Mike Bloomberg’s Campaign To Troll Trump Until Election Day | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. Mike Bloomberg is a swell guy. He just promised that his entire campaign
    staff will be working for Bernie Sanders when Bernie wins the
    Democratic primaries.

  2. 85% of the media and elites did the same thing in 2016… Even then Trump actually had less chances of winning than he do now… And they still couldn't stop him. What difference will it make now. Let's see.

  3. Those of us attending the Trump rallies are going to vote for President Trump. So, butt out MSNBC, and take the rest of the leftist crooked news media with you!

  4. Is this so new? Really? Okay Bloomberg will spend his own money, but directing of wealth at an opponent has been going on for years. Would have been a more balanced and interesting report if it contextualised this open spending plan against the long looong standing QUIET wealth directed at an opponent, right? The Kochs, the Mercers, and of course the Murdochs. Stack Bloomberg's spend against those guys I'm sure would make jaws bounce off curled toes

  5. As a Brit ex-Pat living in Germany who have fair Democratic elections not based on who's got the most money this is so sick. How you can all sit there saying it's a good thing that Mike Bloomberg is gonna spend maybe Billions of dollars to buy an election. As someone who believes in Democracy this makes me sick to my stomach..

  6. As a Brit ex-Pat living in Germany who have fair Democratic elections not based on who's got the most money this is so sick. How you can all sit there saying it's a good thing that Mike Bloomberg is gonna spend maybe Billions of dollars to buy an election. As someone who believes in Democracy this makes me sick to my stomach..

  7. Dear Ms Wallace, Thank your for your great work in reporting the news. Please allow me to address this commentary to Mr Bloomberg. Dear Mr Bloomberg, If I could say this to you in person, I would. Please step down from trying to be the Democratic nominee! In all due respect; sir, you have been an inspiration to business and political leaders your whole life and you brought NYC back to respectability. But you also have the power in your hands to put Elizabeth Warren in The White House. It must be terribly difficult to not be able to be president yourself, but you have done so much good for your country, how about one final gesture of good will? Elizabeth Warren may not have the right agenda, but she’s wise enough not to drag everyone down the drain if she can’t get something passed. She would – like you – bring the USA back to respectability on the world stage. She’s smart and she has experience in politics. She speaks government and can get through to minorities and working-class people. If you re-direct all your efforts and considerable clout and brainstorming you know in your heart you can get her elected. She would not be perfect and would certainly make errors, but she would mend the divide in your country and bring it back from the brink. The other candidates deserve a vote of thanks, but only Elizabeth Warren has the credibility to mend the wounds and misguided policies of the current Administration. No one should blame President Trump; he’s done his best. But his best is bad and it doesn’t measure up to being the leader of the free world. I’m an independent observer giving my personal opinion and advice from the other side of the world, so excuse me if I have offended anyone. It's easy to criticize. It's only an opinion.

  8. Believe it or not that billionaire that is doing that is actually a hero working from the shadows.
    A billionaire taking down another billionaire..

  9. In my opinion
    Why dont you put that money your going to waste into helping our
    Helping children
    Pay for college
    You will loose when you
    Fight in spite
    Your a billionaire
    Was this earned money
    Or give to you.

  10. Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, should use his resources to help stop tremendous…
    illegal back channel Trump/Republicans voter suppression, protest against outlandish Republican Supreme Court Justices approved gerrymandering, federal judges rulings to approve purges for 93 thousand or more registered voters,
    brazen illegal … Russian military intelligence criminal cyberspace hackers, and nefarious others inside the U.S.A., manipulating voting machines and absentee ballots counts,
    in order to cheat American registered voters from their actual real time votes, etc., etc., etc.
    Remember, within the last presidential election, some people were willing to help Trump win, didn't deliver the "electrical cords," to connect voter machines.
    This prevented thousands of voters from voting until they could deliver the electrical cords …
    to the particular voting precinct. Another, Trumpism Republican Voter Official, called in sick. He had keys, to the building where the voter machines were stored.
    Someone had to retrieve the keys, while there were thousands of voters waiting in line to vote.

  11. Because he's a patriot, and he knows if there was anything worth spending his money on it would be to fight this evil, this attack on the constitution and democracy and the American way of life.

  12. Multi billionaire oligarchs like Bloomberg and Steyer trying to buy the democrat party nomination and the presidency. My vote is not for sale.

  13. Dwight D Eisenhower and Theodore Roosevelt. Two prominent republican presidents were more economically progressive than today’s democrat party

  14. I really hope this becomes the norm. So every time someone drops out their staff can keep working but towards another candidate winning or the other party losing. I bet youd get much better staffers if they knew theyd keep their job through the election season


  16. Truth is, today’s democrat party’s ideals is mostly aligned with Ronald Reagan, mitt Romney, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Michael Bloomberg than they are with Bernie Sanders, FDR, Harry Truman, JFK, and AOC

  17. This is GREAT,
    well done Bloomberg for putting the safety of the world before the murderous megalomania of this fcking lunatic.

  18. Bloomberg is my favorite stupid Billionaire…..he is delusional and arrogant
    to the point that he actually has a plan to dictate to you dumb poor people how
    to run your life……To start you will not be allowed to buy a soft drink larger than 16 ounces….
    no more fattening sugar infested GIANT GULPS from the corner store….
    as you are too stupid to realize you are killing yourself…..
    Bloomberg is everything America is not and has not been since the dark ages….

  19. This is fantastic. Bloomberg should pay for most or all negative advertising, while the nominee stays above the fray and focuses on policy.

  20. Mr. Bloomberg,  Please put the pressure on for the next 10 months, pressure like no other President has ever seen.

  21. It is good to see a patriot defend our nation from the trump cult movement. Thank you, Mr. Bloomberg. The Tangerine Twerp has caused nothing but trouble since day 1. His maga supporters make me gag, as though our country has not always been great before the buffoon convinced them otherwise. America has always been great and no bone spur coward is going to tell me otherwise.

  22. that's great…. now drop out and use your resources to support someone who is actually popular with a realistic shot.

  23. I'm sure this was fantastic news to the entire Trump campaign. Increasing the Democratic war chest to an equal level as his.

  24. Hilary massively overspent Trump too. Sometimes its really not just about who's got the most money, nor should it be. Cancel Citizens United!

  25. His little Twitter thumbs are going to have to work overtime to go against Bloomberg. Imagine if Twitter started charging him per Tweet. He would turn a deeper shade of orange.

  26. I really like Mike Bloomberg, I wish he wouldn't have come in to the race so late, but I understand this might be a good strategy, we'll see what transpires. I believe Mr. Bloomberg is honest, and cares for all humankind. 3 great candidates now in the running, Mayor Pete my first choice, Bernie Sanders my second choice, and Mike Bloomberg my 3rd choice.

  27. Here's a guy, Bloomberg, in his 70's, nothing left to lose, standing up for his view of this country, whether nominated or not. A nillionaire with conscience, is the exception proving the rule.

  28. Love Bloomberg or not…he deserves credit for HELPING ALL the democrats by attacking Trump. At the end of the day, whoever is the Democratic nominee needs to face and defeat Trump, and Bloomberg is already paving the way for that candidate.

  29. I don't want Bloomberg asPOTUS but if he wants to spend several hundred million getting Warren or Buttigieg elected I'm fine with that.

  30. BERNIE SANDERS 2020.. PERIOD we had Democrats and Republicans for 50 years and the minimum wage is still $7.25.. No workers rights hear in NORTH CAROLINA.. The billionaires can kiss it.. We want BERNIE.

  31. Bloomberg has to bought Fox and put it in garbage with all the persons working there.
    His money will be a good placement.

  32. Just as long as he withdraws and doesnt start an independent campaign to preserve rich privilege, which is the actual power beneficiary of trumps rule

  33. "Trump can't take a punch." Trump has never been in a physical fight with anyone let alone being able to handle campaign fighting.😂 He's a weak lil bullie with bark and no bite.

  34. As long as this country seemingly has to be ruled by billionaires, we may as well have one who isn’t insane and acts like a normal human being. Ah, but wait until Warren Buffet enters the race.

  35. When we have Russia meddling, RNC gerrymandering, and corrupt conservative judges purging votes Bloomberg can spend all the money he has and it won't help.


  36. Bloomberg doesn't have the resorces that Putin and MBS and TRUMPY"S other natorious Dictators….That want him in power to help destroy America…

  37. What we need is a conservative with real morals to run a 3rd party campaign to syphon off some of those votes. Trump won with just a few thousand votes over a few states and that was before his 4 years of stupidity.

  38. There should be unlimited ammunition to use against Trump for attack ads. I also think Dems should repurpose the "Make America Great Again" motto. With Trump in office it makes sense now, removing him would make it great again.

  39. So a rich white guy will spend hundreds of millions of dollars attacking another rich white guy? And the Democrats approve this? What a bunch of hypocrites

  40. If Bloomberg doesn't get the democratic nomination and actually uses his "resources" to defeat the trump/Putin machine, he will go down in history as a HERO!

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