Microfinance 2: Election of a Management Committee in English (accent from USA)

This animation describes the process
of electing a management committee. We are going to remember the decisions we made collectively
in the previous meeting and the next step
to move forward with the group. In each meeting
you will be seating in the same order. I will call your name, you will answer raising your hands
and saying the word “Present”. If someone did not attend the meeting we will place an empty stool
or a large stone to show that she is missing. The management committee of a group needs to be elected collectively
by the members of the group. The management committee
is composed of a president that will manage the meeting of the group, the treasurer that will collect,
count and give money to the members, the cashbox holder that will keep the cashbox
where the money will be stored and the key holder that will keep the key
to the cashbox in all the meetings. Think about whom
will be a good president. In order to show
how to elect the president we will be using stones that represent votes. We will place the stones
in separate containers. The stone will represent your vote. We will show a curtain
that separate individuals from the group. Each individual will go behind the curtain
and will place the stone in a chosen container
for the member that she wants to elect. After collecting all the stones
that represent the vote of each woman, we need to count the stones
and see who the winner was. We will congratulate the winner and we will do the same process
for the other members of the committee. This animation has presented the idea
of electing a management committee.

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