

  6. All that talk doesn’t matter — Bledsoe is trash in the playoffs so bucks don’t stand a chance unless someone else steps up

  7. In this series, all anyone can do is wait for the next game to be played, and then analyze it afterwards. Too hard to predict what will happen.

  8. Hate to tell y’all but when we beat Houston without KD that just solidified we winning the chip again

  9. I can't even lie them raptors look hungry for a championship and they play like an organized championship team and they look like they ready to close out the series against the bucks which I feel they will tomorrow night. And with that being said if the Raptors make it to the NBA Finals and beat the warriors then the league and fans all around the world will have no other choice but to put Kawhi in the GOAT discussion.

  10. Bucks is a Cinderella team and Cinderella teams never complete all out wins and claim full titles, Giannis is a manufactured MVP, He has no mid range game and no great basketball IQ, I believe Leonard, KD, Harden are better basketball players and either ones should be the real MVP.

  11. Raps are the better team. Admit it.
    The bucks series should have been over by now 4-1. Home court advantage against warriors who they beat in the reg season.
    Quit being so anti raptors. Raptors are the best team alive now and will take the championship this year

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