Midterm Elections 2014 The Winds of Change Are Blowing in the USA!

America the greatest country in the world
the land that I love is under siege. Our borders are not secure our enemies are marching against
us, disease and infection is threatening our way of life and terrorizing our schools. Poverty
is running rampant and our health care system has far too much room for improvement. What
the people of America need now more than ever is strong effective leadership. Who will lead
America in this time of great crisis? Somewhere from the interior of our great country a true
leader will emerge. From the darkness that is anonymity a hero will arise and help us
restore our fledgling democracy to it once great status in the world. Out of the ashes
of despair a true leader will come forward and show himself to the people. America needs
leadership, leadership for our health care workers, our nurses, our doctors and our troops
working in the field. Americans have been made many promises, many promises have been
broken. As Americans we bought into the hope and change that was promised us and we are
all still waiting for that hope and change today. We ae Americans and we are proud. We
are all bound by our creator and we are Americans one Nation under God with liberty and justice
for all!

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  1. #usa   #america   #elections   #voters  Good stuff!  "America needs leadership.  Leadership for our Health care workers, nurses, doctors and troops in the field"

  2. The last thing we need is another reckless republican who is hungry for more war, and will continue to protect the rich while America is still recovering from the George W. Bush Devastation.

  3. A bit concerning….first, we are NOT a democracy….never have been and Lord willing, never WILL be! We ARE, a Constitutional Republic. We do in fact need strong leaders right now and, we have some there…..all they are lacking is the sense of support that if they stand, we will follow. Talk is cheap…..pretty and moving in such videos….but we need action. Not ONE man "rising up"……a nation of men and woman rising up and supporting men and woman who understand the concept of a free constitutional republic and will restore this republic from within it!!

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