Michele Bachmann 2012 Breakdown – Radical Republican Presidential Candidate

welcome to our first installment of media
professional twenty twelve g_o_p_ city first up is a good job congresswoman michelle bachman now to prepare you for or can distinguish
reportedly is going to take off in june we’ve got a primer on what to expect as a founder of the tea party caucus she’s
gotta come out against any and all tax increases appoint she made clear on the today show this
morning is raising taxes on the table i don’t think it should be on the table because
tax rates are high enough already permission close our eyes taxes reduce all right we just showed you of course a little
while ago that tax raise our new york all-time lowest but that would be facts papa was true and it was a really good shines
when it comes to stall solutions pressuring his run for the slightest we cannot
at a speech he gave to the social conservative group family leader biotech gets under my skin family a family
now means gave he gave washington what why is that family values uh… but back
to bob she sent photos to gay marriage she wants to prevent the u_s_ court system
from even considering legalizing financing regency rehearsed for owners pro-life
patient is unless i decission for exam sample on placards three-fourths three constitution
delivered this this denied has that plastics and roll-on another thing progress characters that stuff
on media but of course your statements are not entirely
true they can only limit their pella jurisdiction
of the supreme court for example but those assumptions are lost on bachman our tradition of sever hours for free differential
governed who needs it she then when i must say quote anytime the
people speak facing with one voice that marriage is one man one woman the only way they say that with one voice
is if you discount most of the voices in the country a recent poll found that fifty three percent
of americans thinks same sex marriage should be legal only forty four percent think but
it should remain delete another poll found that when you include same
sex marriages and civil unions seventy percent or in favor that only twenty five percent
things they d couples should have no opportunity for any
legal recognition but a group michelle by was speeding too and
i want isn’t just against gay marriage the leader of the group has said homosexuality
is a public health hazard think progress as bachmann if she agreed terrible argued hai hired you for president you know alex i don’t quite have asked for my claims
a lifeline chemical friend non-profit like another question was not a question all right we show but was also part of movement
against funding plan kind of course pati me shorter denies them at that same event
in ottawa you know the planned parenthood is that billion dollar a year intiki they call themselves non-profit but at the
same time the executive director of planned parenthood in illinois said they want to become the less crafter a big
abortion in illinois your you really shocked to find out that actually no one from planned parenthood
actually said that what the c_e_o_ planned parenthood say three
years ago was quote alike that they have planned parenthood as
the lens crafters of family planning not being abortion family-planning which of
course encompasses a wide range of health services but for a problems like michelle bachman family
planning is synonymous with abortion of course all this is nothing new for the
tea party darling purple or the resumes peppered with star an outrageous actions and statements gone
back to where she was a minnesota state senator in two thousand five she was caught crouching behind a bush spina derives from
that was protesting her propose state constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex
marriage her excuse friday in the bushes i had a high heels on it i just couldn’t stand
anymore yeah that’s pretty good method f bent down
other two thousand five running with algae bt community was even more dramatic after meeting with their constituents bush
was challenged on her anti-gay policies she filed a report with the local sheriff begins to wonder she quote believed to be part of the algae bt community
or group accusing them for polio in the ladies’ room
biggest orwell what was said in the report she had never
been that terrorize before pal the complaint was dismissed sufficiently her
claims of being held hostage well is this never made it to trial papa clem has cover forward behavior she claims
it was god’s will be should become a state senator and the congresswoman that seems very
concerned about her and if you chose for as his represented in
washington it was a curious george can be spell was popping up in the nation’s capital
are wacky ways just pick up steam businesses sample i wish the american media would take a great
watch at the new people in progress and find out how they pro america or anti-american then the refund her several times dot humans works tirelessly unjustly free was no more all bombing care as we know is that hand she will of some showers and i’m just
not comfortable with the way the senate’s they handle that
isn’t even more on studying they can be produced but she always big carbon dioxide is how harmful gases all cultures article bombay on you part equal that’s great stuff with actresses are prepared
for my point went well and that concludes our presentation of meat
your potential candidate

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  1. @ricoswerve1260 Wtf? Are you high? Not that it's any of your business but my screen name is little pinky because I'm short. Pinky as in your pinky finger the shortest on your hand. Dumbass. Now fuck off.

  2. So, this Bachman is like a Sarah Palin but with a (very) little more sense??!

    This really does lend much credence to the Tea Party as being anything other than a mass of easily duped Republi-nazis.

  3. @Amy31415 Lol. There are other issues out there from women issues, gay issues, economic issues. So look who is talking about a stupid voter.

  4. Cannot wait for the debates to begin; all the loonies on the same stage trying to outdo one another…­.. More fun than I've had in a longgggggg­gg time. ;-))

  5. @colerichards6969 It's not about the goofiness, it's about human rights. You can't call yourself a liberal and by okay with the repression of women and minority religions. Being tolerant of intolerance is not tolerance at all, it's embracing bigotry.

  6. @Amy31415 What did you "win"? An internet pissing contest? Congrats on winning a pissing contest lol. So sad if that's your highlight of the day. Now fuck off.

  7. @Amy31415 Lol at who is talking. Now, again, fuck off. If trolling people is your ultimate goal how sad. You know what you're saying to me? Blah blah blah.

  8. Why does everyone have such a bug problem wth abortions? Damn, let a woman make that choice for themselves, they are the one who has to live with that choice. People are allowed to make their own choices right?

  9. @rebbecca10491 Mmm, girl on girl action. All jest aside, be very careful with what you say online. Spitting actually could get you into loads of trouble.

  10. They would probably call for an inverted “negative income tax” (look it up) where the poor finance the rich even more :>

  11. @wmata1180 When Tea Party candidates lose in 2012, will you move to government-free Ethiopia? Surely that should be a paradise for you tea-baggers, right?

  12. @12bobsmith Still going on? Lol says someone who uses gay slurs against some random stranger. Psst I'm straight hon so doesn't do me any harm (all you have to do is look at my YT home page lol).

  13. YAY in Soviet Russia the judges don't make rullings the rullings make judges! Vote for Michelle Bachmann our Communist sleeper cell who will bring the proper political control to the Communist Brotherhood.

  14. @MonteStudios thanks! from now on i will be sure to substitute the word sarah palin for retarded, maybe if i can get enough people to use it in common language i can get it in the dictionary.

  15. @kb26inla oh sure you say that but i don't exactly hear her squealing like a pig sitting on the end of my nob

  16. ok if she is a republican presidential candidate America should be scared very scared. She frightens the piss out of me and i am Canadian. To be honest i haven't seen one Republican aside from McCain that doesn't. I beg of you all please give Obama the chance to fix the Bush/Republican mess.

  17. @Nemesis000000 That is a very good point. And I hadn't called myself a liberal, but most of my ideologies lean in that direction. Even the political system is partisan and cubby-holes the masses by making them support (R) or (D), while values are easily sidelined as virtually all politicians profit through unscrupulous means, particularly in the U.S. If I was an American citizen, I would probably vote for Ron Paul despite the (R) designation.

  18. @leizuoer Like I said, let's get in the here and now. Let's talk about the 'wonderful job' that obama's doing. That's the matter at hand. Why waste energy on enemies created your TV. Tell me why it's more 'important' to talk about what isn't important than to talk about the direction that this Junior Senator is talking us. Here's where he's taking us–"Express Elevator to Hell…Going Down!" I await your comment to me, telling me what a great job that b.o. is doing. You know, important stuff.

  19. You left out her trying to ban Disney's Aladdin from public schools when she was in the state congress.

  20. Bachmann should be investigated for corruption and fraud.
    And then she should be stripped of all the government grants she have recieved fro her failys socalled farm, since she hates government "handouts".
    Her sentence is 5 years of intense study of the Constitution. There she can try to find any place where public healthcare goes against the principles of the Constitution…

  21. @12bobsmith Arguing? All you're doing is making yourself out to look like a dumbass. And as someone who lives in the south uh no. That term is not used to call someone a dumbass. It's used as a gay slur. You're the only dumbass. Now fuck off and stop embarrassing yourself.

  22. Truth Hurts huh? Besides, If obama is so great and she's so stupid, why should she even be considered a threat? Don't you get it? She's a 'created enemy'. You've fallen into the trap. Sucker!

  23. @Wolfau5 Yeah, she also said there are 57 states. Oh wait, that was obama. the president. And didn't Nancy Pelosi say that "every month that we didn't have an economic plan, '500 Million' Americans would lose their jobs." ? There are two sides to every coin. Why do you feels threatened by Bachman?

  24. @lunac1 You think I feel(s) threatened by Bachmann (with two n's)?! … ROFL
    If her or Palin become PRESIDENT, the tattered remnants of the respect America had in the eyes of the international community will be well and truly gone.
    It wouldn't surprise me if you would vote for her, clearly neither of you value education.

  25. @Wolfau5
    Dumb-as-a-post women are easy to manipulate, and you can usually train them to make a decent sandwich.

  26. @Tounushi I'm guessing thats many of the things Republican voters value in a woman.
    I can imagine if she runs some journalist will ask her about her sandwich making credentials.

  27. @Wolfau5 I'm glad you addressed my typos rather than the idiotic statements made by the 'Leftards' that I commented about (they're only 'in charge' of things). What I meant to say was 'Why do you feel SO threatened by BachmanN?". Why don't you worry about whose 'In Charge" Right Now? Face it, obama is an absolute failure! The world is laughing at us right now! You're so liberal blinded that you panties are twisted! We're in the middle of a downward spiral NOW. $4.00 a gal. of gas! (Damn Bush!)

  28. @lunac1
    1. You're falsely assuming that I think Democrats are infallable geniuses.
    2. If Obama is an "absolute failure" than the english language has no words to describe the likes of Palin and Bachmann. They are absolutely unfit for any position in public office, and the fact that they are/were serious contenders says volumes about the calibre of the typical Republican voter.
    3. If you think the world is laughing at you now, if Palin/Bachmann was elected, you ain't seen nothing.

  29. @Wolfau5 Hey Douche Bag, Palin and Bachmann aren't the fucking president! Who are you to criticize? Don't you have your own issues to worry about in your country based on criminal ancestry? What are you so scared about? Maybe obama's right, the gov't. should have more control of the internet to keep people like you from babbling your bullshit. Sorry to get Sand in your Vag!

  30. I love it how Tea Party leaders keep talking in this tone otherwise heard when grownups address a kindergarden crowd. Quite telling.

  31. Wow. If anyone on this segment had said "They called* gay marriage* akin to second-hand smoking" it would have been at least comprehensible that this was a specific reference to a new and completely absurd set of religious-based arguments against gay marriage, rather than general references to STD epidemics. When your failure to represent the argument correctly results in it appearing more valid than the argument actually is, you're doing something wrong.

  32. who the hell is she to even talk about non profit organizations…. look at the church. raking in billions

  33. I hope that with all the republican sex scandals, Bachmann is found to be having an affair with a transgender, multi-enthnic, atheist, illegal alien on drugs!

  34. @Tennessee3501

    Actually politifact, rates the truth of statements by elected officials (mostly) is well regarded nationally and is not at all a site that singles out Republicans or has a liberal slant. Bachmann is probably the worst rated in the nation, she has a catalog of lies or at least huge exaggerations. Pelosi, Obama, Boehnor, McConnell, Ried not a one of them has been dishonest and mistaken as Michelle Bachmann. Not even close.

  35. She's right. Not all cultures are equal. Carbon is a natural element – it is harmless. Michele is awesome!

  36. This interviewer has his OWN agenda to discredit…period! This is stupid TURK!! You have been manipulating facts to YOUR WISHES! HANG YOU!!

  37. Hey, we've come a VERY long way! In the past most everyone shared her views but today she is an oddity and freak in society …

  38. I gotta tell u, u guys who like these videos from these morons! You got issues I'm non political and these videos promote complete stupidity and 100% liberal! Where are the videos on Obama running this country into the ground? Where are the videos showing how Obama has lied and done a 180 from his promises?

  39. +Republican$ are always saying that they hate"Big Government". What they really mean is that they hate government regulation.Keep in mind that Republican$ don't work for you.They only work for BILLIONARES, CORPORATIONS&WALL STREET. They want to destroy MEDICARE because then they can give that money to the insurance co's. They want to destroy social security so they can give that money to Wall Street firms. They want to destroy UNIONS so that everybody makes minimum wage(like in Texas).

  40. I attack Bachmann because she's stupid and she deserves it. She didn't even know which state the battles of Lexington and Concord were fought. If someone were to say "The battle of Gettysburg was fought in Kentucky", people would tend to think that person was stupid, no? I'm gonna attack her at every chance I get because it's funny and the idea of her being POTUS is beyond scary. Just look up some of the flat out lies she's told and tell me she isn't a goddamn fool.

  41. @StopSocialismUSA I'm a Fiscal Conservative, Social Libertarian, and share many values of Classical Liberalism preserved by the founding fathers.

    This dumb wench should not be in politics! Not against women in politics, just stupid people.

  42. @mustangman9395
    She said Tax rates are too high already. What she didn't say is they have never been so high. I would call that a misrepresentation wouldn't you. Like most of what this guy is saying it is simply not true. The truth is "The Left" are worried about Bachmann because she is a women and highly intelligent. She is Lawyer and I think what she says with regard to the Law holds far more credibility than some left wing TV clown.

  43. The Obama campaign is donating 50 millions dollar to Backmann's campaign to make sure she gets the GOP nomination 🙂

  44. @MrVerily Whenever the mainstream media repeatedly talks down about a political candidate, that means they do not want that candidate. The Young Turks is a completely controlled new media operation, just like that fraud WikiLeaks. They did this with Mike Huckabee last time. But had Huckabee gotten the GOP nomination, he would have defeated Obama in that close election ( in the popular vote ), because that election was a national referendum on whether there should be more wars.

  45. @Zoadrak Yes, it is very much a "liberal" ( i.e. in favor of bid gov't spending, higher taxes, and a socially liberal agenda — they even defend pissing on Jesus Christ ——- seriously, check it out ! ); however it is ALSO very pro-war, as it is also very much a Zionist media channel

  46. The mainstream media HATED Mike Huckabee, because he was too Christian, AND he wasn't a warmonger enough. In other words, he was not a neo-con. He knew he could not run for president this time, because the mainstream media would do nothing but defecate all over him, like they are doing to Bachmann. The mainstream media is BY FAR the most potent political force, and is the real king maker.

  47. see the problem with michelle is that her husband ain't hitting that ass right. cuz hes gay. she needs a real man with a 8 incher to take her to cloud 9

  48. @XLegitInhalesX Yes, what are his views. He wants to repeal the Civil Rights Act. He said the Civil War to free black people was a bad idea and a host of other things. Largely he is no different from Bachman. There is nothing wrong with having a large government because most of your national programs must be run federally. If you want to know what republicans like yourself mean when they say big government, they mean they want to put a whole lot of working people out of a job.

  49. it is frightening to live in a world where anyone can consider this woman to be qualified for congress. For president, it is terrifying.

  50. What amazes me is how the issues themselves are treated. For instance, it doesn't seem to bother MSNBC host Cenk Uygur that the polls prove same sex marriage is right for our country. Since when has truth ever been decided by a majority vote? Let's talk about the issues. Homosexuality is immoral, and is one of the reasons our nation is in such a poor state. Creating laws that forbid people to have the right of free speech on this issue only worsens things.

  51. Michele Bachmann voted No on the following: Min. wage increase Jan. 10, 2007, No on Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act, College Student Relief Act of 2007, Whistleblower Protection Act of 2007, Equal Pay Bill, Expanding American Homeownership Act, Iraq and Afghanistan War Funding, Unemployment Benefits Extension, and GI Bill , Seniors Protection Act…

  52. @luvm1chael If you want to live in a communist racist country that has no freedom of speech seriously just vote for Rick Perry cause hes the only one that actually has some good ideas and if youre gonna say something about his speech go fuck youreself

  53. @MRsmellycat76 soviet russia was never socialist is was communist at first then spinned off into a mix of tyrannical dictatorship and communism.
    Socialism isn't bad many european countries have bits of socialism and if you take any government aid your secretly love socialism. so Shut up.

  54. Freedom of English goes out the window with morons who don't know the difference between your and YOU'RE! Fucking nitwit. Too Two and To equals four, right?

  55. Michelle is so anti Gay that she married an in-the-closet Gay man to prove her dedication. Like adopting a troubled teen or a lost dog. Michelle is a poster child for banning Ambien.

  56. She says "Article 3 courts" like they were established by some draconian law. Article 3 is the part of the constitution that established the judicial branch. They're not "Article 3 courts". They're just courts.

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